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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 22, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- welcome to "newsline." i'm michio kijima in tokyo with the news at this hour. foreign ministers from 18 nations have agreed to confirmand respect basic maritime rues favor of navygation and adherence to international law. the agreements came on friday when the ministers from the east asia summit mitt met in bali, indonesia. they discussed issues including territorial disputes. this year's gathering included united states and russia as official members for the first time. japan's foreign minister
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stressed that the eas should confirm common reasonable principles and rules and cooperate with each other in the area of maritime security. each country should comply with the laws. referring to the guidelines adopted by china and ace ya, matsumoto says he welcomes the move and hopes the legally binding code of conduct will begin at an early date. a series of asean meetings continued in the indonesian area on friday. patchari raksawong is there with the latest. >> reporter: we saw a significant development regarding the stalemate of the career peninsula. the first between north and south korea between two years and seven months took place at the sidelines of the asean meeting. both countries agreed to work
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toward restarting the stalled six-party talks. south korean chief negotiator wi sung lac and ri yong ho met for two hours on friday. the last such high-level contact was in december 2008 at six-party talks on the north's nuclear disarmament. the two koreas both agreed to make efforts toward restarting the six-party talks as soon as possible. >> translator: we again verified we are both in mind to fulfill the joint statement of the six-party talks. and try to make efforts for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we agreed to make efforts toward resumption of the six-party talks as soon as possible. >> translator: the meeting with my counterpart was constructive and useful. we agreed that both of us would
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try to make efforts to set conditions for the early resumption of the six-party talks. >> reporter: in recent years, north korea has hardened its stance and rejected dialogue with the south. tensions rose to the highest in years when north korea shelled yeonpyeong island off the west coast of the peninsula last year. it also allegedly sank a south korean naval vessel. their talks on friday are seen as a step forward in diplomatic efforts to resume negotiations that could lead to the resumption of six-party talks on the nuclear issue. meanwhile u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton met with her chinese counterpart ahead of saturday's asean regional forum. the u.s. is actively trying to increase its presence in the region where there are simmering disputes not only on the korean peninsula but also in the south china sea.
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>> i want to commend china and asean for working so closely together to include implementation guidelines for the declaration of conduct in the south china sea, and, of course, we will discuss our mutual desire for peace and stability on the korean peninsula. and i look forward to addressing these and other important issues. >> reporter: ministerial-level talks of the asean regional forum are scheduled for saturday as well as asean members and the united states chief delegates from china and north and south korea will also be present. now, nhk world's washington reporter is here in bali accompanying secretary of state clinton. she joins us for more. now, how is the united states likely to respond to these developments regarding north korea?
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>> reporter: the u.s. is increasingly concerned that north korea may have been pushing ahead with uranium enrichment while the six-party talks have been suspended. it's been acting in concert with other members indicating a three-stage process for restarting the six-party talks. they aim to have the two koreas open a dialogue first. that would be followed by meetings between the united states and north korea, and finally the multilateral talks would restart. but with that in mind the u.s. repeatedly urged the two koreas to open a dialogue in the lead-up to the asean regional forum. on friday high-level contact meetings between north and south korea did finally take place here in bali. a senior state department official indicated that the u.s.
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intends to keep tabs on how inter-korean contact development. it seems the u.s. wants to determine whether the north will take concrete actions towards a nuclear free korean peninsula. the u.s. is likely to consider opening a dialogue with the north after closely watching how things unfold between the two koreas. >> reporter: now, up until today the main topic of discussion here was the south china sea issue. what stance will the united states take at the asean regional forum about territorial disputes between china and southeast asian nations? >> reporter: right. well, for the united states the south china sea is a key supply channel for crude oil from the middle east, and at the same time it's strategically important to keep a check on the growing presence of the chinese navy. the united states, like asean, has insisted that problems in the south china sea should be resolved in multilateral talks. by contrast, china called for them only to be settled with the parties involved. guidelines were adopted for setting legally binding rules
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for peacefully solving problems in the south china that sea. the united states cautiously welcomed this agreement. it's likely to remind china about the agreement in the future to make sure it's not ignored. and clinton is also expected to put forward a u.s. proposal for easing tensions at the ministerial talks on saturday. china is increasingly nervous about u.s. involvement. the united states is likely to take the initiative in trying to persuade china to sincerely participate in the framework resolving problems in the south china sea. >> reporter: thank you so much indeed. now on saturday we will bring you the latest developments from the asean regional forum when all the main players, including the u.s., china, and the two koreas, they will all be present. so join us for the final day of our special coverage. i'm patchari raksawong reporting from here in bali.
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a panel in japan has decided for the second time for the chinese fishing boat. china criticized the decision. the collision occurred in the east china sea last september. the chinese response came one day after the panel voted on thursday. the vote mandates to start the proceedings to indict the chinese skipper. china's foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement on friday that the incident occurred in chinese territory where japan has no authority. he saying anything against it are illegal and invalid. observers say china is expected to continue rejecting the led legitimacy of the legal claims regarding the incident.
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that's because acceptance would mean china acknowledges sovereignty over the islands. this just in. the news agency reports several were injured. once again reuters says an explosion damaged the housing of the prime minister in oslo on friday. the news agency reports several people were injured. "on the road ahead," today we bring you a story about a british woman who continues to teach english near the crippled fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. she was forced to evacuate her home in the wake of a crisis. now the only english teacher in the city, she remains there so her students know they're not alone. >> reporter: alice teaches in a elementary school. part of the city has been included in the 20-kilometer
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evacuation joan. she came to japan 23 years ago and has been teaching english in fukushima prefecture ever since. at the time of the quake and tsunami, allison was teaching in the town where the fukushima daiichi plant is located. but following the nuclear disaster, the region was declared off limits, and its schools were shut down. allison, her husband, and their three children had to evacuate. five out of the six english teachers quit their jobs. >> translator: i felt it would be difficult to continue my work in the neighborhood. >> reporter: since the disaster, 12 schools have had to relocate into space borrowed from other schools. this building currently houses classes for children from four different schools. allison and her family have moved several times between
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evacuation centers and the homes of relatives. but she decided to continue teaching because she wanted to help children through the crisis. >> translator: i thought my classes could help them forget their everyday difficulties as wells what has happened since the march 11th disaster. i do my best to bring smiles to their faces. >> reporter: and so allison teaches at all the schools. she has over 530 students. she has a hectic schedule for monday through friday. sometimes moving to another school between classes. >> translator: i feel bad that i still can't remember all their names. my biggest challenge right now is to keep up with the teaching schedule. >> reporter: allison prepares
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for her classes on sundays at the home of the relatives she's staying with. using tools that make it fun for children to learn is an essential part of language teaching. but most of allison's equipment was left behind when she evacuated, and she hasn't been able to retrieve it. so aison turned to her former colleagues who now live abroad. she asked them to send unique stickers that she could distribute as rewards during her classes. the response was immediate. >> translator: these are from hong kong, and these are from the usa. they sent me lots of stickers. >> reporter: today, she's divided the class into teams for a game.
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when the game is over, each child receives a sticker. thanks to her devoted efforts over the past month, the kids are starting to smile again. >> translator: it's easy to understand and interesting. >> translator: i'm so happy i got a sticker. it's fun. >> translator: i want to go abroad and play with all kinds of people. >> translator: what i try to do is get the children to understand that we are all leading the same difficult lives as evacuees. my message is you are not alone, so let's get through this together. >> reporter: alison's attempts to make her students smile are helping the children through a very uncertain time. earlier we spoke with alison on the phone.
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she lives in fukushima prefecture. >> alison, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> now, teaching over 500 kids all by yourself must be very hard. what keeps you motivated? >> through my lessons i hope the children can forget what they've been through and enjoy themselves. since march 11th, everyone in this area has been through a lot. we lost so much in the earthquake, the tsunami and nuclear accident. every day we've been unsure what will happen next, but we have to move forward. it helps me to be busy every day, to do something positive, and not think too much about what has happened. >> how are the children handling the situation? >> they're doing a really good job. japanese children are usually very polite and quite shy, but since the earthquake, they've become more outgoing.
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i think they've learned the importance of communicating their feelings to others. we've all appreciated the support and love of family and friends and realized how important good human relations are in our lives. also we're all experiencing the same thing, so there's a very strong feeling of togetherness of the people here. >> so what can people in japan and around the world do to help them? >> actually, many people and groups from all over the world have helped, with donations of money, food and various supplies. the response has been really amazing. many, many people have also visited the school here and given their time, for example, to teach sports, perform music,
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or do art projects with the children. they've been very lucky, but i don't think the children's scars and insecurities will be healed soon. it will take a long time until we can all feel normal again, and people who have lost loved ones will never be able to return to life before march 11th. so just don't forget about us, and please don't let the same thing happen to anyone else. >> thank you, alison. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> that was alison nemoto, an english teacher in fukushima. in the fall alison will be joinched by another language teacher. then she'll have an ally in her campaign to bring smiles to the faces of children. "newsline" is the place to
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turn to. we have two segments. "nuclear watch" brings you insight and information on the impact of the fukushima daiichi crisis and "the road ahead" examines japan's efforts to recover and rebuild. don't miss nucle"nuclear watch" "the road ahead" on "newsline." as we've been reporting reuters says an explosion has damaged a building housing a building in the capital oslo on friday. the news agency reports several people were injured. once again, reuters says an explosion damaged a building housing the office of the prime minister in the norwegian capital of oslo on friday. the news agency reports several people were injured. the operator of the nuclear power plant in central japan will take measures to build an 18-meter high embankment by december next year.
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the electric power company said on friday that the breakwater will be three meters taller than the waves that hit fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant in march. the plant operator added the barrier will be ten meters taller than the highest waves that could be expected in three major earthquakes occurred in the area at the same time. the utility says it also plans to build a waterproof building to house a backup pump for injecting seawater into reactors, in case other cooling functions are lost due to tsunami flooding. the firm said the measures will cost around $1.3 billion. all five reactors at the plant have been shut down. this includes two that have already been closed for decommissioning. another one is down for scheduled checks, and the last two have been stopped by request of the prime minister. they say they will brief local residents on the new safety measures to gain support to resume operations at three reactors. in germany the bones of high-ranking nazi hess have been
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removed from his grave. hess served as deputy to adolf hitler when he founded the nazi party. after world war ii hess was sent to prison and died at the age of 93. he was buried in the southern german town. in recent years knee oh-nazi groups frequently visited his grave and held it as a shrine. in 2004 some 5,000 people across europe including protesters against ne-yo-nazi activities are said to have gathered at the site. his remains were removes after consulting hess's family. hess's bones were created and his ashes are to be gathered at sea.
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the sumo time and a highlight of day 13 of the july tournament from nagoya. this has lived up to the fan's expectations of quality sumo. again, so let's begin with the ozeki wanna wannabe. he must get 12 wins. he has met koto once and lost. right away, they meet for a battle and okinomi has his favorite grip. but neither has a right hand hold. he needs a right-hand grip as well but he is kept away and his blocks have become a tactile bout. the presence is forward, but as he reaches for the right hand outside grip, pressure is applied on his arm and is thrown from the right. a huge loss, he still needs two wins to have a chance to be promoted. nervous times ahead.
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harumafugi has added to it. hakuho chases him with one loss, so let's see how they faired. harumafugi is performing at the same top level he showed more than two years ago. in desperation, a head lock and lifting attempt seems in vain, but he props him with his knee and sends baruto to the clay. he remains undefeated and eliminates all men with three losses. hakuho can still win, but will go down to the day if he keeps winning. a disappointing basho but can rise to the occasion at times. an inside grip for a beautiful throw to keep his one-loss win. he may be chasing the winner if all goes to plan. the leaderboard has thinned
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to two men with a chance of grabbing the emperor's cup. harumafugi undefeated. hack cue hoe finds himself in a desperate situation, chasing with one loss. day 14 will be vital for him as he takes on hakuho. if he wins, it's his. if the no, the final day will be the decider. join me tomorrow for the results of day 14 action from nagoya. hello again. time to get you updated on the world's weather. let's start with ma-on. now this system has been with us for the last week or so. it is moving away from japan as we speak. this is the cloud mass right here. so it looks quite far away, but look at what it's doing. you haven't seen the last of it quite yet. it's going go moving toward the north, parallel with the coast of japan, maintaining its strength as a severe tropical storm until monday when it should become a low-pressure system.
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maybe sunday into monday. now, although we won't be seeing the rain from it, it is quite far away now, we will still be feeling the winds generated by the system in the southern japanese islands and then along the pacific coast of japan as it travels north, so not out of the woods yet with this system, and we'll just be keeping an eye on it into the weekend. most of japan will be dry, clear, and getting hotter into the weekend. as for northeastern china, storms here and rain is going to be intensifying around the beijing area. you'll be seeing some heavy rain developing over the next couple of days. also down toward central and southwestern southern china, you're going to be seeing some showers also intensifying here. northern indo-china getting in on some of the action too. as for the east and southeast, mostly looking dry. it is going to be very hot in shanghai. 35 for you. taipei also seeing 35 for the high on saturday. chongoing, 33 as well as hong kong and manila, all with the same figure there, 31.
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and bangkok. meanwhile, 27 is going to be the high in tokyo as well as seoul. as we head into north america, i want to show you what's happening down here with dora. you can see the way that the system over the 24-hour forecast starts to dissipate and fall apart. well, it is now already a category 1 system, and i think that by tonight, that is u.s. local time, it should be a tropical storm. but it is going to be moving fairly close to the baja peninsula as it heads to the north and to the west. wind speeds are at 150 kilometers an hour with stronger gusts. right here at the end of peninsula, you can see the pinch area. this is our tropical storm warning. so you will be having the thunderstorms and storm surge as well. high waves to be dealing with into the next 24 to 48 hours. all right. as we head now up to the big picture, severe storms are going to be pushing along the northern tier of the u.s. around i think the heaviest rain is going to be in north dakota, maybe south
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dakota getting some of that as well as montana. as for up toward canada, alberta and saskatchewan, maybe moderate showers out here. they won't be as intense. showers will be pushing into the northeast. that's nottet a bad thing. it will be helping to push the temperatures down into the weekend. take a look at the highs forecast for friday. 37, new york city, 39 in d.c. and to give you an idea of the departure from average, we're talking about, philadelphia, nine above average, boston, nine above average. so this unrelenting heat is going to be with most of you for the next few days. do take care if that is you. all right. into europe, to the west, showers, nothing too substantial. but the heavy rain is going to be continuing across scandinavia, down through northern germany, and pulling into the baltic states as well. along the front the storms moving down into the black sea. this is going to be shifting away over the next 48 hours and easing off as well. then we have another area intensifying here across the alpine region and down toward
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the balkans. temperatures fairly cool in the west. 17 in london. keeping the heat in the east. 31 in athens. here's your extended forecast. as we said reuters has reported a building explosion in the prime minister's house at
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the regional capital of oslo. the prime minister is safe. it blew out many windows on the 17-story building. they say several people were injured. reuters says an close damaged a government building housing the prime minister's office in the regional capital of oslo on friday. the norwegian news agency says the prime minister is safe. reuters also reports the blast blew out many windows on the 17-story building. the news agency building says several people were injured. that's our broadcast for this hour on "newsline." we'll be back with more news in half an hour. i'm michio kijima in tokyo. thank you for watching. bye-bye.
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