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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the national weather service also confirms another tornado touched down in hardin county in central iowa around 12:45. this is video east of roland around one. the tornado knocked down power lines and trees, damaged roofs and tipped a car on its side. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, we've also heard about a tornado near montezuma. why are we getting these so late in the year? after a mild monday the mercury falls the next weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night! tonight: gradual clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49
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iowa unveiled new state flood maps today, eight flooding that hit cedar rapids and other parts of eastern iowa in 2008. those floods devastated areas that people didn't
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people who experienced flooding then know if they're still in the path of danger. the six-year effort to create and update maps... ...started in 2010. the program costs 15 million dollars. and the u-s department of housing and urban development funded most of it. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us from along the cedar river in cedar rapids. dave, just how extensive is the flood mapping that is finally wrapped up? beth, the mapping doesn't just cover major the iowa flood center studied every single stream that drains more than one square mile of territory and mapped out the flooding potential. the iowa flood center may consider the mapping officially complete now. but the city of cedar rapids used the data this fall to fight off the second highest crest ever on the cedar rapids. the information compiled by the flood center predicted how far flood water would spread and helped the city know
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city marked the official completion of the statewide mapping and one leader says some information used before was so old it was almost useless. " using information that's 40 years old we've had a lot of rainfall events, a lot of floods that have happened since then and so the statistics have changed and so we have a better understanding of our flood risk " extent, and depth, of flooding if a waterway is hit by rainfall that produces as little as a 10 year-level event up to a 500-year event. now all the mapping information is online yet...but it should be by the end of the year. eventually, the new flood mapping information should be used by the government to determine who needs, and who doesn't need to buy flood insurance. and, of course, communities will rely on it to make decisions about flood plains. live in
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the university of iowa now has 45 million dollars for research on brain and nervous system diseases. the money is from the roy j. carver charitable trust. researchers will use the money to find causes, system diseases. the money will allow the creation of a neuroscience center within the university's carver college of medicine. this is the largest gift to the "for iowa, forever more" campaign. one lawmaker hopes to give iowans better access to cannabis oil. in the next legislative session, republican representative clel baudler plans to propose a bill to allow production and distribution of medical cannabis in the state. state law allows people to possess cannabis oil for
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a separate law says it's illegal to manufacture or distribute oil in iowa. and federal law prohibits its transportatio n across state lines. a judge will decide if former cedar rapids substitute school teacher mary beth haglin is guilty of sexually exploiting a student last school year. haglin, who is 24, chose to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial. and the judge will base his decision strictly on information prosecutors that the charge against her for having sex with a 17 year old is an aggravated misdemeanor instead of a felony. the maximum penalty is two years in prison. the judge has promised to make a ruling in about a month. dubuque police say a website that helps gather information on city crimes has become very successful... even helping police arrest suspects within hours of posting a case. the website is i-d four p-d. and
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been able to positively identify at least 80 percent of the suspects pictured on it. police say in the two years since they launched the site, people have gotten into a habit of checking i-d four p-d regularly. the iowa department of transportation has a new interim director. today governor branstad named mark lowe for that temporary job. lowe has led the motor vehicle division of the iowa d-o-t since 2009. left to take a job in the private sector. there is no timeline for naming a new d-o-t director. in a t-v nine update... the state fire marshall says we might never know the cause of a thanksgiving day fire in central city. authorities say the fire started about eight thursday morning at the iowa gold distributing recycling business. smoke and flames from the fire could be seen for 10 miles. the fire destroyed two of the business's buildings and caused an air quality concern for
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marshal's office says the fire started in a west building. but because of the destruction, investigators say they are unable to determine the cause. cedar rapids police have identified the two people who died saturday when their vehicle crashed into a police s-u-v on i-380. they were martell watson and kaitlyn hall- stougard. watson, who was the driver, was 21, and hall- stougard was 22. both were from cedar rapids. crash on i-380 southbound near first avenue early saturday morning. that's when watson lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the passenger side and rear of the police cruiser. he and his passenger died at the scene. two officers in the care were also injured, but not seriously. the cedar rapids christmas tree will soon light up greene square. the steepleton family donated the tree. city workers cut, transported, set and strung the 30 foot tree
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and ice festival. one area of linn county could soon provide more opportunities for nature lovers. a multi-million dollar project is already in the works for squaw creek nature park. that story is next here on t-v nine. new trails and outdoor
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county. right now, that 485 acres is
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but the county purchased it in early november for more than seven million dollars. it plans to expand its public park and trails as well as create wetland. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed joins us in the studio. phil, when will this transformation start? the county entered a formal agreement to purchase the land three weeks ago. they will officially own it in the march but it will be at least a year before they start bringing some of their projects there. the county purchased the land from sutherland dows family trust. it's located between they say county reserve money, bond issues, the local option sales tax, and selling back land they won't need will pay for it. supervisors say protecting the land is their main priority. "there won't be development along the creek. it won't be turned into homes, it won't be turned into businesses. it will remain in a wild woodland state." the city marion partnered with
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gallons of water per day they say that will help with their sewer cost that will take up about 10 acres of land there. officials say none of the forty million dollar linn county water and land legacy bonds will be used to purchase the land thanks, phil. it's probably too cold to fish at this time of the year. but we'll take you back to summer in this week's big ol' fish. and hear from some of the hawkeye women's basketball players as they get ready for a busy week. source, kcrg-tv9. after a mild monday the mercury falls the next several days, bringing more weather reminiscent of december. the storm which
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bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a grea n clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49 tom. night: mostly cloudy. wind: w 5-10. low: 31 wednesday: slight chance of showers, mainly north. breezy. high: 40 low: 31 thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 low: 30 friday: mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 29 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 39 low: 28 sunday: chance of rain/snow. high: 41 low: 26
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tuesday: mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 28
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heritage area agency on aging will "fill the plate." the annual telethon, now in its fifth year, raises money for meal programs for older adults in eastern iowa. we hope you'll join us starting tomorrow morning at 4-30 and throughout the day on t-v nine. there's only a few more days to nominate someone for t-v nine's annual "nine who
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through wednesday. once again, t-v nine and our show you care sponsors will honor nine outstanding volunteers who've made a difference in their communities. to nominate someone, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. scott saville is out live at union station in cedar rapids for tonight's on iowa live. scott, what's coming up on tonight's program? for on iowa live, we have former hawkeye chuck long, writers pat harty and scott dochterman, and the marion girls basketball
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minutes over on kcrg 9.2 we have a great show planned tonight chuck will be back along his former iowa teammate bruce kittle. and we have a lot to talk about.. what a way for the iowa seniors to go
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the last two games and came back to catch 2 touchdown passes in the 40-10 iowa win over nebraska. " this gave me the opportunity to call my number on several plays. i was just fortunate enough to take advantage of those opportunities. i got like 7 total receiving yards, that's not bad for the day.scott: how about your dad and going out there with your mom and your dad? george: seeing my parents out there, it's hard, it's the last time you're going to walk out on that field, so i'm just glad they were out there waiting for me, and they helped me throughout the game. scott: what did your dad say? he whispered something to you. george: ah, something i can't really say on camera. so, laughter." the missouri valley conference announced their all-conference teams today senior defensive tackle karter schult who was named the defensive player of the year was named to the first team. schult led all d-one football with 17 sacks. in addition to schult.. linebacker jared farley uni's leading tackler with 80
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am along with defensive backs elijah campbell and malcolm washington.. and offensive lineman trevor hanson and robert rachie.. iowa state senior kicker cole netten was named the big 12 special teams player of the week. the ankeny iowa native capped off his career going 4-4 on field goals. netten is third national hitting 16 of 17 field goals. --it's a huge week for the iowa women's basketball team. the hawkeyes begin a four game homestand by hosting notre dame on wednesday. the fighting irish enter carver team in the country. the hawkeyes hung with 9th ranked ucla for three quarters last thursday and that has the team confident they can also play with the irish. "we played really well in those three quarters, so we know we can carry that energy with us and play against any team in the country." "we were really playing very well against ucla and in the end couldn't drop down a couple threes. otherwise, we played two good opponents and played pretty darn well. i'm happy with where we are right now, know it's an
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about it." "knowing that we can keep up with some of the top teams in the country, that's just giving us an extra boost of confidence heading into this game." trt :30 oc: "...heading into this game." and finally it's monday time for another edition of john's big ole fish. isaac smith of arlington starts things off with a 20 pound carp from the turkey. how about the tag team of laney and jd tritle of center point. here's one for the memory books. landon simon holds up a nice channel cat he caught in grandpa's pond. now it's callie jo buck and fishing with grandpa jerry sorgenfry .tyler pierce has a firm lip lock with his big catch from a bertrum pond. brian sienknecht of traer hauled in the northern at the lake of the woods. the blue cats grow large in texas. callyn kohler caught the 40 pounder while fishing with her brother in law jason clark. young caden clark was on that same trip to louisville lake. he's puppy tipped the scales at 25 pounds. dewayne zousel was fishing the
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and pulling down the curtain is ann langenfeld of iowa city and her 30 inch lake trout she caught in lake superior. with all my fishing friends, this is john campbell reporting. after a mild monday the mercury
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weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night! tonight: gradual clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow:
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you want to hear an interesting thing about stairs? not really. if the height of a single step is off by as little as two millimeters, most people will trip. i don't care. two milli... that doesn't seem right. no, it's true. i did a series of experiments when i was 12. my father broke his clavicle. is that why they sent you to boarding school? no. that was a result of my work with lasers. (music playing) new neighbor? evidently. significant improvement over the old neighbor. 200-pound transvestite with a skin condition? yes, she is. oh, hi. hi. hi. hi. hi. hi? we don't mean to interrupt. we live across the hall. oh, that's nice. oh, no, uh, we don't live together.


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