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remedy that. many courts close in age. it's part of the country. the you knew. ay ay ay. but the awi civics emma scott and i was there telling us that's coming up next half hour. insisting on france germany demands an explanation from britain over claims of spying for menstrual an embassy government sources in the democratic republic of congo clean victory over and twenty three rebels will get the latest and of dealing in general are called german investigators reveal what they know about the find of the century. i was in
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the early years as a spy station. the german foreign ministry has asked britain's ambassador to explain reports in the british newspaper the independent. that's a surveillance was conducted from the embassy to tell the story is based on documents were leaked by the former us intelligence contractor and rich noted the british were to send to seize its trust across from the heart of the german governments the book is hot and the chancellor rhee the reports come on the heels of similar reports of u s by an embrace serious questions about the british german relationship reduce heat and the sea to eavesdrop on how mobile communications in the german capital surveillance equipment may be hidden behind its box on the roof of the building according to the british newspaper the independent british agents might be listening in on itself and colson the chancellor. german politicians have reacted
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cautiously to the news. it is true that there is spying equipment there. that doesn't mean that they're listening in on our chancellor or that they're listening in on me or anyone in the government to order some stable but of course the suspicion is there after what we've learned about the nsa. the biggest one being who was a good time the foreign ministry summoned the british ambassador to address the newspaper reports. berlin says if it really it would be a violation of international law. some lawmakers have called for more serious measures. then she tasted its dusty sitting in a maze records are confirmed. that means there's only one possibility is a european summit must be called into session. it should be recommended that sanctions be imposed on board when it plays to send to him and hang them from the british cc hq intelligence agency works closely with the american nsa reports say that to have a
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long conducted massive data sweeps on international communications. and we're joined now by our political correspondent signing and simon asking the nsa revelations is just another spy scandal in the making what the story turns out to be true i think it is going to have major consequences is it mentions the timmins point o that the group that surveillance carried out from the diplomatic mission would be in breach of international lawrence. like in the hearts of bed in the cretaceous the nbc building will be a good balance each point the spa laying on the beach house the rain on the parliament and many other important buildings is not just that this is an unprecedented pace i think between fellow members of the european union is just a few weeks ago the prime minister david cameron which joining of the eu need is to contain the american bugging me off at johnson eccles that motive milestone. having said
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all that i think the gems of being a little cautious at the moment they didn't fully summon the british ambassador they just called me mean that to tok about this. so maybe that's a sewing that they want to play them if they possibly can but i will show that they can. well if they can sign and what does this mean for relations between germany and britain but he could to that. it creates a lot of tension in the gym is only the role of the ongoing with appreciation that following the revelations about the ten core as spying program in the deal will be held. it's been given by the british the tv and they say. and that's coming out to them through this note and documents in the political response is very negative the people are talking about santa and stepping up having to ask the unknown is made using within the unit talking about in the spy agreement that mugging the deeds that with the boys faces when is the one that talking about with the americans. so i think it's the story turns
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out to be true i say that again we may never know but if it does the trick is to go on questions to answer. at last to see how this develops signing and thanks for joining us. meanwhile us secretary of state john kerry says the spying scandal shouldn't the rail plans to set up a free trade agreement between europe and the us now the transatlantic trade and investment partnership deal would create the largest free trade zone in the world officials from both sides are set to hold a second round of talks in brussels next week but these revelations that washington spends five and talented strain on the negotiations speaking in today john kerry said that spying and trading are two separate issue. though that should not be confused with whatever legitimate questions exist with respect to an essay or other activities. as i have said previously we want to hear from our allies. we wanna have this conversation doesn't obama welcomes this opportunity to work with our allies and ultimately if we get it right. which we will
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we can not only alleviate concerns. but we can actually strengthen our intelligence relationships going forward we can all be more secure and safe or as a result as well as protecting the privacy of citizens. well it was us whistleblower edwards nothing. the first leak information about washington's spying program to the press. now you've been granted political asylum in russia to escape the espionage charges in the us. the anti corruptioal wy to offer better protection for whistleblowers like snow day sailing off to reveal information that citizens have a right to know. use the new regional and social dilemma to last them a big bowl. labels beef was actually whole speech the scandal would never accept that it's going to house workers. don't go in transparency international says jenny should do more to shield was the blows them in
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the senate by injuries and too little protection for people who come forward ashley and her labor laws because schools are a little better for civil servants and sector. i'm excited and pleased to point to legal practices tasting fire the courts have the final say in employees have no guarantees us a pizza. rules vary across europe whistle blows out the strongest like to dress in luxembourg at the media. gemini from hungary affordable levels of protection and fall in the middle of the range employees in finland spain and greece face of hostile legal climates. the oecd on trade unions say whistleblowers needs great to riots. it is in firing do you really make sense for companies to consult internally with works councils to develop a non assistance from getting too long. and to condemn a good management the chance to address wrong to lead that have gone unnoticed the standard in each candle
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today. trade unions on transparency international i'm hoping that means your attention to the snow to taste what prompts new legislation on to germany's next government. diplomats from around the world have been meeting to try to agree on a date for a peace conference on syria. un envoy unlocked our brahimi said no agreement was reached but he said the diplomats are still trying to arrange a conference in geneva by the end of the year. he said almost a third of the syrian population had now had to flee their homes because of the civil war. rebels in the democratic republic of congo have declared an end to their one and a half year long insurgency in the cbd and twenty three rebel group said it would pursue its goals through political means the announcement came just hours after the government captured the last few rebel strongholds in the east of the country. anna claire to total victory. the congolese army has been backed by un forces the army made rapid advances in recent weeks cornering the rebels on the steep hills of the ugandan border before
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finally driving them out. and for more we're joined now on the line by tesco johansson in kigali is that this does mean that the drc the long running conflict is over what is going to be in a pre lit book would be over it. no need for formal peace agreement with the fifth time in the back for updates. i'm going to re read books that could be that big blue thing on that in a coma with the dog park. but it will be entered to hold on to that which promoted the army that will go for korean navy recruit who said they haven't really worked for apple faithful nice to hear them before dinner was cooking for the next hit him hard coupled with a movie star
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who went two for the most important lead up to introduce we may be over but it was the end of the whole of it. yes to this conflict has had a major impact on people's lives will they see things get better now. it will take some time to be entered in relief though it involved a number of people will fall total for the hope that no proof it can find all the help of two very big with two home defeat to date in two weeks and they faithfully devoted to his wife june before going to have been complete. so is that the bike and go what would have to go but they did but it will be a mohawk that include the greeks and the gold cup tournament in each of the more than that before. i guess the answer thanks for joining us from king county over a thousand curses paintings worth around a billion euro stashed away here in germany for decades it sounds unbelievable but it's true. last year police here uncovered a treasure trove of artworks from the likes of castilla nineties that were likely obtained by the nazis and hidden in a munich apartment now. authorities have gone with their finding. more art
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historian michael hall's monday it was an incredible find. artworks crutches been lost forever we're back previously un known works by mark checked out and up to date also came to life the monthly investment is an incredible feeling to it to stand before these works which for a long time were believed to have disappeared or two of them destroyed. and then some type of what's right isn't hpening. and here they are in relatively good condition. this looks good here. the rediscovery of the town's two riders on the beach and a portrait of a woman but on the remote east are short of real art lovers but the surge also uncovered a known works by hand with the kitchener benchmark sure god. daybreak on the one that ends in all one hundred twenty one frames and twelve hundred eighty five and framed artworks were seized including ones by prominent artists known him. many of the works once belonged to
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jewish art collectors and were confiscated by the nazis in the nineteen thirties and forties. some were labeled as to generate and put on display before being sold off by art dealers migrant its father killed the gunman. but he evidently kept many for themselves passing them down to his son cornelius. for these pictures. the object of a crime for the misappropriated. and if so can we still prosecute or does the statute of limitations and why me although many questions remain unanswered one thing is clear. the discovery of works like hans monks landscape with horses with these paintings by otto dix including a self portrait has sent ripples throughout the art world well as the head are many questions remain like why police waited more than a year to go with their findings which the question to keep their brow like he's in our lawyer and expert here in berlin don't fear the sky icky what
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i have no explanation. and after the press conference today. i have even less of an idea. in its time it said that it would be too difficult to find the original owners. suppose to justify their silence so far which is quite bizarre these pictures should be posted on the internet. that would let us find the owner is fairly quickly. jewish families especially can get in touch and said that although takes me to go. i use to hang in our living room in berlin. it would seem that if we want to learn to fifteen hundred different owners are. and then sort out the claims. afterwards we'll never see the end of this weekend about that now to a case that made headlines around the world the four year old boy one girl was weeks away from a cap and grace more than two weeks ago because authorities believe she'd been kidnapped by a western from a western family that dna testing proved that her parents are from a couple living in dire poverty and bulgaria. the case that
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sparked a debate about the treatment of bromide in europe and beyond. and now jenny central council of st in rome as calling on the government to take a closer look at the plate of raw much here in germany too we'll even came to the attention of greek police during a raid on a roman camp she was blind and didn't resemble her surprising parents. the media pounced on the story suggesting that girl had been abducted. it turned out to be false. head of the central council and chairman since he and drummer from any rumors to the idea was born at the ingrained prejudices against draw many people. he has put them up like me. researchers of racism say this is not uncommon. they in for a day and see. he will not win a war room a family as a child with the wrong hair color the entire age old mechanism of prejudices becomes evident when trying to do that. even as a new phenomenon isn't
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limited to the far right these prejudices existing media and mainstream society from annie rose believes that in the past few years there's been a resurgence of anti brahmin sentiment in germany. i'd take a short one minute break but we'll be back with more news right after that stay with us. you do. were. if you still have
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lots of questions. if you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses the commission required its qualifications costs much more. dw dark to start gingerbread. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany it about a month and a half sister grace federal election but getting a new government in place is still a ways off that today at eleven at both conservatives and the social democrats held their third round of talks on forming a grand coalition between the country's two biggest party. tuesday's talks focused on economic and foreign policy the talks took place at the brew when the offices of the csu bavarian sister party of the fundamentals cdu. those conservative parties need to agree with the left of center as pd appears to be a so called grand coalition
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the parties say they are making progress. but the stds general secretary pointed to disagreements over the eu. it is today that the snp wants to see stronger and better course nation of foreign policy at the european level you are still some disagreement about that. it's an instant internet. the csu in particular is worried about too much power being granted to brussels and competence inevitable. was suppose to go for hours being given to the european union is not on the agenda. if the cia and were not prepared to consider any further transfers of power to the eu from nation states to twenty oh one contest between so nice to keep it. there is agreement in some areas. all three parties want to spend money on internet infrastructure as well as on road and rail networks they're still disagreement about a motorway toll effectively just for foreigners and about
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the minimum wage. there are still plenty of issues to the results. others want a controversial issue with a two party still seem to be miles apart. it's all about the rights for the children of immigrants born here in germany to have dual nationality. it allows for people from other eu countries and from switzerland but the others are forced to choose their citizenship when they become adults. the social democrats say that's not fair but nichols conservatives want to keep the rules as they are we need to families caught up in the debate. sent over lean not on tamales and apply this is where the gym indian and his family in only its clean sheets and then there are thirteen years old. they are both chairman and the nannies passports. when they turn eighteen they are my two assistants will come to an end the division. they say when that happens they will both accused german
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citizenship. going to go police and anna would then be foreigners and their parents made in vietnam and would need and use it and to the country their older brother tapes on has already given up is the enemy citizenship. as such their father. they are going to notice. i would like to visit vietnam regularly. to see our family. still by my parents are still alive. my days in the middle. citizenship will also be an issue you should the children inherit property in vietnam. their father once the rules in germany to be changed. all in there for me i really hope you agree on dual citizenship in the coalition talks. in their clothing stores. two months also wants to keep both of his passports. he's a
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student in berlin and curl up into cultures. to me she would be empty dish topped with a mind to citizenship skin symbolize school belonging. but the stupid ticket to see such uses as if it means i'm on target culture with a bunch of citizenship and chose my group in germany. the general culture. it causes me to watch because come on ben wasn't going to quit when the home. studying mathematics and once to go into research. he too was the scene decision time on which nationality to hold onto. but he does when he be forced to choose one. chen has hired a lawyer. i spend as we get gunned down in the field. citizenship school to take legal action everyone comes about the spd will somehow be able to push it through the system is exclusive to. if the new coalition can't agree on dual
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citizenship and can be almost loses in court. then there's the law stands. he would lose his german passport. while dual citizenship would be no problem for turks in germany and turkey joined the eu membership talks have now resumed following a three year suspension at the meeting in brussels that he is in large the commissioner called the force feeding of the negotiations. tuesday's talks focused on regional development and cooperation the european union has been discussing turkey joining the bloc since two thousand and five. france and germany oppose its membership and germany to leave the resumption of talks in response to a crackdown on istanbul protesters in june well course i mean the hos is following the story in brussels she told us that there is still a very long way to go before turkey can join the eu well the good news is that techie and the year. i'm back at the negotiating table and they said continued tax areas he said regional politics when will they have to discuss and lose some thirty
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five taxes and sinn fein or the seas of negotiations not a single one has been closed but again they haven't tackled one of them will come to press on topics that is the justice system. oh and human rights and there are still made to differences between the ways and tacky ntu to deal with those topics and that's been put off again then i made to stumbling blocks remain night techie doesn't recognize cyprus as a sovereign country and cypress is a full eu member states and then some say that not all eu members even one it's tacky to have full membership at the end of such stokes said. it is going to be a very long christmas tale how's that for us in brussels. europe's economy is turning around that according to a new report from the european commission but brussels says that record high unemployment is likely to continue to out next year and growth in the eurozone is expected to hit zero point five percent in the second half of this year rising to a little over one percent next
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year is a closer look at that report the european economy is improving. even though growth is predicted to be sluggish for some time to come. eu monetary affairs commissioner all the rain said budget consolidation and structural reforms are finally paying off. but he added a warning the scene. p s i'm so flippin economic turnaround. but that growth in the cup to hold a press release and he thrust it into salsa. or maybe they like it and that's why we cannot get to keep their weak story and you must but most fall into the temple so called mason says. brain expects the german economy to continue outperforming the rest of the year as. but the commission once again took issue with germany's heavy reliance on exports and called on berlin to stimulate domestic consumption and invest more in its infrastructure. france was also criticized for its high
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deficits. he said the money entrusted to get there and even meant that more to europe and coughs and colds and icicle minded took them with my two great goals have a strong voice of david do a great service of the entire eurozone and it's a goal but i'm going to. this could be just the beginning. next week the commission is set to discuss a possible intervention to deal with germany's high current account surplus the commission has even threatened to launch a probe and our correspondent conrad benson has more on the commission's report at the stock market reaction in frankfurt if it doesn't make it a plus as the automaker folks fun and the plastics could you sell excess. these three companies might come from very different backgrounds but they have one important thing in common hope for the market in china and that's why positive economic news from china made the streets as the biggest banks pianist this monday the services sector in china
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is going more than i was hopeful cross at the chinese peasant made optimistic statements about the quilt perspectives of the country of course there were also a few significant loses on the stock trading gold this monday. ryanair for example you to the disappointing quo for cost and blackberry because the planned takeover of the mo but computers make up was called off. identifies as an avid to report on monday's trading. as for today's trading. here are the numbers and they don't look good in frankfurt there was some profit taking after stocks were trading at record highs on tuesday they settle the day about three tenths of a percent lower in frankfurt and there were a little bit deeper and the red for the euro stocks fifty over in new york the dow jones industrial average is still currently trading and is about unchanged at fifteen thousand six hundred and thirty eight. as for the euro dollar it's currently trending lower trading for one dollar thirty four seventy two i will add to
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this consideration for business start ups is finally to get customers to notice or product and while imitation is said to be the best form of flattery big companies are protective of their corporate identity yet and one street vendor in thailand is learning that lesson the hard way after a global player notice some striking similarity. the woman sailor has been perfecting his own school fee for years. it turns out some footy. his nickname is known as coffee status gold star mom. another coffee maker with a similar name is nelson used by his legos. the us jaunt starbucks is sitting on saying his sign is a copy. that sign street band that disagrees with an easel. starbucks has a mermaid with two fans in its logo. my sign is of me holding up two fingers. that means twenty baht fifty cents
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that's my price for coffee starbucks has more than twenty thousand stalls and takes in billions of euros into the lives of the world of coffee serving a one man operation for the equivalent of seven thousand euros the u s corporations as customers could mistake the most on for one of the trendy shops. i think this is pretty obvious you can compare this to restart its original in the mix and nine. you have to admit it is easy to recognize they are the starbucks colors. when you look closer you can tell it isn't. it's nice the box donald says he's not wanting to shut down his business on the seas left with no other choice. sources. that's all for now the devil. i sure want to lose the next time
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of the year. gosh roma st day to see how it all began eighteen international mystery present a special week long event showcasing the very first episodes from fourteen of our most popular show. plus ross nascar's final appearance as a colander into pyramid. your favorite model bonnets for cats. don't miss any team to natural history's first case we get for ten to sixteen details and complete schedule and it makes the network's dot org you
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knew you the second i appear here's something you longest ongoing series of seventeen ninety. you are watching and eight. i knew. her second home. success inr
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will. it is six one. what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp or not the cabinet signed off on a referendum on the boulevard for same couples. both will take place in twenty fifteen twenty years after the sexuality of te


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