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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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you'll find a link right on the home pinch. you can sign up to volunteer and you'll find a link for that on or you can contact heritage directly. turning to the news. >> our tremendously watson was driving hall evening. watson lost control. the two officers in the patrol car were not seriously injured. tonight kcrg tv 9 phil reid caitlyn's mother. yes, i can see her mama smile. her kisses in heaven. yes. there you go.
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caitlyn hall. >> who is too young to understand what happened. she's doesn't have her mama anywhere. we're just going to to be us against the world. hugh was wordening in ealy's bar and grill. just trying to process everything. how this can't be real. i didn't want to pick up the phone and day will go to helping them out. i feel horrible for the family. and i think the response that we've gotten so far there's a lot of people out there that are going to want to help. hugh appreciate the nice gesture. and she says that her daughter loved to sings and dance. she just loved to live life. she didn't need to have all of
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good time. >> watson and hall were expecting a child together and a hall was a few months pregnant when she died in the crash. you'll hear from some people who knew watson. >> a man faces charges after a wrong way drive caused a collision. and police did arrest the driver of the vehicle. the driver is eric anderson. he's 27 and from missouri. he faces multiple charges. operated while intoxicated. joe winters joins us now. after all those tornado activities yesterday we're
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hopefully. we sure are. and many could reduce your visibility a bit. that's later tomorrow. right now we take a look at tv 9 oh doppler radar. >> coming up we'll take a closer look where we could see some light snow on weekend. well the mild fall weather we've had is definitely affecting
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dubuque favors offering financial incentives to landlords to accept housing vouchers than do so. jim woe part is serving as the
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and to 306 so far this year. police say part of th explanation are burglars are snagging check and blank checks
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and some from back. and that way that the person might not know that there are some missing. that give the burglar time now to forge the signatures and try to cash the checks in. and you're going to be whatever is easiest. if there's a purse laying there they're taking the checkbook forging the check, signing off scribbling a name. what have you.
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and actually lock the vehicle when you park it even if you don't leave anything inside of it. about all of the half the break ins involving a vehicle that was left 319-399-6000. and you can e-mail at and but not with full-time hours. the furniture shop is operating
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week. and the owner said more than 10 inches of floodwater covered the store floor in september. mad ma derp was one of the newbo businesses that the city did not protect with the flood because it said that the surface behind those businesses was not flat enough.
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>> all day today we are helping to raise money to feed seniors right here in our community. it's part of our fill the plate telethon benefitting the heritage area agency on aging. >> tell me where the money will be going. 100% of all of the funds raised will go towards providing meals and the important safety checks.
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day. like we've been talking about. it's more than gist a meal. it's the companionship just the visiting. more than 65% of those that receive our services our nutrition services are live alone. let's change the subject right now. you have some money coming in right now. >> we sure do. wow. $50,000. you can get in front of me. from wal-mart. tell us about this. this is a fantastic gift. wal-mart has been a fantastic partner for the last several years and this is the largest
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program and this money will be actually used to develop a new program to help those that receive meals especially on the weekends and also evenings. so not only does these funds continue our services with this great gift from wal-mart we're able to expand into new
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26 hours ago it was very active across eastern iowa. and there were some shingles blown off some roofs.
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southeast of parkersburg two-minute tornado touchdown. and also happening just for two minutes this was a one minute from 3:45 to 3:46. and now we're watching those
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eventually that's going to lead to some precipitation. and will drag down some cooler air. eastern iowa dry and quiet. but now those clouds starting to thicken up north and west. some scattered flurries. also a mix in areas of
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pinpoint storm net. 45? at high school. >> a sign of where we're going as we head through the overnight hours. and the nine-day forecast. and we take a look at the remainder of the forecast. a mix as we head towards
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welcome back to our fill the plate telethon. nearly every day. and many more get food delivered to their own home. they really rely on the senior dining program for hot meals. a meal. music. and meaningful relationships. that's at the heart of this senior dining program in anamosa. and we offer hot meals, breakfast, liquid supplements. frozen meals for weekends. this particular meal comes with
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and i followed her we've been going to the program. it's a good place to come and socialize with other people.
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and so gets to be a big concern for the end of the fiscal year. the fill the plate keeps us alive. as far as i'm concerned anything that a provider can do to help with funding is critical because we need the federal dollars so badly. funding will keep the doors open so seniors can continue to enjoy the food and each and seniors from an mow monticello. and owen enjoyed those turkey dinners. you can still call. we're here until 10:30 tonight.
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we are kebing off the high school basketball season tonight on vinton shellsburg will be hosting dirsville beckman. >> and we do have have a tally update on our fill the plate telethon. $105,000. >> and we're going to be here until 10:30 tonight. so you can donate tonight if you haven't.
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or go to to donate online. no problems at all. in fact we take a look at our forecast. clouds will thicken up. thank you so much for joining us
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