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tv   European Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello and welcome to a "european journal." we travel to norway to try and piece together the portrait of a masked killers, the man behind her racquet massacre, and also this week -- how owning a french vineyard is the old met status symbol for the rich and famous. is it the remaining in new cathedral a rival? the tiny maltese islands with a population of four. more details are starting to
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emerge about the man responsible for the oslo bombing and deadly shooting spree in norway. and he says he acted alone, but he has been linked to right-wing organizations. we have been there to try and find out more about the man capable of such atrocities. this is a tranquil town about two hours north of oslo, with a tavern and an abandoned factory. here, just like the rest of norway, people are grieving and outraged. andrea's -- andrews b. was a their neighbor. >> he would build bombs. what if something went wrong and it blew up over there? then we could have blown up.
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>> he lived as a recluse on this farmer he could build his bombs undisturbed using thousands of kilos of chemical fertilizer that he had stored. he portrayed himself as an organic farmer, but not everyone there was pulled. >> a lot of the neighbors mentioned that he was obviously not a farmer. some of them became somewhat suspicious. >> he even seemed to be sociable. >> the last time he eight years june 13th. he went out to smoke and chatted with me. we asked where i came from. i told him turkey. then he asked if everyone working year was churches. i said that two were turkish and the three were bulgarian. >> he concealed his extreme nationalist hateful reviews.
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he admitted to shooting and killing 68 young people on the island accused utoya. he also planted a bomb in the government district that killed another eight people. >> this perpetrator is a highly unstable person and a megalomaniac who actually believes he can gain an audience for his delusions' by massacring innocent young people. that is extremely destructive. it points directly to his psychological personality defects of the kind you see with all extreme criminals including the ideological ones and, like we know from historical narcissism as well. >> he pieced is ideology together printing's he found on the internet. he copied parts of his rambling 1000-page manifesto for right wing blogs and internet forums.
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he posted his own extreme anti- muslim rand for years without attracting attention. >> these guys can get radicalized through the internet and that it is really difficult to follow them because they use nicknames and anonymity. >> generally, right wing extremists have been less active in norway than other scandinavian countries. on the other hand, the right- wing nationalist party won 23% with other anti-emigration platform. now they play down the fact that he was once a member. >> i heard he used to be a member of our party's youth organization and left it a few years ago. aside from that, we do not know much about him. >> he was very low profile.
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>> the responsibility of these kinds of right-wing populist parties is an indirect force, but they bear responsibility for what they say any false assertions. with the norwegian progress party, that can take many forms. at first, like its danish counterpart, the party was supposed to higher taxes. then there radicalized after their chairman declared immigrants were to blame. that was when the perpetrator was active in this party. >> norway was ill-prepared for such an attack. the assault on utoya island went on. >> liberal norway's looking for a way to bring a mass murderer to justice.
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>> when you are rich and famous and have all of the obvious trappings of wealth, what is the next must-have a luxury? a french vineyard. for many french film stars such as gerard prado 0-- depardieu and others. >> this is where 77-year-old pierre richard lives when he is not working. it took a lot of negotiations before richard finally moved here. he wanted to make sure he would have privacy in order to devote himself to making wine. >> the wine is wonderful. you can smell the blackberries
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and red berries. >> the vineyard was not really the reason that richard brought the party 25 years ago. >> i saw the mediterranean and the wonderful lagoon. then i saw the beach. at first considered this a vacation home. >> later, other celebrities purchased real estate in the area. his former film partner, gerard depardieu, also purchased a vineyard right now. >> he also bought a vineyard in another location. he simply buys of vineyards from time to time. for me, this is now my home. i am not some lofty lord of the manner. i go for a drink with the villagers. we play ball together. >> the village here is home to
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traditional wine makers, some of home on only a few hectares of land. his grandfather started the tradition. now peter needs to buy a new modern corking machine but cannot afford it. these kinds of problems are not a concern for pierre richard. when he goes into the village, you wonder whether he really fits in. >> when winemakers get together, they asked, "how are you? did you have a good harvest? did it turn out well?" pierre does not ask us questions like that. >> pierre does not cultivate the grapes on his own. he has delegated the work to more qualified people. in his vineyard manager is proud to work for the famous actor. >> the name pierre richard goes
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a long way because he is known all over the world. >> becoming a vineyard owner is an increasingly popular hobby among celebrities. there are now real estate agents who specialize in clients like these. >> thanks to mr. richard, the region will be better known. he gives interviews about his vineyard, and it would be great if more celebrities came. the more the better, as far as i'm concerned. >> this vineyard is for sale to someone who can afford it. >> this is 80 hectares, a good location, and i love the peace and quiet. >> the price tag is more than 5 million euro. many have already bought such vineyards in southern france and it often leads to animosity
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among the locals. >> the downside is the property value increases and young people who want to become venters, they cannot afford the vineyards. >> could richard do something for those young people? he seems taken aback by the question. >> i certainly do not want to become the ambassador or speaker for the vintners. >> maybe he is attracting more wine-loving tourists. he has nothing against that as long as this remains a peaceful, idyllic setting. >> a new cathedral is being built in central bucharest at the cost of 600 million euro. many romanians say they would not mind if they could afford it. as it is, schools and hospitals
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are being forced to close while the government is backing the construction of this giant cathedral in national redemption. this is where the cathedral of national redemption is being built. it may outdo the parliament palace next door. money seems to be no object. the romanian orthodox church and the government will jointly pay the 600 million euro cost. this state has already donated the land despite protests. >> the orthodox church gets huge amounts of public funding. it gets twice as much as the arts. all that has a significant effect on finances. >> of the romanian orthodox church has never been more popular.
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an increase in poverty, blamed on politicians, has led many to turn to the church. >> belief in god is stronger in romania than in other countries. i look forward to the cathedral. >> before the fall of communism, we were scared ago to church. we need this cathedral. >> before the fall of communism, they built monumental structures in bucharest. to make room, some churches had to be removed or demolished. it was not uncommon for church dignitaries to just look on, some even collaborating with the secret police. today, the church as a force to be reckoned with, politically, too, as they curry favor with church-going voters. >> during the communist era, we
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prayed for the well-being of nikolai even though he openly rejected the church. the orthodox church had also played for -- prayed before you -- prayed for kings, and now the political leaders of the past. >> they do not appreciate questions and church officials prefer that no one would decide. -- no one film tehe site. >> this cathedral is a symbol of our religious we are. it symbolizes our national pride and will also be a part of a were the european capital. >> a national symbol? in the past 20 years, more than
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4000 churches have been built in romania thanks to government support. statistically, every two days, a new church is completed. meanwhile, three schools are shut down every day and more and more hospitals. all of that anchors a lot of people. -- angers people. >> there are people in need, orphans, people without electricity. maybe the state should invest their instead. >> the cathedral of national redemption will be completed in three years, and it probably will be, because huge amounts of money are going to the orthodox patriarchate despite the financial crisis in the country. it looks like the parliament palace will soon be getting a big brother. >> people living in the southern italian city of naples are used
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to living with rotting garbage on their streets. the local mafia has had a stranglehold on garbage collection, running iraq it through their control of landfill sites. naples has a new mayor who has declared war on trash, but beating the mafia where his predecessors have failed. >> in the sweltering heat, innoxious cents hangs over the city of naples. we are driving to the stronghold of the local mafia. it is a maze of concrete tenements, drugs, piles of trash, this is all part and parcel life here. this is the kind of place you need to film discreetly. it is not exactly a tourist attraction and. the new mayor of naples, who enjoys police protection, has now declared war.
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he knows that his battle against garbage means no less than taking on the mafia. getting in touch with the grassroots is key. he is visiting neighborhoods to try and get local people on his side to give them hope. >> i want to help the people who volunteer their services in schools and clubs and doing a lot of bad worker. we have to make progress on the trash a separation brunt. there are other projects, like the construction of a new university. >> the hopes riding on him are huge and fairly realistic. he won by a large majority against serbia burlesque on the's party. he has powerful enemies. and -- sergio burlesque tooni's party.
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they see it as a deliberate provocations by arsonists and as an attempt to damage it his attempt to resolve the damage crisis. entire neighborhoods are now health hazards. a neighborhood like this one is a big open air garbage dump. >> is the default to walk past year. who will be coming to this bar? >> every morning, residents wait to the trash. the naples garbage collectors are now doing extra night sifts -- night shifts. he persuaded some of them to work overtime for no additional pay. >> the crisis has gone off for 1.5 years. the garbage men often become scapegoats. >> he would not believe the
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insults' we have to put up with. some people understand it is not our fault, but there are ignorant people everywhere who say, "look. the idiots are coming." >> often, the landfill sites will never take the garbage. they are full because of the mafia has been illegally dumping toxic waste here for years. the garbage men are frustrated. >> if they minded living in garbage, we would not have this problem and it would be resolved as people separated their trash. >> for the time being, all they can do is transport the trash to other parts of the country. other regions are increasingly reluctant to amend the trucks from naples with their stinking cargo. naples city hall, he wants the people to believe in his resolve. when talking about his policy,
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he uses the term, "revolution." >> the mafia have only become stronger thanks to their political connections. cutting off those connections would cut off the oxygen they live off of and then they would become meaningless. >> the mayor's office features a painting of naples revolutionary uprising in the 17th century. now, the cheops some is witnessing potentially historic change -- the piazza is witnessing change. these three men have three different colored dumpsters. they explain to local people how to sort their trash this man wants to know where to throw away books.
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waste separation is a completely new concept for many here. as for the part of town that is home to the mafia, the mayor wants to see a new university, so his new revolution has only just begun. of the mountains of garbage do not disappear, naples will be facing a very messy future indeed. >> for the local white serioues we are off to comino island in the maltese archipelago which has a population of four. >> the tiny island of comino
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measures 3.5 square kilometers and it is only linked by a passenger ferry. the captain has been going back and forth for 10 years, but he would not actually live there. at first glance, comino does not seem that remote. during the summer, there is a hotel open. the major tourist attraction is the island is famous blue lagoon. the inland area of the island is the domain of the jack of all trades. born and bred year, he has learned to be independent. the workshop is his castle. he designs, makes, and repairs
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everything on his own. he has become a specialist in customized vehicles. >> you have to take this piece by piece. then i will build it here again. >> his latest invention as this hovercraft, assembled from scrap. >> you can go on this and you'll have a very smooth flight. >> he sees himself flying over the waves. he is determined to be self- sufficient. he constructed a remote control for his old motor boat. he can launch his boat with it. he can set sail without getting
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his feet wet. his working day is not just about machines and gadgets. he also has to take care of the island have zander roads. and he goes on patrol daily and he has an eagle eye. >> if i can patch a stone, i will know it. >> not much happens without salvu being involved. he keeps the water supply going at the pumping station for himself and the three villagers who live here. >> about 65 feet from the surface and when i have problems, i have to go down there to fix everything. >> salvu always gets by. he has the blessing of the priest to has been coming here
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once a week for 50 years to celebrate mass with salvu. >> time or a cup of coffee made by his cousin. she is pushing 70. the priest is often their only link to the outside world. >> he brings everything for us. magazines, food, everything. he is a real father for us. >> i come here every saturday. in winter and in summer. even when the weather is bad. >> the 72-year-old clergyman shares his fascination with engines. he travels to mass in an original land or were almost as
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old as the driver himself when the population stalled around 100, the church was too small. he has been a priest and server at mass for 30 years now. this is their sole conjugation. >> after my time, i do not know what is going to happen. it is sad because i would like for camino to stay alive. >> salvu has no airs but refuses to give up hope. maybe another jack of all trades will come along to take care of comino. >> if you like the quiet life, that is the life for you. that is it for "european
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journal." join us again next time. from brussels, goodbye.
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