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tv   Newsline Prime Time 30min  KCSMMHZ  January 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." it's monday, january 28. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. indian military commanders have successfully test fired a submarine missile. they moved closer to being able to launch nuclear weapons from land, air and sea. the development organization announced the launch in the bay of bengal. the mission has a range of 145
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kilometres. they are preparing to put a launch in service. last year they tested the ballistic missile. it's capable of reaching most regions in asia and part of europe. commanders have been trying to improve their missile capability in the face of competition from pakistan and china. chinese authorities have tested out a jumbo cargo plane made in china. it runs 47 metres long. it can fly nonstop for 7,800 kilometers. it can carry more than 60 kinds of cargo. state-runneme media says the airplane runs better than the jumbo model currently in use. the report says it's on par with a cargo plane used by the u.s. military, the c-17 globemaster. china is the fourth nation to develop a jumbo cargo plane after the u.s., russia and the
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ukraine. the russia and ukranian planes used technology inherited from the soviet era. satellite was launched for national security and other purposes. the rocket blasted off from tanagashi space center in southern japan. the satellite went into orbit around the earth at the desired altitude. this marks the 16th straight successful launch of h2a rockets. it is equipped with a radar system. it can take images at night and in bad weather. it can identify objects on earth as small as 1 metre from 700 kilometres in space. the device will also be used in dealing with disasters. the japanese government began launching intelligence-gathering satellites in reaction to north korea's missile tests in 1998. with this launch, government
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officials completed a plan's reconnaisance system. it consisted of two radar satellites and rocket satellites. malfunctioning satellites put them ten years behind schedule. african leaders are discussing measures to restore regional peace in the wake of the algerian hostile crisis. the two-day summit of the african union opened in the capital on sunday. the block consists of 54 nations and territories. at the start of the conference, au commission chairperson zuma spoke about the ongoing conflict between the french military and islamist extremists in mali. >> without the security, no country of religion can expect prosperity. >> reporter: developers say the chaos in mali led to the seizure of agents in algeria in which 47
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soldiers died or were unaccounted for. they said the media needs to speed up work to get a commission. he is attending the meeting as an observer. he expressed japan's intentions to strengthen correspondence. they are working on measures to help african countries maintain security and present conflicts in the region. the move follows the recent algerian hostage crisis. the government plans to unveil the package of eight measures at the tokyo international conference on african development or tcad to be held in yokohama in june. they going to assist tightening of border controls.
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they may also provide security experts to increase public safety. they're also considering increasing humanitarian aid where conflicts are taking place. they are trying to reduce anxiety by japanese firms operating in africa as well as highlighting japan's contribution to african development. experts with japan's nuclear regulation authorities say they'll issue a warning about a nuclear plant in central japan. they say a fault running under the facility could be active. they say they'll present their findings in a draft report later in the day. the experts are examining fissures beneath three plants. it includes the only plant in the country that's running, the one at oui town along the strait of japan. it's also along the plant in central japan. they analyze nearby layers of rock. the analysts suggested the land may have moved sometime in the last 120,000 to 130,000 years.
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that would meet one of the conditions for being classified as active. the experts also examined the fault's direction. they say their report will indicate it could be an extension of another fault running directly beneath the reactor. they say their report will conclude the fault might be active. the operators of the plant say the assessments have little scientific basis. officials with the japan atomic power company will provide their input. then the experts will submit their report to the regulator. government guidelines prohibit building two nuclear facilities directly above active faults. japanese researchers say residents of fukushima prefecture were not exposed to levels of radiation that would damage their thyroid glands. the researchers at the national institute of radio logical sciences attended a symposium in tokyo on sunday to explain the results of their study. the impact of radioactive iodine
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on the thyroid england is difficult to detect as the substance quickly dissipates. the internationally permissible level is 50 millisevers. tests conducted soon after the accident at the puck sheikh a daichii plant to estimate the amount of radioactive iodine absorbed by residents in 20 municipalities. or rather, 12 municipalities. they also calculated the amount taken in by those in other places with a simulation that shows radioactive iodine spreading from the plant. they estimate one-year-old children in the area exposed to the highest levels received a dosage of up to 30 millisevers. >> translator: the estimate can be made more precise on the data of the original movements at the time of the accident. >> japan's northeastern sendai city will host an event related to the berlin international film festival. the purpose is to help in the
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restoration of areas hit by the 2011 disaster. an organizing group of city residents and volunteers received a document from the berlin festival's executive office approving their request to host the event. the sendai organizers say they'll host the event from four days from march 28. this year's berlin festival will open in germany. it will screen about ten mostly short films devoted to young people. this is in line with the german organizers' hope to support children in the disaster areas. the berlin festival is renowned as one of the world's three major movie celebrations, along with those in kahn, france and venice, italy. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has made quite a few headlines in the short time he's been in office. ai joins us now from the business desk. ai, good morning. what have you been hearing? >> good morning, catherine.
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he's pushed for more government between the central bank and bank of japan. senior members of japan's government and ruling parties have approved a budget outline for the fiscal year beginning in april. the draft calls for government spending in excess of $1 trillion, an all-time high. prime minister shinzo abe took part in sunday's meeting to discuss the draft. yamaguchi was also there. he heads the new party, the government's junior coalition partner. >> translator: we must quickly complete and implement the draft budget for fiscal 2013 and the supplementry budget for the current physicifiscal year to d policies that benefit the people. >> the government would spend more than $770 billion to implement its policies, including grants to local governments. it would also allocate nearly $245 billion to redeem
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government bonds. officials estimate tax revenues will top $473 billion. that's slightly higher than the $470 billion they expect to bring in through new government bonds. it would be the first time in four years that tax revenue exceeded the amount of new bonds. members of abe's cabinet will approve those draft budgets on tuesday. now let's get a check on japan's markets. nikkei closed sunday at a 1% high. and the dow jones industrial average ending the week with more than a 5% high. with remarks about how the market is reacting, we have ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. walk us through some of the key events. >> a lot of key events this week. good morning to you, ai. not only will we get a continuation of the earnings in
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u.s. this week, but also here in japan we'll get a stream of earnings reports starting as well. it's going to be very interesting to see how the weakening of the yen will play into those numbers. let's have a look at the opening levels on this monday, january 28. the nikkei 10,948. it actually hit 11,000 at one point, and that's the first time since april 30, 2010. we're going to see if we can close above 11,000. that's the crucial factor today. the topix at 919 to 1920. after a little selloff that we saw monday and wednesday of last week, we see the yens continue to weaken and that should support key exporters and we should see that momentum. as i mentioned, some of the earnings we're going to be covering, caterpillar of the u.s. will be out with earnings, and it's going to be interesting to see how that plays the game. japan's competitors in japan,
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namely komutsu and construction machinery. as i said, we're going to start getting erjz out of japan, and kddi, japan's second biggest mobile cell phone user, which carries apple's iphone and ipad as well as softbank as well. ai? >> since the bank of japan decided to deliver mormon taer easing last week, a lot of focus has been on currencies. how are we trading today? >> currencies, we did see quite a bit of volatility last week, but let's look at the earnings right now. look at the dollar/yen. firmly at 90.96 to 98. we did see it touching 90 at one point. euro/yen, 122.44 to 49 as well there.
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the euro gaining against the yen as well. so that's going to be an interesting factor to see how that plays into today's markets as well. ai? >> what key data can we expect this week other than earnings reports? >> we're going to go through quite a few, but of course the perils due out on friday. also some manufacturing and housing data to two other key areas, which analysts will be looking at closely, the big drops numbers on friday. we'll see if we can retest that 11,000 level. ai, back to you. >> thanks a lot for that update, ramin. ramin mellegard from the tokyo stock exchange. ramin just mentioned jobs data, so let's see what's happening on the global scene this week. first on wednesday, the preliminary estimate for economic growth for september of 2012 will be released. they had released a q4 gdp from
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the first quarter. also the fomc will be opening up its meeting. as people around the world take measures to shore up their committees, they're looking to see what the fed will come up with next. the industrial output was down in november for the first time in two months due to slow export to asia. on friday, we have the december unemployment rate. in the previous month, the jobless rate stood at 11.8%. that was the lowest level since the single currency fts introduced. and on friday, also, we have u.s. employment situation for january, and unless we'll be focusing on whether the 7.8% jobless rate we had in december on showing any signs of improvement. more headlines for you next hour. here's a check on regional markets.
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a fire at a nightclub in santa maria city in southern brazil has left at least 240 people dead. local media reports say about 2,000 people were in the state of rio grande del sol when the fire started at 2:00 a.m. sunday. about 250 people are receiving treatment in rural hospitals. many university students and
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others inside the club panicked and rushed to the exit when the fire began and smoke filled the room. police are continuing their investigation, suspecting fireworks on the stage caused the blaze. the heads of cities, towns and villages in okinawa prefecture, southern japan, have held a rally in tokyo. they called for the scrapping of the u.s. military's plan to deploy transfer aircraft in the prefecture. they also demanded that the u.s. air station be moved outside okinawa. more than 140 officials from the prefecture took part in sunday's rally in central tokyo. the organizer says more than 4,000 people took part, including the mayor of naha, the capital of okinawa prefecture. >> translator: is okinawa taking advantage of japan, or is japan taking advantage of okinawa? japan cannot move forward until the issues concerning okinawa are resolved.
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>> mayor onaga says the u.s. people's anger have been reaching its peak. they called for the scrapping of the plane to deploy ospreys in okinawa and demanded the relocation of the stem base in okinawa. it's the largest of its kind since observing na -- okinawa's presence in 1972. they will hand over the document calling for resolution of base-related issues. hundreds of people from phillipines and indonesia have to pass the care exam written in japanese within four years to keep their jobs at nursing homes in the country. a big stumbling block is the
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language barrier. japan's welfare ministry has revised the test to help them. they took their national caregiver test in tokyo. they said about 933 and. under an economic partnership agreement. last year only 36 trainees or 38% of all foreign applicants passed the exam. one reason for the low pass rate is the difficulty of finding enough time to learn how to read and write technical terms. but the alphabet was added to the chinese characters to help the trainees. the exam time was extended from 3.5 hours to 5.25 hours. 322 people took the national test at 25 locations.
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>> translator: changes helped me a lot, as there were many tanji characters i couldn't read. >> the names of the successful applicants will be announced at the end of march after the practical exam. the safety of heart surgery is taken for granted these days, but the procedure still carries risks. and those risks are multiplied when the fish came out. one doctor decided to take on this problem, and he started weighing what many invent orz do, by making a model. heart surgery is a common procedure here at the tuesduesd. the size of the heart is one complication. defective abnormalities can further complicate surgery. >> the big difference is the
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size of the heart. this is a baby's heart. as you can see, the sizes are totally different. the the. >> dr. shidasey wondered if they could do an operation without endangering lives. this is his solution, a 3-d model. it's an exact replica of a patient's heart. you can mold it, probe it, even cut it. it's an ideal model for the surgeons to operate on before the operation. here's where they have made a special fabricator. he presented the company with his ideas.
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>> it freezes the heart based on a ct scan. >> the key to this project is done by prototyping. they are given a scan of the patient's heart. they feed it into the data. now they have a blueprint to make a scale model. this is the. simply put, this device turns the computer image into something you can hold. it does this by a very precise manner. the part with the laser hardens. a tiny layer is formed, only 1.1
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millimeters krik. layer upon layer were. the master molgd is complete. it's an exact replica of the patient's heart. the final stage is to pour liquid urethane into a month-old. the rubbery model has the look and feel of a real heart. that includesment. the surgeon can even examine the valves for abnormalities. this molgd was replicated from an infant. there is there is the hole ear, and when i did the surgery, that's exactly what i saw.
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using the model, the surnl. and, crucially, the surgeon was able to perform a simulated. fukushima's ideas are sparking reaction, both here and in overseas. sdplz fascinating there. many people in eastern australia have been pelted by. >> reporter: you're right, catherine, east and west australia has been playing with a system that was once tropical storm oswald.
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rain has been recorded in parts of cleveland. to show you the situation, let's go to some video. severe weather conditions have caused a torrential rain, tornadoes and flooding. at least one person has been reported dead and several others are injured. authorities say around 60,000 residents are without electricity and hundreds of houses are under water. they remain on alert of constructive winds and dangerous surf, so further flooding is highly likely. . please be careful if we have to go outside. . beware of fallen trees and power lines. now the system is moving towards the south, aiming for new south wales, so please take precautions against the heavy rainfall. these are snow clouds, and some of them are reaching the pacific
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side where we don't usually get heavy snow, even the tokyo area, so no snow this morning. . an additional 50 centimetre, and mainly across the the hokur this, ha skern. generally dry but stable conditions are still continuing along the east and. temperatures out looking like this. 18 degrees in taipei. warm weather is ahead of you. now in north america, a winter storm is. we are seeing heavy show.
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freezing rain is ahead of this warm front. freezing rain is dangerous because it will. the stormy conditions were then headed to the the new england states by your monday. advisories are posted for a wide area kwrl sending kilometres likely into the next 24 hours. that will be coupled. we talked about excessive sieve conditions about how you might. two degrees and three degrees in toronto, and very nice in chicago at 8 degrees. it prevailing in observing observe city, 25.
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and 25 degrees. here's your morning forecast. and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in
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tokyo. do stay with us. we'll be back with more news updates at the top of the hour.
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