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tv   Journal  PBS  October 8, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> but the government has denied
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as they celebrated the praise in the restaurant. >> the appeals were quickly followed by the german government. >> berlin was quick to add its voice for the decision to award the chinese dissident. >> i welcome the praise on the part of city. standing up for freedom and human rights support asked we encourage others to praise this work. [foreign language speaking] >> the german president and chancellor also walked the
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choice of liu xiobo. the government issued the state shortly after in oslo. >> we would like to see him released. we have supported him in the past and continue to do so. >> the noble prize will be print presented on december 10th and oslo. we will have more coming up later in this program. the governor of the northern afghan province has been killed. dozens more were wounded. >> the governor of kundu was among the victims. he supported the presence of
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german troops in northern afghanistan and warned of the growing violence. one german soldier was killed and continued to face daycare. >> we continue to do everything possible to protect our soldiers and give them the necessary training. there will always be situations, even with the best possible training can't be avoided. >> the latest death brings the number of germans to 44 killed in afghanistan. a memorial service is scheduled saturday. >> the challenges facing the many hot spots in the world are constantly facing. the organization must transform
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to face those dangers. >> attacks on convoys, suicide bombings. amid increase risks in afghanistan. they are seeking new security challenges. we have learned that there is often no military solution solely to crisis and conflicts. it's true in afghanistan. it's true in many of the other conflicts. the nato chief wants to see the alliance turn to new dangers, such as cyber crimes. they could paralyze modern industrialed nations that rely on commuter networks. >> i can't tell you that we already have our systems
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attacked. 100 times per day. and we all need to be able to support allies who come under attack, he also said they needed to take a greater approach to work with the european union and others. >> they are meeting in libya. the arab leaders are not ready to blame the talks. >> there's big meeting planned in washington this weekend. >> peter has more >> thank you. much. a lot of bankers getting
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together to discuss the fate of economy. from the world's richest economies hoping to regain their hold on the currency war. until now, warnings of the currency war have overshadow the the imf meeting. france though, rejects talk of a currency war. >> agreeing and i'm not at all in the mind or in the mood for war >> i think this is unnecessary. we don't need that. >> the china trading partner said u n is fairly undervalued. the imf president is calling for
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calm. >> yes, the recover is here. we know it's coming back. we know it's uneven and fragile because uneven. >> this country will cooperate more in monetary matters showing a currency war is not the solution. >> two years ago. the global finance crisis shook the world and still causing ripples. the growing temptation to prop up exports is not new at all. historians see close parallels with other financial crisis. >> two years after wall street crashed on october 1929, the world was in the grip of depression. banks faild and many countries devalued their currency.
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the allowed the bond to tumble 30%. other countries followed suit and de-valuing their currencies. by the time of world war ii, the gold was a history. german chancellor introduced strict currency rules. today, with no gold standard to pull out of, countries can still weaken their currency. setting artificially no interest rates and bold stimulus programs are among changing the currency prices. >> on the disappointing jobs reports. stephan sent us this report from the frankfort stock change.
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>> the kick-off earning season hasn't been too good after all. although. alcao reported good results. chip maker micron disappointed by poor numbers and very weak outlook for the chip demand for the rest of this year. so, this sent shares on a roller coaster ride. they ended up in positive territory, many driven by hopes that the german economy is still able to pick up some speed. >> stephan is there in frankfort, and looking at several markets in detail. we stay in frankfort, where see the blue chip up a quarter of a percent. closed today nearly unchanged.
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the u.s. dow topped the 11,000 and the euro is trading for $1.39. >> the euro has fallen by 4/10th of a percent. that is because august exports were 30% higher year on year. translate to 75 euros. strong german products such as automobiles and machinery still produce well. they are slated to increase 3% this year. germany seems to have left the
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financial crisis really behind it. in its latest report, the federal statistic's office finds the german economy is getting back on its feet quickly. and analyst expect the number to go down. >> the toxic flood leak has risen to seven. up to 700,000 cubic meters of aluminum has leaked. that's not as much from the
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blown out bp. the river danube is not longer under pollution. a chemical tanker has run into problems. the vessel reported a leak and its 13 member crew were lifted to safety by helicopter. british coast guard officials said there was no pollution there >> in january 2009. lubang on, the former war lord is asked of using children. in july, a lower court suspected the trial and ordered his
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release after prosecutors denied him >> rescue workers in chile are close to reaching the mining by saturday. it's a difficult and dangerous process and could take several days to take the men out. >> the mining minister waits with the families. as the drills near the miners. hopes their long wait will soon end. after more than two months of uncertainty, they can start making plans for the future >> my boyfriend told me we would go on the trip with the children and grandchildren. we are going to relax and after that comes the wedding.
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>> the media are staking out their position. the moment when the first miner steps out of capsule. the minister warning problems are likely. >> we have to wait for 2, 3, 4 days and all the installing process indicating that we don't cap the hole and maybe 8 to 10 days if we have to do the capping. >> even if thing do take that long, authorities will have worked that much longer. initial estimates said they may not each the miners before christmas. >> european golfers are riding high from the ryder cup.
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john perry sprinted four shots close to the field with seven under 65. >> stay tuned for indepth. coming up looking at the noble peace prize winner.
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>> western leaders have held the noble peace committee's decision to award liu xiobo. he is in prison serving a sentence for subversion. many governments are calling on china to release him. this was a rallying cry and the award has deeply angered china. the chinese government summoned the lead are from d -- leader
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from the leader of the country. china's best known dissident. it's a stance he's paid for dealer. liu xiobo was a prominent literature major. he joined a hunger strike. >> the government wants people to forget back them. but the communist party remembers it well. they get nervous about it every year. they go to the internet and want to blot out the events of the time >> at that time, liu xiobo spent two years in prison but refused to be silent.
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he was jailed repeatedly by the chinese. in 2008, the year beijing hosted the olympics, he drew up the charter 08. calling for freedom of speech and the release of political prisoners. >> may be we intellectuals are just a minority. but we should have the right to express our opinion and criticize the government. >> in 2009, the media was barred from covering his trial. he was jailed for 11 years and allowed visitors only once a month. his wife is his only connection to the outside world. >> it's worth it. it's the price you pay to fight
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for your dignity and if you want to be a free-thinking intellectual in china. >> there have been worldwide protests against his imprisonment. like here in hong kong. liu xiobo could remain behind bars for another ten years. it's unlikely he knows about the peace price. >> human rights violations have been a cause with china for years. germany has raised the issue of numerous accesses including when the chinese prime minister visited this year. it resents what it sees as the west meddeling in its affairs. u.s. president, barack obama, said china had made promise on check reform.
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but political reform hasn't kept pace. >> when chinese province was hit hurricane. many children died. activists blamed shoddy building and corruption. one of the activists was the artist, police raided his hotel room. doctors in german treated him for a cerebral hemorrhage caused by the beating. the battle for human rights is a struggle for unequal foes. dissidents will be void by friday's announcement. >> china should take this seriously. the noble peace prize is recognized as an international recognition of somebody's accomplishment. i think they are aware of that
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>> freedom of expression, religion and assembly, are feared the most by china's leaders. obtaining the true story presents a challenge when the state propaganda machine kicks in. chinese authorities also suppressed protests last year by the minority. they demanded an investigation into the death of two workers and it soon spun out of control. he was also nominated for the 2010 peace prize. beijing placed him under house arrest and jailed him for 3-1/2 years. his wife was always been barred from leaving the home. authorities harass, intimidate and silence critic.
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the chinese government arrested close to 750 people for political reasons. human rights groups believe the real number is far higher. >> i spoke earlier to xiou and asked him what this prize would mean for the pro-democracy movement in china. >> this would be a very big move to the democracy. china is a raising economic power in asia. politically, it could do more. this award to a chinese dissident would be encouragement for those people that are willing and ready to do more to make the chinese government authority be noticed as the situation of human rights democracy.
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now beijing already made its anger clear. what steps do you think it might take? >> what we heard is the normal diplomatic writings. we are against awarding to a chinese prisoner and awarding liu xiobo is against the aim of northern peace prizes. what i'm thinking is the chinese government will do like 21 years before when the the dalai lama wins the peace prize. they will take any steps necessary to put the pressure. any steps the chinese authority is going to do will not have to improve their image in the international world. because the view is clearly a message to the chinese government that the world is
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watching china and they are taking steps toward democracy and human rights. >> the german government has called for him to be released from jail. how likely do you think that is? >> i'm not sure it's going to help or hurt him. because he was sentenced by 11 year prison. i'm not sure if he is aware of the prizes. the fact is, his wife is standing under observation of the state security. she cannot only send any message to the world while the international social network. and i think the chinese authority will be consider very carefully if they are going to allow liu xiobo to go into the ceremony which is held at the end of the year in norway. it's very diplomatically answer
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from beijing. we thank you very much. >> and with that, we wrap the the "journal" at this hour. thanks for joining us.
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