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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 6, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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will rule the island. welcome to nhk world news line in chino tawny in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. investigations continue following deadly explosions near communist party building in china. workers at the research into nuclear plant are prepared to move into fuel rods from a damaged reactor building. and so your
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kid wants to dominate the litter picks now russia's leaders are investing heavily hoping to return to those who read it. police in china are investigating a series of explosions near iconic this party building. state run news reports homemade bombs killed one person and injured eight others. utah news agency says the explosions took place forty km from the capital gains tell you one city shanxi province. it says somebody witnesses heard as many as eight explosions in three locations. i had the us. renault will become too dependent on it. chinese investigation authorities have found scattered steel ball bearings and electronic parts at the scene of explosions. they suspect that party headquarters in tiny one city were targeted by
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the perpetrators the explosions see in tidy one occurred nine days after a car crash that killed five people near tiananmen square nhk world's kuranda toggle reports from beijing. chinese all regions and is keeping the peace. there were people in the council remained constant. i love the buggies been on the internet and i'm worried if you get to the majors should be taken to ensure safety. on the shelf chinese authorities claimed contrast last week was a attack. organized by illegal separate system. did you turn in to prevent any further violence and have tightened security nationwide the explosions on wednesday shock to the country the timing was also problematic for top leaders of the chinese communist
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party. they're planning to start four days of key policy meetings on saturday. no tool to learn not to pollute the recession of the central committee is ivory and watch them grow. soliloquy. i expect it will be successful in promoting reforms. open door policy innings lead once you've all been so we should do it again and this one. chinese sorry she is now facing a tough situation they have indicated that additional security measures will be taken to ensure safety. but no one told nhk world beach. japan self defense forces have installed land to sea missiles on open ellis me of climbing for the first time. they're being deployed temporarily for large scale military drill some twenty vehicles fitted with launchers o'brien and
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the islands. he got on board from what i do about twenty five hundred km away the missiles were then transported to a radar equipped one side. more than thirty thousand personnel would join the drill through november eighteen. they will practice targetting a maritime self defense force destroyer off the coast the deal covers all waters between the apple isle and in ocala main island. officials with japan's defense ministry said the excise does not consider the ships of any specific country has potential targets yet chinese naval vessels often navigate the area as they head to the pacific ocean the bill also extends to the oman air base on the sea of japan post air self defense force personnel and practiced an emergency scramble there. their rehearsal was prompted by increasing intrusion from the chinese military planes into the skies around the canal of such incidents and syrups in japan next to mine the same abundance of
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east tennessee last year that controls the islands but china and taiwan claim them. the japanese government maintains the islands are in the arab part of its territory in terms of history and international wall japanese legislatures are closer to setting controversial new moles on national intelligence members of our house and hoc committee had approved a draft bill to establish japan's first national security council. the lower house is expected to pass the bill and its full session on thursday. the new money is model after the us national security council. according to the dress the japanese and this seat will consist of a top level panel headed by the prime minister. they will also include the foreign and defence ministers as well as the chief cabinet secretary prime minister of this book in the final session of the committee meeting he said the security environment surrounding japan is becoming more severe. many people it's very important to
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respond to the international situation day to analyze it diplomatically and strategically in the four core members of the nst should always be able to recognize and discuss about what kind of openness can be taken. chavez said for the new council to function effectively lawmakers. a subtle way of handling government and now sees and information about other countries. so that they do not harm japan's security interests the battle will discuss matters such as the realignment of us forces in japan relations with china north korea's weapons programs territorial issues among others. the security bill is likely to become law during the current session of the diet. politicians in thailand are set for a debate bank would see a controversial figure from the recent past. back from and the issue has seen ties take to the streets once again crotchety not so long in bangkok as the story. in
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thailand is heating up of a controversial amnesty bill that could pave the way for the return of one of the country's most polarizing fiji as it causes its final hurdle. former prime minister talks in kenya while it may be on his way back from self imposed to an eta well it's a show called mike's want to have small. before the house debate has even the guy speak any of my top that he says the senate is likely to cost the amnesty bill. i do mom some of you keep trying to submit listens to me to show your opposition. there's no need of. we understand your concern. i will look for the best solution for the country. it's likely we won't let it pass the lower house of representatives previously passed a bill friday the grant amnesty to anyone convicted of armed men crime scenes two thousand and
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four. filmmakers from the ruling party headed by texan says the timing was bad enough to know what that the bill's approval opposition demonstrators abstained from the bowl. i mean is that i've seen was deposed in a minute and coop in two thousand and six. he was convicted of corruption in two thousand and eight and is now living in in dubai opponents have reacted and really to the bill saying it is designed purely to doubt our taxi to return to thailand. this has led to host the twenty two according to police. he said hi and he will have read the books main business district on wednesday. even with the loss to philadelphia to see the beauty of this he he appealed to anyone who got
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drunk and get away with it so right. years ago. good thing. i go into glasgow airport. what did you could go home. i was dressed in a nation on tuesday the prime minister said she would accept the city's decision amendment two. then we took the wave effect of the night where did they passed a bill or rejected or even eighteen the content of the deal members of parliament to vote for it. what extent the state over a country that we all hope of reconciliation to me. hse it's a good comments by the time mr anderson a speaker intended to use political conflicts she has selected in the teaching of the political
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high. so for my mom told him that they love. are increasingly one read as a new volcano continues to threaten parts of the breast indonesia night and more than one thousand six hundred residents are taking refuge in temporary shelter is an unarmed that is expected to rise. he erupted on tuesday about twenty minutes took any cash to three thousand meters into the sky. everyone living nearby had effectively taken in casualties were reported to authorities and her three kittens evacuation previous pondering the idea of options on sunday. we didn't concentrate room is full of low frequency chemistry volcanic activity shows that activity is still high. cnn will continue to steal action wednesday the volcano flashing signs of activity in september up one and fourteen thousand people were forced evacuation at that time indonesia straddles the pacific ring of fire is
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known to frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes most people can eke eruption in recent years was in twenty ten when mounted on being in central java killed more than three hundred and fifty people. and then the nations that make up the ice and milk i aiming high for the future they want to completely abolish address within the region and liberalized investment and business practices within two years second tree generally don't mean that spoke to nhk on wednesday and he stressed the regional economic integration will also benefit the entire carefully corny we cannot stand second change at home in january this yet. he's the frisbee and means to assume the role creating a trailer economic community will be the biggest challenge he faces during his five to attend yet what isn't sam has been no concrete construction. for more investment and create. with
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the two countries won't don't ask and he said the increase. although we all agree to peace and everything onto a pc into some of the motion of no corporation that our partners. a gigantic markets with a tear to a population of six hundred million people. the economic powerhouses in east asia japan china and south korea that have long held high hopes for the milk success that means says he's worried about the frosty relations between japan and its two nieces. you too. he's not a re issue the invitation to be tuned in three countries all over order in peace. harper corporation the change in current use and there at the end result and who treats
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the corporation is tasmanian coast would cost him. there's also a major asset on territorial balance between some nice in them isn't shying at buying it in the south china sea the surrounding woods isn't going to be reaching out to resources including oil afghan has held a series of negotiations with china and that is to begin talks in september aimed at shoring up to find the code of conduct or is it. with the continuation of pics to post this. i see some of he iortance o pce the whole region western countries and pretended some xbox all china is trying to drive a wedge between the and then there's that have territorial disputes with china and those that do know it's what's actually gentlemen entrusted with leading us to integrate eu has long been on the bike tire. t he will need a steady hands to steer it through some tricky importance i'm not going to ramp up output
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of ten i'm sure he acts out one in bangkok. i do. workers at the poker show ninety nuclear plants have been battling problem after problem they've been plugging the leaks andcrambling to build storage tanks too tanks for contaminated water that is. now there are about to begin work on a task that's taking years to repair their ready to move the fuel rods from the damaged reactor buildings to a safer location and its payrolls your children. the wine has more in today's nuclear watch the median to the richmond are each winston to see the number for the ark appeal the building contains more than one thousand five hundred fewer units. most of
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them have youtube. they're extremely hard. highly reactive and i would say you need to be kept cool for thirty to forty years. dogs are stored in a pool of top twenty meet reasonable grounds. the water troughs of radiation. he keeps the broad scope. but a hydrating explosion in two thousand every week and the building's structure. experts say the roads must be moved to a safer place. monitors of tokyo electric co a company have been recovering to start the job for the last two in a house two years. you climb to live the rocks out with the quaint. the building was too weak to support it the walkers to us to pray they would charge for the wrongs two containers of concealing radiation. the old
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remove these two is starting a facility was in the compound and put them back into walter. the job is far from straightforward walkers have two new bird who draws on the wall to prevent any radiation from escaping. and there would have to cope with higher levels of radiation. they might receive a problem. i wanted to know why nobody on the working environment here is more difficult and stressful than usual therefore i want to devote every interesting to see the transfer all the fuel rockets she. the show's say it will take more than a year to remove all the rocks from reactor number four. then there would have to do it all over aga the three other reactors. they haven't said when they expect to finish the operation is due to
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start this month. the delay disheartening. the long process of decommissioning to class. the project. don't expect it to take up to forty years. your jaws up to you it's your world. r peoe we are. due to the newnes we are going to be the mom the people in charge of the stars are strong. and hey stoppebuilng. ese re the buzz did she get laid it could afford. with that stupid too. when you go senior south korean official says china has agreed on
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the dt impose conditions on earth korea before any resumption of talks to the nuclear eyes the country the official welcomed china's turn around china the north's demand for an unconditional restart talks the us japan and south korea say the north must take concrete steps for denuclearization. before the six party talks can resume. they have been stalled for nearly five years the south korean her remarks came after meetings in washington this week between the u s special representative for north korea policy glyn davies and his south korean counterpart cho tail. china is calling for an early resumption of chinese dresses and would i wana with us officials in washington last month he visited north korea on monday russia will host its very first winter olympics in three months time in sochi the country was once known as the winter sports giant ants trying to revive their reputation. an eight year olds he escaped the weather reports. the skating school
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in moscow is battered by a prestigious college grad courses had us both travel gmt. the skating securities quoted by russian history of the parents. we can see the assault on the bar. all rates and the walk the chair and call the kettle corn fight to get coach during discovery of time the company almost always that most of the growth in the terraces as a way to all the peaks but that changed when the union crap sticking nineteen ninety one. that still said government funding maybe i don't know what jesus went about it. did you want one too many stores facilities were used as the markets. there was glitter everywhere. then everyone was busy trying to
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get it and close to making nobody cared about sports the reason no financial support for sports heat in the opening and applicable again and using them on the dk it to you. russia's economy primaries that good enough. this into southern city. one triangle got the job back at the skating school. she's once again plain duty to stand. what media color and the joan of arc is why was there. with us cheese while many growers in junior championships. you do on a tuesday. she can compete at such that she hopes to be a contender in future olympics i really wanted it tthem and take action the sierra present address the real putting announced
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that he's bringing back the notches on the unit dedicated to his own. his hobby of times. day included only high profile athlete. i just got out and has transcended its financial support to more than you ever intended to cause a syracuse among them is a skating rink and suffering is the country's parties. see that i could dream of performing in future olympics while competing. eva is connected to an end speed. i wouldn't be a pro skater mind you we have high expectations especially for women's figures taking this game has made incredible progress with a reasonable cost you do not share
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the data entities in the county to steer the country. what the lord then you are in the future tuesday coming up next to ours. the show. yemen is approaching the philippines for more we turn our to our meteorologist roberts pepper crab or give us an update all this on typhoon death only set to be a one of the most dangerous and potentially catastrophic tied to its year two thousand and thirty or eight now well towards the east of the philippines actually just pushing near a gap in awhile but already as the violent typhoon just for the self and yet these all wins over the climbers for our gear take over towards allow you to be seeing a pretty rough night going through the overnight hours into thursday morning as this pushes just for the north you can see on the satellite imaging just that the find on a continuing to organize and as it pushes overhead wins at typhoon strength very well likely there along the northern perth trees of the island now where is the going well out here it
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was lacking in some are there in the eastern philippines the key thing though. this is expected to continue to intensify believe it or not read now winds of one to one of the climbers prop pressure expected go down to nine hundred hp a door to the scene goes when that three hundred and fourteen club is proud that makes it the strongest storm of two thousand and thirteen on stronger than we can not remember that when it was off your corset can but the thing with that storm it keep that intensity over open ocean this one expected peak intensity just prior to landfall so very very dangerous storm system evacuations already under way out here as this does push oprah had a really if you are being advised to exactly do you often do so because this is going to be very dangerous one. i just look at the windsor also the heavy rainfall. it is a very large storm systems all the way from southern to lose on extending up to northern mindanao you're gonna feel some sort of impact from this is not the destructive winds it's the heavy rainfall that's going to be coming with this as well and that is
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to push up there with the west in viet nam by the end of the weekend. there can be feeling the effects of the dra so i'm really grounds are ready set read it there but one of watson's very closely here through the coming days. talk about what's going on elsewhere across the world where in the americas we do up a storm system actually pushing off towards the northeast is the delivery of the stove on a pullback over course newfoundland. widespread rain showers across portions of the central us scurrying off their towards the east and then we have as high pressure coming in behind it. this is discontent of the recall all the dominating air mass clear skies into its own complaint but temperatures will be absolutely frigid and then behind that. another low pressure so we got that wold that height and then another will coming in that spring and some sixty five km per hour wind gust in some rain showers and even snow on the higher elevations are across the cascades blessed to know that the temptress of the cold air mass to men and women tend to slow the five zero denver an eleventh hour ahead of that bill. the warm air shooting off towards the north new york and washington d c even atlanta hiking so will twenties here
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short lived. expecting that to cool off by the weakness that their masters a push by the court sees the new year we have well to hear is working tina watson a one over the balkans. that's pushing towards the east and really this has been bringing some rain showers down here still have some thunder storm advisories their degrees that's been a shift over towards turkey but this is all weakening al gore it's unclear whether setting up behind it not for long another low pressure to push across the british isles and between maker kia has costs and travel and delays if you are out there and one which was pierce's about a hundred clown a pro when start to push through this area and that pushes off for is that these will gradually see some pretty decent i never really is to be a messy wednesday into thursday on here wonder what i'm eleven years at fifteen some rain showers here for you. berlin the thirteenth yes seventeen some sunny skies you got your brain the middle that with a little break here on their steadfast leader on whether his accent forecasts. i am
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noon. i mean. it is. sth sth
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us swiss adventurer using a jet wing has completed solo flights around and china summit mt fuji former pilot yves rossi has become known as the jet man utd on one person to me that lies at three hundred kilometers per hour. rossi is touring asia and chose not to. he has his first conference the mountain became a unesco world heritage site. last june the depth and sort through the blue skies alongside bound pike's peak at an altitude of roughly thirty seven and that the tickets. a team from the eye and the colts or the monthly gee whiz he didn't. and when i typed in my dept it was. while the idps the east window would be to open. and i was
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here. we did ninety percent of whites around on youtube between october twenty eight and november. as one of the star and you don't need you the day. the offer. i
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believe that japanese. his band. all the means another chance for you to interpret your favorite japanese song and share it with the rest of the world. post your music video on our special websites we japanese songs the deadline for submission is december first. so don't miss mp and minister of music video. it was. pool. new new
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and who we miss this interview. i know. this seasons i was selling policies to achieve. each the team deep into this august. scanning people's hands for over one thousand one hundred


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