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tv   Journal  PBS  October 14, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ian esde surkabul.
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this ise potential peace talks and end this nine year war. ierting development that this has been acknowledged. the taliban says no, this has not happened. but they say they're giving them safe pasge to have set talks -- have safe talks to end this war. >> the iranian leader southern lebanon on thursday, southern lebanon on thursday, i'ite and has blocked he has been sharply criticized by israel and the united states.
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>> never before has president mahmoud ahmadinejad been able to taunt his archenemy from so close. ust 4 kilometers from israeli gin a hero's welcome by tens of thousands who turned out to see him. pis the town's resistance. >> the world shall n that they are more toll, too. you have given the enemy and lesson in self defense. come back -- go back to where they came from. >> has belie is funded and armed by keiron. -- has blocked -- hezbollah is funded and armed by keiron. raiorgn- armed by
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iran. there is a reference to israel's fear that -- press for moron the israeli reaction, we spoke earlier to our correspondent injesam. >> people you're worried about the visit. no one expected it. newspapers are run in the headlines is morni that he was closer than ever. there's obviously a lot of coverage in the media becausef what is perceived as the iranian threat being on everybody's mind. it always comes up aonofhe major concerns for people here. officials were aware and watching closely of what was haeng aos e border. but you could say that reactions or rather restrained or even played down a bit. nevertheless, the israeli the
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rellhain a provocative visit. the main thing here is that ra ss that iran is our main hezbollah and it could lead to another confrontation in some point. >> thank you for that analysis. we have some positive economic news in germany. shocker. >> economy is going from strength to strength. that provided a very pleasant surprise on thursday. as a result of strong and continuing rebound in growth, gea's ony is now expected to expand by more than twice the pace previously projected for this year. the gssomestic product is forecast to rise by 3.5% in 2010 and by at least 2% next year. >> products made in germany are again in demand, driving
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economic growth. the reportayha all signs point with steady economic expansion. following a sharp contraction in 2009, they fect impressive 3.5% growth rate for this year. for the coming year, they are expecting a 2% expansion. >> the situation on the labor market will improve and unemployment will drop below $3 milln bow 3 mli since 1992. >>ne more people have a job and money to spend, domestic demand increases. there is more good news in the report. germany's budget deficit is expected to remain below the 3% he you limits next year. still, the report urges caution . >> there is a relatively high risk of the u.s. experiencing a double-dip recession. in china, of the real estate bubble could burst.
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>> since exports continue to drive the german economy, further growth depends other recovery of the world economy. that economy remains shaky. >> exports remain vital to germany's economic performance. there is growing concern about the ever weakening dollar and the strengthening euro. there are signs that the greenback will weaken further, which will, in turn, make products made in germany more expensive for those spending dollars. the u.s. fer reserve has indicated it may pump more dollars into the economy in order to kick start growth. but printing money generally results in a loss of value, meaning each dollar would be worth less. the scenario has led investors to sell off u.s. dollars and invest in other currencies instead. the euro is benefiting. it is now worth one u.s. dollar
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-- $1.40 u.s.. the u.s. government is determined to bolster the country's economy by injecting cash. analysts expect a multi-billion dollar stimulus package will be announced. dismal economic announcements are forcing the government to take action. >> while most european markets suffered losses this thursday, germans posted modest gains. >> more and more investors are convinced that, soon, the federal reserve will push a lot of fresh money into the economy. this prospect of porsche surged currencies again. the prospective also pushed to the euro upward.
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bulls also heavily in demand and other commodities and foodstuff -- gold was also heavily in demand and other commodities and foodstuff. hugo boss, the fashion maker, hilisted his market forecasts. >> the dax index ended one% higher. -- 1% higher. in the united states, the dow closed at the top of the are, just over 10 minutes ago, finishing at 11,094 parvez, managing to crawl back a little bit and finish fairly flat -- 11,094 points, managing to crawl back a little bit and finish fairly flat. aol and a group of private equity firms are considering a
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takeover bid aol, a silver lake partners, and blackstone group are considering a bid that could also include other interested parties. but yahoo! has lilagged responding. the 75-kilometer long tunnel has pushed through. both sides of the ofs that underground. when finished, it will be the longest railway tunnel and the world -- in the world. >> in german tunnel workers like to play soccer after their job is done for the day. this man has been working on the tunnel for six years, attracted by the high wages. with a breakthrough on friday, his job is far from over.
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>> we have been promised no one will be laid off until the construction is finished because we really just need all of our people. if necessary, they could be transferred to another construction site and there will be at least two years of work here. >> the entrance to the tunnel is right beside the soccer pitch. work has been going on since 1999. the giant drill has to kill meters to 7 kilometers of solid rock. the new tunnel will mainly benefit rail freight traffic through the alps. transit times will be shorter and trains longer. fewer locomotives will mean fuel savings. the small town of citron has profited. their taxes have failed public
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coffers and retailers and restaurants -- have filled public coffers and retailers and restaurants have done well. this man is hoping tourists will come after the construction is over. >> there are winter sports or golf, mountain biking and hiking. the source of the rhine river is here. is very family oriented. on>> one thing is for sure, the tunnel workers will be coming back sometime -- as tourists. >> doctors in chilling say that a handful of the rescued miners may be released -- doctors in chile said that a handful of the rescue miners may be released from the hospital tonight. the president equated the miners rescue to a kind of rebirth for the men and called their story
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and inspiration for the rest of the world. millions around the globe tune in to watch the rescue operation live on tv. >> the miners adjusted to their first hours of freedom in hospital wearing sunglasses to protect is still readjusting to daylight. for 69 days, the men were trapped in darkness, 700 meters under the ground. but doctors say most of the miners are in surprisingly good physical and mental health. their families face another wait for their return home. then there will be confronted with their new celebrity status as heroes. the president has held them as an inspiration to the world. the health minister has been updating the public on their health. >> the problems we found have been perfectly treated until now. three of the miners had dental
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surgery yesterday. another two or three will receive the same treatment today. >> louis suburb to was a last to make the trip to the surface. he was the shift leader in the mine when it collapsed in 10 weeks ago. never has such a large group of people survived so long underground. the men will receive psychological care. >> a chilling new exhibition opens in berlin this week exploring the personality cult of adolf hitler. they explore how they managed to win power and the loyalty of so many germans. >> boss of adolf hitler and other nazi and paraphernalia to pick the dictator as the nation's health and salvation. many germans were taken in by
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hitler's message. they depend on him their hopes for a relief from the roof persian -- from the depression and a restoration of german power after the war. the exhibitionided against exhibiting hitler's personal effects. >> we never shared devotional items that create an object of worship of people flock to see or touch. our purposes only to see patterns of self representation and ritualization. the items should educate, not cause a stir. >> for balance, there are also objects recalling the suffering inflicted by the nazis, including drawings by children in the concentration camps. this picture of hitler was only made public after the end of the nazi dictatorship in 1945.
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>> we will be right back after a short break.
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>> it was the first known as of its kind from that death in the history of underground accidents. the -- from that depth in the history of underground accident. the temporary camps set up to house the friends and family members were in esperanza, which means hope in spanish. now that the miners have been safely brought back to the surface, the focus has shifted to how to prevent accidents like the one that left them trapped underground and exactly who is responsible for the catastrophe at the san jose mine. [cheers] >> the whole country rejoice.
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finally, all 33 miners had been brought to the servicsurface. people throughout chile and around the world have followed with a spectacular rescue operations on television. it took 22 hours and 39 minutes. finally, the last minor was out. >> many thank you to everyone, to the whole rescue team, thank you to the whole of chile and to everyone who work together. i am proud to be a chelation and to live in this country. -- to be a chilean and to live in this country. >> the president of chile jain been singing the national anthem. it is -- joined in the singing of the national anthem. along with the jubilation, critical questions are being asked. why did the accident happened?
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reports suggest that there had been a prior accidents at the san jose mine before this case been. safety standards for private mining companies exist, but they have rarely been enforced. some live part of the blame on the government. the president acknowledged that there were problems and vowed to take action. >> this mine has had a long history of accidents. it will not be reopened until we can guarantee the safety, the lives of those who savworked he. >> it was the president himself who closed san jose mine when all the men were out. there are many other mines in chile and many other minors who may be risking their lives by working in hazardous conditions. >> the fate of the 33 trapped miners in chile has drawn
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international attention to the plight of miners around the world. thethe world's and sensible hunr for natural resources has seen an increase in the number of unscrupulous companies looking to make a quick buck at to their workers' expense. some companies are not willing to dish out insurance money. we looked at some of the countries or mining accidents have, unfortunately, become commonplace. >> the story of the 33 miners rescued in chalet has highlighted once again -- in chile has highlighted once again the dangerous work. in ukraine, miners often have to put up with substandard working conditions. mines there are some of the most dangerous in the world. in november 2007, 100 miners were killed after an explosion near done?
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-- near donetsk. due to the high concentration of methane gas in the shafts, mining in this region is particularly dangerous. less than a year later, in june 2008, there was a similar incident in the region. 37 men were trapped at a depth of 1,000 meters. only 23 of them were able to be rescued alive. china has the worst mining safety record of any nation. minds are often not up to international standards. barely a month goes by where a chinese minor does not die. official confirmation as to the number of dead were never given at another disaster. it is believed to be at least 23 people. and did your 2005, a gas explosion in another province proved to be the worse for china
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for 15 years. over two hundred miners perished. for years, south everett and mines were considered the most dangerous in the world. -- south african mines were considered to be the most dangerous in the world. 69 workers died in an illegal mind. in 2007, a major catastrophe was avoided, however. over 3000 people were able to escape to the surface, even though an explosion damaged the mine exit tunnel. >> for more, we spoke with the director of the institute of mining engineering at off from institute of technology -- >> if you look at the development over the past less than 10 years, you will find
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that, worldwide, the statistics have definitely improved. for example, in china, where we had officially 6000 accidents in 2003, we're down to a 2003 hundred in 2009 -- down to 2300 in 2009. in the past 20 years to 30 years, the rates of assets have dropped drastically. worldwide, definitely, there are improvements to be seen. >> how much of a factor do you think money is? >> money the family is one of the factors. safety, on the one hand, has something to do with legislation. on the other hand, safety also has to come from out of your head.
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it has to be a kind of thinking in different societies. i remember discussions 30 years ago here where the question was raised does safety pay off? death now, safety pays. -- definitely, set the pacsafet. however, that has not been implemented in a kind of thinking in some areas of this world. >> do you think the accident in july and the successful rescue operation will bring fresh -- in childrle and the successful rese operation will bring fresh investments into safety? >> the findings go into new
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legislation. you will also see in chile the authorities will have a much stronger look on things now. you will also see that the mines will become under more pressure to have safer operations. however, what i must point out is that, in chile, there is a difference between a large state-owned mines and the smaller mines. the smaller mines -- their minds can be compared to these countries. >> that was our in-depth look at this hour, looking at the international money, safety
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standards in mining. please stay tuned.
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