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do they. a a. we moved in and one woman will. ay ay one of the studio's year ago when this is that your wives were gone. thanks for joining us. edwards noted that the german lawmakers in moscow and sent a letter to burswood said he's willing to talk about it i say stop shots fired and airways international airport police state government is in custody. go watch the los angeles and american
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investigators bordeaux with all the sophisticated cambodia for smuggling drugs between mexico and the us the government says it is willing to talk to the former us intelligence contractor edward snowed in but it will not likely involve the snowdon setting foot on german soil. on thursday in moscow with a german lawmaker he sent a letter to the german government offering his help in investigating alleged nsa spying on german but coming to germany does not appear to be an option for snowden now over to get more on that from our chief political correspondent in just a moment but first this report dozens of journalists crowded and the press conference to hear what comes to stand some of them had to say about his meeting with edward snowdon and his letter to the german government. snowden potentially speak to german investigators or politicians or even travel to germany to
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be interviewed for stand up to envisage coming to gemini is a guaranteed he would often with the secure in germany or in the comparable country and that's the guise of not dying from orange dog sees god is. snowdon told the green party politician he would prefer to testify in russia. president putin has granted him asylum there. as long as he keeps a low political profile. so could this mean german asylum for the former intelligence analyst. earlier this year the german interior ministry said he did not fulfill conditions required for an asylum application. but his revelations about the nsa eavesdropping on chancellor medical cellphone me working is deeper than the porch off place to use the messages mr sneddon wants to give us information and had something to tell us that we are happy to hear it all through all the information and facts we can get on to a woman can do is quote. prior to the news conference champs on apple
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spokesman people more muted response to st there were no plans from apple to get in touch with snow day the social democrats are also playing it safe so far they're concerned about germany's relationship with its close ally of its kind in the escape of people but that would snake and as a witness soybeans are provided a way to create more problems to him. it's time to wait in the gym and american relationship much like honest with you until we knew them done good deeds and to detect gamma notes. alumina said snow who would have a lot to say to the german people perhaps even a few surprising things. that's not quite all the way. that's my thing. in the opposite me when they will the chills this phone number it's not worth it. i didn't find out much and his top secret meeting with snowden in moscow. or if he
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did. he hasn't revealed what he learned. still his trip to russia this dumb decision makers in berlin. earlier this friday d deadliest of toons christians given up on his return to berlin the green party lawmaker share his thoughts on what kind of future he hopes edward snowed moana. it is it's me. the nfl i only studied the taunting him asylum. but that's a dangling tooth. he must be guaranteed freedom of movement. and he must get reassurance that his safety is guaranteed in gemini. and if done in a circumstance will he be arrested and extradited to the us. it implies that would give us this page all day he and i realize that this could cause a lot of strain on my relationship with the us government when the nsa and so on but couldn't come out all of you with. but the current us government most schools they realize and then when that carrying out espionage. he is in
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gemini. fiona. when this final millions of german citizens the unknown though and even attacking talent on society. then it will be a backlash from what i'm missing him on potential of this they need to come down a peg or two stop working with the german government to sort out what actually happened here. lauren called me figure out how can we call it an immediate still to this. and how we can make shoulder the communication and a ton of german citizens. twenty five eight it's in the future the wind picked up the fear that i was full and archie political correspondent with the crane on melinda i'm sure everyone is saying a lot there and a lot of people would say that it's a lot of wishful thinking snowden is attorney has said that there is no way right now that snowden can come to germany and beyond german soil to testify on in the best rubber going on right now right. in
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fact. also if you look the letter to edward snowed and wrote which was published here today. then add the asa says very clearly cute he'd like to speak out to possibly on to have direct contact a german officials but would not do so until the humanitarian issue is resolved as he puts it. and of course by that he means his asylum status. the fact is according to sources in russia as well. that status could possibly be at risk if he were to leave russia and doubt there is an additional consideration which is that germany has an extradition treaty with the us apparently the us is already filed general extradition request this. according to german justice officials. so possibly there could be issues for snowden about whether if he were to set foot on german soil that might immediately be triggered that extradition request now it would be possible for him to get some form of testimony if there is
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to the parliament reentry and just in germany they are from the rock show. perhaps that german officials could either travel to russia or perhaps to submit questions in writing interestingly enough if you read between the lines of this letter you almost have the impression that he might be hoping that german officials would in some way try to get us as denies charges against him. relaxed but that too appears to be wishful thinking. it is interesting to you when you look at this. snowden is enemy number one in many corners of the united states right now melinda but here in germany. we even have some members of parliament praising him celebrating mean there's a huge disconnect right now. over the atlantic is. there is indeed it. and this has been a true test for transatlantic relations perhaps the most difficult one since the cold war and the disconnect go so far as to encompass that backlash that was just a little of which were returned to its
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interview. we see three quarters of germans said they think that they think barak obama should apologize to the chatswood sixty percent of people saying that the transatlantic relations trust has been very very badly damaged. indeed still a lot of repair work to be down here. tokyo chief political correspondent with the green on the story for small and as always thank you very much moving on to a breaking story there's been a serious shooting incident at los angeles international airport police say a number of people are injured and that the shooter was wounded by officers and is now in custody to. the they are ambulances transported the injured people into the hospital the whole airport was shut down after shots rang out in a massive security presence moved in the gunman is reported as having shot at the transportation security administration official witnesses say the mayhem broke out inside terminal three where the incident occurred. well for more we're
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going to go live to los angeles where melanie helmand joins us on the telephone melanie what is the latest finale acts. i went down at least another year on occasion i'm standing on the piano the fbi it here they hate but it's coming down a little bit. don't you dare. shooting it away for a security screener and shooting. i've been shooting the game to another. but that's not completely. during her short to hear from the airport. you see are for right now what is the situation been like that i cry as i have to shake it shake it and i didn't think much of arriving i should do
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it. at any of the area. on the ground. boot space everything is. at the airport i believe it will take a few hours. he recalled alright million won thanks very much for joining us from los angeles. with the leader of the pakistani taleban lion hunting law niece who has been killed in the u s drone strike. this attack comes just one day after the government announced it had started peace talks with the group. county officials say four other suspected militants were also killed in the strike. soon he is accused of plotting numerous bombings including one that killed seven u s security officials and afghan military base in two thousand on widely reported to have been killed in three years ago but later resurfaced. drone strikes are deeply unpopular among pakistanis who accused us of taking away their sovereignty. it is a girl or is it a boy. germany has become the first country to
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allow babies with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female. about one in two thousand people have both male and female traits as birth of the law is aimed to remove pressure on parents to make quick decisions on surgery to assign a to their chalk the ensemble looks like a man. they also have some female typical anatomy. so who is into central born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy characteristic of both male and female. some three hundred tt into sixty these are born each year in germany. most undergo an operation and are assigned one she and her assistant to the sink or swim. the child has to come to terms with his body and the sexual identity or one off or if there's a fifty fifty tonnes for it and i to go well. oh no this is what it is kind of freaking
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walk in. google doesn't want to talk about his female typical anatomy that says that when it became apparent he explicitly decided against an operation. according to his birth certificate he was born male. the new legislation allows parents to some like blame. in addition to this kind of choices of male or female and birth certificates. still though it's a step in the right direction. but of mind to wonder legal framework. cos snip and uses what is it on once a passport to the age of eighteen with their opening intro possible. this new tree ninety cars with miniature gospel. what is his tonsils in the oven eighteen or nineteen and wants to get married once and for the deflection with what kind of partnership and that was it comes to what will happen to these children in twenty years hospital to some decent candidates want to come but the bus. total sense to launch the teaching. since they were written explicitly with regard to male and female genders. he also says
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there is increasing need for more awareness of the issue us investigators of the border with mexico are calling it the same for tunnel they say a mexican drug cartel has topped all records with a new generation tunnel for shipping jobs. it includes a braille system and it takes some high tech sound detection to derail the project it's one of the most sophisticated smuggling routes to get ten meters beneath the us mexican border to take on a customs agents have on the secret tunnel. wasting time talking to lawyers and even the railtrack. the tunnel snakes its way five hundred and thirty six leases under the boulder and then surfaces in a warehouse. going four cents as it was the work of professionals the superdome so we intercepted. since two thousand and ten. and this time only. like those found in november of two thousand
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allowed. when built by engineers and architects the tunnel is estimated to cost tens of millions of us going for spence we just opted and denying its masterminds any reward. we have the border. underground for low monitor their building a tunnel. we know about it. this is the third one since two thousand eleven we found them all before they execute successfully getting the drugs into the united states. us customs seized eight tonnes of marijuana and rhonda hundred and fifty kilos of cocaine in the tunnel. officials said they also made several arrests. well for time formula one world champion sebastian saddle isn't one to rest on his laurels for just five days after securing his latest title the red bull driver left his rivals in the dust at friday's second free practice session in the abu dhabi grand prix the german is looking to lock in his seventh consecutive team winner of winners to send a team mate
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mark webber came in second and it was hamilton was third fastest for mercy. more sports period after the break and also were to be talking to the german president of doctors without borders about the situation is here to stay with regret that. they are ew
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in it. match a us official has confirmed it is really air strike on syria the official declined to give details on the location the syrian rebels said the strike targeted russian made missiles in the port city of kiev. the syrian regime says the missiles are for self defense. meanwhile the eu and arab league on board a serial october heaney has called on both the government and the opposition to take part in peace talks in geneva later this month but syrian opposition remains deeply split over conditions for
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attending. in syria this seems to be no end to suffering. this report another game another bombing on this one in kerala with the uprising began. the death toll has topped one hundred twenty thousand many of the injured receive only emergency care. our son remains in power and he's considering another term you'll find that depends on to the issue discussed in my own design and secondly that we the people of which of the sun seems just as selfish or december. however the regime has lost control of large parts of the country such as the northern and eastern regions. and it's not making an effort to win them back. so what. meanwhile the rebels recognize that
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they stand little chance of taking over the capital damascus mosques. the rebels confined to the outskirts of damascus are largely cut off from the six appliance the regime's strategy is to defeat the rebels. like in the town of some old guy truth is running low. all that's left to read as lentils and water. it was luckily giving to the kids what kind of food business we haven't received any bread or up to six months. i we've been eating the same thing for thirty days i've seen it's all on my shirt down and has returned to the stone each have at it more than the syrian children no longer go to school polio has broken down in the north. crime has shot up his home surrounded by people searching for food doctors have even reported the first deaths due to
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starvation. the millions always end up caught between two fronts. no single group isn't on. instead of variety of groups are active in various places. observers into things to breaking in the u n mediator in syria have estimated that there are more than six hundred groups each with more than fifty scientists and some of them have substantially mole ten to fifteen thousand girls each group is battling every team but they lack a clear goal beyond that. someone a free syria. this helps or an islamic caliphate. infighting among the rebels are broken long ago i and its dislike of unity to play straight into the regime's hands. ok when the ball in the target server he is president of doctors without borders germany and talk read you just got back from it. i'm helping patients on the borders on in iraq as
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well as lebanon you were telling me what are the conditions they are right now in terms of treating people magically. but it's a very difficult situation that we've been setting up of ten ride at the ball. and the iraqi side of the border and we have seen more than eight hundred patients in the full weeks i've been there and we've seen thousand patients all summer for sg coming soon. i'm off that desperate. this has tried to leave the country and then they commonly from the border into refugee camp in northern iraq but the situation that is not good either. there have been lots of reports in the last week or so of lots of new cases of polio in syria did what can you say about that. whether it can indeed be the end complete set of health infrastructure of series breaking dawn we know that more than hostile phone hospital site either damaged or destroyed so people don't have access and clearly on coverage of health care including vaccination is
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lacking. and so fall we were able as nominees easy to vaccinate eighty thousand children against measles and polio but sadly that is not enough. are you getting the impression though that there's a dvd on the opposition or the assad regime. al qaeda other terrorists or their forces they are trying to prevent these vaccinations from taking place. more intent on you can say amen to the country's normal practice people have to stop on the road hawks nest on those bonuses of movement inside syria is extremely difficult and took inventory stepped off the street asked him if that's still there. it becomes can create increasingly difficult. so even on said chronically sick patients like hypertension diabetes. p but don't find all this don't find medicine and those chronic conditions become deathly that poisonous things that even within time and received a four wheel it's a good time with aunt jordan has closed its borders known to refugees what does that mean for this humanitarian crisis. while we
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know that mother fall million syrians are in cali displays that means that trying to find a safe place to set syria more than two million trying to get out of the country and receive not only the start of the thoughts that iraq's borders the coasts of people who finally reached the border of the country have to return to calm make it to the other side and of course that is very very dramatic. it starred christopher is always good to talk with you good to see that you're safe back here in germany time christopher with doctors without borders germany. alright moving on america's state run mortgage lender fannie mae has filed suit against nine global lenders including credit suisse and bank of america for allegedly manipulating the key global interest rates to make claims the rigging up a lot more rates cost of hundreds of millions. but there's worse to come the banks are now also coming under fire for possibly reading the foreign exchange market as well. caught up in the latest scandal was divine
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it's not going to banks the us to run in with the goal. in december of last year police raided the company's headquarters in straight sets into allegations of tax evasion and money laundering management has since launched an internal investigation to prevent similar embarrassments from so that dancing its reputation. how was it even possible to rig the foreign exchange markets. currencies with the volume of more than three thousand seven hundred billion euro is traded on the markets every day. rates for the twenty one days traded currencies are adjusted every thirty minutes the lake often means fixing is used as a benchmark to manage that pulls the idea of foreign currencies regulators from europe the us and asia. i'm now looking into allegations that buying school to insider trading information to manipulate currency rates deutsche bank and other
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financial giants including royal bank of scotland ups and city creek have said they'll cooperate with all authorities. some banks have reportedly even started laying off employees they suspect that opinion polls in the scandal. well to find out what all the stories were moving the markets here's a cool response from the frankfurt stock exchange no new record high today that was yesterday nine thousand sydney dax points. but the dax is now a long ways away from that its director dr faiz and it did for the meantime at least there was nothing really that motivated traders investors to reach new highs. instead there was some disappointing news among others from lufthansa. germany's biggest airline record of the real profit drop in the last quarter minus thirty percent and its cargo subsidiary is even losing money at the moment. and what's more the yesterday programs. well here to improve profits in the future but for the moment they're costing money as well
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and the airline says it has to say if in addition to what's already been decided to share losing about three and half percent biggest loser today. we bought in frankfurt there let's take a closer look at this market numbers in detail starting in frankfurt with the dax which was down by point two nine percent closing at nine thousand seven. the euro stocks fifty was also down down a bit more get more than half a percent to thirty fifty two. over in new york the dow jones industrial average is trading right now had more than thirty percent of the fifteen thousand six hundred even. and the euro down versus the dollar one thirty forty two. remove over the sport now and germany's bundesliga where bavarian giants fc by and munich are on the verge of having yet another record today set a record for the most points and four the fewest goals conceded and taking the league title last year and they won the german cup and the way for the champions league two. now they're looking to equal a streak of games without defeat one
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which has stood for more than thirty years it would appear that by and really test while opponents of this he is the record folks. a win this week and would match the bundesliga pence to thirty six successive matches without defeat. on top that off the pitch. the two to get into the press is having a field day with this business about the reckless support for a letter that and the team is eager to set a new month. it's great. but already the writing goal is to win this seat is in evidence to buy into giving them. and they'veeen doing a lot of that lately the fence bundesliga squad to capture it into its a household word for football fans around the world. martin also has six is on the shortlist the world football with the d i think this is a norwegian sleeping in the top of the games in his last season we reached the absolute pinnacle like winning the champions league the sea. han will be
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anything but a will can the top. the squad has generated an awesome time with twenty five goals in ten matches this season and last season's brush with relegation is the thing is the cost. the business plan is to malign is an amazing scene that we have our instincts. we have today for its become hold back a week i'll be afraid. well the readings that i can find so often that i will be hoping to get extend something to really cheer about. and spoiled lines run for the record books. right when you are up to date on the journal were taking you into the weekend and bring down time at home and thanks for watching and keep on watching. show the room
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the owner the owner. yours. i am. you can go to school the no productivity the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nms
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woohoo. woohoo lulu . be it's six one. what she knew was with the adults them. adi da. also bank to remain in the arch markets for no british government pulls back from time to break up the lender wants colts remain too high


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