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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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here is how you can help today. call our phone bank here. 319-399-6000. a volunteer can take your donation over the phone. you can also donate online. head to kcrg dot-com and you'll find a link right on the home page to donate online. you can also sign-up to volunteer. you'll also find a link for that on kcrg dot-com or you can contact heritage agency at 319- 398-5559. usual holiday time warnings about locking your cars and burglar-proofing your home come with a twist this year. burglars are stealing some things you might not expect as well as the usual t-vs and electronics. the number of counterfeitin g and forgery cases cedar rapids police have investigated this year has nearly doubled from last year. in the first ten and a half
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same period this year. and police say it's mostly because burglars are snatching checkbooks and blank checks from homes and cars to use for themselves. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman has more. cedar rapids police caught thousands of dollars in fake bills very early this year. that accounts for a part of the higher counterfeiting and forgery have targeted something many consumers hardly use at all anymore...paper checks. investigators say burglars may grab checkbooks... or do something even sneakier. "if they find a checkbook, they won't take the top check they'll go down a couple, down a little ways and people don't notice and people don't use checks very often might not see it 2-3-4 weeks." someone who has a checkbook stolen can call the financial institution and have the
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thief time to forge signatures and pass the stolen checks. police say residents could do a lot to help themselves by taking simple precautions. half the car burglaries involve unlocked vehicles and too many people leave valuables visible. police are trying to revive neighborhood watch programs that have largely gone dormant in recent years as a longer term solution. "a lot of people don't know their neighbors they don't know what cars a supposed to be there...the crime watch program will help acquaint people to that" police say making sure you have good locks and ex burglars from getting in homes as well as cars. cedar rapids police say the number of home burglaries so far this year is almost exactly the same as last year. but thefts from motor vehicles are up. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, what is the latest on yesterday's tornadoes? clouds have been slowly building
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low pressure swings through. this storms system has been producing snow showers across the plains on tuesday and will do the same for us on wednesday. when those snow showers move through visibilities could be reduced from time to time. a cloudy and cooler trend then moves into the state as we begin the month of december. the next chance for precipitation holds off until the start of next week. have a great night! tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: w 5-10. low: 31 tomorrow: chance of light snow. little to no accumulation. wind: w 15-25. high: 38 wind: w 10-15. low: 32 thursday: cloudy and cool. high: 37 low: 32 friday: cloudy. high: 36 low: 30 saturday: mostly cloudy. high: 37 low: 24 sunday: chance of rain/snow. high: 39 low: 29 monday: chance of rain/snow. high: 39 low: 28 tuesday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 low: 28 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 37 low: 25 bruce and beth... a head-on crash has left two
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injuries. the black hawk county sheriff's office says a car jean okwo was driving tried to pass a semi. okwo is 25. bt road around 8:15 this morning. okwo's car hit a truck going in the opposite direction. the crash seriously injured okwo and the truck driver. police cited okwo for unsafe passing. the department of transportation released video of the moments before a fatal interstate 380 crash. this video shows a car martrell watson was driving speed down i-380 and hit the center guard rail. then, police say he crashed into the back of a
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camera angle. kaitlyn hall and watson died at the scene of the crash. two officers were injured. an eastern iowa restaurant is donating all sales to one of the victims of this crash. hear from hall's mother, who works at odies bar and grill in ely, about why this fundraiser is so important. office has arrested the mother of a two year old who girl who was wandering around in the rain last week. the charge against ysable ceplecha is neglect or abandonment of a dependent person. she is 24, and from eagle grove. the sheriff's office says deputies found the girl in the small town of galt on november 22nd. the girl was wearing pajamas but no shoes. authorities interviewed ceplecha after the public helped identify
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has also placed the woman's one year old child in protective custody. gatlinburg, tennessee's mayor says wildfires the area is experiencing killed three people. wildfires have been burning through parts of the great smoky mountains, spreading overnight with wind gusts above 87 miles per hour. they have damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings, including a 16-story hotel. at least a dozen people have gone to hospitals, mostly for treatment for burns. national guard troops arrived today to help overworked firefighters. and meteorologis ts say even though the area has gotten some rain recently, it won't be enough to provide relief. president-elect donald trump has picked elaine chao to be be the next transportation secretary. chao also served as labor secretary under president george w. bush. she was the first asian american woman to serve in a president's cabinet. she's also the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. iowa senator joni
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very thoughtful about his appointments so far. ""i think the transition seems to be going as every other transition has in the past. he is coming from the outside. he doesn't have an established network at the white house right now, and i think with the appointments or potential nominations that we have seen thus far, he is doing a very good job " this morning donald trump suddenly sent out a tweet concerning flag burning. he time or lose their citizenship for burning the flag. but the supreme court has ruled that flag burning is a form of free speech under the first amendment. and the constitution also bans the government from removing citizenship from a natural-born american. house majority leader kevin mccarthy responded by saying congress has no plans to take action against flag burning. providing nutritious meals to senior citizens takes quite a bit of work. and still ahead you'll hear how
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couldn't do without donations and volunteers.
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we're here with the fill a plate telethon. 39919-399, 6000. the great santa hat she's also waiting for your call. these are dave wright subaru. our weather today has been very, very nice. we've seen sunshine across the area. the winds were fairly light and
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temperatures. and you'll notice the clouds are building once again. and clouds will continue to thicken now as we move through our overnight and hours. right now our current readings 40? in cedar rapids. 40? endue buick. also in but lou. and those dew points are in the lower frizz. you notice the low pressure starting in the counterclockwise fashion. throughout the day portions of the dakotas have seen some light to moderate snow showers. now that moisture will spin across iowa. and bring that chance of some snow showers to the state. the first thing is our clouds thicken up. that happens as we move through
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get. maybe a few sprinkles as temperatures will be in the upper and 30s to near 40?. just in time to turn the page on the calendar. here's the air area of low pressure responsible near minneapolis. what happens as that the low slowly moves the winds slowly increase and then finally some area with the cloudy skies with that will come snow showers and flurries. and that will last until wednesday night. tonight looks pretty good. and but in the morning scattered pockets of snow showers during
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and thursday begins december with 37?. friday 36?. and you notice for the weekend we're pretty quiet on saturday. highs will stay in the 30s. for the next week we're expecting those highs to stay in the 30s. couple of storms to watch. one storm happens sunday into monday. and then we ateds we head into could see some wintry weather to move into the area. >> it usually happens every year. we are kicking off high school hoops on kcrg 9.2. beckman starts at 7:30 on kcrg
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citizens has become much more than a daily events. it creates friendships.
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and long acting reversible pill like the iud may be on track be on track. research found most family planning prefer the iud. >> lark includes types of birth control that you don't have to
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monthly. and that's one of its benefits. it's as effective as permanent sterilization. so at any point you are ready for another child it can be
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right now they're not so busy. during the commercial break. >> you can also donate online at >> prepare about 30 meals a week. every day for elderly who're in need. samantha myers looks why this program is so volunteers. every day around 10:30 in the morning you'll find these volunteers serving meals. they've got an assembly line system and it takes 10 minutes to get the meals out of the door. you get to know them really well. and i think it's important for anybody to be able to give back to the community that they live
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bell plain. you see them sometimes when you're out and about or at the grocery store. hey there's my ashley. that's my meals on wheels lady and they get to know you and you develop those relationships. the mayor of bell plain says that the recipients are at the core of the community. retired residents are the people that built your community and i think it's important for the community to give back to them every way we program could always use new volunteers. in bell plain samantha myers kcrg tv 9 news. and we continue to raise money. we'll be doing that here with the phone bank with the telethon until 10:30 tonight. call the number on the bottom of
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>> once again we are here at the fill the plate telethon raising money for the heritage agency on aging. this doesn't become anything close to success without a lot of the community support. tim getty with the heritage agency has been since here before 4:00 a.m. and we have dave wright from dave wright subaru. you are a huge supporter for what we're doing. >> well it's been to dave wright subaru is a fantastic partner. and just the outpouring of
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you had an event stuff the subaru. >> yeah we took subarus to all of the subway stores. and we asked them to purchase food items and stuff the subaru us. >> why are you devoted to making sure that seniors have food. well it's actually voted on by subaru owners that to pick five charities and then arity. each subaru will donate $250 to these charities that will be donated locally. and come back to our community. there really is a need for these donations. there really is. the need just continues to grow. and then while we we're fortunate not to have waiting list. the issues we're not providing enough meals.
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services. one individual might only receive one meal. but they might need five meals instead of the one meal. we appreciate it tim and we appreciate it dave. he's first in line to get phone calls. >> get back to work.
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>> welcome back to our fill the plate telethon and we have the updated tally that the tim getty just handed to me. it's now topped $45,000 we've raised from your donations today. thank you very, very much. you can still donate at let's get a check of you're forecast with joe. let's take a look at live at our coralville city cam. you will see the temperatures stay pretty comfortable. though the clueds are going to move in. scattered snow showers doesn't develop until tomorrow afternoon.
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the fill the plate. >> now we go to tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. what happened just before the crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter scott in south carolina.


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