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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 5, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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the trial of daylight and sugar. does it for now. for more the stories we covered the youtube dot com slasher to america. check their website. archie dot com pletcher said. you follow me on twitter as sensex to the care they can. i do let daddy withs on this edition of me signing wednesday november six and catherine comanche intel camp the international atomic energy agency is sending memory monitoring and spirits into japan and they were given by some the problem of the media like deep water leaking from the crippled or she might die. she claps the global nuclear watchdog says. two members of its marine environmental laboratory in my camp was
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stained japan from wednesday to next week. states will test samples of seawater and analyze them for bait you like to materials you will also ask if it shows how they monitor the seawater the iaea plan to send another team events pics later this month they will on since then the de commissioning process for the reactors. eighteen pt at the monastery few pennies to cooperate with international organizations to deal with the problems that that species of plants. he says this will help the country to be gained the trust of the international community an executive of the japan's ruling party has suggested the government may not be able to achieve it the de contamination goal for areas near the cripple class. he hinted that the government may need to review its high gets. the democratic party secretary general. she didn't seem that sentiment was admitted last month by the iaea to the japanese government that point said the internation standard for radiation exposure range is between one and twenty
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seven students for you the japanese government as critical but wonder if he did for years for area surrounding the plant. if one says that i gave cannot be achieved quickly through de contamination africa alone it calls for government officials to make that clear to people living near the plant. each of us that the japanese government should carefully analyze the team's recommendations and study de contamination standards in other countries you've been open to the top it's not desirable for people affected by this situation to the beauty that the trust that all changed a little bit with kindness the city government and the ldp should hold a series did they tell her how to improve this too cliche united nations and the arab league and would pursue me and sent diplomats have been unable to agree on a date for peace talks. us and a russian delegates have been trying for months to bring representatives of the syrian government and the opposition
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together. not like they're breaking the center they failed to word count that d tales. we were hoping that we would be in a position to announce a date today unfortunately rattle brahimi men bearing gifts from the us russia and countries neighboring syria in trying to finalize plans for talks in geneva the brahimi said a syrian opposition leaders and still arguing over who would attend he said the diplomats would keep working to see if they can hold the contents before the end things here. into the oven and a funky prefecture and a senior chinese official are making efforts to cooperate in the climate of heightened tension is the relations between that kind of territorial disputes. chinese state council in png and seamed with the sacking of their hold on a summer night in beijing. read japanese i e should do more to cooperate at local levels. at the moran
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said the local government and private firms that need to plan b team role in promoting changes. they'll forgive last year japan nationalize the island in the east china sea. china and taiwan claimed the islands. yen said chinese traders hold dialogue will lead to a solution i was visiting beijing to celebrate the thirty fifth anniversary of the peace and friendship treaty. the snp prevent care began exchanges with china before these normalize diplomatic ties in nineteen seventy two. the us secretary of defense has suggested spending cuts will lead to trade offs in national security. john cahill completed the projected cost to the defence budget of one trillion dollars to the next decade. he said because the vast commanders will need to rely more heavily on us allies. cato forecasted how the military will be restructured in a speech at a
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think tank in washington. if the americans have died accept the reality is that not every units will be at a maximum readiness. this carries the risk. to president united states would have fewer options to fulfill our nation's security object our poll a ghost in no other nation has the will to power or the network of alliances to meet the international community. he said sustaining that leadership will depend not only on the extent of its power but on an appreciation of its limits. he said nagging need to adapt by building the capacity of their allies. time now for the latest in a business news the europeans have been gritting their teeth and enduring tough austerity measures for some time but at the show steve ninety at the end of the tunnel. i didn't see that joins us now from the business stats tell us more about that i can say we look at the beast inside gdp we saw contraction last year up in the same thing expected this year but thinks may be changing in two
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thousand fourteen so people in europe. we finally be able to be the sign of relief the european commission and to think positive growth next year in the eurozone. eu officials say the reasons gross domestic product could fall of zero point four per cent this year compared to a year before but they foresee an end to truly years of negative growth. they say improved domestic demand is helping the economy and expected gdp to grow one point one percent next year germany alone is projected to post a one point seven percent increase next year and grace is expected to announce growth of zero point six percent. but the eurozone is jobless rate will likely remain at twelve point two percent the highest since the single currency was introduced in nineteen ninety nine. the attack on the market now us stock prices ended mixed ahead of the belief that keep john stayed up and that those investors want to gauge the direction of the federal
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reserve may take on monetary policy for a closer look at how markets here are opening the good of an email and i'd be standing by the tokyo stock exchange. certainly not in the stores are not taking too many chances ahead of key events this week it seems guys actually i specially with the us and on farm payrolls numbers for october due out on friday and then the european central bank policy board meeting on thursday as well as some mixed earnings results like he was while living in buses and never confuse. look at the opening doubles for today wednesday november the sixth and a bit of a negative open as you can see that both the nikkei and the topics trading lower in the first few minutes. so as we talk about trading cues for investors really didn't the us that it showed improvement in services pmi which was the sentiment the somewhat of a band you're in your zone of growth forecasts of capital that of a shadow over sentiment as you mentioned that the economy will recover gradually next year but at a slightly slower pace. read
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the contents of the previous projections so that's also a bit of a focus that eurozone growth of earnings up both in us and japan also showing some mixed results. as we saw yesterday that we would then be sent plunging over ten percent. i'm falling earnings announcements last friday but then others such as the construction machinery maker cobalt up. jumping nearly eight percent as it were revised higher its forecasts on some balanced fbt negative and positive earnings results on the next guy in the economy not even as the yen has weekend overall. so when do we stand on currencies this morning and in a sexy though you'd expect the weaker yen to help earnings but it has been makes this he said that here for the dollars and ninety forty four to forty six at the thought did get a lift somewhat after services they did but i just mentioned at all eyes of course are going to be on the u s jobs data as well as gdp data on thursday the year again hundred and
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thirty two points sixty to sixty six books is going to be on any worse from ecb president margaret rocky after the policy decision regarding any possible moves to ease monetary policy further to boost growth. so i will watch those that arsenal's again the finances wanna mention as well. i'd be a good earnings results later today from we all talk and done that so i couldn't be the last major report into earnings season which a peak last thursday but what i will be a big focus will keep track of how the shares trade on during the day as well i've actually given me think alot about the fate of a stormy night guard from the tokyo stock exchange while japan and taiwan are strengthening economic ties electronic commerce and railway technology at the top the list. representatives of liaison offices during an agreement in taipei on tuesday. the real movie through the business ties
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between japan and taiwan who have progressed far you can still go in the ot it remained on electronic commerce sense of proper handsome rules for trading digital content. these would include animated films tv programs and games the agreement states that online commerce will be freed from tariffs. it's hoped this would go shopping and other businesses to have the internet. this could also help expand sales of japanese digital content which is popular in taiwan. for real wave technology the agreement states the two countries will work together to promote their high speed railway systems around the world taiwan operate a high speed railway system that uses japan's shinkansen bullet train technology. and that's the latest in business for this hour i'll leave you to check on my kit the eye. it is. pete. it is. it means
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having shared the luncheon will rock it found form eyes they want to be the first asian nation to send a probe to the red planet's of anything goes as planned. it would get there in three hundred days. oh well. and in use lots of mine keep them as a cent in the southern state is under the dash. he was caned and nine jenny and chrome. at the shows with the indian space research organization expect the trunk and lead the executors gravitational field at the end of the month the chic beach miles or bids next september the spacecraft will circle
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my resisted the main concert this and stitching for cases to apply. nt news from the us and the european union have already said cuent demise teams from japan and china have failed in their tents the indian nation is expected to cause seventy three million dollars a fraction of what an asset will spend together to make spread to the planets thailand has a strict anti abortion law is in line with this bounty. it is tradition and activists from tens of thousands of young women every year from risking their lives by too many unwanted pregnancies and legal clinics now there are calls for a change in the long nhk was richard that can convert points. gravestones be down to me and my superiors i'm thinking if i cough since. so in early june. the sanitary in time and maybe save an influx of you on the main
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players chris to take things for marking true thousand and one can eat it. now it gets into the system operating officer of true love can be that be. this is the current wrapped in plastic packs at the temple in bangkok. a team from any kind of harsh techniques. abortion is bad except in cases of are insane. if i could not bring peace in june. i also want to try to just believe abortion is the peaks in many cheese to bring the fetus is to the temple and request a secret funeral. i have great piece of meat. the countries of the crappy weeks are pointing in the tricky morning he had the house and being a year. many of these clinics look like i would
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need homes. when i can only recommend him. we can't keep note of the total number of illegal abortion clinics it's worrying because the number is increasing. i know cole was a work. one of the cleaning that rocked the house and into the distance to the temple she says the creamy treat and if they really mean every month now with the blue screen and to promote it ourselves or in prison when he did come to us. they just end up asking for help with them came with a caring teacher who after the operation. we usually target is to the temple. or be discarded in the forest so much in the speech by shooting one two mile. it was a concealer to once again to pe of fourteen. she sees
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taking care of the chance to sample of one. you'll come undone and he knows what happened to them or we are their parents are now. i just felt pity for the eighteenth so i decided to take care of them to meet you the move to open the season statistics to those aged fifteen to nineteen ten. i'm more likely to come creeping into his eyes asian countries. so the odds of one thousand compared to do it sooner. at least fifty six. missy the solution at the computer this will be an eighteen year old woman who say it she had an abortion. one of the early years of economic reasons at first glance the clinic doesn't look like seminary legal aid as a convenient location in clean
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atmosphere. i'm worried that patients and members of the clinic staff can be arrested by the police. i knew it was illegal. i had no choice. my sister. my station to abortion. green mountain even officials at the least and he proceeds to st louis abortions whipped cream and slides at peace. i am doing the abortion has caused other problems pushing women to seek a legal solutions in the london underground clinics to prosper will personally i want to see the law changed to legalize abortion. like in many countries i think that this country is now in a toss up and keeping a link to content is issued. like this from both sides to get the nod as they seek to find a brief alike will weaken the morning reaching back in time and
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its fuel costs. still struggling with he told its citizens to implement the proceedings. it repeats she will come. don't open til tuesday. from boeing the world. muslims and serbs and croats in bosnia herzegovina still have trouble getting along nearly two decades after the end of the simple life that many in the country are looking to the national soccer team for some inspiration. ozzie has qualified for next year's world cup finals players might turn into one on the cheer team for an example of how to get along. hk was killed and lance has the story the legal community building. people are celebrating last month the national soccer team includes players from
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the mouth clean serbian increase in communion. so many people what happened the trees have such a massive significance for bosnia. the good fight scene to walcott could bring defeat to mit's together. it's especially important for the people insanity so. he stumbles. this ego death is an homage to soccer team based in the city. the team last fall did in nineteen twenty four and from the very start. this included both muslim and serve him. during a civil war or on eight thousand muslims were rounded up and killed by serving in this sad incident the massacre was towards case of genocide in europe since world war two. a single
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batter was these bandits during the war. teammates were falsified and why moment he says. seven of them died when the war ended. there was overwhelming support and in time for rezoning the soccer team as it was a source of local pride the team's president is going to currumbin beach the mosman. he wrote tirelessly to bring the team back together and to bridge the divide between the commute. the ad. we should not forget the past but we should also move forward. looking towards the future. the demands of the most to me to come of it as a lie. nobody's allowed to
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bring the ethnic differences on to the beach. woohoo no estimate of all religious symbols such as crosses are allowed inside the compound and no games or practice sessions helped spawn the only days off either khamenei talk on the beach the tent city. a young bosnian serb school which the club's under fourteen team. it does many of his candidates in the war the biplane separate city to manage to make friends with people outside his home to meet the sister nora. he's keen to share its experience with the youth team players what then do the moves i want these children to understand that muslims and the servings are all the same these were all keen. it is
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helping to bring communities together. like many bows means the steam and hoping that it will come will help unite the people of boston joy abounds in its care world's seventy seven the job is pleading for a japanese astronaut clean she like that p is set to become the first asian commander of the international space station is right it is on the launch pad and final inspections are underway until writing this story is a russian spacecraft. it replaced the retired u s journalists. this design incorporates the upcoming sochi winter olympics. that first went into orbit seventeen years ago. he's experienced on the ads ads this time he'll be in command. the last two months of his six month stay. she's cool table to me. i think the communication is important to the success of
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the mission. all that remember as a high skilled astronauts. the key is for me to get the best out of everyone on board the male identity the studio now we've come to us that. caden has other tasks as well as the months to film the comments. i said which will pass nearest to the sun on your back or twenty nine i do a shoot high definition video of the event. he's also scheduled to do experiments on the effects of weightlessness on bones could this be factored into the hands of the guys on their stay. it's time now project on the weather with meteorologists i am already sad and good morning is a chilly start to the day here in tokyo with respect leader when catherine pink lining up during the daytime hours thanks to the help of sunshine. the weather yesterday was a really chilly in the morning the crew list of the season so far in check until there was only eleven because ethan even found his ear piercing inland locations
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this is an antenna prefecture this morning. we have been high that created it with greens and creams times and that resulted in over night colleen the whipped topping temperatures peaking johnny beautiful quilt for his masterpiece the olive and fruit to become a completely up. why doesn't the canopy thanks jared. the scene preparing to ride first thing in their courtship and see that eckstein japanese and there is this cookie of the region. production is at its peak. it started last month each by hand and i aren't for siemens trying outdoors fourth in the week it is conditional on anything into town and on and be in force across japan that it's not the case over the tropics. we hopped a couple of tropical disturbances and one here is a tropical depression on this moment and this will likely make a wonderfully in parts of its southern vietnam. fine tonight as a tropical storm and this company to produce a very strong winds and very heavy rain. this is just as
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many months the condition that could change dramatically to the north of and there's another year of heavy rain this is due to what was once the key to a tropical storm mccormack released a deluxe of the heavy rain. most of the vietnam and we have another tropical disturbances to the strong wind could cool the high and packing winds of about one hundred and forty five km spa or it could intensify into a very strong time for another time it reaches the mid section of the philippines by early friday. kindly visit the strife between the nose and drenching rain or on the way to lots of heavy rain lots in windy conditions are expected for much of the philippines as well as vietnam and this week. across north america now we have the snow and strong winds for and the northern parts of ontario and the ensuing citroen is a really strong from the greatest region downpours the high plains underneath it had the snow especially for the western great lakes region knew anything about thirty thinking isn't snow falling to the next twenty four hours as we go into wednesday
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the area but precipitation were hacked where's the east the mississippi river valley could be hit by drenching rain on your wednesday across the west we haven't settled on conditions for the pacific northwest at this moment the new system or the kunming and that will provide more stomach conditions on wednesday going during their stay in the thing with visits and then cover with the rainy weather may well want to nine degrees in denver and wind up as well across the eastern seaboard seventeen degrees for both new york city as well as the washington dc. i finally have crossed your messy picture one thing ain't when many locations in new europe. this was and i found knitting lesson conditions will improve when they occur at western balkans and in this life but it's not the case for an inspection of the year adventure wrenching rain is likely for a localized areas also found or something gusty winds as well temperatures am really on the chilly side once again in
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burley and ten degrees a peak or useful worst of all lining up to thirteen degrees in moscow on tuesday and wednesday is expected to expand its work. i i i wound
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and. today's gazillion listing ship analyst in the lead to get to dance and new furry friend. what is provided for a sneak peek and scoop is his latest of rivals here's mom lived on a simple email today from a range of teas elijah inclusion. i started this in each area and a shallow tank as new clients but they face a challenge making the jump to deeper water. they followed their father to children the ropes the old depot. it made me happier than seeing them grow up safe and sound. ii system had with mel o c native onto their pants diet and activity and she can. the babies for just ten centimeters long and for a kidnapped twenty
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seventy days i'm growing fat i felt like this it is in the meantime i'm guessing the match inside the dining and
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