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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  December 7, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you from dw in berlin. egypt's opposition rejects a dialogue proposed by president morsi to end the constitutional crisis and mass protests. >> the you in constitutional talks are wrapping up, but no end is in -- no agreement is in sight -- the united nations constitutional talks in doha are wrapping up, but no agreement is in sight.
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>> cairo is in crisis again. protesters have broken through a barricade surrounding the presidential palace. >> the barbwire was put in place after street battles between president morsi's supporters and opponents turn violent this week. >> finding a political solution to the crisis will not be easy, either. egypt's main opposition parties announced they will not take part in a national dialogue propose. >> the president called for talks from all sides to end the disputes. >> the atmosphere in front of the presidential palace is tense amid fears of more violence. thousands of anti-morsi demonstrators marched toward the palace after friday prayers. some groups called for the president to stand down. many are furious and believe he has put himself above the law.
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>> we want a free egypt. we won an agent for everybody. >> morsi is refusing to back up to pressure. and in the nation is ready for the referendum on time. if the people agree, they will start building institutions upon this foundation. if it is rejected, i will use my authority and duty to create a new constitutional assembly based on an agreement or on direct elections for a new assembly. >> the president's supporters have also been taking to the streets, this time for the funerals of two demonstrators who were killed in clashes with opposition protesters earlier in the week. meanwhile, the german foreign minister says the violence puts the legacy of the revolution at risk. m e to pose a political powers must come together in a
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dialogue. they must develop a dialogue, when it takes into account all elements of society. >> so far, the call is not being heated. the main opposition groups have rejected offers of talks on saturday. >> for more, we go live to cairo. we mentioned the reports that protesters have broken through the barricade at the palace. how tense is the situation in cairo right now? >> [inaudible]
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>> a cake, we have to leave you there. we are having some trouble with the line, but thanks so much for joining us from cairo, and we apologize for the quality of that call. >> the exiled leader of hamas has visited the gaza strip for the first time after crossing the egyptian border. he was greeted by officials and by those supporting the cause as well. >> it was seen as the first of towards international acceptance of hamas.
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>> the united nations climate talks in doha i set to end today with chances slim that negotiators will find some form of agreement. >> some 200 countries have been participating, and delegates are struggling to agree on an extension to the kyoto deal to curb greenhouse emissions, which expire at the end of this year. >> tackling climate change through song -- a new approach for these environmental activists. the delegates gathered inside are not facing the music. there's been no progress towards reaching an agreement to reduce carbon emissions. this despite warnings that experts profess climate change is progressing faster than expected. >> every month we waste makes protecting the environment more expensive and increases the problems for the people whose lives have already been adversely affected. we have no time to lose.
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>> even germany, considered a leader on environmental protection, has come under criticism. the mayan minister could not live up to his promise. environmental groups say it is largely down to chancellor angela merkel. >> merkel has not use her voice strongly enough, and that is why the situation in the eu is so critical. it is lacking a leader, and effects are being felt everywhere. >> climate experts warn that if emissions do not sink in the coming years, the consequences will be dire. a new climate treaty is due before 2020, but after events in doha, that is looking more unlikely than ever. >> as we saw in that report, the german environment minister is playing a key role in the climate talks. we asked if he thought there would be a breakthrough. >> first of all, we are in the
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middle of a very, very important and difficult negotiation process. i expect negotiations going on all day and probably all night. we are very much family dependent to achieve as much as we can in the summit. i hope that we will be able to have another commitment perido -- period under the kyoto protocol. i hope as well that we can agree on a road map for negotiations on a new finding instrument for all countries worldwide, and i hope that we can enhance our
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ambition level as far as climate mitigation is concerned. i made a proposal with regard to a 30% reduction targets with regard to the european union. i am not sure we can agree on it tonight, but we will probably have a procedure that would allow us to raise the level of ambition within the next couple of months. >> thanks for joining us. another moment of truth for athens -- when greece finds out weather its author -- offer to repurchase debt from private investors has paid off. that will help trigger the release of more rescue funds that greece so desperately needs to stay afloat. >> athens has offered to pay 10 billion euros to holders of its sovereign debt at a buyback value of up to 40 cents per euro. to be successful, the sale has to cut a greek national debt by
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20 billion euros. news from athens made investors nervous this friday. our correspondence sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the suspense on the stock trading floor that weather or not the creditors of greece would take part in the debt buyback was too much for many investors. they decided to take some of the book's profits and sell shares. shares of deutsche telekom were the biggest dax losers. in order to invest money into new technologies such as broadband networks, they decided to cut the dividend for investors. now, many people here fear that this is something that more companies might do also next year, especially if the situation of the eurozone economy does not improve. >> let's take a quick look at some market numbers now. the dax ended the day almost 0.25% down. the euro stocks 50 down just a
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tad. across the atlantic, the dow jones is currently going up about 0.3%, and the euro is trading for $1.2925. >> three former workers at those two banks a huge losses were concealed to avoid a government bailout. the complaints were filed with u.s. regulators, including the securities and exchange commission. >> the three alleged deutsche bank miss valuable to $12 billion in losses during the years 2007 through 2009 at the height of the global financial crisis. deutsche bank says the accusations are wholly unfounded. work has started on a major natural gas pipeline that critics say will deepen europe's dependence on russian gas. president putin was on hand as they began digging for the south
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stream pipeline. >> to augment supplies already flowing into germany. europe already receives 40% of its natural gas from russia. german investment and technology will be playing a key role in the project. >> it is a victory for russian president vladimir putin. they looked on as the first segments were welded together in western siberia. it is three weeks since bulgaria gave the go-ahead for the project. the last transit country to do so. >> this project has the political support of all partner countries. all have signed the contracts and taken their investment decisions. the pipeline will move huge amounts of gas. 63 billion cubic meters. >> that is how much gas sell stream is to move once it is completed by 2019. it is being routed from the black sea to italy and bypasses the current transit country, ukraine.
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moscow has argued with kiev over fees and gas prices for years. a feud that has often cut off gas supplies to western europe. >> south stream could soon make ukraine much more willing to compromise. kiev could even agree to some form of russian involvement in its pipeline system and its modernization. >> the launch of south stream gives it a head start. and this is supposed to reduce the you's dependence on russia and the dying gasp from central asia. in contrast, south stream is due to start delivering gas in 2015. >> voting is drawing to a close in presidential elections in ghana. the poles expected to test the country's reputation as a beacon of stability and democracy in africa. >> the election will reveal how popular the incumbent is after he took over from the late
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president who died in july. opinion polls predict a tight race. the winner will oversee the current oil boom, one of africa's fastest-growing economies. soccer fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the next european football championship in 2016. hundreds of thousands of fans will flock to get a firsthand look at the action. >> in the year 2020, that will not be so easy. that is because european soccer's governing body has decided that the games will take place in cities across the continent. >> they say the decision to split the play across europe is to celebrate the competition's 60th anniversary. >> european football fans can look forward to a party that spans the continent. the idea came from and 1980's football legend.
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he first proposed a multi-city championship at the end of euro 2012. now, the body's executive board has agreed. >> the main point is we need to give more cities, more countries the possibility to host a celebration, european championship, to the whole of europe. >> it is not yet clear which countries will host the matches. the bidding process is set to start early next year. cities in 13 countries are said to be in the running with berlin one of the contenders. the german football association says the announcement is absolutely positive. berlin fans can only hope that the party will touch down in their city as well. >> we will be back in one minute. we're going to take a closer look at the dramatic battle happening for the national elections in romania. >> we will take a look at some
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spectacular images of our planet earth. stay with us.
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>> and welcome back. the eu has repeatedly called on romania to clean up the nation's income corruption, so it is no wonder the issue is playing a central role in national elections set for sunday. >> it is also very much a clash of personalities with the prime minister of the social democrats in a running battle with the president. >> it is a dramatic battle as well. punta launched a failed bid to have his rival driven from office earlier this year. >> election posters are plastered all over romania's capital. the governing social democrat liberal coalition is leaving no
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chance on used to prevail. this ad says, cassette and we've kept our word," over a photograph of the prime minister. he annulled cuts in social spending that were enacted by the previous conservative government. but romanian politics are deadlocked because of the bitter long-running feud with the conservative supporting president. the european union says the efforts to remove him from office are undemocratic. one analyst says the fight has laid bare attitudes that are far from democratic. >> it was a huge misunderstanding from the social liberals who said, "we are the people and we want to take all the state for us because this is democracy. they did not understand the rule of law. the rule of law is more important. >> now that he survived the
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government's attempt to impeach him, he seems to be keeping himself out of the election campaign. the government oppose attempts to get rid of him he says are warranted, and he rejects outside criticism. >> the authoritarian style of the president is something which was very well known in romania, but it seems less well known at the level of the un member states. >> the ones behind the power struggle say the coalition is rolling back the previous government's attempts to fight corruption, a huge problem in romania. >> that was why. they wanted to have their own person at the end of the procedure line and to appoint
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the chief prosecutors they want. they do not like to be investigated. >> especially after this man here was sentenced to prison. before being taken in, he shot himself in the neck. begin serving a two year sentence on corruption charges. >> i want to talk about the reasons for our accession to the e you. we did not join solely to set up our anti-corruption agencies. and even if the coalition wins, they want to remain in office at least until the next presidential election. >> amnesty international has been criticizing the nobel committee's decision to award its peace prize to the european union.
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>> the rights group has come down especially hard on the policy on asylum seekers. it wants war refugees from the world's wars since taken in. the conflict in syria, afghanistan, and iraq have led to a spike in their numbers. >> amnesty says that even if budgets are tight, europe needs to do more. >> fugitives from north africa headed for europe. the eu cozy for the agencyhas discovered the boat, but it does not mean they will provide assistance. many vessels are forced to turn around, and many could die. amnesty international criticizes the actions. >> they need to respect human rights more. time and again, people die because they are trying to reach a europe with boats that are not seaworthy. there is no cooperation between the states, but this would also be a task force context, but
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human rights violations are also taking place within the european union. despite anti-discrimination laws, they have little access to education or public services in several european countries. >> we need more than just words from the e you. brussels can launch proceedings over treaty violations and holds member states to account this way and other areas, but so far, not over discrimination a menorahs. >> amnesty international nevertheless concludes that the you deserves the nobel peace prize for its peace-building policies over the past six decades. >> the very last issue of the financial times coach lynn hit the stands today with a bit of humor. >> gallows humor, that is. the front page carried the headline "finally in the black" and it was called "the final time storage line."
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>> but the business side has been no laughing matter. a direct losses every year since it started publication back in 2000. and finally in the black -- an ironic reference to the fact that in its entire 13-year history, "the financial times to richland" never made a profit. >> we did not have a chance to build up our readership over decades. whoever enters the market last is the first to go when these kinds of structural crises strike. >> the final editorial meeting in hamburg -- following a transition perido, -- period, more than 300 employees will lose their jobs. the crisis in print media leaves them facing an uncertain future. >> i do not know yet what is in store for me. i do not intend and giving up journalism even if the market is so bleak.
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>> from a drawing to a gift- wrapped box containing a first edition, by sunday, the staff will have auctioned off the artifacts of its history. proceeds will go to the ngo reporters without borders. the publisher faces more uncertain times as a result of the closure. even big-name titles are slumping. >> it is known as the alternative nobel prize. today, the right livelihood awards are being given out in sweden. >> this year, the chairman of the afghanistan independent human rights commission is one of the recipients. she is an advocate of women's rights in the muslim world. let's get a closer look at her work.
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>> this is the worst is behind thick walls and barbed wire. she heads the country's independent commission -- independent human rights commission, a dangerous job. she says the work has only just started. >> i think that in a country which is going through different warfare and a lot of violence, this country and the people in this country are really traumatized. >> moving to pakistan, she returned in 2002. >> i was shocked at the level of party. >> she became minister for women's affairs, but she was
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forced to retire after criticizing sharia law. germans optimistic because afghanistan has so many strong women. >> imagine that they survived 35 years of war. they saw the destruction of their houses, the killing of their children -- has been, relatives, members of their families, but they survived. >> she knows there's so much to do. girls' schools are being shut down, and restrictions put on education. she refuses to back down. that is why she has been honored for her work. >> it is good for women in this country because they would see that we could be recognized, and we could be and we are able to do some positive work in this country in a very difficult environment. >> at the end, she adds one pointed comment --
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>> although our president did not encourage it. >> nasa has just released photos of earth that put the planet in a whole new light. the pictures are actually nine shots from a satellite that cut through clouds with the help of infrared technology. >> the nighttime pictures have a much higher resolution than previous such images. the quality is so good that the satellite can even pick up the light from ships as it does here on the river nile. the satellite images also show where on the planned it is still trul dark at night. >> they do not have snow in washington yet like we have here in berlin to get into the christmas selling. >> but as the holidays draw closer, u.s. president barack obama and his family have lit the national christmas tree outside the white house. >> it is an annual tradition dating back to 1923.
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this year's giant blue spruce is new and will remain planted outside the white house throughout the year. the tree is lit by 450 strands of alley delights and 120 star ornaments. >> that looks like a fun party. >> beautiful christmas in the white house for sure. that is all we have run out. thanks for watching. >> do not forget, you can find more on our website at see you soon.
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