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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 1, 2016 1:36am-2:06am CST

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it's an all new show today "right this minute." a 6-year-old schoolboy defies the odds after being told he was never going to walk.
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brought cheers and tears of joy. a motorcycle blogger goes down in a blaze of glory. >> see, that's what makes this channel so popular. >> how he took a hit but kept his sense of humor. >> if you can go to my apartment and get advil, that would be awesome. >> two guys discover an elk had a fight with fencing. why believe it or not the cat's going to win this one. and he's back. >> the captain awkward! >> what are you talking about? >> why? >> the prankster who has a way with other people's words. >> what are you guys talking about? >> maybe they should, the girls, should turn around, yes, i do want to get married. >> this is one of the best parts of my job, where i get to show
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inspirational things, basically things that are going to cheer everybody up. we're going to start in brazil. this is 6-year-old david. big smile on his face, being cheered on by everybody in his class, all his classmates and teachers there. go, david, go! so happy, that smile couldn't get any bigger. now the reason being if you look in the background of the video, what's sitting right there, back of the classroom. >> a wheelchair. >> yes, a wheelchair. now, a virus that spinal cord and causes muscle at tro pi and paralysis. doctors said he was never going to walk. this moment where his classmate s said hey, man, go for it. why don't you try and do this. he stands up and starts walking from table to table. you see at the end -- >> this is the kind of peer pressure we can all get behind. >> absolutely. this is the part where he's now going to the tables and walk --
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now, this was reported on a phone and david's mother just broke down in tears. basically, it's one of the first times he's ever really walked without being able to hold on to everything. he's been to physical therapy and had surgery. >> just to see that alone is priceless. >> to have it happen in the classroom, such a brilliant, teachable moment on so many different levels for these kids. it's it's going to be something they can learn and talk about for a long time. >> the first step of many david will be taking. not done, though, we're going to head over to ohio. 13-year-old cody doing a tae kwon do qualification demonstrations. he has cerebral palsy, but doesn't stop him. just another one of those
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>> good for him. >> there's a driver, a 20-year-old man in that car. the police officer behind him is trying to pull him over, but that driver, nope, is not going to stop. it's going to swerve around traffic, drive on the wrong side of the road a number of times, swerve between cars. >> did this stop because of the overtaking, moment where he accelerated away? front of the police car. >> maybe he wasn't noticing the guy behind him. maybe he didn't notice the cop behind him. >> or intoxicated. are they intoxicated? >> right about here as he's driving, you see that he loses control of the car. >> oh! >> crashes and ends up upsidedown in the car, with the car pretty banged up. the video was released, it happened back in september, but the man, 20-year-old jared york,
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prison. also a terrible position in this one. this police officer attempts to stop this vehicle and they pull over. the driver pulls over, but just as the police officer is about to get out of the police car and go talk to the driver -- >> oh, man. >> bad move, bud. >> rams into the patrol car. >> right. >> you're never going to g actually did get away, because that impact caused enough damage to the car where it basically disabled it. the driver took off. they did find the vehicle some time later and they believe it was stolen, they believe it was used in a different robbery, and they are still looking for the potential driver. in fact, they released these composite images of what they believe the man looked like.
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it. >> don't do that. for those people who love the animal videos you see, you'll probably like these, too. we start with this poor elk in montana. as you can see, the elk had a fight with that fencing, and the fencing is winning right now, but you got two guys that are working with that barbed wire to try to get the girl out of there. >> having a bunch of cheese wire wrappe cut the wire. that fence looks relatively new. looks like they are trying to create slack in there so they can hopefully untangle him. >> hog tied. >> this calf starts move because they get it free. >> wow, right back over the fence. >> but a good thing those guys were around to help it out.
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i was expecting it to have a dead leg. >> this guy went on his deck one morning and look who's out there, a herd of elk. >> whole herd. right in our yard. started in the front. they moseyed on around the back. >> are they just the gardener hired by the hoa? >> that's what i think, they are doing him a favor, and the neighbors, too. >> look. >> yeah, the dog realizes they are bigger than him. he's going to stay there. as a big fan of the youtube channel, this one hurts me as much as it hurts you. walter is a motorcycle blogger. watch his videos almost daily. on this day, cruising around on his bike and did something
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>> oh, shoot. >> no, no, no! >> walter! >> lesson number one of motorbike riding. >> a lot of riders, including myself, will use their smartphone on the handle bars and blue tooth it to your helmet so you can listen hands free. apparently the hands free part wasn't working on this day, so that's where he thought it would be a good idea to try and >> listening to alanis morrisette ironic? >> walter is hurt. >> i hurt my arm. if you could go to my apartment and get advil, that would be awesome. >> somebody you want to call? >> ghost busters. i guess my humor is still intact. >> he's got jokes for days. >> they ask him what's your name? >> i'm jason bourn. >> see, that's what makes this
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arrive, started assessing him, legs are fine, but it's his right shoulder area that's really giving him some trouble. they eventually get his helmet off and he continues to do his blog, telling people where to place the helmet so he gets the camera angle, even going so far as to get the camera off the helmet. >> release tool. >> my youtube channel. >> his arm is all broken collarbone. they say all the time you should wear your gear. in this case, walter was wearing his gear and probably mitigated some of the injuries. >> the guy does everything right, wearing all of his armor, but took five seconds of doing the wrong thing and, bang, you're in the back of an ambulance. a mother is walking down an alley with her son when --
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runs and grabs that kid. >> no. >> find out what happens next. plus, an act of kindness is doubled. >> dude over here brings out his big wad of dollar bills and starts matching the donation. >> see how this social experiment pans out. >> really fascinating. i know ] i stole the other team's mascot for good luck. we need to wash this room. wash it? yeah, wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, wow [inhales] it really smells great in here. dog barks and try pluggable febreze, with up to 4 times the freshness in one refill. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher [inhale + exhale mnemonic], two more ways to breathe happy ?? olive garden now offers catering delivery we make the food and deliver it to your door so you can enjoy what's important
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closed captioning provided by -- this is a story we see time and again, and i really wish people knew that there was an outlet. there's a woman, a young woman walking down the street in turkey, and there you see her holding precious cargo in her arms. watch what happens when she steps out of frame of the screen. she put that baby underneath a
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passersby to leave so she wouldn't be noticed. her cries were heard by a man right there you see in the corner of the screen. picks the baby up and calls the police. they in turn call paramedics to come look at this baby. that baby was two days old when this was discovered by that man who was just walking by. paramedics gave that baby water and took her to the hospital. they found she was healthy but now police are tryin that young woman who put the baby underneath the car. a completely different incident with a child in a car here in northern china. you see a mom walking down an alley, and that's her son. a few steps behind her, but that van, they've been watching these two. a man jumps out of the van, runs and grabs that kid. the kidnapper can't pick the boy up because he's fighting. when the mom runs up, that's when the kidnappers take off. >> oh, my gosh. >> messed up.
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those two men. police say the men said they were going to ransom that child to his parents for lots and lots of money, but i have a feeling they'll be spending lots and lots of time in jail. the great thing about dogs, they are excited to see you no matter what. even if you're not there in person. >> what are you doing? >> hey! hey. >> i love that. >> this is the chronicles o archie. well, he sees his big homey. takes him a minute. yes, i do want to play. >> now he's going to get texts from his dog saying, are you up? >> pretty exciting, too. >> you want to say hi to me? >> how excited i am!
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crazy about you, lady. >> crazy eyes in just a second. >> my wife does exactly the same thing, i like it. >> the last word, cutie pie who loves to laugh at the german shepherd. that shepherd is a nice size. she's like, so cute and funny. >> it is funny its tail. >> whenever they smile, it works. these signs that we see here in this video are signs that are ubiquitous on the streets, but here's a twist, the guys over at whatever sent brian with a similar sign. >> i'm brian, good to meet you. lorenzo, brian. good to meet you. what's your dog's name? give this to her. >> and as people show up to give them money, dude over here
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bills and starts matching the donations. >> funny how that works. >> actually makes you want to give the money more. >> gave a ten. >> made a lot of these people want to give more money. >> oh, yeah, really, okay. let's see you make it rain. it did, i like it. >> that is so amazing. >> okay. >> this guy shows up, hands over some cash, but then >> how much did he raise in total? he's giving away quite a bit of money. did he have enough in his pocket? >> 100. he just gave $100. >> there is a counter right in the top corner of the screen. >> lady just gave you $100. i don't have $100 left. i'll give you what i have left. >> at the end after all these people came and gave money, the tally went all the way up to $511. >> that is a lot of money for a
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turns out i may have broken a bone in my finger, which is seriously going to mess up my gym regime for the next four to six weeks. of course, it's ironic. for example, let's start with the first. wait until you see these versions. >> start with the kettle bell, one in each hand. >> yeah, kettle bell and a pushup. >> how about we do this one. >> oh! oh! >> back flip, holding above with weight on it and goes from there. this is the one leg squat. >> are we certain it's a human being? >> this was a concern of mine, but it appears to be a human
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there was a whole slew of stuff on instagram. >> also amazing back flips. >> oh, my gosh. >> incredible. good for picking up chicks at the gym, literally. >> if this is nothing he can't do, always like he's looking for some other ridiculous way. totally doing a back flip. >> popular for her makeup tutorials, where she gives us a step by step look at how she makes her face all pretty. well, this time she's going to let her boyfriend do it for her. >> i got to put my hair up, it's in the way, but i'm going to do my makeup for you guys. then there's this, little bit.
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>> nobody told him anything to narrate. >> that is not a ball of foam. >> you can eat the ball of foam when you're done, which is a great thing. if you were a bad kid and always drew on table cloths as a kid, you're going to be good at this. >> might be on to something. >> we're going to draw a pointy thing. >> coloring way outside the lines. >> that's the wing. >> yes, that's the wing. >> exactly what we do on the about it. >> yes, yes. >> i take this paint brush and i'm going to dab it in the whitest of the stuff right here. gently brushing it on top of my eye and eyelid. both sides. keep it even. don't want one to look wonky. then i'm going to go to the slightly darker and fill in with contrast using the same brush. contrast and contour and give it
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>> that's my dog. thank you guys, bye. >> what would you do if a stranger asked -- >> what are you guys talking about? >> a wedding. >> sweet. >> watch captain awkward in action. >> that is one way to start a conversation.
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you guys know how crazy i am about diy projects. >> oh, yeah! >> this one is a really cool, especially for the holidays. it comes to us and simple christmas shirt. so easy, all you do is get some fabric. >> yes, oli, it is star wars fabric. she's got adhesives. she's going to iron that on and cut out the layout of the tie, once she irons the shirts up and
2:03 am
have the cool shirts. >> oh! >> you know what, that's great, because some kids will not wear anything but a t-shirt. this is a good way to dress it up a little bit, make it more festive. >> hey, don't be surprised if you wake up and see me in one of these. super cute. >> i dig it. >> what are you guys talking tv. >> interesting. you guys have had no problem giving me an answer because you know me. what if a stranger asked you the same question? >> what are you guys talking about? >> stuff. >> stuff. that's good. captain awkward! here he comes again, everybody, andrew hails from the lahwf
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>> yeah, it's the worst, yeah. time consuming. >> that is one way to start a conversation. >> what are you guys talking about? what are you guys talking about? oh, sorry, are you on the phone? sorry, what are you talking about? >> talking to my boyfriend. >> what are you talking about? with him, with your boyfriend? >> why? >> i don't know, sorry, bye. >> i love how people are actually answering him, though. >> what are you about? >> wedding. >> oh, sweet. >> what are you guys talking about? >> some people are nice enough to pull him into the conversation. >> talking about -- >> so much that he wants to leave it. >> oh. >> see you guys later. >> now he's not interested. >> good talk. have a nice day. nice.
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there. >> reporter: the rubble still too hot to search for his father's purple heart. >> fire can't take memories. so we still got those. >> reporter: more than 700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. all that's left of this home is the chimney. and many of these homeowners


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