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tv   Journal  PBS  September 3, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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store suid attack in pakian andianhe si to jail after a child for child abuse in a case that shocked portugal.
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the term of the labor minister says that the takeover of one oeurope's largest department store chains has been finalized. will stay open-- karstadt will r several areas. >> they demanded fogog ahead wie acquisition but the landlords refused toomply. this morning. >> the news mes as a relief to the employees of the chain. ructuring can began.ed a deal s >> we are glad that things will carry on. we have been waiting e for something that happened. >> it is great neck and
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pleasing. we are happy n tthings can turn oboard and upwards. >> karstadt'snew owner faces a herculean task. they have been accruing losses for years. the saleslaorutte nox -- nevertheless, he is confth h curn things around. >> today, i view myself as an employee of karstadtani al working for you. >> the plans have been made easier by a deal that now reduces redris on 120 of their premises by 100 million euros over the coming years. heab misr has urged caution. >> karstadt is not or the hill yet. now you have a real chae get the company back on its
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feet. >> and to prove its worth. >> the new karstadt owner plans to invest 70 million euros in the chain. for now, nolaff e planned. the retailer is set to undergo a facelift. a new look will draw more usme tou their doors. >> we spoke earlier with our political correspondent and asked him why it took so long fothlalords to agree to reduce the rent. >> it took them a long time because the negotiations ve be incredibly complicated. they have involved a large number of groups. there were vio gup of creditors being represented and the trade unions. they all had to agree to the insolvency plan. if you remember, the plan was already agreed to and then there were new demands so it had to be renegotiated.
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they have been insistent on the issue of rent being lowered. there is a very simple reason fo tt, during the liquidity squeeze that karstadt got into in recent years when they were si mey badly, the old management decided to sell off the stores. they sold o 186 stores. now they find themselves in a situation of having to pay the high rent on the stores. he wanted to rent to be lowered before heinvested a scent and the company. he brought in a well-known fashion designer to make th grp re trendy for stores and more glamorous. we will see whether he can pull it off. >> now a look at other international headlines. >> thank you, steven.
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more than 50 people have been killed and me than 100 injured in a suicide bombing in pakistan. the attackerargeted a shi'a rally. thboer detonated explosives as thousands of shi'a were celebrating a d t have solidarity with the palestinians. we spoke to our correspondent in islamabad and is the head of research and security studies and he gave as the update on the latest violence. >> and pakistan finds itself in a state of shock. almost 100 people have been killed in five different acts of terror and that is why there was an outra. there were protests, a lot of things were set on fire.
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across the country there are shockwaves and this has created a lot of interest. >> what is the thinking as to who might be responsible for these attacks? >> there has been a lot of speculation. right now, most of the security analysts and investigators believe that it was indeed the -- based in central pakistan. this is a radical and the shi'a party. -- anti shi'a party. they have been in contact with al qaeda and other taliban groups. they're also going after the security forces, government officials, as well as women and children. whenever we see is largely attributed to this group.
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there are other light-minded party is linked to al qaeda. >> thank you for that update. a powerful earthquake has struck new zealand's south island causing widespread damage and dozens of injuries. so far, no deaths. the epicenter was just south of christchurch. witnesses say buildings have crumbled and the power is out for much of the city. residents say that after sharks are still going on including one with a magnitude of 5.7. the authorities ruled out the threat of a tsunami. portuguese courts have sent six people to jail for abusing children from the state orphanages. they were found guilty of sexually abusing children, running a pedophile ring, as the state run organization. the trial lasted nearly six
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years and involve several prominent defendants including a well-known television presenter, a former diplomat and two doctors. >> no stranger to the limelight, a former tv presenter is a national show business celebrity. now he faces a lengthy prison sentence. as is the retired ambassador. there were four other men and one woman. she was acquitted. the others were found guilty of sexual abuse. >> the victims to testify in this trial as witnesses, this is extremely important that they know that the court believes them. they believe that the crimes related take place just as prosecutors believe their testimony from the very start. >> the victims were all residents of a state-run orphanage. a children were raped and subject to other forms of sexual
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abuse. some attempted suicide. the case was built on the confessions of a 50--- at a 50- 3-year-old driver. it took almost six years for the court to reach his decision. >> the german president has asked the chancellor for advice as he struggles with a sense of request from board members at the country's central bank. they would like the president to fire their colleague for controversial comments he has made on muslims and jews. thilo sarrazin has published a book harshly critical of muslim immigrants and this is providing widespread condemnation from politicians. >> the government confesses that there is a need to better integrate more foreigners but refuse the remarks that were made by thilo sarrazin.
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>> we are already engage in this discussion. we're having a levelheaded discussion and we are being frank about the problems. you don't need input from people who are cashing in on it. >> a clear reference to thilo sarrazin. the first edition of his book has sold out in just a few days. he writes that the german future is in danger of being underlined -- undermined by muslims. the chancellor points out that immigration is not solely up to foreigners. >> integration always requires give-and-take. on one hand, we have to be open and except those to come to work and live here but they must abide by the law and learn the german language. >> thilo sarrazin's future at
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the bundesbank rest now with the president. >> now some more business news. >> surprising revelations going on at one of the biggest phone companies. they took a dramatic turn on their opening day when the main perhaps -- when the main defendant incriminated and upper management. he said that the illegal gathering of phone records had been a big mistake and that he was acting on the orders of the person who was boss at that time. >> the key is to could be jailed for five years for invasion of privacy. they allege that a special department sifted to the telephone records of dozens of
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people analyzing and saving the data. >> and i.t. firm from berlin was commissioned to look at the data. the aim was to find out who had been leaking information from top management to the press. >> one of the accused claims that he informed the ceo about his legal investigation plans earlier than first thought. the officials have denied any wrongdoing. >> european shares ended the day and week with healthy gains. a better than expected batch of employment data out of the u.s. helped the blue chips crews to their strongest weekly performance since july.
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>> the west report listed the move at the end of the weekend there was a sigh of relief when the numbers cannot because they had been much better than expected. this report lower to fears that the u.s. could slip again into recession. the german companies are focusing on china. audi reported an increase in sales in china. they would like to make china their biggest market in a few years. >> we are looking at the closing numbers. the dax closing higher. the u.s. stocks 50 also closing higher. across the atlantic on wall street, share prices rallied. the dow closing one and a quarter percent higher. looking very good there. on the currency markets, the
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euro trading at a value of $1.20. but as for trillion says the cost of its massive gulf of mexico oil spill has now risen to $8 billion, more than double the estimates. -- british petroleum says the cost of its massive gulf oil spill has now risen. they are pledging to send up a $20 billion spill fund related to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the company is arguing that they must be allowed to drill for more oil to pay for damages. bp could be banned from the new drilling that they have planned due to this fatalities in the disaster. over 1400 exhibitors are showing off their latestdgets and electronics show. oumany visitors are trying out
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interactive game consoles and the new hybrid televisions that is capable of accessing the internet. they're expecting around a quarter of a million to check out to the show before it wraps up next wednesday. that is a look at your business. >> a newly built a synagogue has opened up on the side of his predecessor that was destroyed by the nazis in 1938. the president was among 500 people in attendance at the inaugural ceremony. for the synagogue cost about 10 million euros to build. it was built in the shape of the hebrew word which means blessing. september is here and the holiday season is pretty much over in europe. the parisians are refusing to let go just yet. city workers have a new way to get back at the beach feeling right in the middle of the river. >> trading business suits for
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swimsuits. parisian workers can leave work to take a swim in the same -- seine. >> it is hilarious when we are at in traffic jams and you can see people underneath having fun. >> there are foreign businessmen, office workers, families. >> they feel like they're on vacation. they come to see friends and relax. if the weather is good, they grab a pair of skis and go for it. the club is open from may to october when the water temperature is terrible. -- unbearable -- bearable.
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>> stay tuned. we will be right back with our in-depth report on german unification in sports.
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moo >> as germany prepares to mark 20 years of unification on. but third, people are taking stock of the changes brought to every aspect of life. today, we take a look set at the world of sports. -- we take a look at the world of sports. athletes from east germany broke a lot of world records. only those who demonstrated their loyalty to the leadership were permitted to lead. >> the east german sporting talents in their heyday.
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then there is those that are unknown. this was one of the best. however, he refused to join the communist party and he was excluded from the delegation. the fear was that he would try to defect to the west. >> i have no intention of leaving. my parents were here, what reason that i have to make a run for it? >> he continued to notch up the wind even without support. the leaders went so far to change cycling regulation so he could not compete. nearly 50 spies watched him. >> they needed me because of my ability. they just thought it -- they did not care. >> in 1976, he landed in jail for alleged remarks against the regime. he lost his university place and
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had to work as a gardener. he continued cycling as a hobby "is too old to do it professionally after the wall failed. -- he continues cycling as a hobby but he was too old to do it professionally. >> at the time, and the light of everything that came out after the wall fell, it was clear was a means to an end. >> after 1989, drexler became a sporting symbol of a reunited germany. she also faced collaboration's -- also faced allegations of collaboration with the east german police. >> you come from east germany, you carry all of the connotations that come with it. one thing was clear for me, i wanted to prove myself.
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>> today, she can still leverage surname as a sporting ambassador but while -- is serving as a mechanic for second-rate cycling teams. >> when the wall collapsed, athletes still young enough to make a name for themselves recorded by teams and sponsors. they were lured west by fortune and glory. this was especially true since dr. -- this was especially true in soccer. still today, they go west. >> these days, it is the third tier for dynamo dresden. they clinched the last title of the east german league. their best players are already making the break. >> this is the same for any team. this was a massive drain on the
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club. >> one of those to make the break was just in, he was fierce. he had 182 goals. >> we were certainly put under the microscope to see if we were of the same standard as those from the west. many people doubted that. >> after the fall of the wall, the manager was the first to move. he was the first to get his hands on an east german player. they played for dynamo berlin. >> -- was the perfect footballer. he was a deadly shooter. he was technically gifted. >> in the summer of 1990, other managers discovered talented players from the east. there were two players who quickly made a home for
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themselves for their clubs and the national team. >> the east germans continue to progress smoothly. they had first-class training. otherwise, they would not have come so far. >> the speedy sell-off of the best players have consequences. some that can still be felt today. the 14 top division teams in 1990, only six have managed to stay afloat from east germany. many young players lack prospects for the future. >> there are one or two players who could make it. we hope they will stay with us over the long term. the free market could come to play. >> as dressed in continues to sell its talents, then the team's successes were probably remain the stuff of museum exhibits. >> when it came to discovering
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and marketing sports talent 20 years ago, capitalist west germany was light years ahead of the east. sports professionals from east and west team up, the results could be astounding and even rejuvenating for both sides. take boxing, in west germany have fallen into disrepute. that all changed when an eastern fighter strode into the ring promoted by a savvy west german. >> this boxer is still popular with fans. his manager is still busy ringside. they made sporting history 20 years ago when the amateur's turned into a professional. >> i wanted to be able to give everything to the new challenge. >> you would like to see him boxing for the world championship within two years. >> they tackled the job with confidence.
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they changed for three rounds to the professional 12 rounds and this was no problem. the boxer became the light heavyweight world champion and he retained the title for four years. >> there were many of the champions, contenders at many world championships and olympic games that later became successful professionals. what did they have that we did not? >> his performances changed the boxing scene. the east german attracted a different crowd. boxing became acceptable. his elegant style earned him the nickname "the gentleman boxer." >> they helped to make professional boxing series again. >> watching -- boxing matches were a great spectacle. they were shown on television.
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-- went on to work as a commentator and followed the development of this board. >> they did a lot for boxing. they allow us to stand here today. it would have not been possible without them. >> 40 years after making his professional debut, he received a big honor, playing the most famous german boxer of all time in a film. >> this was quite a special story. this is also because i have intensely looked into his personality. >> in the 20 years since german reunification, he has shown that this is not the only special story. >> that has been our in-depth report. thank you for watching.
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stay tuned for more news and information.
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