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tv   Journal  PBS  November 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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will or will. i eye. the in the journal here on cd of the seven hundred at this as timberland. local elections because of the designs promote reconciliation are marked by intimidation. us secretary of state john kerry holds talks in cairo today before the start of ousted president muhammad were safe while. byron is move a step closer to breaking yet another soccer record. also
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close to the local elections in kosovo the first in which serbia urge minority serbs to bow. surfers education and cousin us political life is a key element of the european union brokered deal to end the dispute there and unlocks eu funds. but today is noting was marred by reports of masked men storming the main polling center in each of the except throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes the worldly local elections but for kosovo's leaders they were approved moniker of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. is it a lot of videos. these are the first free elections for all of kosovo. and that makes them historic our young nation sees his successor though. it was the first boat in the north since kosovo
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broke away from serbia yet these selections in a test of the political maturity a test of democracy in our country and the best proof that everyone has a voice in the news came in just two years. attention has been focused on the serb minority in kosovo scam snore. one polling station closed after masked men stormed a smashing ballot boxes. ethnic serb hardliners called for a point on. and there were widespread reports of voter intimidation many here still feel strong ties to serbia and there was fear that taking part in the election for ramon to recognizing kosovo's statehood. still others welcomed the chance to be part of the political process the nice guy has no intention of leaving. and nobody can throw me out us so i decided to vote in the hope of a better future here. for the first time the serbian government in
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belgrade for ethnic serbs impossible to get old and bald. both countries are eager to show the eu. they're ready to cooperate. us secretary of state john kerry paid well for shaping up to the eastern range visit to cairo on sunday after the us cut millions of dollars in aid to egypt following the military ouster of the country's first democratically elected president. the state department had refused to confirm his visit ellis plane landed in a bid to avoid demonstrations it was kennedy's first visit to cairo since former president mohammad was he was ousted in a minute read too the secretary of state underscored us commitment to working without the months of interim government. according to the tube as a possible u s partner in the region. we support you in this tremendous transformation that you are undergoing. we know it's difficult. we want
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to help were prepared to do so. carey played on the fact that washington has suspended talks with foreign assistance to kyra. it's a new list egyptian relations should not be defined by assistance this six hour visit came one day before morrissey goes on trial on charges of inciting murder. when honesty and supporters of his muslim brotherhood clashed with opponents. many senior members of the muslim brotherhood an hour behind cars. nancy. when you commented to him directly. i missed a sunday and i agreed on the need to ensure that egyptians are afforded due process was fair and transparent trial civilians tried in civilian court. he added the u s egyptian partnership with the strongest when egypt is represented by an inclusive democratically elected civilian government based on
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the rules lol. for more on kerry's visit to carle esplanade cairo corresponding korean alcohol or eat curry with my sister in washington and in the interim government are delicate. however john kerry's words received there will it serve. in a very rocky relationship between twenty oh five when it is to keep up with these two men became president that the former mr hockey says that it is appropriate to reach it but that this is what you think you can still carry a close up look at his side didn't care he said that the key stage two is the friendship of the united states we should simply to keep her. as they should do that with discussion to follow that with the puppies
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to post it. this was the hostess who was that it was the book of his torso and cloying the photo is of course right now with the most improbable to compete. he's a trooper through the permit system the car and some are muhammad marc's trial starts to me expect to see an increase in non breast they wouldn't do very likely become soo soo soo being the most about this more than i can keep it from the book that would be the more important to go to november the question open court that he was there and it was the most is that he appeared in court that could be the first time. seeded dallas the president who cooked chicken from the property to twelve months. so it wouldn't be in the fourth wall in what was going to outgrow the deck and also the circumstances of the vocation to put its going to have predicted grades that i would put up. extreme novel starring in cairo there for a sense that match. tunisia streisand has extended a state of emergency until the middle of next year as political wrangling over a new government continues. a
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weekend deadline for the governing is the mess and the opposition to choose a new prime minister has been pushed back to monday the security situation in tunisia has carried since the toppling of former on crack. the of a dean denali last week a suicide bomber blew himself up in the resort town of susanna and there's been recurring gun battles with police. french authorities have said that two french journalists killed in northern valley on saturday were shot to death they're killing is underscored concerns about lingering in security in northern mali months after french led military intervention against islamist extremists. and many are wondering how the gunmen managed to carry out the attack so close to a town where both french troops and un soldiers are stationed the last year he dove was the center with moderate uprising against somalia's government. a french led military intervention brought the region under government control. but pockets of
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insurgency remains. his name to call him coach d'antoni traveled to the north eastern town to interview a local official from acquiring separatists proof of the deal falls into nasional the official told french media that after their meeting he heard a commotion outside his house and saw the journalists being bundled into a four wheel drive. it's the last time they were seen alive. two hours later their bodies were found riddled with bullets alongside the abandoned vehicle. after an emergency meeting called by the president in paris france's foreign minister blames terrorists and said french troops would boost security in the region up to the king will put the pics on it's a crime against two people were assassinated in cold blood. under inhuman conditions of use. but it's also what crime is an association freedom actually warm. and to be informed they baffle me is that stuff
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the head of the rfid condemn the killings but declared the network will not be intimidated. the census numbers about what we do in the face of such a vaccine should be stopped going to second place to stop providing information that the answer is no shortage of doom. to call and then along with veteran africa correspondent. they were in key down earlier this year to cover the first round of the presidential election right on to sports now and make that seven in a row for sebastian's battle to us last weekend he snapped up is for formula one championship title and now he's won the grand prix in abu dhabi for his seventh straight victory in a row a record once dragged up by fellow german midst of schumacher in two thousand for all started from second on the great but immediately overtook his red bull team mate mark webber he crossed the finish line a minute ahead of webber eight of us forgot mercedes
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placed third. and bundesliga soccer all star cast of the mines to one for their first win in six games midfielder andre han lead the home side to victory by scoring both goals. eric maxine couple attain converted a penalty for the visitors who slumped to their seventh loss in their last nine league matches. in sunday's late game santiago garcia scored the game winner in the eighty sixth minute to lead our brain into a fairytale home victory over hannover. earlier aaron hunt and center matt katie found the net to help bring an end a four game winless streak buying a command to continue their unbeaten streak. my hair now gone thirty six games without defeat equalling a record set by him for thirty years ago. lyon coach pat mighty allah had plenty on his mind is his squad struggled against tougher time. the inside benefited from the disasters and abide by and keep in mind
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let me live in the fifty four minutes. teenage defender in the class and admits it is this mood is legal. with just five minutes late a monument to teach school in a well deserved equaliser for the visit as often he defected in a free kick from front for the day. gemini kind she loved him and as much tougher time keep up the pressure on brian. newly appointed since it by kevin fun times. you can usually can certainly be proud of how we play with the phone. one of a man with a listen to it but fifteen minutes sometimes by and took advantage of the mistake and puffing contact and andreas beck and strung it on the school is collecting came when out there in some relief to come away with the two one victory. this almost makes we want to extend their unbeaten streak and no longer share the record because so many changes to laws is really special one indeed the target she seeks consecutive matches unbeaten. but that doesn't seem to be enough to
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touch pool ideal love. this more good news for buyer natchez third science buyer labor treason suffered an upset defeat to bottom of the table brown's five. with less than ten minutes to go down the two male escort for the home side. the lone goal bound brown tried to claim their first home win of the season the simmons and lock box score their first away win of the season beating him her to yell and the full stride knox chris that's a thing for both goals moscow's is called the game winner for the bump with some help from her notes on the peanuts is old age the twenty third minute was intercepted opens his poorly paced back post and send it around goalkeeper many of them to open the scoring that wasn't the end so bases that knocks. sixty third minutes he lost the bolted on a midfield of siam. he then posted closer than it is his seventh goal of the season
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but didn't get done. twice as many shots on goal as their opponents but still to count the two lines and in the ends and came away empty handed. so let's take a look at this weekend's results there you see those victories by oxford and brandon as well in saturday's winners by munich from spike and balance into the pot. in other games head to berlin was surprised by shaun tan fiber claim their first victory this season. i've known for after a goalless first half the exiles opened the scoring in the fifty seventh minute the visitors added two more for a three nil win. nor are now the only bundesliga team without a victory. in saturday's late match. i'm trying frankfurt fell two will start on friday dormant hammered stuttgart six one. i might take a look at the standings and by i mean its hard fought victory put them back in first place but
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only are just a point behind followed by labour prison meant she got up and will start better frame and moved into the top half in the bottom of august or jump to thirteenth place. freiburg move up a notch hundred berth in the relegation zone. i lounged by the rain the bottom despite their win over labour. sky watchers in parts of the united states' southern europe and africa had a chance to win is a stunning spectacle today the rare hybrid solar eclipse this person visible over the atlantic east of florida. later a partial phases were also visible from southern europe. a total eclipse could be seen in parts of africa. last glance this could be caught from somalia just a little while ago. i think that is a peak in central gaza on the sun was blocked down for more than one next. it's an amazing pictures that. that's
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all for this edition of the journal for an in depth look at all of our top story seem that our website at the dw got d thanks for watching. goo. for it. it is
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i can i know none of us think we need to get some eats and peanut sauce the sauce. i love that. what a piece. next time you hear the eight hundred and sixty munich in the womb. in may the cost of tickets to the wound through. mm mm the air. it was a leader in germany this week amid allegations of widespread us all in bloom the gym and government. media reports claimed the us embassy in the main thing is this a glistening touched. the wall street journal said the nsa to eavesdrop don't hang them in their pool so often the years. the paper said president obama was informed of the prestigious this summer and is a standstill gemini will make his pro ranks. staying. it is for
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the deal eavesdropping on them a thousand conversations of heads of government takes things to a new level. it's unacceptable. that is not distract us from the fact that a massive amount of spying on normal gym and citizens and businesses was underway at the same time went to an end and yet i see it is. mini cooper to sell a free trade deal between the us in the year to be suspended. washington barack obama promised a review of u s intelligence efforts. what we've seen over the last four years as their pastors continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm an issue in our view to make sure that know what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean. what they should be built. the new york times said obama could lead to still all surveillance only does it. us airlines the german and european union delegation to none did exactly that during talks in
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washington later in the week the allegations kept on coming. media reports said the nsa has also tapped into the pool and yelled and dates a sentence gaining access to information on hundreds of millions of users. the nsa denied those claims it to them and yet who would not satisfy its progress to take action. hurricane strength winds swept across northern europe on monday he didn't read destruction. at least fourteen people were killed and seven in gemini embedding it was a coincidence with storm in years. winds of up to one hundred and seventy kilometers an hour down trees federal rail traffic to a standstill. in britain hundreds of thousands of clients were left without a hello. the storm also triggered a massive swell of the portuguese spaces recipients that the hamas movement. bridgeport school to be the biggest wave ever been to the tv to smile. also
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on monday a car raced through a crowd of tourists on shannon and square and paging crashing and bursting into flames. all three people inside the cut were killed along with two tourists. it was initially on clear how the congo thrhrough the security cordon. i mean the state senators and they descended it was a attack carried out by members of china's muslim minority. a number of people were arrested. local weakest but if increased harassment. bake em everyday know to check on a stick up late this week term break rooms anymore we're having a lot of trouble. in china's xinjiang province minutes a week visiting fighting for more autonomy from beijing the decades. these clashes reported in recent weeks with a number of deaths reported
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there was jubilation in the west bank late on tuesday i'm off to israel released twenty six palestinians from prison. men have been in jail for decades based convicted of murdering israelis. i'm so happy the whole family is here pretty soon all prisoners will be freed their releases books that deal with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and the deceitful with fifty schools have classes on hand for the celebrations. he told me started into the light that has been little progress in this. his baby settlement construction is very contentious issue. there are rumors that we agreed to that the sentiments in exchange for the release its best is totally untrue. but just alice made to israel announced plans to build another fifteen hundred new settlements in east jerusalem once again angry palestinians israel's prime minister by giving the guy
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who is walking a tight grip the release of palestinian prisoners has this to be a paste. even by members of the same path the episode sixteen held pocket of months many organizations and free protests. also in key states to peer into battle went on living and the european and asian cup. this temple. it's a relaxation of the parent this team is awesome and was for link under the bus for us the moment like raj a cousin just joined continents it can lead to one hundred and fifty a dream the thing was the highpoint of celebrations marking the ninetieth on the history of the republican tacky. techies lead is an international guests crowded into the driver's cab for them a puccini to the monterey tunnel which runs party on towards her. to put transport up to one in the hof million people a day the immediate aim is to relieve congestion in december. the tunnel is now
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offering two for local trains but by twenty fifteen will be for long distance trains the hope is that it could be part of the new rail link between europe and the far east. mutton soup and made of steel. efforts to agree on a coalition government between germany's two big east coaches make progress this week the senate agreed to re new gym in its push for an eu wide financial transaction tax code three in eleven countries want to sign up the social costs despite all the tools of the retrieve the debates i want to see it again the tax introduced at the european level is one reason is we see it as a symbol of spatial adjusted zero z guards aboard a domestic type on it. sides also agreed to take steps to silence the euro skeptics by seeking to return more responsibility from brussels to the eu member states. he said yes to agree on how to deal with troubled thank you
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sweet seen some eight of its annual chocolate rate to put on a fashion show in paris this week. the couple creations role made it the world's favorite sweet treats. a number of celebrities joined in the final wimbledon tennis champ money and bought sony models this fetching dress and top it off it's a real fashion fixed. the norwegian town of three you can found an unusual way to beat the wind to police this week three joanne harris were installed to direct the sun's rays into the body the panels and even ate the town's class. the area the size of three tennis courts. i think i'm testing and difficult to read the disc release into the debacle to be i get to the nearest dates back a hundred years but was never implemented responses were found to cover the costs of some six hundred thousand euro. it was now agrees with
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that. the tourists with our little group went to town in the dark winter. syria can no longer produce chemical weapons. it was the width and international inspectors on thursday and spent the last month visiting more than twenty chemical weapons sites across the country the syrian government has completed what we call the functional destruction of its entire chemical weapons making apparatus in water mixing filling equipment and for industry interests air and gas. the organization for the print edition of chemical weapons safety has also sealed the country's entire still the pinnacle of the agents. the state to state syria has about one thousand mythic terms of chemical weapons. dell has until next year to destroy those still on the conservatives in the german state of bavaria gained support from brussels
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this week in a controversial push for a nationwide toll on the freeway. csu he built mosques is an author wants to impose a toll on before dr is using the freeway to get jam into corresponding discounts on their bread tax. it effectively means and foreigners with the arms of office. many thought the green light from european commission which said the proposal did not discriminate against foreigners. is it offers pushing for the soul in the talks on forming a new coalition government in london on grammatical patterns is that all. i see kyle and the united states discovered a sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel this week running under the border between the two countries the tunnel was to say that it's an electronic mail system by jointed dolls and ventilation. officials say was newly built and has copied the news. darcy's clicking on both sides of the board of qantas basically to cost tons of marijuana and around the country to fifty
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kilos of cocaine. three people were arrested. they face minimum sentences of ten years if convicted. there's a monster schools and dates let out a round the glade. it was out of me. take it was invaded by some bees around a thousand people dressed up as wall street the center of the city. things will say it's all very squeaky in you you look at the annual halloween parade to the celebration of all things go dish has a long tradition in the us. the white house was transformed into appointed house as president obama and first lady michelle handed out sweet gifts to children. its. at the end of the week to give the government announced it was willing to go directly to the former us intelligence operatives and which noting that the nsa spying
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activities. in the port of call i get the message is that mr snowdon was to provide us with information on antennas some things then we'll have to accept that because any clarification of the information and facts we can obtain this a good thing the announcement came out to kevin greene county will make dad's fifty s robot of the film from russia with a lesson from snow to fall for him to keep warm. many of us spying activities directed the general citizens and leaders. sure but it held a surprise three am eighteen weeks and in russia on thursday night. snowden reportedly offered to give testimony in gemini. his lawyer said the meeting could only take place in russia for legal reasons. but to sit still and would have little to say to the gym and paykel also on friday gemini became the first european country to allow the agenda option for new born babies. under
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the new little babies born with characteristics of both sexes. when they don't have to be registered as male or female. many insects people like c mon so beau have welcomed the move saying it means parents will nato would be pressured into a quick decision on surgery to assign agenda to that child and god completes a review of the week's news. we get to watch in hd world you were ever you go to be made she asks for your own tablet this program schedules on demand video and more. nope my name is pete over night stay i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network. i
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knew who i. yours. i am skill. the no productivity the devil to get into a new design tsk. nm. dvs
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you'll wounding lulu . i do what the good news with south asia. this makes it so


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