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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 5, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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you knew you. the eye the owner. welcome to the world is love and you know tommy until chilled here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. chinese officials are increasing the alert for acts of terrorism as they prepare for an important time in its party meeting in beijing. us newspaper has released a further report classified documents the former nsa contractors
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kids and me to be among the country's spy on us. and president of the russian resort city of sochi. art in our moral activity three times the hands of the winter olympics. chinese officials are tightening security in beijing ahead of the key meeting of the communist party. they increase measures follow last week's fatal car crash near tiananmen square which the government deemed an act of terror. security minister in motion coup he has ordered officials to quash acts of terrorism in the planning stage the ministry's web site said grow inspected police boxes and subway stations in the capital on monday the website reported that grow urge police officers to increase their visibility so citizens will feel safer gross said china faces a tough fight against terrorism he called for extra vigilance. last week a sport utility vehicle veered into a crowd of tourists then crashed and burst into flames the three passengers were
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killed along with to have my standards. chinese authorities arrested five people in connection with the incident. all are believed to be members of the weaker ethnic minority group the third plenary session of the communist party's central committee is due to start on saturday the chinese government think tank says air pollution may not just cause heart and respiratory problems but also harms human reproductive systems. the chinese academy of social sciences says that between january and october major cities across china and an average of thirty days of smog with pm two point five in other pollutants. that's the worst level since measurements began in nineteen sixty one b kennedy says the cause is the growing use of fossil fuels including coal. the report also lists less rain and weaker winds across china as factors. last month the world health organization said for the first time that he and two point five is a carcinogen. the delhi he chose says in two thousand
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and ten. more than two and a thousand people died from lung cancer caused by air pollution. your time says japan was among the country's spied on by the us national security agency. the route that's already drawn in germany and brazil looks likely to intensify an eight year olds to local common to reports. german chancellor and on the kodiak and i asked mom to make any sense to her hometown team kept by the u s intelligence had it. the seed of its own truth between germany and the us has to do great damage needs to be restored i'm pretty impressed and still not as half of the action after the name and why cecil taken to the council and the text of the year i'm in now. there has been prey to podcasts from the deepest of
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conformity and a contractor and it looks not the midfield confidential documents about cute and kind of kentucky i'm a part in the new york times on saturday that determines no exception the paper said. the command of god comes through then they kicked two thousand and ten. anything come back to painting on top. the goal of stirring up any technology to track and hit the karaoke and to seek an economic advantage the report aimed at ending with a reputed intercept communications play nice and plenty to be at encouraging to tap the screen yet been turned on the tourney. it does so using the sticky in america and the feet and medicaid patients. edelman cocoa any accident damage trust between friendly countries monkeys including us as allies. it is not desirable. we don't want to
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believe this kind of report to us us secretary of state john kerry and make it cost just a few countries to prevent have gone to pot and fruitcake. he stands the result the law criticism from inside and outside ps if smoking and pretend news knowledge and information here i'm still keen to national coming he waits for an explanation from the hike in each chamber aye aye. the latest natn to join the race to mars might come as a surprise indians on tuesday. the cheer the successful launch of iraq and down for the red planet is aiming to be the first asian nation to get there if everything goes as planned they will deliver a probe to
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mars in three hundred days' time and relatively low cost the run. indian space research organization launched a rocket from a space center in the southern state of andre a valuable payload the one point three five tonne my galley and probe designed to orbit mars agency officials say the launch was successful. if the next stages of the mission go as planned the probe will exit earth's gravitational field by november thirtieth. it should raise reach mars is forbidden september next year the craft is fitted with high performance cameras and equipment to observe methane gas. it was circle mars surveying the surface and searching for traces of life the united states and the european union have succeeded in sending probes to the red planet japan and china failed in two thousand and three and two thousand and eleven respectively. in
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his mission is expected to cost seventy three million dollars a fraction of what next i will spent. thy getting get them all. getting its next probe to mars. he also succeeded in sending him drove to the moon in two thousand and eight. a country hopes that a successful mars mission will boost national purse teach and show the world. this technology is more advanced than china's indian government scientists say they're not getting into a new space race but observers sign to growing concerns over chinese military and civilian space programs and critics are concerned about the cost of india's space programme at a time when many in the country live in poverty. a big job is waiting for a japanese astronaut corps need to walk out the key is set to become the first asian commander of the international space station is rock it is on the launch pad and final inspections are underway. so will ride in a soyuz russian
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spacecraft. these replace the retired u s shuttles this design incorporates the upcoming sochi winter olympics. at first when it or been seventeen years ago he's experienced on the iss this time he'll be in command for the last two months of his six month stay the school table and i think the communication is important to the success of the mission. all that remember as a high skilled astronauts. the key is for me to get the best out of everyone on board a male identity the studio. we've come to you instead what has other tasks as well. lyon is to thoroughly comment on a sunday which will pass nearest to the son of november twenty ninth but that i will shoot high definition video of the event is also scheduled to do experiments on the effects of weightlessness on bones but that the spacecraft is scheduled to head for the stars on thursday
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organizers are russia's first winter olympics have seen kos run out as time winds down. they've got just three months to make sure everything is ready for the games in sochi nhk world xi at the common good are reports. i am now standing at the top of the hotel in salty the chicky it is about stinky degree celsius. it's surprisingly warm. the meat b the field but don't call it what a silly i don't. if the penny above the ice hockey. the kid caught up to twelve thousand people the thing and life that might be. each and the activity that climate has made the chain of hope the tree so it seemed funny at times. and how it was still the only thing colors let's take a lot. he was
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the devices into two pots the mountain and coastal areas. this is a multi tasked with alpine events such as stalin the books they will be helped. the new railway to the two areas. this is the main olympic stadium. it was served after the new political will and those whose family the tynecastle shorts. construction crews are working to unite to complete some of the airport she has long been famous for its hot streak. he said the whole the case here. you do with it for nothing. nice one to place the is it everything was chosen to host the olympics. she has been undergoing a major race day loyalty is to start location
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in concrete so pretty i tried on a fielding to me. excuse me. it is done. why are you studying english communication. i hope to study these men. in a three month about an ocean to come although it comes to my account and enter the munster eighty. russia has hosted a game that well. if and only from the olympics in moscow with back in nineteen eighteen. because of the soviet invasion of the youth and many countries one content. that's why many of the ocean themed thought she attests to regain confidence. i mean russian describe the feeling to me he was the only russian painting. that means he will be proud. he likened top with the stroke will fail. she has come up at abt twelve thirty
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should the chinese olympic committee has announced that the gene and the city's near john g tal are bidding for the two thousand and twenty two winter games china's official sian la news agency said the national mp committee on sunday sent a nomination letter to the global body under the bid plans bg would hold a nice advance. jun jie. how would host the snow sports bg hosted the two thousand and eight summer games but no chinese city has ever hosted the winter games. the local olympic committee says its bid would help increase the two cities international status and promote economic development ay ay ay. an executive of japan's ruling party has suggested the government may not be able to achieve this the contamination goal for areas near the cripple creek machine and i each a nuclear plant. he hinted that the government may need to
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review its target. a liberal democratic party secretary general she gave me the she boss decided to the report submitted last month by the international atomic energy agency to the japanese government. the report said the international standard for radiation exposure ranges between one and twenty mil is steven spurrier the japanese government has set a goal of one less eager for your free areas surrounding the plant the report says that target cannot be achieved quickly through the contamination efforts alone. the cause for the government officials to make that clear to people living near the plant the she boss and the japanese government should carefully analyze the team's recommendations and study de contamination standards in other countries. you've been open to the top. it's not desirable for people affected by this situation. to be without the cost that will change tonight. it was a mess he said the government and
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the ldp should hold a serious debate over how to improve the situation. japanese officials are looking to set up a future safeguards for nuclear power there in getting help from washington over a new risk assessment system. japanese deputy foreign minister she is kissing yeah mom met in washington on monday with us deputy secretary of energy daniel coleman. they were attending this second meeting of a nuclear safety commission officials from japan and the us set up the body last year. following the accident at the third cushion and the need to clap japanese officials proposed using a us model that competes the probabilities of a nuclear plant accident this is to quantify as factors like natural disasters malfunctions and human ever to determine high risk areas. experts from both sides will put their hands together on how to implement the system in japan the two two weekend to go home
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the band. you would be to be restored. more than sufficiently committed to the coach must really be. and stupid countries following the two computers from disaster. watched it once did people see their story. i don't do it. only one. as government has come up with a bill to establish economic deregulation zones it's a key pillar of prime minister shinzo of as growth strategy aimed at attracting investment from inside and outside japan. the cabinet approved a bill on tuesday because first the establishment of an advisory panel with the prime minister as its chief. it will determine which regions to designate this special zones. the bill specifies five fields for de regulation the employment medical care agriculture education and urban redevelopment for
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medical care that bill will allow for more beds in hospitals that provide advanced medical services that some hopes the zones will become hubs for global medical services for urban redevelopment the bill will allow high rise condominiums to be built bigger and taller the government would shoulder some of the interest rates on loans taken out by businesses that operate in the special zones the government aims to have the bill passed in the current session of the diet and have several zones designated as early as january. two major japanese automakers say they will consider joining hands to develop electric cars to be some order in mitsubishi motors have also announced that nissan alliance partner renault many nights take part in the project as well the sudden need to be she began producing electric vehicles ahead of other japanese carmakers. but sales have remained far below expectations. last year electric cars accounted for less than one percent of domestic new car sales. that was due to a limited battery life and shortage of
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recharging facilities the two japanese makers are hoping to cut the common costs and increase competitiveness through the joint project. japanese food up a national tour is forming a capital tie up with a turkish firm to expand its sales in the middle east and central asia. the development of turkish good company who read out the agreement in tokyo on tuesday. i do know what that will buy a fifty percent stake in cookware for more than twenty nine million dollars. the turkish firm has been baking seasonings pickles and other products for giving one hundred years of excellence to twenty countries as the region's i do know what to have been trying to strengthen its overseas business says the domestic market is getting saturated. it's curly doing business at about one of the thirty countries and doesn't have to market channels in the middle east and central asia. i do. and
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cases of mis labeled food are appearing one after the other end hotel restaurants in japan now long established department stores are also humble. the mighty rock my head nodding. we sincerely apologize because that's what people causing the struggle between twenty and was really very sorry. mr rann said restaurants and grocery sections that five of its branches and a shopping center were emboldened false labeling. the company reported sixty two cases they include using cheaper trip not stated on menus and serving processed meat injected with beef fat and state. the company also said to the term french was used on package juice. my mother wasn't there with more than four hundred year history also announced this labeling
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there are several traditional new year's food souls at the end of two thousand and twelve. monster is a delicacy in two cultures around the world but in southwest japan catches of the local eca be a righty had been declining for decades now fisherman and marine experts are working to bring back the spiny lobster. this little creature is a spiny told them of course aware of this. it's about two centimeters long and has a distinctive transparently. i number of tours in the ocean is a warning. this means of course the slopes the fisheries agency says last year's catching nagasaki it's an all time low. over the past fifty years the number of folks to score as old and by eighteen percent. that was the case he is one of my dislike is most fertile spiny hopes the grounds. for sixteen
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years researchers from the midcourt fisheries institute between conducting a number what the survey. ten years ago they sent these concrete blocks or deceitful help them study them into tiny town. this is replicated to become the industry's current form. up to friday's low vision to traditional terms of rent one. here is a bbc funny looks. it's about three centimeters long and almost identical to its fully groomed snow. the research has drilled each of the blokes with cole's of various prizes. gold has moved around and find the holes they make as they shed their shells and grow but despite these crazy sort of apartment building the number of blokes this frugal this year for them to want for their peak of about seventy to investigate the researchers looked into the loft this life cycle this picture was taken three years ago. he chose one of
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the concrete wall covered with a cold or ifc of seaweed called sundance in microcosm the larvae of gold coast the land of the drifting in the open seas for nearly a year they return. whoever this. the piece into the ocean floor by grabbing on to seaweed. the mature as the beat of the creatures that live there. the seaweed is essential for the spiny lobster. the former colonists there's no conditions have changed. for some ocean temperatures rose and the fish that eat the seaweed too active for longer researchers say the results was defeated for the cross nagasaki. he doesn't know christ whom god has a problem years as the ceiling is disappearing and it is having difficulties the government to its original state. in an effort to restore the environment. wilkinson nagasaki prefecture haunted seaweed in four hundred
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concrete blocks which they will install on the sequel includes going next researchers believe the nets will protect the seaweed enough for it to replenish itself. local fisherman hope this will go back a quarter of this to the traditional hopes the grounds. by not releasing heat. we want to create an environment where spiny lobsters can thrive many people hope this information for the environment will bring back spiny launch the numbers to the media likes of kenzie a strong tropical storm is approaching the philippines in a meteorologist roberts pena has been following the situation for us rom. boy i continue to watch this is a severe tropical storm. heidi and pulling off towards the west actually just put this awful kwame pushing towards the caroline islands at this time and really would not be surprised if in on the near future. this is a typhoon already very well developed. you see the very
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symmetrical shape around it that circulation flowing around the center and that is one of the things that were to watch through the next several days is that continue to organize as it intensifies pushing off their towards the west now. it eventually will be impact in the philippines going into friday we're talking about a very dangerous storm system when it does so before it gets the reaction a few islands is gonna pass over there in awhile and also league at the caroline islands discourse to put the keys to the philippines a new cafe saying some pretty high waves appear the sixty meters high. not to mention a hundred fifty millimeters of rainfall the risk of storm surge as it pushes overhead by wednesday night thursday then off course the philippines and that is the big threat out here were top of our own smart and let the much of the size you'd be seeing not only no risk of typhoon strength wind storm surge very high seas any fisherman out purity theory travel really should just be suspended starting on thursday as this continues to approach and not to mention it's the wane. all i think this can be big rats especially some are the white from quantum and this does come onshore pushes all time
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waster there is a very high risk of landslide this region is very prone to landslides also their son was on so we wanna watch out for this going to the weakening even in the saturday morning still some rain showers there in and around manila as it pushes off their course the west now also the least the attic in the lease and pushing in court to be in and we have a different system this is a tropical depression still pulling up to force the west not mean that very well could become named in the next twenty four hours before making landfall as a weak system but still big green maker there for central and southern viet nam and there is risk of flooding with us was a lot going on in the tropics out in the western pacific how someone talk about what's going on elsewhere in the world into the americas we have all pretty on strong low pressure area develop the ec are a few that center circulation though we have is this is pulling in one or more east around the golf mexico so widespread rain showers from texas into the deep south the lord is the true knowledge is the risk of flash flooding here in some severe weather the reason the severe weather center. because the employee or spilling in from the north
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white spritz no point of course is nebraska in the south dakota with the theme of climate and seven meters. castles clyde that's without severe weather threatens really starts to set up now spies intentional when the pad with a high of zero to a chilly there for you denver was once a snowball used at twenty six warming up towards the east end of the hand that when they are surging and actually bring in above average captures therefor washed in dc around thirteen in new york and twelve here on you choose the less talk about europe as well a lot of nasty weather going on here to traveling around the balkans into western europe to check if like to have it on the system here. spring is in pretty gusty winds even in all we down there it was up across the mediterranean into with the abc's of rain showers about thirty sixty millimeters pre strung sister mari thunderstorm watches and advisories in effect with this in the polls twenties. a little bit of a break and central portions of your really much the low countries in the breeze oust the next storm system coming in is a unique ring some fall weather to one in five ten pairs of fifteen per limit and that seals the rain showers here if you want to go somewhere
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decent itself to the mediterranean. towards the west of italy rome seen twenty but madrid nineteen some sunny skies there on your wednesday about what you want whether his recent forecasts. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. the car. she
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disappears to resume in western japan also be able to get to know some new furry friend. its reporters were invited for a sneak peak of two cool cousins latest arrivals. two small clawed otters and mourn over the summer were introduced to a larger enclosure the pump started their swimming career in a shallow tank as newborns but they faced a challenge of making the jump to deeper water. they followed their father to learn the ropes more to go in and make me happier than seeing them grow up safe and strong the otters are still in bed with no will soon move on to their parents died of anchovy and chicken. the babies for just ten centimeters long at birth but they're now twenty seven years and growing fast
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these. i used one for the summer and you know tummy it was. scared. and. it was
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i did. i am. we need to lose the course to see that you've been listening to the season


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