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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

5:30 pm you can follow me on twitter. see you right i curate :00 p.m. -- right back here at 8:00 p.m.. captioned by the national captioning institute hello and welcome t "newsline." i'm catherine in tokyo. south korea says the north korea nuclear reactor has resumed. the head of south korea national intelligence service made the confirmation news at the national assembly committee. the graphite moderated reactor
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is in action. in august, the military detected higher than normal levels of zenon. the u.s. government has confirmed that steam is generated by the facility. the reactor was desimilarableled in 1998. he told the committee north korea tested the engine for long range missiles in late august. >> russian president vladimir putin says he wants to resolve a dispute. he met with shinzo abe on the sidelines of the summit in bali ind knee city of los angeles. they agreed to push forward in negotiations on a peace treaty. >>translator: conditions are met to work toward a treaty with japan based on realistic plans. >> russian and japanese leaders
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have argued over the a rans off northern japan. troops seized four islands athe war. putin says russians and japanese have cooperated in energy and other fields. he said concluding the peace treaty requires they create the image of a friend rather than an enemy. leaders of a group of nations are on track to finalize a free trade deal by the end of the year. some analysts say they're too optimistic about what they need to accomplish before the transpacific partnership becomes reality. the members of 12 member nations met in bali. they say negotiates need to resolve all outstanding issues. abe says the tpp would trigger economic development around the pacific rim. he urged negotiators to do whatever they can to meet the deadline. they've made progress over the past several months forwards
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eliminating tariffs on farm and industrial goods. members wanted to reach an agreement by this time. participants continue to hold working level talks. ministers involved in the negotiations will hold their next meetings in december. now we spoke to nhk world in bali. he tells us there's doubt the tpp members can come up with a pact by the year end deadline. >>translator: right now it's unlikely the leaders will sign a tpp pact on time. those from the u.s. and emerging economies are having trouble narrowing differences. they are stuck on issues such as copy right and patent protection along with fair private sector and state owned businesses. officials say negotiations over the elimination of tariffs on farmed and other products will
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likely continue into next year. some government officials in emerging economies have been critical of the united states stance. they say american delegates are pushing their own business rules too hard. meanwhile, chinese leaders seem to be alarmed by the growing u.s. presence in the asia pacific. they consider the tpp just one example, so they're trying to counter this move. along with their work to boost the frame work, they want to hammer out a series of multilateral and by lateral economic agreement. the united states and china will continue their race to gain the upper hand in the asia pacific. nhk world, bali, indonesia. >> the chief economist for the international monetary fund has
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warned u.s. lawmakers about the dangers of defaulting on the national debt. a default would have catastrophic consequences and not only for americans. in the latest report, imf economists lowered the forecast for globalle economic growth. they noted further risk from a political standoff over the budget. >> if they do not make payments on some of the bonds that they oh, it becomes pay bigger issue because for a long time treasury bills are considered totally safe. >> bashar said the u.s. recovery could turn to recession and other countries could get caught up. they looked at japan in the report. they forecast growth of 2%. next year that will drop to 1.2%. they pointed toward a hike next april in consumption tax.
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>> it is clear that much of the adjustment will have to take reform of increasing consumption tax. this is just the first stage probably of further increases later. >> the japanese government will raise the tax in april to 8%. the plan is to raise it to 10% in 2015. two scientists who developed a theory 50 years ago about a tiny particle have won the biggest award in their field, the nobel prize in physics. often called the god particle gives mass to all things. existence was confirmed last year. >> 2013 nobel prize in physics
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to professor at the university and professor peter higgs united kingdom. >> higgs and eglor wrote. the nobel committee says the discovery was confirmed in 2012 by research at an underground lab in switzerland. 6,000 participated in the project using a particle accelerator. >> they say this is key to understanding how the world is constructed. they believe without it, there would be no gravity and no universe. now we give some background. >> the universe was created in the big bang $13.8 billion years
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ago. scientists say in the moments afterward, particles raced around without any mass. at some point, the higgs bo son showing pink filled the space when free flying particles collided with the bosons. movement was restricted. they contained mass. scientists believe this caused the particles to stick together leading to the creation of star, planets and eventually people. >> the model of physics suggests the universe is made up of 17 basic particles. fiz cysts confirmed 16 of these. finding the last one has not been easy. the higgs boson is tiny and can be found in the presence of other particles. scientists at the organization for nuclear research known as
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san used the particle accelerator to track it down. they accelerated two beams of protons close to light speed and then fired them in different direction, down 27 kilometer long circular tunnel. the protons smashed into each other creating numerous biparticles. scientist analyzed the data and found evidence of a new particle consistent with the higgs boson. nhk world. >> japanese firms and scientists played a part in the discovery. they rejoiced over the nobel win. now we have the details. >> reporter: a japanese company succeeded in creating the 40 kilometer wire from a 1 meter copper tube. this was used to make
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electromagnetic coils to control protons flying around tracks close to the speed of light inside the exelerator. another firm worked on eliminating the electronic resistance by creating a system to cool the wire down to minus 271 degrees. about 100 japanese scientists worked to develop a way of analyzing the huge amounts of data that led to the discovery of the particle. >>translator: japanese firms and young researchers made great contributions to the discovery. i'm glad the academy has recognized the importance of our studies. >> reporter: the research center says japanese technology was an essential part of the project's success.
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nhk world. delegates from 140 countries and regions are meeting in japan to adopt a treaty to regulate the use and trade of mercury. the three day united nations conference for the convention on mercury opens wednesday. it's named after the southern japan town. decades ago, pollution poisoned citizens. birth defects resulted. this was to raise awareness for health problems related to mercury. the conditions are on the rise. delegates agreed on a draft treaty in switzerland in january. it is to ban production for new mines and will inhibit principle manufacturing, export and import of products using mercury from 2020. delegates including ministry
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officials are to adopt and sign the treaty on thursday. japan's foreign and defense ministers visited to explain other efforts to ease the burden on the preif he can which you are. they want to support the governor for the air station. he's opposed to the idea and says he won't change his mind. foreign minister and defense minister met with him in nahi. they say officials have agreed to reduce training flights for aircrafts. residents are earn concerned about the safety record. it's been involved in accidents in the u.s. and sewhere. the minister says the u.s. will start transferring marines to gam in the 2020s. they asked for approval to move the air station to a coastal
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location. they welcomed the efforts to make life easier for residents but rejected the relocation plan for the air station. >>translator: in terms of strategy, politics, finance, operation, i can't understand why relocating the air station within the prefecture is the sole option. the first international survey of adult skills was conducted in more than 20 countries. japan came out on top in reading and math. the organization for economic cooperation and development organized the computer survey to collect data for school education and job training programs. 157,000 people age 16 to 65 took part. they were from 24 countries and regions. some 5,000 japanese were selected at random. they submitted responses online.
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participants were assessed for skills in reading, work with numbers and problem solves. japan surpassed the average score by 20 points. >> the results show japan has emphasized the basics and compulsory education since the prewar years. >> japan was above average in using technology for problem solving but finished in 10th place. japanese respondents did well overall regardless of background or type of job. help ra say or hanson's disease has plagued humans throughout history forcing those to live in confinement. some people try to make sure this painful legacy is not
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forgotten. nhk world has more. >> there are states for people with the disease in japan. this is one of them. 264 patients still live there. hanson's disease is not highly contagious and treatment has been available for decades. japanese government continued to force sufferers to live in isolation in the 1996. more than 2,000 patients stay there. human rights endured by patients can be seen throughout the grounds. people who tried to escape were kept in the detention cell. >> this bath where patients were
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disinfected with strong chemicals. the sanatorium now offers the facility. this is one of the tour guides. he has obtained qualification and opened a museum in the sanatorium. he wants to remind people about the history of the disease in japan. more than 10,000 people visit each year. he says he's concerned because former patients are aging. >>translator: people are coming to learn about hanson's disease and human rights. many of the former patients are growing too old to speak about their experiences. preserving their thoughts and
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history is a challenge. >> reporter: having the sanatorium is a site to help keep alive the memory of japan's segregation policy. a former patient was sent here when he was 14 years old. he's now 79. >>translator: we should preserve the sanatorium as proof people were bullied in japan in the form of discrimination against people with hanson's disease. it's almost like a concentration camp. >> reporter: on october 1st, former patients and city employees got together for a meeting and agreed they start
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the sanatorium listed as a world site. >>translator: there aren't many facilities in the world that show realities of discrimination and human rights abuses due to disease. our sanatoriums are significant in that regard. >> he believes the sanatorium shows another side of japan. one that should be remembered. nhk world. an al qaeda affiliated group has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in the region in northern iraq last month. the attack was in the capital arbil september 29th. six people were killed.
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the islamic state of iraq said it carried out the attack. the message on the group's website said it was in real yags for the regional government support of forces in syria. in recent months, militants have been battling in syria's northeast. observers say the attack in arbil may be a sign syrian conflict has crossed the border to iraq. many citizens have been fleeing to northern iraq to escape violence in their hometowns. voters in the mal dez will have to cast ballots again after the court annulled the last election. the supreme court said there were voting irregularities and vote aid rerun this month. this raises questions about the stabltd of democracy in the dalmives. a new election will take place october 20th. in the ruling, the court said
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5600 irregularities were found in september's poll. no candidate won an outright majority. a runoff was scheduled september 2th. the person that came in third challenged the outcome. he alleged the result was skewed by voting irregularities. international monitors have declared the election was free and fair. former president came first in the election with 45%. he protested against the legal challenge and demanded the run off vote should be held quickly. attention shifts to whether all candidates accept the court's without risking further turmoil. let's now look at the market figure
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figures. well it is time now to get a check on the weather with meteorologist. good morning. some areas of japan are dealing with stormy weather conditions. what's the latest? >> we've been focussing on typhoon danas. it has weakened to a tropical storm but packing energy. more stormy conditions for wednesday. we have 147 kph gusts at the
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airport and 132 mm of rain along the coast. not just wet and windy conditions. extremely high temperatures across the prefecture. extremely hot conditions. lots of things are happening across japan. we'll continue throughout the day. now the center of the system is now located to the north of the region still creating lots of strong wind across the northern areas. it could move over sea of japan and become a low pressure system drifting over the region dropping lots of rain across the locations this evening. if you're leaving across the sea of japan coast, you may want to watch out strong winds and high surf, rough seas throughout the day. waves as high as 6 meters and gusts could reach 130 kph. that's going to thursday. nice gorgeous weather coming back. across china, couple of days
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ago, the tropical storm affected the eastern part of china and shanghai area. heavy rain continued and caused severe floods. here's the situation. heavy rain caused by severe tropical storm has flooded suburban areas in shanghai. 600 homes were inundated. vehicles and trees were submerged. officials have closed more than 60 parks and thehe city zoo. several people have been killed due to the storms so far. now looks like the system has completely gone so sunny skies acould say shanghai. that will continue next several days. in the southern part, we're seeing quite heavy rain continuing across the person parts of the indough china peninsula due to the lingering system. temperatures are warm than average in many places such as
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beijing, tokyo. some areas only 6 with snow in the forecast on your wednesday. across the americas, i want to focus on this low pressure system. it's not doing too badly at this moment. as we go to wednesday, the system will sag towards the south. very cold air ushering in cau causicaus causicaus causing snowfall. as we go to wednesday night, more snowy conditions across colorado regions. lots of snow across this area starting wednesday night. dry weather for the center of the u.s. a slow moving system is creeping over the eastern coast as we go into the several days. minor flooding and beach erosion in the section several days. watch out for that.
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temperatures mild, chilly for this time of year. 18 in los angeles. that's 15 degrees difference compared to sunday. here's the extended forecast.
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this coming in to us this hour. market analysts have been speculating for months about who will proceed as chairman of the united states federal reserve. a white house official revealed president barack obama will announce the decision wednesday. he's chosen the feds current vice chair janet yellen. if confirmed she would be the first woman to lead the central bank. yellen has served as vice chair since 2010 and also was president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco and served as the head of economic advisors under bill clinton. she's play aid crucial role this establishing the feds monetary easing policies. yellen would take over when his second term expires in january.
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that is all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine in tokyo. thanks for joining us. bernan . the untold history of the united states. director oliver stone and cowriter petern
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dvd. >> good afternoon. please find a seat. everybody. here we go. we have an overflow crowd. that is because this program will be so good. the movable feast continues. this is the third of a series of activities celebrating woodrow


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