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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  April 30, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "the journal. willem-alexander become the first dutch king in more than 100 years. >> the man who became known as the spanish and doping dr. is handed a suspended one-year sentence.
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>> netherlands have been a monarchs after 33 years on the throne, queen beatrix has handed the throne over to her son, willem-alexander. >> the ceremony took place at the royal palace on the famous square. thousands of orange cloud well- wishers were on hand as they stepped out on the balcony to greet a cheering crowd. >> hoorah! hoorah! >> the country playing all monster with king. -- aying homage. they all watched dawes willem- alexander swore an oath of allegiance to the country and
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the dutch constitution in the amsterdam's new church. he thanked his mother. >> i have a clear vision of my ffice. no one knows what the future brings. wherever the path leads and however far it goes, i will carry your wisdom and words with me. >> the new kingdom was not actually crowned. he officially became king when his mother signed the abdication act in a ceremony in the royal palace. >> today, i make way for a new generation, for my son, willem- alexander. [applause] >> after officially taking office, the new king appeared before his people with his wife, queen maxima, and beatrix,
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now princess once again. >> i think it's a good time for a change. she now has time for herself and the new king is well prepared. >> it has been a festive atmosphere in amsterdam as the dutch capital rings in a new era for the monarchy. in a sense, everyone feels like a king. >> amsterdam is a good place to have a good time. our correspondent has been there soaking up some of the atmosphere. she sends us this report about the day's events. >> the whole day was a huge party. everyone here in the streets was enjoying the peaceful and festive day. from the policemen in the streets to the tourist and dutch people, everyone was happy for the new royal family in the near royal family was deeply, deeply touched.
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when they showed up today, the most professional on the stage had really been the kids. the three little daughters, this was really nice because they say they will do a good job and was really nice to see. this is why they are so loved by the population. willem-alexander said he wants to be a normal mccain, close to his people, to a encourage them in -- a normal cana, encouraging them in bad times. he has a lovely wife who always does a great job. the dutch say she did a great performance today with a great blue dress from a dutch designer. it was really appreciated among the population. they have really enjoyed the new royal family and the dutch are
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now dedicated to the party. >> kathryn there in amsterdam. we will have more on the role of european monarchies coming up later. >> the european court of human rights in strasbourg has thrown its support behind the former ukrainian prime minister saying she has been unlawfully detained by her government. the judge has also found fault with the ukrainian judiciary saying the lawfulness had not been properly reviewed by the courts. they describe the decision as a first victory. >> she did not appear of the trial, but her daughter released a statement from kiev after the verdict. she said the family was grateful the european court of human rights mounted an investigation of her mother's jailing despite the ukrainian government's propaganda. the strasbourg court ruled that
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ukraine had acted improperly when they jailed her before her trial. they dismissed the allegations she had been subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment. she said she has been denied adequate medical care in prison. she said she had back pain which went on treated for months. -- untreated. she said she was also abused by guards venture was transferred to a prison. >> the lawyer has denounced this as a political prosecution. and her daughter has called for tymoshenko to be released. she is awaiting trial on other charges including murder and cannot be set free. >> how will the decision in strasbourg affect their relations with the ukraine? let's go to our correspondent
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from brussels. nina, what have they been saying about the commission? >> the eu has criticized the ukraine for how they have been handling the tymoshenko case. they said the case was not transparent. two of the highest representative in brussels have issued a joint statement where they have confirmed the concerns and repeated the criticism urging the ukraine to implement a reform of its judiciary to make sure that those cases of selective justice will not be repeated. what is interesting, especially those concerns, what has kept europeans from signing the far reaching a free-trade association agreement with ukraine that has been fully negotiated and is sitting on the shelves here in brussels, but many are saying they cannot sign it unless tymoshenko has been released. she has become a symbol.
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>> this is a considerable amount of pressure on the ukraine. is this a possibility that it could push kiev back towards russia? >> it's up to the ukraine, really. they will now have to make a decision. will they move closer to the eu and may be becoming a member? our real they look east? russia is offering the possibility of a eurasian economic union. they cannot have it both ways. there are some eu states like the baltic states and hundred not want them as a member. amongst those countries the mayor more willing to turn a blind eye on what is happening in the case of tymoshenko. >> nina, thank you so much. >> the new italian prime minister has held talks with german chancellor angela merkel here in berlin. as the first of in european tour aiming to shift the focus from austerity to job creation.
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>> he wants to restore confidence in the italian political system. he is looking for help from berlin to do that. >> his first foreign visit taking him to berlin. his mission, to convince german chancellor angela merkel met with struggling economies is a flourishing economy. >> what we need to be doing is devoting this to achieving growth. they should not associate the european union with canny pension, but right now that is the message. >> letta's message is that it was up to every house to get their economic house in order. they said there was no difference between that reduction and a robust economy.
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>> they have to go hand in hand. the goal is not specific deficit targets for growth rates but for people to find work again and enable companies to expand. >> he was given a warm reception but did not show any time -- signs of battening down from his position. his next stops are paris and brussels. >> how is mission europe going down? for more, we go to our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. tell us more about his reception. >> it was friendly. the chancellor definitely praised the steps taken so far and she welcomed and wished letta a lucky hand for the sake of europe and germany. she was quite firm and made it clear that germany would be sticking to their guns as far as the need for continuing to cut back on that and get finances in
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order. mr. letta also is saying that he does want the governor in harmony with germany saying that he would be asking the chancellor to share some of her experiences as to how to manage a grand coalition. she had one in her first term of office and he has one now. he was also staking out to rein saying he expects europe to be more proactive in terms of growth policy in the future. >> it sounds like he's not planning to deviate from the austerity course. >> there is recognition here that the italian coalition is fragile and there is recognition that berlin is looking increasingly isolated facing criticism not only in rome and athens but also paris and even in brussels, but the chancellor is maintaining a stoic, and termination, perhaps not least because we are now entering the hotter phase of
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the pre-election campaign. >> melinda, thank you so very much. >> are the domestic front in germany, germans are getting nervous about the austerity measures implemented in other parts of europe according to the gfk consumer research company says that the passion for saving is taking a hit. >> the type book -- take away from the cyprus bailout and the bank levy is to spend cash now 1 hardt i suspect -- on hard assets and precedent has been set for confiscation. >> german's postal workers are set to get a 5.7% pay raise. increased wages mean consumer spending remains brisk in germany. pay hikes are generally higher than the inflation rate of 1.2%, said the gains are real.
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germans would rather spend than wait around for the state to come and take a cut. >> the willingness to save is at a historic low. the events in cyprus have led many to feel their savings could be threatened by a compulsory tax even though there is no sign of such a move. >> the results of this study suggests that germans are not especially optimistic about the future. still, as long as the money keeps coming in, they are prepared to keep spending. that's a sharp contrast to what is going on elsewhere in europe. >> for more on how german consumers are affecting the market, let's turn to frankfurt. >> the strong german consumer mood fueling traders moved to buy shares. the german dax on the upside is a bit of momentum due to
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disappointing u.s. economic data. surprisingly good news coming from deutsche bank, the largest german private bank, making a profit in the first quarter of almost 2.5 billion euros. the institute also did bolster its capital base with a huge and very successful capital increase. the euro was also recovering because italy finally has a new government and eurozone, one less problem. >> let's take a look now markets. up to buy a bit more than half a percent sign ending at 7913. eurostoxx slightly down. over in the united states, the dow jones is trading unchanged at 14,818. the euro up slightly at $1.3155. >> coming up after the break, no
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longer taboo in the united states, military grounds are now on the shopping list, but the resistance in germany to them is immense. >> a look at the high-profile trial of a spanish doctor accused of helping cyclists do. stay with us.
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>> combat. we are picking up again with the coronation of the dutch king. this time around, we're looking at the intricate network of remaining monarchs. >> some of the old ruling houses were decimated by the french and russian revolutions and, later on, others were discredited falling two bloody world wars. >> today, they may be politically powerless, but they are publicly popular. let's find out why. >> the dutch royal family is one of the few remaining european monarchies. britain has the mess -- best
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known one. queen elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years. sweden has crown princess victoria. belgium has king albert. one carlows in spain. denmark, and norway's crown prince and princess. -- juan carlos in spain. >> the traditional form of government in europe is the monarchy. republics were the chancellor exception for long time. italy and switzerland, for example. if you look back to the 19th century, it was almost exclusively monarchies. >> of denmark has the oldest continuous market with more than 1000 years of history related to almost all other european royal families. he is known as the father-in-law of europe marion office children across the continent. starting a constitutional crisis
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in 1920 almost leading to the overthrow, surviving as they moved it to democracy, but with its role little more than symbolic. >> monarchies embody continuity and the identity of a people. knowing a long time in advance to the next monarchs will be, as is the case in most places today, i believe it's an advantage. >> monarchs have taken on a representative role. few elected ceremonial heads of state and enjoy the same hope crile -- profile as a king kwan carlos of spain. -- juan carlos. >> if you look at the reporting of events in royal families, coronations, births, weddings, i suppose you could say it is essentially for entertainment value.
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>> that publicity is just as often-as it is positive. royal family's deliver the headlines, the stories, and the talking points. palm, pageantry, and a sideshow in the humdrum of politics. >> in germany, the murder trial of the on the surviving member of right-wing terror trio continues to generate criticism before it even starts. they established a lottery to allocate courtroom seats to the medium and some major german newspapers did not get places. several magazines and newspapers are considering suing the court which could delay the trial, which has already been pushed back multiple times. >> in syria, a blast killing at least 13 people in central damascus. they say a bomb exploded near an interior ministry building.
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an opposition group also reported gunfire saying they expected the number of casualties to rise. it's unclear who was behind the attack that comes one day after the syrian prime minister survived a car bomb. the united states could be about to sell military drums to germany according to a report by der spiegel. >> they say the u.s. is ready to give the go-ahead to sell the rounds to the military. confirmation is expected within days. the possible use of bronze has been -- drones has been used for surveillance in afghanistan. >> they have asked bangladesh to have the factories comply with international labor standards following the loss of life in the buildings that will little more than death traps.
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>> no duties or quotas are in place for consumer products. >> there were calls for swift justice. >> arriving in the court in body armor. they chanted, hang him. >> the building owners' assets have already been confiscated and used to compensate the families of victims killed in the crash, but they want more. >> they are exploring a list of buildings which are at risk of collapse and they want to know what measures have been taken to prevent such a thing of.
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>> rescue workers have given up hope that there is anything under the rubble. it has been seven days. over 380 found dead and 900 still missing. >> we were all in the same place. i was talking to them for 10 minutes before managed to escape. >> their clothes were found in the ruins and they have come forward to offer compensation. the collapse is the deadliest of these series of disasters to hit the bangladesh garment industry. they always insist that they will push for better conditions. it appears little progress has been made.
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>> the honoraria president of world soccer governing body fifa has resigned over claims that he has accepted bribes. >> they published the findings of its ethics investigation. he is accused of accepting millions in cash payments from the company that marketed the world cup for fifa. >> their questioning his apparent on awareness that officials were receiving bribes. >> the doctor has been down guilty for endangering public health. he was handed a suspended a 01- year sentence. >> it was a typical trial from the start. prosecutors could bring fuente''
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to justice by charging him with endangering public health. he was administering blood doping to athlete, an expert with the band performance enhancing substance, epo. authorities have identified 60 clients, but of his lists were 200 abbreviations. one target of speculation is alberto contodor, winner of the tour de france. they want to get a hold of the bags. others were exonerated. that decision and the suspended sentence means the biggest
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doping trial today and in mild punishments for the accused. >> berlin is a pretty popular place to shoot a moving. george clooney is back in germany working on a new film. >> the town was a war zone with troops marching in as part of george clooney's latest movie. locals are under strict orders to keep quiet about the mission. >> i cannot tell you anything, but it's a great experience. a highlight. >> anyone hoping to get a picture needs a good lens. he is in town for his latest
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film, "monument man." they are enacting the liberation of a belgian village. he sent -- he spent weeks counting the perfect location. those hoping for a moment of fame applied to be extras. >> maybe i would like to get to see george clooney. i would like that. >> its impressive driving through this town. >> they applied to make the local family a little more belgian. the mayor is assured it is the biggest film shot here. >> there are transforming their cells year into a belgian town. and they can throw in one of his
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sweaty t-shirt, we will have a new attraction. >> most of the sweating done by the extras. for three hours, it looked like belgium in 1945. >> i wish i could have taken part. >> it is a one off here. nothing like this ever happens. >> after the filming, everyone came away happy with their first brush from hollywood and one of the biggest stars. "some -- >> do something more attractive than a sweaty t-shirt is the background. >> the locals are pretty nice. that's all for us now on "the journal." >> see you again next time. captioned by the national captioning institute
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