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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 1, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween. by the way, we'll be taking children's candy away from them
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i had a fun night. my wife and i took our daughter jane trick-or-treating for the first time and she loved it. she's probably going to make us go again tonight she loved it so much. sad that's not to say she was good at it, she was not good at it. after every house she wanted to spread the candy out and eat it. other children climbing over her. once she had seven pieces of candy she said, okay, i've had enough. which is sweet but she's going to get eaten alive in this country, we might have to move to swede all they give out there is fish, she should be okay. i also think after watching what's going on last night we need to institute an age limit for trick or treating. once you hit puberty, no more m&ms, that's it. [ cheers and applause ] it's ridiculous. from now on, if the voice saying the words "trick or treat" is lower than mine, i'm closing the door. this is a good costume. i saw this on instagram.
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guillermo? >> guillermo: you and me. >> jimmy: that's us, yeah. put that up again there for a second. really take that in. [ cheers and applause ] when you were a little boy growing up in mexico did you ever imagine a woman would be dressed like you in chicago? >> guillermo: never. >> jimmy: it's miraculous. this is a crazy thing that happened last night to one of our producers here at the show, harrah and her husband took their baby trick or treating in their neighborhood in encino, they put one of those bowls of candy out. when they came back the bowl full of candy was empty. in a half hour's time it had been decimated. they looked at their security camera for the video. this is the video. you see this car pulled up. i'm not sure what kind of car that is. looks like a pretty nice car.
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we blurred it out. but it is definitely a kid. takes the whole bowl. takes everything but the pumpkins. gets back in the car with what i assume is his mother or father. and they speed away. that takes some real malted milk balls there. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: shame on the entire family. by the way, if you have a video like this, i bet a lot of people do with the cameras, send it to me. this makes me crazy. i will raise awareness of this menace. [ laughter ] sleep i was going through my daughter's candy bucket. you have to check these things. i found something that upset me. not just as a father. i found something that upset me in my capacity as your future vice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] my fellow americans. we have a problem. a problem that the other candidates are either too scared
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even bring up. this, as you know, is a tootsie roll. you've seen them, you've eaten them, they're good. halfway between chocolate and a toy. the tootsie roll has been around since 1907. it's cute. it's friendly. it takes three days to get out of your teeth. it really is the perfect halloween candy. which makes you wonder why do we also have this slightly larger tootsie roll. who is this for? are there people who are still hungry after one tootsie roll but not quite hungry enough to eat two of the little ones? while we're at it i've unwrapped this one. what is with this? this is an extra-thick tootsie roll with lines on it. why lines? did they grill this? throw it on the hibachi before they wrapped it up? i assume the reason this roll has lines is so you can eat --
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just want to eat one piece, why not just eat the original tootsie roll in the first place? it's about the same size as one of the chunks. and you don't have to wrap it back up. and then after that you got this tootsie roll. this is the long, skinny tootsie roll. it's basically two or three regular tootsie rolls rolled out to look like a slim jim or something. so there's the regular tootsie roll, the slightly larger, the big fat tootsie roll, the long skinny tootsie roll. [ cheers and applause ] which is more tootsie and roll than any human should ever consume in one sitting. here's the thing, though. we are being asked to decide between five different versions of exactly the same thing. i don't know about you but i ain't got time for that. okay? when i am vice president, we'll have one size of tootsie roll, the original, the size that jesus ate!
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it's time to stop the madness. it's time to make the tootsie roll small again. who's with me on this? [ cheers and applause ] sorry, i get carried away sometimes. anyway. election day is one week away. i know, i wish it could go [ laughter ] it's coming tuesday. things are looking up for donald trump. according to a new abc news/"washington post" poll, for the first time since may trump is leading hillary clinton by 1%, neck and neck. he's going to be so pissed if he wins this thing. [ laughter ] he's threatening to move to canada. trump is getting around. he was in pennsylvania today. he was in michigan yesterday. new mexico over the weekend. where we slowed him down for tonight's edition of "drunk
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>> since what are they having, an alarm over there? what happened? is that an alarm going on? >> jimmy: it's a breathalyzer alarm. not only is drunk donald trump fun, he's also fun when you speed him up for tonight's still planning to build a wall themed [ tape playing fast ] >> we will build the wall mexico will pay for the wall they'll be happy to do it mexico's making a fortune off united states we have tremendous trade deficits with mexico they'll be very happy to pay for the wall trust me rely on me do you think i can do it folks? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sounds like you can do it by the end of the week. this is a sign of ow newly digital times.
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office in january, when he does he's planning to turn all his social media accounts over to his successor. so the @potus twitter account will go to whoever wins the election. just what donald trump needs, another twitter account. if hillary clinton wins bill will assume control of the white house tinder account. [ cheers and applause ] because he loves, you know --. i know what you really came for. taking halloween candy away from children. this is our sixth year of doing this. and for the first time in those house. my daughter turned 2 in july. we dressed her as a monkey and went around the block. she was very excited about the candy even though she doesn't know the difference between lollipops and popsicles. we had to explain that, but jane was happy, woke up in a snippy mood, she's at the age where she says no to everything. i decided this was the perfect time to tell her i ate all her halloween candy. [ audience moaning ]
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but here's how that went. >> hey, jane. you're already in a bad mood? >> no. >> jimmy: it's about to get worse. >> it's not. >> jimmy: hey, jane. >> no. >> jimmy: do you remember when we went trick-or-treating last night? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was fun, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you remember all the candy we got? >> yeah. >> jimmy: well. daddy ate all of it. >> no. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he didn't. he did. i ate all your halloween candy. >> no. >> jimmy: yeah. >> dirt in it. >> jimmy: it has dirt in it? there's a little bit of dirt in there. jane, you're missing the point. >> no. >> jimmy: it's not about the dirt. >> this. >> jimmy: jane. >> this. >> jimmy: your father ate all your halloween candy. >> no. >> jimmy: yeah. >> no. >> jimmy: and it was delicious. >> it's not. >> jimmy: when you dressed as a monkey last night -- >> no. >> jimmy: you weren't?
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are you going to contradict everything i say? >> no. >> jimmy: you're not? >> no, i want -- i want pancakes. >> all right, those i can get you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'll try again next year. when we come back, children will shriek. the full results of our sixth annual halloween candy youtube challenge, so stick around, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ? don and i met because i'm a volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. jake gyllenhaal, hailee steinfeld, music from keith urban on the way. this morning the nation woke up to the sound of tears hitting the bottoms of empty candy
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tradition we have on this show where you encouraged parents to pretend their ate owl their kids' halloween candy and record it. thousands of parents did. we have a downtrodden group of young men who had to sit through as many of these videos as they possibly could before the show started tonight. we got more submissions than ever. we whittled them down to the cream of the crying crop. here it is, "sixth annual hey jimmy kimmel i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy." >> mommy and i were watching a and we ate all of your candy. >> no! >> step up. look at it again. all gone. >> we ate all of your halloween candy. there's no more left. >> what happened?
10:51 pm
>> my candy's gone! >> i ate it all! ha ha ha ha! >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> what? >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> you're just joking. >> nope, i ate it all. >> arggh! >> no! >> i ate it all. >> no! >> yep. >> no! i hate you! all the candy that we worked so hard to get! >> i ate some too. >> oh, i just wanted to let you know i ate all your candy. >> huh? >> i ate all your halloween
10:52 pm
>> don't cry. >> i'm not. my eyes are just sad. >> don't be sad. >> i'm not. >> i'm sorry i ate all your candy. >> my eyes are just watering. >> i ate all the halloween candy. >> you guys, i'm really sorry. >> i don't like you! >> you don't like us anymore? >> no! >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> do you still love me? >> of course i do. >> we ate all your halloween candy. it's all gone. we're really sorry. are you mad at us? >> nope. how about tomorrow i'll bring my
10:53 pm
>> do you forgive us? >> yeah. >> it was really yummy candy. >> i bet it was really yummy. >> we ate all your halloween candy. >> next time we go trick-or-treating you don't do that, okay? or i'll have to spank your butt and put you in your room. >> jimmy kimmel told us to. >> i don't like you, you should be in jail! >> i was really hungry and i ate all your candy. >> no! >> no, you idiot! >> i was hungry. i had to go to work. >> we're sorry.
10:54 pm
>> i don't want to look at you. >> you don't want to look at me? >> no. >> hey, buddy, guess what? >> i don't want to look at you. >> look at me. i'm just kidding. >> i don't want to look at you! >> i'm just kidding. we didn't eat it. >> i don't want to look at you! >> okay. >> waah! [ bleep ]! >> jamieson, you can't talk like that. candy last night. >> it's jimmy kimmel. it's jimmy kimmel. >> it's not jimmy kimmel. >> you're hiding the candy, i've seen this before, watch youtube. >> candy? >> no, i ate it all. >> well, i'm not mad. i'm not -- i'm not happy, but i'm -- i still love you. >> you still love me?
10:55 pm
love me? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right there you go. thank you, parents. sorry, kids. tonight on the show we have music from keith urban, hailee steinfeld is here, be right back with jake gyllenhaal so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] is. ? ? hey dad! ? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the program. tonight from the new movie "the edge of seventeen" - hailee steinfeld is here. then his latest album is called "ripcord" keith urban from the crown royal stage. [ cheers and applause ] you can see keith tomorrow night here on abc on the cmas where he's nominated for four awards, including album of the year. and after that our big cma post-show simulcast from nashville with jessica chastain,
11:01 pm
hunter hayes will perform via hologram, and an all-country music edition of mean tweets. please join us for all that. our first guest is an oscar and golden globe-nominated actor - true fact. the only reason he hasn't won yet is they couldn't spell his name on the trophy. his latest is a psychological thriller called "nocturnal animals." >> i'm here for an interview. for a scholarship at columbia. >> columbia? i thought that you were at the university of texas, becoming a great writer. i mean, i don't -- i don't think -- well. i am. aren't you at yale? becoming a great artist? >> graduated yale but i'm at columbia getting my master's degree. >> oh, wow. >> art history. >> that's great. >> listen, do you know anybody else in new york? >> just you. >> just me, okay. would you like to go to dinner?
11:02 pm
please welcome jake gyllenhaal! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: how are you? >> good. how are you doing? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. you know, it's weird. when i look at you i realize we're practically twins. >> i know. [ laughter ] i felt the same way. watching you. except you're really trimmed around the underside. >> jimmy: and there's some other deficiencies i have as well. [ laughter ] how are you doing? >> life is good. >> jimmy: what is jake gyllenhaal's favorite halloween candy? >> huh. >> jimmy: it's not something -- you have to think about it because you don't want to go home and kick yourself because you didn't mention -- >> what's really my favorite? i like a milky way dark or something like that. refined. a refined candy bar. >> jimmy: a complicated boy. >> whoo.
11:03 pm
know, until i was like 25, they had regular milky way, i suffered through those. >> jimmy: i'm with you. >> all of a sudden the dark. >> jimmy: i like the dark as well. when they came out with milky way dark it felt like things had changed for the positive. >> yeah, it's like a miracle. it was, it was. it was like when they invented disposable contact lenses. [ laughter ] i have really bad eyesight, i can just the >> jimmy: it's true. i went and got laser surgery because i didn't want to deal with the contacts. >> milky way darks are lasiks of candy. see? that's yes love them. >> jimmy: that's something. how old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating? assuming you ever trick or treated in the first place. >> 35. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: 35 years old. >> no, no. legit trick or treating? like excited by going up to people's houses and knocking on their door kind of excitement? probably like 9. >> jimmy: 9? >> 9 years old.
11:04 pm
a little young really in a way. >> i was a little young for everything, pretty much. >> jimmy: you were very, very advanced. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you were doing a musical in new york, i read. i read very good reviews. >> "sunday in the park with george." stephen sondheim. amazing show. >> jimmy: you love living in new york? >> i do, yeah. >> jimmy: you lived there despite the fact that most celebrities will move out here and live here. >> i was born here. i was born and raised in los angeles. so it's just natural that i would leave and go the other way. do you know what i mean? [ laughter ] >> like -- it felt natural to me. >> jimmy: to get away from your family? >> actually, i moved towards my family. everyone moved to new york, they started in new york, came to l.a., then went back. we all went back to new york. >> jimmy: i understand. last time you were here you were talking about a friend, name sasquatch as i recall. a boyhood friend? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you still in contact with sasquatch?
11:05 pm
when he decides to appear. >> jimmy: i see. so he's like the elusive bigfoot. >> he's really only connected to sports. sporting events? you watch sports together? >> not watch together. he's connected in one way or another. through the universe. you know. sasquatch appears. like i was at a steelers game when i told you about sasquatch. sasquatch was there. you know what i mean? sasquatch doesn't really have to be there, but whenever i talk about sports, whenever sports -- sort of just there. so like if there's any reference to anything sports-related, sasquatch is there. >> jimmy: sasquatch is an imaginary friend? or is this a real -- [ laughter ] >> you can laugh. that's fine. [ laughter ] >> i guess you could call him that. i mean, the other day sasquatch appeared on the subway on my way up to city center where i did --
11:06 pm
form of an interesting exchange. yeah. no, no, for real. i was on the subway, reading my music, getting ready for the show. this dude who's sitting on the subway came up to me. hey, you, you aaron rodgers? and i was like, no, i'm not aaron rodgers. he was like, come on, aaron! i'm like, i'm not. he looked on his phone, pictures of aaron rodgers, he showed me apparently me. he was like, come on aaron! i was like, you're right, you got me. i'm aaron. you got me, man. totally got me. i'm a great quarterback. he's like, you're all right. go giants! [ laughter ] >> what? and then in that moment it was like sasquatch was with me. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> you know what i mean? >> jimmy: no, not at all but i'm going with it.
11:07 pm
either. >> by the way, i loved the movie. this movie that you're in. >> thanks. >> jimmy: it is not at all what i was expecting. and in fact, the clip i think does not indicate how truly harrowing this film can be at times. and how -- i mean, you cannot take your eyes off this movie. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it is really something else. the director is tom ford. it's crazy that he's this talented director in the first place because he's a clothing designer. >> he is? >> whoa. you've got to check this out. he's such a good director. are you serious? >> jimmy: totally serious. >> whoa, see, sasquatch. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i forgot to say fashion and sports. sasquatch appears. yeah. >> jimmy: are you wearing a tom ford suit? are you required to wear his clothing when you make these appearances promoting his film? >> yes. [ laughter ] yeah. >> jimmy: you are for real.
11:08 pm
i bet you aren't. >> no, i am, i'm wearing his clothes because i would be an idiot if i didn't. >> jimmy: he did a nice job with this movie. the idea, it's like -- you play two characters. one character who created the other character in a novel that's being read by amy adams' character. >> yeah. yeah. now you sound crazy. >> jimmy: now i sound crazy. >> no, yeah, it's a story about a woman, she's a successful art dealer, she's sort of miserable in our life. one day she comes home and there's a manuscript waiting for her at her front door. and it's a book that's written by her ex-husband. and she opens it up and she realizes they've had a relationship and he's her ex-husband. the lead character as she starts to read, i also play her ex-husband, who wrote the book. you go into the book, i play the lead. you go through the journey. what it is, kind of a metaphor for their breakup and their whole relationship. it is harrowing in a lot of ways but also really emotional. >> jimmy: yeah, and tom ford did a great job as i mentioned. he also did something that i'm
11:09 pm
take on this. he named this lipstick, he has a line of lipsticks. he named one of his lipstick colors jake after you. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did he ask you if it was okay to name the lipstick after you? >> nope. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how did he tell you that he was going to name -- did he tell you? >> he said, jake, every woman should have you on their lips. [ cheers and a and i was just -- and then that was it. "sign here." i was like, okay. no, yeah there's a drake too. it's just darker. also jewish so it's fine, know what i mean? >> jimmy: do you participate financially in this? >> nope. stop doing that that's weird, man. >> jimmy: look at that. [ laughter ] a little jake on your lips.
11:10 pm
[ laughter ] sasquatch! sasquatch! >> jimmy: jake gyllenhaal, everybody. see him in "nocturnal animals." we'll be right back! >> dicky: portions of the "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. this holiday, get an amazing deal on america's most awarded brand, during the ford year end event. ford, the brand with the most 5-star ratings...
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. hailee steinfeld and music from keith urban on the way. welcome back. still to come, music from keith urban. our next guest earned an academy award nomination when she was only 14 years old, which is young but still too old to trick-or-treat. she has a new movie called "the edge of 17" opening november 18th. please say hello to hailee steinfeld. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i got you a halloween present. it's jake lipstick. there you go. >> oh. >> jimmy: how was your halloween? did you celebrate? >> it was -- i did, which was awesome. for a while i couldn't remember the last time i celebrated halloween. i went out. last-minute thing. i did what i could making an outfit.
11:17 pm
>> yes. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] that's when it pays to have friends who are makeup artists. >> yes. yeah. >> jimmy: who did that for you? >> my friend melissa hernandez, who was with me, and thank god she did that. >> jimmy: funny thing about being a makeup artist when you live in l.a. or anywhere, everyone wants you to help with their halloween costumes. >> right. >> jimmy: like everyone you ever met. that must mean you are very special for her to actually have stopped and helped you with it. >> i hope so. she was th and a couple of days before then because we'd been on the road. >> jimmy: how old are you now? >> i'm 19. >> jimmy: are you still living with your parents? have you moved out? >> no, still. >> jimmy: still with the parents. why not, really. >> not ashamed. >> jimmy: how long are you planning to stay? you will eventually move? >> no, probably not, no. i have mornings where i wake up, this is it, i'm out. then i leave town for a couple of weeks and all i ever want to do is come home to a house full
11:18 pm
you were a kid where you have to clean up your room and you have chores and that kind of thing? >> yeah, it's not too different. i have a little bit more freedom. being 19. >> jimmy: right, right. >> the room still has to stay clean. >> jimmy: you have to clean your room, you don't call staff to do that? >> no, my life is a constant cycle of messing my room up just to clean it up again. >> jimmy: i understand. do you think your parents would like you to move out? >> well. never really considered that, i guess. they haven't -- unless i'm not picking up on the signs. i think i'm good. >> jimmy: do you have your own car? >> no, i have my own car, my first sort of big investment, which was quite exciting. but yeah, have my own car. >> jimmy: did you go and buy the car yourself? or did you have somebody go do that? >> i was there with my dad, last year on new year's. >> jimmy: you walked in, sad sat there 411 hours? >> my dad, the master negotiator, two days we were sitting there.
11:19 pm
>> jimmy: every kid thinks their dad is a master negotiator. >> i will tell you, if you ever need anything. >> jimmy: he will help me? >> call. >> jimmy: i may take you up on that. you were in that movie, "pitch perfect 2," you were singing, which was a surprise. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you have a great voice. so then the next thing i know, you're recording songs. you have songs that are on the radio and everything. >> crazy. >> jimmy: was that your intention? is that something that you rely >> it was always part of the plan. the way it happened was not part of the plan. i went to a dinner new york city. it was an event. and i was sitting at a table where there are nametags and i checked the person to my right was somebody i worked with, they do that kind of on purpose. my mom was next to me. the person to my mom's right was a man named charlie walk, who is in the building tonight. >> jimmy: record executive. >> yes. we had no idea. he looked at the person with him, all right, how long do i have to stay? i was like, oh, god.
11:20 pm
within 20 minutes he had ear phones, listening to music that i was playing him that i'd done on my own, covers i'd recorded. he signed me. [ cheers and applause ] >> we had a couple of meetings. >> jimmy: wow. that's weird. it's weird to sign a record deal while your mom's there. >> hey, if it weren't for her it wouldn't have been. >> jimmy: you went on tour, in japan? >> yes. >> jimmy >> it was amazing. it's one of my favorite places. to have been there in movies, fashion, now music. i performed at a tower records there. they did like a signing afterwards. and this one girl, it was very fast, they were keeping everybody moving quick. this girl came and threw down a picture for me to sign, "i love you more than sushi!" and i was like, wow. in the land of sushi, that is the biggest compliment to get. >> jimmy: that's probably the one thing they say to americans
11:21 pm
you know what that is, right? great." i can't believe they have a tower records. >> i know, right? >> jimmy: makes me jealous in a way. this movie which is very good. you play -- it's based on -- the title was based at least on the stevie nicks song "the edge of 17." do you know that song? >> i do. >> jimmy: that's the one you should record. >> right? >> jimmy: this is the perfect thing to do. >> wow, yeah. >> jimmy: i think beyonce sampled that song. >> oh, that's a good idea. >> jimmy: i'm a fountain of knowledge. >> give me more. >> jimmy: you're in this film with woody harrelson, who is a great guy. >> the best. >> jimmy: very unusual guy. there's nobody like him. >> there really is nobody like him, no. for those of you who don't know this about him, he's a vegan. >> jimmy: yes. >> which is really cool, great. but a super, super vegan. >> jimmy: he doesn't like to eat bread even. >> no, no. yeah, i mean, it's ridiculous. all the food that he eats in his
11:22 pm
would normally eat in real life. there's a scene where he hands me part of a cookie to sort of make me feel better. part of me was, ike going to scarf it down in front of him and leave without saying anything. he put this thing in my hand. it was like wet. i had no idea what it was. then i was like, i'm going to do it. the way it smelled, like how do you do this to yourself? it was so bad. i had to wipe my hand off. woody! >> jimmy: vegan cookies are wet? >> oh, man. >> jimmy: made of grass or something? has a cookie on his desk, do not eat it. [ laughter ] it's not a safe thing to have. >> probably true. >> jimmy: these are the sorts of things you learn if you ever move out of your parents' house. >> okay. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. congratulations on the movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hailee stein field! "the edge of seventeen" opens november 18th. be right back with music from
11:23 pm
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>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank jake gyllenhaal, hailee steinfeld and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. that's amazing. his album is called "ripcord." here with the song "gone tomorrow here today," keith urban! [ cheers and applause ] ? ?
11:31 pm
? ? ? a child held up in the sky to sunset youth we say goodbye ? ? but i won't live with regret carpe diem is the secret 'cause it's ? ? gone tomorrow here today i ain't gonna waste it i ain't gonna waste it ? ? no it's gone tomorrow but it's here today i won't let it slip
11:32 pm
in and i wish this night would never end ? ? we're never coming back around like shooting stars we're burning out it's ? ? gone tomorrow here today i ain't gonna waste it i ain't gonna waste it ? ? here today i won't let it slip away ? ? ? ? i wanna feel wanna touch the light i look around for the
11:33 pm
? reminded that it's all just a fantasy but we get to choose what we wanna believe ? ? and i wanna believe that there's something more another level to the dream right through the door ? ? but right now's for real and it's fading fast better live 'cause we're never gonna to get it back ? ? it's gone tomorrow here today ? i said it's gone tomorrow but it's here today i won't let it slip away ? ? ay ay ay ay ay ay ? ? won't let it slip away ay ay ay ay ay ay ? won't let it slip away make some noise make some noise!
11:34 pm
? ? won't let it slip away no no won't let it slip away ? ? ship away slip away ? ? won't let it slip away ? ? ? tonight i'm smiling looking at this photograph ? ? i hear that song and i'm flying right back to when we had it made ? ? every friday night when the sun went down we'd be running them streets like we owned the town ? ? and i just can't let it go no i just can't let it go i wonder if you ever think about it like i do ?
11:35 pm
had the guns on the radio ? ? after all this time it still feels so good ? ? when i think about those summer nights singing out the window on the back roads ? ? sweet child of mine ? sweet in the parking lot ? and finding the best days of my life was ? only wasted time ? ? out of nowhere it slipped away ? ? and the road by the river hangs silently in the town we knew ain't nothing like it used to be ? ? i can't explain ? ? we took all the color from the picture crayon when the days got
11:36 pm
? i just can't let it go ? ? i wonder if you ever think about it like i do ? ? seven kids on a two-lane road ? guns on the radio ? ? after all this time it still feels to good ? ? think about those summer nights singing out the window on the back road sweet child of mine ? ? ain't it funny how the best days of my life is only wasted
11:37 pm
this is "nightline." >> tonight, victory lap. president-elect trump kicking off his thank you tour with a surprise announcement. >> mad dog mad us as our secretary of defense. >> meanwhile hundreds of families celebrating in as carrier vows to keep over 1,000 jobs from going to mexico, but at what cost? a $7 million tax break that some are calling corporate welfare. plus scientology and the after math. leah remini speaking out on her former church. >> i'm not going to be intimidated. >> with a new documentary series. her teenage years serving the religion, and what happened at


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