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tv   Journal  PBS  August 30, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> hello and a warm welcome coming to you from dw here in berlin. >> here is what is coming up in the next half-hour -- beijing tells the german chancellor it could provide eurozone support but says it still has serious concerns. >> egypt's president and what he calls the regime and a series of non-aligned nations in tehran. >> samsung brings the battle for smartphone dominance to the electronics fair in berlin.
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>> we start in china where the german chancellor is trying to make the big sell. that means getting beijing on board to invest more not only in germany but in government bonds in the eurozone. >> the goal is to help prop up -- prop up the block. chinese officials have long had a wait-and-see approach, but now, the premier says the government will extend consultation to all parties involved to support indebted eu member states. >> the chinese premier said the german chancellor had eased his fears about the eurozone. he also said china was willing to keep investing in the future of the euro, though it would have to evaluate the risks involved, and he encouraged european countries to speed up their rescue efforts. >> today, chancellor merkel described the state of things to me. after listening to her, my trust
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is strengthened. but i must say quite earnestly that the implementation of bailout measures has not move forward much. >> for the second consecutive year, china and germany held joint cabinet meetings. seven of merkel's ministers travel to beijing. they signed lucrative deals, including a major sale of european airbus planes to china. merkel also raised some awkward issues -- german concerns about product piracy as well as the restrictions based by german journalists in china. >> i think that what i said about the working conditions of journalists was taken very seriously. we both share the view that fair reporting provides the basis for our people to get to know each other. >> china will soon undergo a
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change of leadership. in anticipation, merkel is also meeting with the vice president, who is widely expected to become the country's next president. >> for more on the story, we spoke with our correspondent in beijing and asked whether eurozone countries could expect china to invest its huge foreign currency reserves in eu bailout. >> i think the eurozone countries can expect china to invest. they indicated on several occasions that they will. what we're waiting to see is how exactly this will happen. they have said they will do it, but there has not been much movement yet. the conditions will definitely be that the eurozone countries, particularly greece, spain, and italy, who were singled out by the premier today -- that they do more to increase budget cuts and get their finances in order. he mentioned this today during the meeting with the chancellor.
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she in response said that the eurozone had an absolute fiscal will to stabilize the currency, and these are the kind of messages the chinese will be wanting to hear before they make any major steps in investing in the stability funds to stabilize the debt crisis. >> chinese leaders may be showing some reluctance when it comes to investing in indebted nations. that cannot be said about investing in european businesses. >> airbus signed a major deal, but they were not alone. executives from some of germany's top companies were also part of the chancellor's delegation. >> airbus may not have sold as many planes as it hoped. still, the european aerospace company is perhaps the real winner of chancellor angela merkel's visit to china. chinese representatives are set to buy 50 of airbus' aircraft, but there were rumors that china
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wanted to buy 100 of the new passenger jets. the deal also seized airbus' only production facility outside the eu. the new agreements will net airbus more than 4 billion euros in total, but the agreement is not just profitable -- it is politically important as well. chinese airlines refuse to pay environmental protection taxes required by the eu, and china recently canceled a similar deal due to a spat with regulators. business leaders from both countries also agreed to expand the chinese telecom network, and volkswagen ag aims to expand its chinese operations. local consumers buy more volkswagen product than germans do, and the german company has long seen china as a key market. vw produces cars and components in 11 chinese factories, and has plans to build a new plant. groundbreaking is scheduled for friday, and chancellor merkel will be in attendance.
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>> moving on to other international news stories now. world leaders have strongly criticized iran's support of the syrian regime at talks hosted by tehran. >> egypt's president says only effective interference from outside will end the bloodshed in syria. his strong words are considered a snub to the host of the non- aligned nation summit. >> the egyptian leader's visit to iran signaled a major shift in foreign policy for both countries. >> the iranian state television broadcast the arrival of the egyptian president live. he is the first egyptian head of state to visit iran since the country's islamic revolution in 1979. observers have said that the visit might signal a new era of cooperation and send a message that iran is not isolated. but the egyptian president defied expectations when he denounced the regime of the
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syrian president, a key ally of iran. >> it is an ethical duty and a political and strategic necessity to show solidarity with the syrian people against a regime that has lost its legitimacy. >> the speech made it clear that egypt will chart its own course rather than marching in lockstep with tehran as some had feared. further pressure on the host country came from the united nations. united nations secretary general said that iran must take concrete steps to prove that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, as it claims. he also slammed the heightened rhetoric surrounding iran's dispute with israel. >> i strongly reject threats by any member states to destroy another or outrageous attempts to deny historical facts such as
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the holocaust. >> ban's criticism may go some way towards calming fears about his presence. >> the head -- ahead of another united nations security council meeting on the situation in syria, britain and france have called for greater international aid to help refugees fleeing the conflict. >> the british and french ministers cent -- said safe zones to protect civilians were unlikely. ministers from neighboring turkey, lebanon, and jordan are also attending the security council meeting. >> they are struggling to cope with the massive influx of assyrian refugees. >> this is a refugee camp in jordan close to the syrian border. 22,000 refugees live in this tent city. the number is expected to quadruple by the end of the year. conditions are hard. several countries have sent technicians to the area to help.
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>> we have assisted jordan with 10 million years to help people in the area where the refugees are staying to improve water provision and the health situation. >> in addition, the european union has provided 146 million euros in humanitarian aid, including 35.1 million from britain and 11.1 million from sweden. germany is the third biggest contributor, supplying a further 10.73 million as part of the fund, but the situation is worsening. around the turkish border, refugees are fending for themselves as camps inside the country are full. turkey has called for safe zones. german opposition parties want more radical action. >> germany must now say they will take in refugees without any bureaucratic hurdles. people who come to journey to germany or its neighboring countries. >> that is not in the cards, but berlin says it is seeking a political solution to the conflict to enable syrian civilians to return to their own
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homes as quickly as possible. >> we will be looking at the power of images in the syrian conflict. >> and their potential for manipulation. that is later in this half hour. >> we turn our attention to the united states where mitt romney is gearing up for what could be the speech that defines his campaign. later on today, he will be accepting the republican nomination for president. >> analysts say independent voters have yet to make up their minds about the multimillionaire. >> ronnie's vice-presidential candidate had his moment at the microphone -- ronnie -- romney's vice president joe kennedy. >> paul ryan was not well known to national audiences before he was chosen as mitt romney's running mate. in the biggest speech of his political career to date, he attacked the incumbent's deficit spending. >> president obama has added more debt than any other
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president before him and more than all the troubled governments of europe combined. one president, one term -- five trillion dollars in new debt. -- $5 trillion in new debt. >> ryan's conservative credentials make him popular.
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>> the champions league draw has finalized the groups that have been battling it out for europe's top soccer club honor. reigning bundesliga chance have drawn a tough card -- they will be facing off against spain pose a madrid, and the english champions and dutch city.
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>> the winner of last year's tournament are hoping to make it two in a row, but the other big- name club in their group will be looking to give them a run for their money. >> as well bayern-munich who still remember the heartbreaking loss to chelsea in last year's final. they will take on spain's valencia. >> the other team in competition will play the english premier league side arsenal as well as reigning greek champions and french debutantes. the first set of champions league group matchups kicks off on september 18 and 19. ok, after a short break, we will be back with one of our main stories, and that is the conflict in syria. we will be taking a closer look at the power of images there. >> stick around. we will be back in exactly one
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>> welcome back. we return now to one of our main stories. united nations security council is to meet on syria later today as violence in the country rages on with no sign of letting up. >> on wednesday, the syrian president rejected moves to create buffer zone in his country. assad claims he is trying to crush a terrorist movement and it might take time. >> the rebels want an end to assad's repressive regime. in the past year, we have seen lots of images of the violence on television, but it is hard to tell which ones we can actually believed. >> these images were not filled by journalists. they were taken by the demonstrators themselves who later posted them online.
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the pictures show protests against the assad regime, but syrian state tv also broadcast its own footage, showing regime supporters rallying behind president bashar al assad. our historian has studied the depiction of terror and violence throughout the ages, and she says both sources are problematic. >> the footage we are getting from conflict areas are being provided by certain groups with their own special interests. they are not coming from neutral war reporters or journalists. they are coming from parties involved in the fighting. pictures, especially images of violence, always have a purpose, carry an intended message, so you have to ask yourself -- what is that came? >> then there's the lack of verification for most footage.
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this journalist has spent many years in syria and says it is possible to tell the difference between propaganda and information. >> when you are looking at a demonstration that comes under fire and three demonstrators are lying in their own blood on the street, that is not manipulated. it is an authentic. so are pictures of grenade attacks in major cities that cannot be faked. >> regime opponents have been honing their tactics. for example, they fell signs that show the time and date of the demonstrations. the conflict in syria has turned increasingly brutal as the fighting drags on. the most violent images do not have any reference to time or place. >> we have to be careful with pictures of corpses or people who have been tied up and
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apparently executed. here we have to closely examine the circumstances -- who are the victims and who is in control of the area? who found it? what do the families say? are there multiple sources? >> in may 2012, reports of a massacre shocked people around the world. both sides spread graphic images. tv stations had to decide what was suitable for broadcast. >> you have to show a degree of violence to reflect how dramatic the situation is in syria. i think victims' privacy rights are respected when their faces are not shown. >> an important rule is that when victims are shown, no matter how badly the behavior in the past, you cannot show the pictures. the dead are also entitled to respect. just like you do not desecrate graves. the dead deserve respect, and the same applies to victims in conflicts like this c
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>> analysts say the monthly increase in joblessness is bigger than usual for this time of year, giving some pawpaws -- giving some cause for concern. >> staying with german employment, among germany's senior citizens, it turns out more of them are heading back to work. >> a study by the nuremberg institute of employment research says the number of people working over the age of 60 has doubled in the past couple of decades.
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some are looking for jobs out of necessity because they cannot live on their retirement funds. >> others are being called back to work because of recent -- shortage. >> after six years of retirement, johann is once again attending meetings. his employer asked him to come back and give them the benefit of his long experience. when the call came, he did not hesitate. he is mastering the skills of getting along in a workplace dominated by young people. >> i introduce myself to them personally and even began to address them on a first name basis. i know young people like that because i have a son the same age. if i happen to have a technical problem, i just raised my hand, and people come over and help me out. >> in the coming months, auto plants to recall some 34 former executives and i.t. specialists
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from retirement. >> we think senior employees have an unbelievable amount of expertise and experience. and it is valuable to us that they no longer have any career ambitions but willingly share their knowledge with their teams. we feel that creates a good working environment for both young and old. he comes in two days a week to help out with the conversion to the new computer system. could younger i.t. specialist be doing his job? only a few months ago, otto announced it was forced to lay off 4000 workers due to restructuring. >> it sounds like a contradiction, but it is wrong to think i am taking away somebody's job.
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the job i am doing now only runs until the end of next june. both are important. young and old support each other. in this case, we could not do it without this older employees. we are transitioning from an older system, and we need his know-how. nobody thinks he is taking away anybody's job. that is incorrect. >> the first member of the new x-retiree pool. word of his rehiring has gone around the company and outside. otto is getting e-mails from other retired employees who would like to get working again. >> things seem to be looking up for the german plant and heavy machinery industry, despite sluggish domestic demand, foreign orders increase in july. >> over the first half of 2012, experts -- exports rose nearly 9%, largely on the strength of eurozone orders. strong demand also came from the united states and russia.
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>> those strong export figures from the german engineering sector should help to boost the mood among traders in frankfurt, but things are not always so straightforward. our markets correspondent explains. >> good news or a problem for some investors? for example, to found the speculation of more intervention by the central banks, it is necessary that the economy continues to perform rather weakly. but now, the encouraging order influx for the german engineering firms was reported, and german exports in general continue to be robust. in the united states for the first time in several months, consumer spending increased. it could be that more intervention by central banks, more quantitative easing proves to be unnecessary. at least a tvs -- at least it is becoming more difficult to argue for it. >> let's take a closer look at some of the market numbers now.
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the dax close over 1.5% down. your stocks 50 closed 1.25% down. across the atlantic, the dow jones is currently going down over 0.5%, and the euro is trading at $1.2510. >> for those of you who are into technology -- that includes you -- berlin is definitely the place to be right now. that is because the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in the world is under way here. >> and korean electronics giant samsung has shown american arch- rival apple that although it may have lost its latest legal battle, it is far from losing the global smartphone war. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the latest addition to our category. >> the class of the smartphone titans has entered a new round with the unveiling of samsung co the latest handset, the first to
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use microsoft's windows 8 software, catching both nokia and apple off guard. on friday, a u.s. jury ordered samsung to pay apple $1 billion in damages for ripping off features of the company's iphone, but instead of licking its wounds, samsung has hit back with a new device and a new operating system. >> it is a complete different device. we cannot say it looks like the iphone because it is so much bigger, so much different. >> television makers are also banking on a smart future by integrating the internet and the goggle box. smart tv's allow instant access to movies and shows, and sales are already surging in germany. >> over 5.7 million smart tv's will be sold this year. that means out of 10 million new tv sets, half will have internet connectivity. >> but analysts say that even smart tv's will not sustain
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growth in a saturated market. they expect nearly all german households to have a flat screen television by 2016. >> my grandmother actually just joined the group of flat screen tv's for the first time. it is not pretty. have you ever watched a 3-d flat screen tv? >> i have. as he is interesting. >> and you have to wear those glasses while watching television. you are up-to-date on this hour on the "journal." don't forget, you can find more on our website, thanks for watching. see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
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