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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 2, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani and here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. democrats and republicans in the u.s. congress still can't narrow their differences in the standoff, so the government shutdown enters day two. they would launch an attack
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on north korea if they detected signs the country was about to initiate a nuclear attack. and it happens just once every 20 years, but when one of shi o shinto's most important goddesses moves house it's spectacular. republican and democratic law maeks in the u.s. are blaming each other for a partial government shutdown. they failed to agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year that began tuesday. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are facing unpaid leave. president obama is blaming the republican-led house of representatives. legislators there are demanding that the budget bill includes a delay in immreming obama's health care reforms. >> they've shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of americans. >> obama warned the longer the shutdown goes on, the worse the impact will be. house lawmakers on tuesday proposed legislation to restart
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some government functions including national parks. but democrats in the house and senate oppose the idea. the standoff hasn't affected the health care reform yet. americans can now sign up for insurance popularly known as obama care. coverage will start in january. the government shutdown isn't just affecting americans. tourists are also feeling the impact. major sightseeing attractions have been closed including the grand canyon national park which is a designated unesco world heritage site. >> we are at the south rim of the grand canyon where the park staff is overwhelmed with turning down visitors. on tuesday they were turned down who explained the park would be closed until further notice. >> we've driven 1,415 miles since we left nebraska. we made plans for this trip in july of last year. if we can plan ahead why can't
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the government plan ahead? >> smithsonian museums and the u.s. capital have also had to shut their doors. websites are not being updated. they're not affecting police and firefighters. public transport is still running and schools remain open. air traffic control facilities and security checks at the nation's airports are also operating normally. u.s. president obama will cut short his upcoming trip to asia because of the partial shutdown of the government. obama is due to arrive in bali, indonesia, on saturday for the summit meeting of the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum. he was then scheduled to travel to brunei for the east asia summit and to malaysia and the philippines. the tour was supposed to last one week. the malaysia state-run media quoted the prime minister as saying president obama has postponed his visit there. a senior u.s. government official told nhk the president
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has also canceled his trip to the philippines. the u.s. government has yet to announce if the president will attend the a.p.e.c. as scheduled. the the defense chiefs of the united states and south korea have agreed to launch a preemptive strike if they find definite signs that north korea is about to use nuclear weapons. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel met with south korean defense minister kim kwan-jin in seoul. they discussed how to deal with the north's nuclear threats. south korean officials said the two agreed to strike north korea to prevent a nuclear attack. >> north korea's policies and provocations pose a serious threat to regional stability and global security. >> the united states raised its alert level against north korea after it launched a rocket in december and conducted its third nuclear test in february.
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the u.s. government now regards the northeat to the u.s. mainland. chinese state-run media has shown footage of a military drone the country claims is the one of the world's most advanced. the report comes as neighboring countries heighten alert over military activities. china central television broadcast video of the drone in flight. an engineer involved in its development said the drone has a wingspan of 14 meters and can fly for 20 hours without refueling. it is fitted with missiles and has a camera to film targets on the ground. last month more than 30 typeses of unmanned aircraft were displayed at an aviation expo in beijing. china is boosting its drive with an eye to overseas sales. it was spotted for the for the first time last month over china airspace. the two sides are arranging
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a meeting of cabinet-level officials. taiwanese authorities say the meeting the take place next week. wang yu-chi upon take place as zhang zhiju nushgs. the the two men will join talks with jinping. the meeting will happen on the sidelines of the a.p.e.c. summit in indonesia. media reports in taiwan say the cabinet-level contact could pave the way for talks at the top level. they say xi may meet jo in the a.p.e.c. summit. managers of japan's damaged nuclear plant have been trying to find out how four tons of radioactive rain water spilled from a storage tank. they say workers at fukushima daiichi may have been pumping it into the wrong container. an official with plant operator, tokyo electric power company says crews were pumping up pools of contaminated rain water.
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the tropical storm passed over the complex last month. rain built up inside barriers around tanks used to store contaminated water. the crews may have transferred it to the wrong tank leading to an overflow. workers measured the level of radiation inside the tank after the leak. it was 13 times higher than the government's safety limit for releasing tainted water into the ocean. for some reason the level of radiation and the rain water has doubled since measurements was taken just after the storm. plant managers are looking into what caused the spike. chinese presideime minister
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jinping. >> the trip is to bolster economic cooperation with indonesia which has the largest population and economy among asean member nations. this is xi's first visit to southeast asia since he took office in march. he said the two countries would establish a comprehensive, strategic partnership and raise bilateral relations to a new level according to a report of the state-run news agency xinhua. he told reporters that the two leaders will discuss strengthening bilateral ties as well as relationships between china and the asean region as a whole. china has been locked in disputes with asean members over territories in the south china sea. the issue is on the east asia summit to be held in brunei next week. indonesia has not had any territorial disagreements with china. xi is apparently trying to enhance ties with the country which has acted as a broker in
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the disputes. >> myanmar's president is making his first visit to the western state since religious violence erupted there over a year ago. continued fighting with the muslim population is casting a shadow. the president on tuesday arrived in the capital which borders bangladesh. clashes broke out in the state in june 2012 and spread to the other area of myanmar. tensions have been mounting in southern part of the state. in the past few day, bists have torched dozens of muslim homes and surrounded a mofshg in the township. on monday armed police dispersed a crowd around 200 buddhists. >> translator: military and police forces won't be enough to control the situation. these burnings, killings and violence will only end when you take part in maintaining peace
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yourselv yourselves. >> clashes between buddhists and muslims have displaced 140,000 people and killed several hundred since last year. most of the displaced are muslims who are denied citizenship by the myanmar's government. thin seine is following military rule and he is failing to protect muslims. the president apparently wants to show both internationally and domestically that he's taking an active interest in the issue by visiting the heart of the sectarian violence. despite the presidential visit, a new round of violence flared up on tuesday. more than 700 buddhists and they took to the strips where they are set fire on homes. a 94-year-old muslim woman was killed. a bombing in southern thailand killed four people on wednesday. the incident is the latest in
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the series of attacks launched by insurgents seek independence for the provinces of the largely buddhist country. four soldiers were killed and three civilians were injured according to the internal operations command. the bomb was hidden underneath the surface and was set off when a convoy patrolled the area. the thai government and major militant groups have been in talks with march in an effort to end the long-running conflicts. the last official talks were over three months ago and the schedule for next round hasn't been confirmed. >> violence has been intense feeing since, which have a predom minutely population. fierce battles have killed more than 5,800 people and that wraps up our bulletin. i'm alcohcholaphansa.
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policymakers at the european central bank have decided to keep their key interest rate unchanged at a record low level of 0.5%. the bank's governing council held its approximately see meeting in paris on wednesday. mario draghi said at a news conference that there are signs of gradual improvement and economic activitieses. he said the region's gdp moved into positive territory in the april to june quarter, but the future outlook remains uncertain. >> unemployment in the euro area remains high and the necessary balance in the public and private sectors will continue to weigh on economic activity. >> tension in italy is causing tension following the resignation of five cabinet ministers loyal to former prime minister berlusconi.
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the policymakers want to wait and see how a govern the should thedown in the u.s. will affect the markets. the federal reserve's possible tapering of the bond buying program is seen as another factor that may have an impact. >> officials at the asia development bank have downgraded their growth outlook for the asia pacific region. they say the u.s.' federal reserve is destabilizing financial markets. >> the officials say asia's 45 developing economies will grow 6% this year overall. the pace is slower than the past prediction of 6.6% announced in april. it's also less than last year's actual growth rate of 6.1%. an accurate prediction will mean the economy will have contracted every year since 2011. bank officials revised lower the the growth rate for india from 6% to 4.7%. they cited the country's huge deficit and delays in structural
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reform. they also lowered the prediction for indonesia from 6.4% to 5.7%. the official reduced their protection for china from 8.2% to 7.6% quoting an economic slowdown, but they welcomed the chinese government's efforts toward more sustainable growth. officials cut their overall growth estimate for their region from 2014 by half a percentage point to 6.2%. they called for the structural reform to stabilize financial markets and achieve sustainable expansion. the japanese government plans to close low monitor whether a $50 billion stimulus package will lead to an increase in wages. the new package is set to be formulated in december. ahead of the plan consumption tax hike to 4% next april. chief cabinet secretary suga said the new measures are aimed at bringing around an increase in business profits and wages.
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this should lead to the creation of new jobs. >> translator: the government will, as far as possible, consider various measures to understand how businesses reflect higher profits in payments to their workers. of course, we will look closely at how the trend in wages moves. on the issue of raising the consumption tax to 10% in october 2015, suga said no decision has been made. the the bank of japan's aggressive money-boosting measures has sent its monetary base to a record high for the seventh month in a row. the monetary base represents the amount of money the central bank applies to the marks. it deposits held by the boj. central bank officials said it amounted to $1.9 trillion at the end of september, that's up 5% since august. the boj has been injecting large
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amounts of money into the market since april when an aggressive monetary easing policy was started. that's to double the monetary base in two years to pull the country out of deflation. boj officials predict the monetary base will exceed $2 trillion by the end of the year. analysts are watching to see if the massive funds will help boost lending to businesses and snds. it's makers around the world are competing to develop safer driver technologies. japan has unveiled a new device that can detect brake lights and automatically slow down. the manufacturer of subaru cars has adopted a safety system that enables a car to brake automatically. the technology features two cameras that measure the distance from the vehicle in front. company executives say they have improved the cameras to recognize colors such as those of brake lights. they say this feature will
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quickly slow the car, enhancing safety. the company also unveiled another technology that assists steering. this will keep the driver's car in the middle of a lane on an expressway. the system comes with a camera that recognizes lanes. fuji heavy industries plan it install these safety features in its new models set to be released next year. now here are the latest market figures.
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japanese researchers are claiming a new advance in organ regeneration. they say they have succeeded in building tear and salivary glands in mice. the finding raises hope from millions of people suffering from dry eye and dry mouth syndromes. professor of tokyo university of science is leading the research. his team cultured two types of cells taken from mouse. they grew them into primitive glands and then they transplanted these proto organs that lacked tear and salivary glands. the glands knitted with adjacent tissue and functioned properly. the next stage is applying this method to humans. they can't use human embryo owes for ethical reasons and they plan to carry out similar experiences that can be grown into any kind of body tissue. >> translator: we focused on
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exocrine glands. we hope this method can regenerate other organs as well. the published in the journal communications. there are two tropical storms and rachel ferguson has the weather. what's the latest? >> hi there. things are looking to be more settled on thursday across much of japan. today we had that storm pass by. this one is sipat. it's currently giving us winds of 72 kilometers an hour with gusts up over 100 kilometers an hour and it does look like it will stay offshore as it heads to the north and east. we'll be bringing in rough seas, high waves and heavier showers, too, to parts of eastern hokkaido on tuesday, but as it moves away those will start to diminishi diminish and things will be settled across japan. however, there will be another system and this one, on the other hand, is just starting to
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switch up again. this one is fito which has become a severe tropical storm and it's heading into hokkaido -- sorry, heading into okinawa, i should say and heading into the islands over the weekend with very heavy rain. we're starting to model start to curve further toward the west so it could be impacting portions of southeastern china, and also, of course, taiwan and waiting to see what this storm is going do as it develops. looking quite wet across indochina across the monsoon and up toward the philippines and up to the north and much of china, too, things will be quite dry and pleasant. temperatures in the mid-20s as well as beijing, shanghai and chongqing. down toward the south we will see some more thunderstorms in the tropics and temperatures in the low 30s. on into the americas. quite a settled day as well and that is's change as we head on into thursday. well is another storm coming to
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the northwest and this will bring the snow. in idaho, you can see five to 15 centimeters of snow. into the central and northern planes from nebraska into iowa. >> some storms could be on the nasty side. so you will see temperatures coming down as the system passes. >> down toward the south we're seeing some showers here. there shouldn't be anything particularly heavy and let's take a look again at the temperatures because these will be impacted over the next couple of days. at the moment we have 26 in denver as we head on into thursday and friday. that will come down to the upper teens. we'll see those temperatures being impacted into central and northern portions of the continent and then down towards the southwest. we have a totally different story here. conversely, temperatures in l.a. will spike up to almost 10 degrees in some places so do watch for that sudden warm up and the potential for fire
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weather here as humidity drops. on finally into europe. things still wet and wild and much of eastern france and the western portions of the iberian peninsula. heavy rain particularly impacting scotland and there you see the winds being very strong as well and generally it's pretty settled across much of europe. high pressure is in place. lots of sunny skies, but the temperatures while looking very autumnal, if not wintry here is struggling to get into the double digits across eastern and western europe. 9 in warsaw and we're hitting the snow out here in western russia and 5 degrees in russia and 8 in bucharest. it's looking more moderate for you. here's your extended forecast.
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one of japan's most sacred rituals is taking place today 20 years after it took price. the sie shrine is considered the source of shinto, the traditional faith of many in japan. it's dedicated to the goddess omikami. her name translates as
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magnificent goddess who likes the heavens. in the ceremony known as the sengu, priests move a symbol of the goddess to a new identical shrine just a few meters away. with more, here's nhk world's nakajima. >> i'm at the entrance to the shrine of one of japan's most sacred places. the area beyond this bridge is a territory of a goddess. on other days, people can worship here, but tonight the most important ceremony of the entire sengu is taking place. only people with special permission are allowed inside. a new sanctuary for the goddess is built for each ceremony. the ritual goes back to more than 1,300 years ago. tonight, it is reaching its climax. the moving of the deity to a new
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sanctuary. why it started is actually unknown. some say it is to preserve the traditional techniques of shrine construction by building an identical structure next to the old one over and over again. others say its aim is to constantly rebuild so it will not decline. ceremonies for this particular sengu began eight years ago. it it started with the cutting down of the japanese cypress to build a new sanctuary. the trees grow in a specially protectioned forest. >> tonight, the most sacred of all of the ceremonies has taken place. thor is money toe transfer the symbol of the deity to the new shrine was completed a short while ago.
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at 1:00 this afternoon worship at the shrine was closed to the public. at 6:00 this evening drums signaled the entry of participants including japanese prime minister shinzo abe, the chief priest in traditional attire and a member of the imperial family. the procession then made its way toward the old sanctuary. ♪ ♪ >> at 8:00 p.m. after nightfall priests carried the symbol of the deity behind a surrounding white silk screen from the old sanctuary to the new one. at the very same time in the imperial palace in tokyo, the emperor considered a descendant of the deity played his part in the ritual. mr. sven voss is an architect.
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he has taken part in the last two rituals as a special worshipper. voss conducts research into the shrine. >> it's very important because i think this is the only place in the world where we have an event like this, where we have a tradition like this. of course, in other parts of the world buildings have been reconstructed, but usually it's one off and it's not on a regular basis where every 20 years the buildings are re-created and where there is a chance to keep asian traditions in terms of the carpentry and the craftsmanship to keep that alive and thriving. so we have some of the best carpentry in the world. >> the eight-year ritual will come to an end in four days. nakajima. nhk world, ise. >> he will join us again
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tomorrow for this half hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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