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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 11  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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donations all day long. to make sure that older, eastern iowans get the food they need. thank you for joining us on kcrg tv-9. we're in hour seven of fill the raised today goes to the heritage area agency on aging and its senior meals program. it's a crucial need here in our viewing area. last year we helped raise $115,000. the program delivers meals to seniors who are home bound as well as at several dining sites across the seven county region that heritage serves. last year that totalled out to be more than 320,000 meals. statewide, about 72,000 iowa seniors don't know when or where
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two-thirds of those who get a meal from heritage are at or below the federal poverty level. telethons like today's that can help solve this problem. volunteers can handle the phone calls at the phone bank. here's the number 319-399-6000. and you can donate online. we have a link on our home page at or volunteers to help with cooking or transportation of the meals to help you can find a link to that as well online at or contact the heritage organization, 319-398-5559. now bring in meteorologist chris hadley. we're seeing a much calmer day outside. some sunshine out there. a return of the sun, but just savor it. >> a much different story from yesterday's weather. today will likely be the sunniest day we'll have all week. take a look live at our manchester city cam.
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blue skies in delaware county. temperatures right now in the mid-40s and upper 40s for some spots. winds out of the southwest today at around 15 miles per hour. help warm our temperatures back up into the 50s for some areas. here's a live look at satellite and radar. clouds up to the north. those are going to be moving in here for later tonight. areas in our northwestern counties will be dealing with the clouds here for the afternoon. temperatures will climb to near 50. will drop back into the 30s tonight. we may have snow coming our way. expecting to see coming up in a bit. back to you. first responders off to the scene of a deadly plane crash in colombia early this morning. reports on the number of survivors varied throughout the overnight because of confusion on scene. now, investigators say at least six people did survive the crash, but at least 75 have died. abc's elizabeth hur reports on the latest details. >> reporter: new and heartbreaking images from colombia has crews begin
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site, where you can barely make out this was a plane, and incredibly, there are survivors. according to authorities, there are six survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. 75 others on board, many of them members of a brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament, were killed. the brazilian president today offered his condolences to the victims' families, calling the incident extremely the circumstances are still under investigation. so far, we're told the british aerospace rj-85 owned by a charter company was near its destination, flying from bolivia to colombia. this is a look at the flight radar, showing the final moments, the plane circling several times, the crew reportedly saying there was an electrical problem, before crashing. the soccer team posted this on facebook before they got on that plane.
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defender, seen here with his teammates, is said to be one of the survivors. authorities say in all, three soccer players, two crew members, and one journalist survived. for the 75 victims, the brazilian president just declared three days of mourning. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. more announcements are coming out today for president-elect donald trump's administration. abc news politics just tweeted out over the past 30 minutes that elaine chow be named as transportation secretary. another name on list of contenders is pennsylvania republican congressman lou barleta. when it comes to health and human services secretary, tom price of georgia was named to that position. the spokesman says he will lead the charge on repealing and replacing president obama's signature health care law, the
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iowa's secretary of agriculture wants money to help livestock producers better prepare for animal diseases like the bird flu. he is asking for $500,000 to go towards training farmers around iowa. northy made a similar request last year but did not get that money. that request came months after the bird flu killed off millions of chickens and turkeys in iowa. in a kcrg followup, the the 52-year-old peters faces one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of aggravated battery. investigators say peters fought another man, 57-year-old brian freeny, at murphy's convenience store back in may. peters is accused of punching freeny multiple times in the face, and freeny later died in the hospital. two people who died saturday when their vehicle crashed into
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they were martrell watson and kaitlyn hall studdard. watson was the driver, and hall studdard was 22. early saturday morning, watson lost control of his vehicle and crashed the passenger side in the back of the police cruiser. he and his passenger died on scene. two officers in the car were also hurt, but they are not out of the hospital. the fire marshal says they may never know what started the thanksgiving day fire in central city. it started about 8:00 a.m. on thursday at the distributing recycling center. it destroyed two of the buildings and also caused air quality concerns for a time. the state fire marshal's office says the fire started in a building in the west side of the property. investigators say they cannot figure out what exactly started it all because of destruction.
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the state for more money for snow plows, especially because it wants to replace them more frequently. >> we've been replacing on a 15-year basis. we're going to move that down to a 12-year basis to reduce overall maintenance costs. >> the d.o.t. usually replaces 60 trucks every year. now it's asking to replace 75 over the upcoming year. a new survey found replacing the aging trucks sooner will help the department save millions of dollars in the long run. there are more than 900 trucks in the d.o.t.'s fleet. some are sick of disrespect of law enforcement, so they put together a fund-raiser to help out police. one newly formed group is launching what they call the dubuque canine project. they're raising $100,000 to buy and train a police dog for the department. dubuque has one full-time canine officer.
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best way to assure that the needs of the police department are properly cared for. >> the group is asking anyone who's interested in donating to send a check to either the dubuque police department or to premier bank by december 15th. we have information on how to help along with the story online. just connect with some students have a knack for telling creative stories. ryan adams, a senior, has a long list of stories to tell. the camera, telling stories on video. nicole has our student of the month presented by hills bank and trust. >> reporter: 18-year-old ryan adams knows how to do a little bit of everything. >> i wasn't familiar with the cameras at all until last year. >> reporter: he takes the initiative to learn new things, which is why ryan does so much. >> there's so many great people in every department and activity
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something that i've become passionate about. >> reporter: ryan is a leader on his school's drum line. he's also a singer, active in musical theater, and plays local gigs with his own rock band. >> music's been able to give me emotion that words can't, and that's something really powerful. >> reporter: in addition to the arts, he's a decorated athlete, qualifying for state in track and cross country. now his eye on the future, focusing on film making projects. >> right now i'm working with the basketball team, the wrestling team. i'm making videos for their preseason hype up. i'll just kind of be dynamic. >> for him to come in as an internship student and hone his skills and see how he can put technology into athletics is a good focus for him. >> i really believe there's so much to learn out there.
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come in the class and to be able to put forth my best effort. >> he's about as far as most college students would be in terms of working on the job and doing things that most adults are able to do at a high school level. >> reporter: whether it's running for a medal or putting together a video project, ryan will continue to shoot high for his future. >> the main driving factor in my life is all that there is out there for opportunities for me, not just here at school, but also out in the comm in the world. >> reporter: ryan adams, our kcrg tv-9 student of the month. >> ryan says he's also visiting several colleges to find the right spot as he wants to go into digital cinema or communications. if you'd like to nominate a student, head to themonth. we'll take a break in december and announce three finalists for january. for fans of trader joe's, it can be a long drive to west des
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up some items. now the company announced it will be building a new location in eastern iowa. and you can also donate to our fill the plate telethon right now. that number is 319-399-6000. we are going for a long time today, 18 hours in total, from 4:30 this morning to 10:30 tonight to try to ellipse last year's mark of raising $115,000 for meals for seniors in eastern iowa. it's another seasonably mild day today with temperatures already in the 40s. highs. we'll talk about how much longer
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rest of our at the fifth annual fill the plate telethon, where volunteers have been working hard since 4:30 this morning. we'll be here until 10:30 tonight to take donations to help give nutritional meals to our senior citizens. joining me now are volunteers. how many years have you been doing this? this is your first year? >> this is my fourth year of being on the phone bank. >> i'm sure we've heard some things we've already done pretty well compared to last year. early, but we still have a ways to go. how have we been looking so far? >> the phones are ringing, which is great. we've surpassed last year's amount at this time so far. happy to be here and supporting this great cause. >> appreciate the hard work. pretty great weather. temperatures right now are climbing in 30s and 40s. it was a mild month overall for the month of november. temperatures were well above
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we're almost in december. five to ten degrees above average for the month of november. right now temperatures are much closer than they've been in the first part of the month. we're still overall a mild month for november. here's a live look at our cedar rapids city cam. starting to see clouds pop up for the afternoon, but really not going to have much impact on our weather for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures right now a little cooler. looking at mid-40s for iowa city and cedar rapids. we're on our way up towards 50. a few places may get over 50 degrees. satellite imagery, there's some clouds starting to creep in and knock on the doorstep of the tv-9 viewing area. for the rest of the tv-9 viewing area, we're looking at a mostly sunny area. we're seeing a little rain
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they're so dry, i doubt that's going to reach the ground. it's all part of a big upper level system spinning across the dakotas and minnesota. you'll notice some of the blue there on the map. that is some snow. we're looking at potential for a little bit of snow coming our way for the middle of the work week. here's pinpoint futurecast. notice the clouds slowly creeping in here towards this evening. clouds overtake the viewing area for overnight tonight. as we get towards tomorrow afternoon, we start to s that's light snow showers developing across mainly our northern counties. i think everyone has a chance of seeing a few flurries. we could have brief snow bursts in areas where we could see a brief dusting of snow. not enough, but it could cause road conditions to get a little slippery. today's high temperature, upper 40s. mid-40s well to the north. where the sun stays out longer, we're looking at low 50s from manchester down to washington over into mt. pleasant as well.
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dropping down into the 30s. low 30s. a few places may get to upper 20s. 30 in manchester. 32 waterloo. clouds will be here for the rest of the upcoming week. light snow showers possible. breezy on wednesday, 38. 37, cloudy on thursday. friday, 36. saturday, 37. we are watching closely a system that could be impacting us coming up here for the later part of this upcoming weekend. for both a little bit of rain and also a little bit of snow. overall, we're going to have to keep a close eye on this because we're not seeing big strong indications of what it's going to be. again, we are at the fifth annual fill the plate telethon. if you would like to donate, the number is 319-399-6000. feel free to give donations
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as more and more americans are living longer, it can also mean that more will need help as they get older, especially with food. up next, we'll take a look at the numbers in eastern iowa of how many people are aged 65 and
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heritage area agency as a major theme here kcrg tv-9. the telethon going all the way from 10:30 tonight as we take a look to gather donations from seniors and meals. as we assess making sure that this is all in place, the heritage area agency on aging does cover seven counties in eastern iowa. also five rural counties where the impact can be even greater. as iowa's population hovers around 3 million people, the percentage of iowans who are 60
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>> with the increase in older adults, we are seeing a large increase, especially in iowa, where within five to ten years, there's going to be more older adults over the age of 60 than there are going to be school age children. >> that's tim gedy's mission for the fill the plate and share the love event in eastern iowa. tim's work with the heritage area agency on aging also touches on older people where we all live. just how many in the 2012 iowa department of aging figures spell this all out. to see the percentage of population at 65 years or older, take a look. the more populated counties that heritage serves. johnson at 39%. lynn at 16.3%. 18% in jones county. nearly 18% in iowa. similar numbers in washington county. and cedar county 16.2% in benton
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>> last year we served over 300,000 meals to just about 3,000 older adults throughout our region. >> getty talks about the need to fight hunger for older iowans, saying the push is for their clients to receive the minimum. the positive is there are no waiting lists to get on for older people who do battle hunger, but it is an issue that must be solved. the service is not just about the food, but also companionship. in a society that values youth iowans on the other side who might be forgotten? >> and those who actually deliver the meals are our stars, our faces in the community that actually provide the service to the older adults, to the 64% of our participants that live alone, that this is the only meal and the only person they see during the day. >> so here's how you can help out today. you can call the phone bank here. we've had them here for going on
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319-399-6000. a volunteer can take your donation over the phone, or you can donate online for this worthy cause. go to, and you'll find a link on the home page to donate online. you can volunteer to help out because these meals have to get out. that requires lots of assistance with that. you can find a link on or contact the heritage agency, 319-398-5559. coming up, we're also getting into the giving spirit with a couple of companies out
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great support from businesses. as we're approaching 11 hours left until the 2016 fill the plate telethon is over here at kcrg tv-9. and really the importance is making sure we can raise money for meals for seniors. as we bring in some of the na >> lots of donations this morning. our volunteers have been here since 4:30. we're reaching $15,000 in donations right now. what a great thing to do for giving tuesday. >> people called in $5, $500. we also had some corporate backing as well. we're doing a couple of presentations. >> i have the big check right here from hi-vee. i'll invite hi-vee to come over here. we have christie. why did you guys want to give this donation?
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with hunger. this has been just a stach l of our year every year for about four years now. this $5,000 is on top of the last few years. we're about $20,000 into this for fill the plate, and we're so proud to be a part of it. >> thank you so much for your donation. i'll give it to chris, who also has a big check. >> for this one, we have two from the marin valley hospita right in the middle of iowa. in the rural counties, this say prime concern. about 15% of the population in iowa county is 60 or older. how is maringo valley hospital involved in this? >> again, this is our fifth year for donating to fill the plate. we're very proud to be sponsors. we do a lot for our community. >> we especially do a lot for our youth, and this is one way to give back to the seniors in our community.
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going on right now at the hospital to make a better experience of quality of life out there in iowa county as well. this is all part of the circle for that. >> exactly. we've got a $23 million expansion project going on to help bring services to the community so people don't have to go as far. they can stay right in the rural areas and get everything that they need. >> thank you so much for making the trek on up here. we appreciate your time and your volunteerism today. we'll be right back with much more here on the d fill the plate telethon at
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now looking into these rare november tornadoes that touched down in eastern iowa. the national weather service is now looking at the rare
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eastern iowa yesterday. evacuations are under way in eastern tennessee as wildfires are ripping through a popular tourism area, destroying homes, buildings, and even taking apart a hotel. still plenty of time to also participate for our fill the plate telethon for 2016. it's going on all day and well into the night to provide donations to help feed seniors right here in eastern iowa. thank you for keeping it here with tv9. it's a big day at kcrg-tv9 and a big day for seniors throughout the region. as we're raising money for the heritage center on aging and its fill the plate program. we're raising money to help feed older eastern iowans.
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319-399-6000 or connect online by going to the link is right there on the home page. or you can volunteer because there's plenty of work that can be done with this. you can find a link for volunteering on or reach out to the heritage agency at 319-398-5559. the donations are having a real impact. two years ago, heritage had to shut down meal sites because of a lack of money. because of the money raised, three of those locations and allowed people in ealy to get a meal closer to home. we're bringing in meteorologist chris hadley. seeing the sun today, but will the mild weather just linger? >> today is going to be the most mild day and also the sunniest day for the week. we have lots of sunshine right now across central parts of eastern iowa on the satellite imagery. off to the north and west, we're already seeing the clouds moving
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little cooler at this hour. right now we're still in the 30s for those areas. we have climbed a little bit into the low and mid-40s for central parts of the tv9 viewing area. out of the south, we're looking at it likely for the next hour. we'll see temperatures climb into the upper 40s, where it's sunny, and clouds move in for all of eastern iowa for tonight. we may see snow coming up for tomorrow. we'll talk about what we're expecting coming up in some people in bremer, butler, grundy, and hardy county served warning signs also tornadoes in those spots. november tornadoes are unusual but not unprecedented. 40 tornadoes have hit the state in this month between 1980 and 2015 with 19 reported on november 11th of last year. in the coming days, the national weather service will be on the ground surveying any damage, and they'll look at this tornado
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p.m. and the tornado that hit near parkersburg that pushed buildings off their foundations. cleanup in the city is expected to keep up later today. most of the damage is contained in the northeast side of the city with one home sustaining the most damage on orchard drive. the homeowner says she's missing a few shingles off the roof but nothing too severe. no one injured in these tornadoes. a wildfire is blamed for damaging more than and homes in eastern tennessee. that includes a 16-story hotel. officials evacuated the city of gatlinburg, a major tourism destination. kind of like the wisconsin dells. about 14,000 people live there. at least three people hospitalized with severe burns, and a fourth person has burns on the face. hundreds of firefighters, as well as local and state teams and national guard troops are battling the flames and checking on the people.
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prepared me for what we have experienced over the past 24 hours. >> we covered our face with wet towels, and then we finally got in the car and drove down the mountain a little ways, and we ran into a tree over the road, and we had to turn around and couldn't see to get back up the mountain. >> also just up the road from gatlinburg is pigeon forge, home to dollywood. the flames are also threatening that location as well as the surrounding resort area. students return to class at in columbus as investigators are working on figuring out what was behind that attack. abc's kenneth mou ton takes a look at the new details surfacing today. >> reporter: ohio state university working to get back to normal. overnight, police searched the columbus home of 18-year-old abdul artan. >> you look at your neighbors, you don't suspect that. that could have been my children. >> reporter: investigators say the osu student hit several
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before jumping out with a butcher knife. he went on the attack before campus cop allen aruzco shot and killed him. students of the large university barricaded themselves inside classrooms. >> once they barricaded the door, everyone sat in the corner and tried to stay clear of the windows. >> it's terrifying. you really don't think it's going to happen to you. you get really scared when it does. >> reporter: now the focus turns to artan. >> abdul razak artan, cum >> reporter: the 17-year-old jumped in joy at the graduation stage from high school. just a year later, he was angry about the treatment of muslims and said, i can't take it anymore. >> we do know of his somali heritage, and that will be enough for some people to falsely link the tragic incident to the face of islam and to the somali and muslim communities. >> reporter: as investigators work to figure out if the
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related, this campus is praying for the 11 people injured. tonight student organizations, including ones representing somali and muslim students, will hold a buckeye strong community event. new this midday, iowa's board of regented have named the second finalist. currently serving as the university's interim president. he'll meet with faculty, and staff during the public forum tomorrow. it's happening at the same time and location as today's public forum of today's candidate to meet neil theobold. he abruptly left his last position as president of temple university when the board planned to dismiss him as the school's president after a no confidence vote. he resigned from temple a few days later.
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candidate is tomorrow. at cedar rapids, a new industrial park could bring major companies and new jobs to the region. alliance energy announced plans for the big cedar industrial center yesterday near edgewood road and north 76th avenue west. the 1,300 acres will make this the largest industrial park in the state. the original plan and the hope is to help iowa compete with other states for large scale businesses. alliance said, instead of purchasing land, it >> those land owners continue to own the land. they'll continue to farm the land, and people will live in some of the houses on that acreage. but under the circumstances, should a business come along and be interested in developing that land for their business, we could purchase the land for the land owners. >> alliance says it paid some money to the land owners to get them to be part of the program. if you're a fan of trader joe's, you'll be happy to hear this. the popular grocery store chain
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iowa, specifically in coralville. here's a rendering of what the 16,000 square foot facility would look like. plans call for it to open up in the second time of 2017. trader joe's is known for eclectic products and even cheaper wine. one called two buck chuck, which now sells for about $3 a bottle. it will go near i-80 and first avenue north. coralville's mayor says it will be quite the addition to the area. will keep up through the day and well into the night. for now, organizations are making sure seniors get the healthy meals they need. we're talking to those leaders next on tv9. a look at quiet weather today and tonight, but there are snowflakes in our forecast. coming up in the first alert forecast, we'll talk about when
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of the tv9 viewing area for the rest of our of our annual fill the plate telethon. we've had volunteers here since 4:30 this morning that are going to be here until 10:30 tonight taking calls and also taking your donations. you can simply donate by simply calling 319-399-6000. or if you feel more comfortable, you can donate via online through there's a link on the main page. right now joined by one of our volunteers. holly, i think you said your name was. holly, where are you from? >> from the central city senior dining site.
11:43 am
down here this morning? >> i just arrived. >> so you're fresh. >> waiting for your phone calls as well. so far, we've had pretty good numbers from the response. so far from donations. we still have a long way to go for tonight. if you have some time and you want to give a little, feel free to call the number or go online to weather-wise, we're looking pretty good across much of tv9 viewing area. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for most areas. we're going to be topping later today in the 50s for some spots across eastern iowa. you can see where the clouds are more prevalent in northern counties. 37 in charles city. 37 in decor right now. clouds trying to make their way in very gradually. parts of areas south of 20 and i-80 south as well, lots of sunshine. those clouds are on the way in.
11:44 am
pressure. going to bring in blue stuff you see here. that's actually snow. snow showers will be coming into our area for tomorrow. not expecting big accumulations. could be keeping a close eye, but not expecting a big storm by any means. pretty much areas south of 20, lots of sunshine. where the clouds make their way in gradually, those tempera will continue to slowly fall. as we get towards tonight, clouds really overtake the area. hope you enjoyed the sunshine today because this is going to be the sunniest day of the whole week. clouds are going to be with us here for the rest of our work week. going into tomorrow morning, 7:00, maybe a few flurries scattered from time to time. as we get towards the amp, i think that's our best chance of seeing some of these scattered to isolated snow showers across our area. mainly, i think, in our northern counties but can't rule out flurries for all of eastern iowa.
11:45 am
occasionally, which may put a little dusting on the ground and make travel conditions slippery. we'll keep a close eye, but a chance for a few showers coming up for hump day. as far as winds go, a little lighter today than they were yesterday. coming up for tonight and tomorrow, those winds will be kicking up, around 15, 25, maybe up to 30-mile-per-hour gusts at times. a little breezier tomorrow. if we do get snow showers, that times. highs today where the clouds are, cooler. 40s up to the north. near 50 to lower 50s in areas south. mostly sunny, except in areas where the clouds have already been moving in. tonight temperatures falling into the low 30s tonight. winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the clouds are here, and they will be with us for the rest of the upcoming week. there are the chances for a few snow showers. breezy conditions, 38. 37 on thursday. a cloudy day again, and clouds
11:46 am
friday. 36. for saturday 37. check out the upcoming weekend. this arrives at the end of next weekend. we'll see temperatures cool and a chance for snow showers or possibly rain mixed in. still a little early to talk about what the potential for this storm could bring, but a chance to see snow showers across eastern iowa. a close eye on that as always, but for now, we'll look at the sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. >> so it's time to introduce more of these giant checks. and i'm standing here with holly, who works at the central city senior dining. do you want to talk a little bit about why you're involved in this and why you want to get involved? >> just my love of doing my job. it's great to help out any way that you can. >> this is very important for our seniors, and you just took a seat over here at the table. did you take any calls? >> not yet. you can start ringing my phone. i'm here. >> thanks, holly.
11:47 am
has another check for us. >> trying to raise the $115,000 and beyond what was raised last year. >> another large donation, this time from at&t. >> yes, chris. at&t, they've been sponsors for the last several years for the fill the plate telethon, and this year we were honored to receive an additional donation that brings up the -- they increased their $2,000 to $5,000 this year. when you just think about the levels that large chunks like this can really make the true difference to really provide these meals. we've got a really good mix of urban and rural counties as well. there's so many seniors. 300,000 meals, i believe, just last year. >> it's right around 300,000 meals. 3,000 seniors that receive the services and the safety check
11:48 am
about all day, and these gifts today go just that much farther and ensures that the services will be around for years to come. >> and, again, the safety checks because 64% of your clients do live alone, those that are 65 or older. how critical is that to make sure they have that interaction as well, not just the food. >> it sure is. they're always excited to see another person, another smiling face, whether it be an older adult or a young adult. they just want to be able to feel appreciated, and also, that safety check really helps with their mental health as well. >> sam, as always, thanks. keep pacing yourself. i know it's a long day, but we do appreciate the work and the visibility this can also provide. coming up next, our registered dietician will talk to this. we've all gotten past
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keeping up with the food theme on this day, we talked quite a bit about how we're in the calorie temptation for so many. i joke about the five pieces of pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, but to navigate these choppy seas is registered dietician mark mcclure. talk about ways to get the foods. >> there are really three tips that i like to encourage customers and clients to really focus on for the holidays. one is the age old make half your plate fruits and vegetables. i know you get so tired of dieticians saying that, but if we all do that consistently, we'd alleviate a lot of the health issues we see. >> that's the first time i've ever heard that. make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
11:52 am
have our fruits and vegetables. i have a lot of complaints i hear too, folks will say, i don't like vegetables. my kids don't like vegetables. try roasting them. it unleashes a lot of flavor. cut up whatever vegetables you have. maybe they're in the crisper drawer. top them with olive oil, words, black pepper, a little salt, cut a piece of bacon, cook them at 425 for 30 minutes. you'll have a great side dish. between 20 to burn. those are high fiber, and they'll help keep you full, and it evens out whatever's on the other half of your plate. it's a great tip. >> i'm going to call you out on one thing. that's a gigantic plate. i get smaller plates a little bit. >> i was trying to show the traditional holiday eating. >> exactly. i'm trying to think of, when you have gatherings and social gatherings, if you have the smaller plate, it helps a little bit as well. then you'll feel like you're
11:53 am
the healthy substitution when's it makes sense. have pumpkin chocolate chip muffins here. by making tweaks, i decrease the calories by half and the sugar by over 70%. i substituted out whole wheat flour for the regular flour. cut back how many chocolate chips you use. if you use mini chocolate chips and use a little less, it seems like the same amount. >> exactly. you get the bit of chocolate. >> i think there's one thing to stress as well, when youoo cheese as well. >> try to use fat free cream cheese instead of the full fat cream cheese. maybe try crushed bran flakes instead of bread crumbs. and last but not least, i would very much stress it's important to manage stress during the holidays. much too easy to eat the emotions with the cookie plates and every delicious thing out there. try to get enough sleep, maintain consistent exercise.
11:54 am
whatever healthy habits you have for managing your stress. >> and possibly avoid family political debates. it's one of those years. great seeing you, martha. >> thank you.
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hoops season vinton-shellsburg will be hosting dyersville one programming note for tonight as the calendar marches on. kcrg 9.2 marches in perfect stride with the calendar. basketball season starts out tonight. the game starts with coverage at 7:30 tonight live on kcrg 9.2. so do make a note of that. back up with the 2016 fill the plate telethon going until 10:30 tonight.
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>> we just passed $31,000. since 4:30 this morning, we've been out here, and you guys have given a lot for this giving tuesday. >> we're still going on all week from 10:30 tonight to eclipse the $115,000 raised last year for senior meals throughout eastern iowa. we'll go back to meteorologist chris hadley. >> sunshine for many parts of eastern iowa. tonight we'll see clouds rolling in, temperatures dropping in the 30s. let's keep a close eye on the snow potentially tomorrow. few snow showers, especially off to the north. that might cause slight accumulation in a few areas. temperature turns next weekend. a chance for showers and snow showers again. really no significant winter storms heading our way. some chances for a few flakes from time to time. >> if you want to help out, 319-399-6000 to help join up. go online to donate online for
11:58 am
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? clinton's in the kitchen with "scandal's" bellamy young. carla's serving up a show-stopping dessert with the "cake boss" himself, buddy valastro. restaurant secrets to help you have a stress-free holiday. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] whoa. it's a good audience today. good audience. thank you.


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