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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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protestors at makeshift campsites over safety concerns. and alliant energy says an industrial park in cedar rapids could help pave the way for new companies and new jobs. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 newsat 10 . it might be late november, but a storm system this afternoon spawned several iowa. but they were brief, and caused only minor damage. tornadoes are rare this time of the year but not unheard of. in the coming days, the national weather service will be on the ground surveying those tornadoes. they'll be looking into this reported tornado, which someone spotted near grundy center just before four o'clock this afternoon. and there was also a report of a tornado in parkersburg. kcrg t-v nine's jordee kalk joins us live from there tonight.
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here in parkersburg. they say this afternoon's storms brought back flashbacks of the historic 2008 tornado that killed seven people and injured dozens more people. thankfully, they say that wasn't the case today. the city says at this time there's no reported injuries.officials say most of the storm damage was limited to northeast part of town, where the tornado lifted a few buildings of their foundations. in one case, the foundation. the city says this home along orchid drive was hit the hardest in the storm.i spoke to the homeowners and they tell me shingles are missing but overall the damage is pretty minimal. again, there are no injuries in this storm - and minor damage. cleanup is expected to continue tomorrow morning. live in parkersburg, jordee kalk,
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let's check in now with meteorologist joe winters. joe, november tornadoes are rare, but, as we learned today, they do happen. after a mild monday the mercury falls the next several days, bringing more weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night! tonight: gradual clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49 back to you. we want to remind you to stay
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there's severe weather. you can get the latest updates and also submit your pictures and videos. just download the first alert app from the apple app store or from google play. a judge is hearing the case of a galena man who faces charges after a deadly fight. the bench trial for james peters, who is 52, got underway today. he faces one count of involuntary manslaughter and two
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police say peters fought another man - 57-year-old brian friede - at the murphy's convenience store in galena back in may. peters is accused of punching friede multiple times in the face -- causing him to fall on the ground and hit his head. friede later died in the hospital. tonight, the north dakota governor has ordered an emergency evacuation of protestors from a campsite near the dakota access bakken oil pipeline. the order directs protesters to leave the area immediel snow. but authorities say they won't enforce the order. people are protesting to show solidarity with the standing rock sioux tribe. that tribe fears the pipeline would disrupt tribal land and could contaminate drinking water. but the company building it, dakota access, says it has no plans to reroute the pipeline, which also cuts across iowa. the iowa department of transportation is asking the state for more money for snow
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more frequently. ""we have been replacing those on a 15 year basis so what you're going to see is we're going to move that down to a 12 year basis to reduce our overall maintenance costs " the d-o-t normally replaces 60 trucks each year but it's asking for funding to replace 75 in the upcoming year. the d-o-t says a recent study found replacing the aging trucks sooner will help the department save millions of dollars in the long run. there are more than 900 trucks in the fleet. wants money to help livestock producers better prepare for animal diseases like the bird flu. bill northey is asking for half a million dollars that would go toward training farmers around the state. northey made a similar request last year but didn't get the money. that request came months after the bird flu killed millions of chickens and turkeys in iowa. a new industrial park in cedar rapids could bring big companies and new jobs to the area. today, alliant energy announced
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it's an area near edgewood road and 76th avenue southwest close to the eastern iowa airport. alliant says the 13- hundred acres will make it the biggest industrial park in the state. and the eventual plan is to help iowa compete with other states for large scale businesses. alliant says instead of buying the land, it struck deals with the property owners. "those landowners continue to own the land at this time. they will continue to farm the land, an p houses that are on those acreages at this time. but under the circumstances that a business will come along and be interested in developing that land for their business, they could purchase that land from the landowners." alliant says it has paid some money to the landowners to get them be part of the program. business leaders and medical professionals in dubuque are teaming up to help the police department. they're raising thousands of dollars so police have enough money to get a new, four-legged officer. and hear why an ohio state
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knife today. and tomorrow, kcrg t-v nine and the the heritage agency on aging are teaming up again to "fill the plate." this is an annual telethon to raise funding for meals that go to older adults throughout much of eastern iowa. we'll have coverage on all of our newscasts tomorrow, and we encourage you
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violent crime. those are motivating a group in dubuque to raise money for the police department. some bankers, business owners and doctors are launching what they're calling the dubuque k-9 project. they're working to raise 100-thousand dollars to buy and train a new police dog for the department. kcrg t-v nine's katie wiedemann is live in our dubuque newsroom tonight. katie, how did this project get started? the group says instead of complaining
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so, a few weeks ago it sent out this letter to some of their friends asking for donations. in that short time, people collected 50 thousand dollars. now they're asking everyone to donate. just as they say a dog is a man's best friend... police say, a k-9 can be is an officer's best weapon. "there's a lot of times, especially with as much drug activity as there is in the community, we could use one 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. " but dubuque police chief mark dalsing says, coverage is impossible. right now, brix is dubuque's only full time k-9. he and his partner work 40 hours per week. tiffany is an on-call k-9 used for tracking explosive devices. "it's so sad to see our police attacked in that way. " premier bank owner jeff mozena is heading up the fund-raising committee. "i think our local police force has done a great job of protecting our community. it's just that. " mozena teamed up with a small group other
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people attacking or killing police officers in places like texas and louisiana. or closer to home in the des moines area. "we are caring community without some tragedy having to happen before we reach out. we are reaching out to say we want to help be part of the solution to help protect our community. " police say they're humbled by the dubuque k-9 project. a welcome change to some the hate and anger they've been experiencing over the past few years. "too often the negatives that happen in one city get passed on to the the entire profession." interested in donating to send a check to either the police department or premier bank by december 15th. we have information on how to donate along with this story on
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turning back to weather, joe, can we expect some quiet weather tomorrow? after a mild monday the mercury
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weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night! tonight: gradual clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49 tom. night: mostly cloudy. wind: w 5-10. low: 31 wednesday: slight chance of showers, mainly
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breezy. high: 40 low: 31 thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 low: 30 friday: mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 29 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 39 low: 28 sunday: chance of rain/snow. high: 41 low: 26 monday: chance of rain/snow. high: 40 low: 28 tuesday: mostly thanks joe. there are only a few days left to nominate someone for t-v nine's annual "nine who care." t-v nine and our show you care
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taking applications through
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there are only a few days left to nominate someone for t-v nine's annual "nine who care." t-v nine and our show you care sponsors are taking applications through wednesday. we are looking for nine outstanding volunteers who've made a difference in the community. if you want to nominate someone, go to kcrg dot com slash care.
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ohio state university was the work of a lone-wolf terrorist. they say a student drove a car into pedestrians on campus, and then jumped out, stabbing people with a butcher knife. one university police officer responded quickly and shot and killed the student. a-b-c's kenneth moton reports from confusion and chaos on the campus of ohio state university. gfx: fire department" caller: investigators say monday morning, a driver jumped a curb and plowed into several people near the school's engineering building. he got out armed with a butcher knife and started slashing. sot - mike / osu student:" i was walking up 15th - people started running up 15th. people were like,
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28-year-old alan horujko , two years on the force, opened fire, killing the suspect. sot eyewitness/no id: "saw a cop yell at him to get down, the suspect charged him and that's when the cop shot him down. " there was no active shooter but the terrifying scene and the officer's shots sparked panic?osu students barricaded themselves in classrooms. he university tweeted active shooter?run hide fight. gfx: voice of cydney fugazzi / student "everybody was running in any direction they possibly could. the attacker?iden tified as osu student 18- artan?the school newspaper says this is the photo of the somali immigrant and legal us resident. investigators say on social media he was upset about the treatment of muslims posting on facebook minutes before the attack?i can't take it anymore. sot matt olsen: certainly the authorities need to treat this as a potential terrorist attack. kenneth moton on- camera close: police and fbi are searching the suspect's home for more clues on his motive, but leaders in the muslim community here spoke out, urging people not to
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incident to the faith of islam. kenneth moton, abc news, columbus, ohio. wisconsin election officials are working on a timeline for a recount of votes in the presidential race there. today, they signed off on the request from green party candidate jill stein. she says it's important to determine whether hacking affected the results. democrat hillary clinton's campaign is supporting the recount. wisconsin must have it done by the federally required deadline of december 13th. also with former c-i-a director david petraeus. sources tell a-b-c news that petraeus is a contender for the job of secretary of state. trump tweeted afterward he was very impressed with petraeus. coming up next in sports, scott will have tonight's golden klutz awards. and he'll also have highlights from the defending state champion in boys basketball, the xavier saints. stay with your 24 hour news
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season tonight against mount pleasant. back this season and the saints return plenty of firepower as of those guys is matt mims...the junior guard pulls up off the dribble and hits the jumper...saints up 13... --then it's mims in transition...he takes it himself and gives xavier a 26-10 lead... --mount pleasant trying to rally...brady sartorius with the nice backdoor cut to as he pulls the panthers within 12... --but xavier just has too many weapons....jac kson joens buries a 3 as the saints open the season with a 55-45 win over
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--it's a huge week for the iowa women's basketball team. the hawkeyes begin a four game homestand by hosting notre dame on wednesday. the fighting irish enter carver as the number one team in the country. the hawkeyes hung with 9th ranked ucla for three quarters last thursday and that has the team confident they can also play with the irish. "we played really well in those three quarters, so we know we can carry that energy with us and play against any team in the country." "we were really playing very well against ucla and in the end couldn't drop down a opponents and played pretty darn well. i'm happy with where we are right now, know it's an important week and a tough week but also excited about it." "knowing that we can keep up with some of the top teams in the country, that's just giving us an extra boost of confidence heading into this game." trt :30 oc: "...heading into this game." football news. iowa all-american corner desmond king will play in the senior bowl. the missouri valley conference announced their all-conference teams today senior
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defensive player of the year was named to the first team. schult led all d-one football with 17 sacks. in addition to schult.. linebacker jared farley uni's leading tackler with 80 was second team along with defensive backs elijah campbell and malcolm washington.. and offensive lineman trevor hanson and robert rachie also second team. iowa state senior kicker cole netten was named the big 12 special teams player of the week. the ankeny iowa native capped off his career going 4-4 on field hitting 16 of 17 field goals. and finally it's that time of the week time to get stupid and obnoxious with the golden klutz awards. hit it big jon! let's start off with the lesson of the week on the pitch don't where the same color of uniforms that the security guards where. another they are both wearing highlighter yellow and and he thinks it's his teammate and passes the ball to the security guard walking out of bounce. worst goalie kick of the week he whiffs on slow roller right at him.
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how on earth did he miss it. it could be worse watch this player beat the goalie for a wide open shot in front of the net and he air mails it over the top. another look that is the worst shot i have ever seen . and when you grab a rebound make sure you are not passing the ball to a ghost. another he thinks his teammate is travel. most embarrassing offensive play of the week. he air balls the 2'foot shot and then trips and falls headed back down court. another look it doesn't get any more embarrassing than that. and they better check his shoes for flubber zack leven with the 360 dunk from free throw line biggest hit on a sound guy. he get hammered by
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despite the cut on his nose. and finally coolest play of the week the cincinnati line drops to their stomachs. let's the defense fly to the ball. and they get up on the throw back. and they have all kinds of numbers out front and that is six... another look just how they drew it up. the defense just ran by and followed the ball and those pretty good blocking odds right just one defender and that easy touchdown good night thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... after a mild monday the mercury
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>> dicky: from hollywood and nashville it's "jimmy kimmel live after the cmas"! tonight, jessica chastain -- willie nelson -- justin moore -- "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from hunter hayes via hologram. and now, well done, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for everything, really. thank you for coming.


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