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tv   RT News  PBS  November 6, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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that it's out of ten corporations pay. the people would start on the other twenty or thirty people around the world. you're like me. it is. i didn't. been moving along. crowds of hundreds of cities across the globe take part in a million mast march against iraq. corporate greed and online privacy breaches tensions between germany and the uk over spying allegations were all really make use of one of them breaching international law by using its embassy and the surveillance post. and in reaching for the start of the light the torch for the winter games in sochi prepares for a lace top and a
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first ever spacewalk. a report from the lawn sign the my maths hundred accounts he welcomed the program. how the ethos nine tip on a global field this year activists to more than four hundred cities around the world. turnout for the million man march to show their anger and iraq politicians corporate rule the state surveillance in london the ninth was marred by a bonfire scuffles and iran's crown started flying nearby camp ellis and long parliament when he's here for us was there the eye the they had a lot of it
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one of the aisle. the devil the act. they are. they are and. indeed it is not painted. the good things that need from the path that the father that weapon of freight traffic in the mall right now blogged about not caring that you have nothing can gooping that it will bomb iran. i know. i am not like that it had not been that bad. i bought it. or
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indeed to make it across the gate. we think that craig had denied the claim to be re tested in some other great things take up the tent instead of coming all the way jack and coke listening to me taking place in fifteen rounds of the louts night they pay in the contest is ending the day outside talking and that's sad that on seeing london. now across the atlantic. protesters in the united states also to be a chance to deliver a firm no to corporate greed and privacy breaches. crowds marched through downtown los angeles to show their solidarity with the movement and many of them belonging to the article i will confront on the east coast. activists also gathered outside the house to protest. i want to respond in the county court the game in washington who has been in protest groups marching under the umbrella of the non synchronous different things
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the protest what they see is the least eight people have against the persecution of the symbolic protest against monsanto the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds and generally speaking they see themselves as a mutant against the government and corporations. the key event in april. to twist any next to the white house would he want as an obama tuesday. we want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the bank's been bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling with johnny depp. we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law. from the nsa to address noted the chelsea man and all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking of regular people are speaking out saying enough is enough to want us this morning. last week that the central line is. mass movements like this can achieve anything other than just making noise. well last year they were instrumental in informing people about this is legislation that would fight to protect
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the internet giant's that's final. i didn't mention their boosters to government agencies. and now im like that with sodas revelations they demanded drastic overhaul of the nsa. the most men to all down in almost every continent in europe france italy and portugal some crowns gathering in the streets wearing masks elsewhere in canada and mexico and brazil demonstrations also drew crowds in japan which railing and new zealand. the guy fawkes mask has become a symbol of protest movement and one of the top selling items online. the hard pressed to not find this mask at a recent protest ironically every time the masses purchased tying warner gets a cut. yes the content writers and movie v for vendetta at the company also trademark last. but despite this disturbing contradiction the mask still serves a very noble purpose it's helped get the activist community and identity of
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anonymity. the spying scandal between germany and britain is gathering force for elaine has worn one in that using its embassy as a surveillance post is illegal under international law the allegations of uk snooping come on the heels of another revelation america's unprecedented spying on the german chancellor resort smith has the details. now we have posted it wasn't just the us he was eavesdropping on that admins of attempting to build the race and probably was too wet. i'm that this information comes from the entrance to a release from nsa documents from the real face cross necklace from cost full. i suggest that the uk has its own next to all that is affecting equipments on the twentieth of the asean and the sea which of course is in the hall to find it not.l
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from time to time them apples i'll face the easy pickings of a radio yesterday that it has to do quite well. a pattern that these secret meetings at the dolphin cold and it's well made they are not coke and dr santos government business. we met the facebook than oh say two text messages. i make an oath and in fact one might say i'm going to feel the distance communications place across the tasman capital for its incredibly intrusive incredibly open for the persistent red faces all the rabbits. that is out of step with the insolvency the talmud foreign minutes to try to explain himself diamond and us diplomatic relations three. it's extraordinary that in this instance since this was the builder we can expect the same for the uk yet roster isn't able to fight not to the nation. but his tenth hole that is for nations to take him to us and daddy is coming up next week this tasty treat the case stations between the us and european union
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understandably there is now in jeopardy. hoping to discuss was the palmer bigger than irish number of european parliament the fallout of the fresh revelations scandal meantime the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympics torch relay is approaching and a story checkpoint final preparations are being made to send it into orbit. mark andrus is of the cars and rome were the launch will take place. and though i guess the hands of the teens it's now less than twenty four hours until the olympic sports makes this moment in history this fascinating journey up to the international space station and all. the eight am tomorrow. in most of the lord to heal so that i sleep at four am in london at eleven pm that he knew it of course this is the moment in history i of course not only the fact that it's the second time i've got three so this please call to talk to the iss and will be a token of a melon crew members on a
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bullet still be quite a posse of that. my opinion i think the space station is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind in modern times because of the international cooperation of other countries and well so it's great that we can tie these two great events the a in the olympics and in actual space station tie them together in some small way and were happy to be of small part of the obscure or in the living flame is one of the most ancient symbols of peace. and it's a great responsibility and a great pleasure to be working with the symbol. and the potato bake. i specially modified sports is of course because of a naked flame in the bottom of sprays out all the iss on the ninth of november and the schedule to come back here. delta on the eleventh of november lots of press here from all around the well a frenzied excitement here in brighton or of course this led to the tree out of the heightened security is in full places getting to be out most of them entry here. of course this is now costs and
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exciting time to rest in a school for the limping toward its already been to the north pole where it was on that you could power the ice breaking it will make its way to blog like how the bloggers freshwater lake in the wild rodents and very bright but some of that lake and also make its way to the swiss town city or at the peak of our breaths before i hit its final journey to the island cake. opening ceremony on the seventh if every mix in salt sea on the black sea some of the report says. but of course at the moment but the whole house will be our eyes on him and take out my name and that sports is jetting to more to the iss multiple would sit in a memo to its promise to be picked from a house of the swells the knee where falling every step of the olympic flame sturdy round brush and be on soothing keep an eye on them record breaking torch relay anarchy dot com. was promised
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we're going back down to our top story this for surveillance revelations and we can now discuss the possible fallout from the fresh surveillance scandal which paul murphy who is an irish member of the european parliament thank you so much for joining us on our team. well let's take a look at that the situation no while ago when the snow the revelations aware of for snow into the the eu harshly criticized in washington for its actions but right now we have a situation when one eu country spying on another. so what sort of reaction can we expect from brussels. the bow reaction we get from brussels meanwhile in illustrates is the team. gross hypocrisy all the leaders of all of the countries of europe and really around the world. pam whereby their happy to criticize other people spying on themselves that are there all day and age of the soul
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of the major powers in the world in question are the days of losses fighting against each other. what also most importantly against their own people is against other people around the world and i think. what should command from ordinary people across europe is a clear message that we are opposed to the building's security states which is what's happening where the post of this months of surveillance of people and if elected representatives. well i now live in a situation not a new europe and the moment we seem to have a different treatment of the situation in germany for example. ah you know the us ambassador was officially israel's summoned to explain how the situation to germans while the british ambassador which is set on invited to answer some questions. why is that. i think those are facts and the fact that in germany and britain are both in european union together and women to be part of a common political
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project. and so it's more difficult for them to express the open and kind of isn't that the thing to them but at the same time i think was his goal of the consequences of a blue deepened the divide between jamie. the staff is ethical. the government and within germany demi is an historic difference there it was freakin more representing an atlantis this view of the european union of the sleeping part of the so called fight the lions together with the us. us men who come to australia new zealand okay well these aren't new eu countries to pledge that the idea that eu countries as he sat and now they have strong historic economic times but the overland says that it's illegal to use an embassy for on new electronic surveillance purposes and again of these allegations prove to be true what the consequences for the one in the facing. the defendant for germany wants to go. i
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mean if germany we wanted to send mrs isn't our un acceptable except for the cause called the la serena serious way and then ultimately hampshire then the embassy said the ambassador home. i don't think they'll do that because there are certain constraints within which diplomacy takes place between the governments of the world. so why then express their opposition to the same time. america has to know that her security forces are presuming doing precisely the same in london and washington as we speak. so i think actually what will happen is that his attempts to be in a tent by the governments to solat express and give voice to the anger felt by people. but then to try and put into the match and that is if you know what's happening between the eu and us time indoors words of criticism but then both sides once again on for example with that the team to the free trade agreements containing higher your decision on chesapeake has
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some thoughts on it or thinking a thing that europe is not putting enough pressure than on washington to come. i think so. i think the response has been in targeting be another question it's beyond words and nothing more than words why they continue for example with the negotiations on the eu and us free trade agreement. and i think it's because they know the whole thing is is full of hypocrisy and they know they're guilty that probably by as much as their technical capacity and that was rather too fat to the us and so ithink it's only through developing movement and the pressure from below and that even the most important issue here which is people's individual's right to produce the individual's right not to be spied upon. i thought can prevail and can become a factor in the situation dr palmer see iris member of the european parliament for the socialist party think is too much for your views here in our team. there you were to meet us or mosque al morning is just a hand in no way. to noon. a a. science
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and technology innovations all new developments around russia. the future. move. i am . welcome back there with our team. medics working for the military have been accused of using torture to gather intelligence from
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suspects. an independent report suggests the department to see and fantasy i ordered doctors to carry out quotes inhumane and cruel procedures. dr keller it's a part in the inquiry says many of the techniques were designed by medical staff themselves. it was clear policy and practice of the department of defense and did the c i a on that following the tragic events of september eleventh. that torture was institutionalized and that health professionals not only participated passively but frankly the lead and this lead this in terms of developing the abuse and torture methods that were used in ca to find a use and in perth patch or reading a line that these methods are safe and effective interrogation techniques. there is no question that they would torture you and dangerous
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your abuse and did not affect of eliciting accurate information and they are wrong. i would not play more for you on the line during our teen clothing before pushing the exclusion zone sorry for the things you can ski. they are now working on a report from the scene of the twenty eleven nuclear disaster in following him on twitter and instead ran to find out what the situation looks like in the affected area right now. our youtube channel we got breathtaking footage of amanda reaching a speed of three hundred kilometers per hour in a jet engine near mount fuji. more news to the highlands has once again flared up
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the history of canada the day. i nations mission in arabia has been a war dance and art its stockpile of nuclear material could fall into the hands of terrorists the stash of on enriched uranium dating back to gadhafi salon abandon nuclear program is being held in the desert stuart's side with only rudimentary security in place a british chemical weapons expert told rte what could happen if terrorists get hold of the material. the keystone hall eighty radioactive itself. i was um we didn't see any uranium appointed india's some six months ago i felt quite good to get hold of this yet i can't it is potentially could be used in any field or a toad stool expensive device support jesse's to terrify people saw barry talks and that is radioactive and i took right
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to a tremendous by the tyrant if al qaeda go to every porteous is he's terrified of radiation and we hit the horror stories of her place on foot casino. when accidents to occur. time to get a taste these radioactive it pays to be held in uganda on sick its toll on high and sell or buy it with the present day. a health risk the very short periods but only station to it's uncertain if he had a cake suggested in uranium willingness to suffer from a high degree of counts up from ingesting cop out as soon as he undertakes a set the oven on all the tools surprise setback concerned about it i know happy to have it to him that to me to see and don't it. the rest of the bn still on a nice end to capital erupted in battles between rival militia groups after the eastern half of media declared autonomy establishing a new government of the authority says it now rules at easter which produces almost sixty percent
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levy is while the powerful warlord backing the breakaway government has seventeen thousand troops under his command issued down nearly half of the country's oil exports. this summer and there's a weak central government in tripoli which is struggling to read in the militia groups one defence analyst told us that he thinks the country's division was helped from abroad. the central government in tripoli has no control over the country at large. um and the militias i'll have sidelined the tribal leaders and take a noble fall and this this was the intended scope of consequence. from the beginning the main tool of the intention was never to do tonight to namibia. i remember the snow contested on days that saw saddam from saddam because of the oil rich region and that doing exactly the same media dubbing gauzy any out well although the gauzy of pops off libya is oil rich so the dentist that is so that
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job so they can control the ball is directly that and in other news right now in china series of bombs exploded outside a regional party headquarters killing one person and injuring eight ball bearings place in the divine the newly crowned government loans where heading into war. just over a week ago territories died and dozens more were injured in a attack my car and into a crown on tiananmen square here yet powerful blast has ripped through the center of the capital damascus. at least eight people were killed and dozens injured when an explosive device went off near the central really office. it's unclear who was behind the incident which follows the recent wave of attacks by rebel forces finally as rebels say they are ending their armed insurgency and will now use only political means to attain their goals and twenty three group had been fighting
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the government in the eastern democratic republic of congo since twenty twelve when are the militants were forced out of the are strongholds last week an offensive launched by the congolese army and bad mind you when troops at least eight hundred thousand people have fled their homes since the start of the fine egyptian court has upheld the ruling imposing an outright ban on the muslim brotherhood. back in september the group was split off its legal status following the army's overthrow president more seed july. he's a very sick in the brotherhood including the temple was head of state are currently facing charges of inciting violence the trial began monday but has been adjourned until the start of next year the data release stood still services and transport have been crippled by a nationwide strike against tightening this theory around fifteen thousand people joined the twenty four hour walkout
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the move coincides with the arrival of the country's international winners known as a troika accused by many of just going to release the creditors are easier to convince the government to take another couple of billion euros for next year is the knot while and since as a means of fines times last. joining us live now is georgetown thomas from the general federation of greek workers thing is a much missed another thomas for joining us here in our team to talk about the situation in greece. so as will fit right as them. the lease to push for amore is tyranny and then to sell another round of credits. could a country survive this what's your opinion. a i think about the various what's going on the floss for five years it's like we're having a soul to be plucked the award on to vox radiotherapy will know that when you have. so there probably were going to survive but said and the knowing which way. why is
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it that there is no therapy this and it doesn't seem to be i will bring out the plan to get out of this crisis dale like c i a finger up with maths to turn our heads their way from one knew who their own bonuses and the loop towards the sea silk board since they're more places for people and help the four of the big companies with a dab of the time signal to combine. well in detail the greek bailout costs new require that really new or sixteen sum of money. and that's in fact twice as much as currencies and meals and eat so where is that kept going. a yes sir i finger of a pre season in a difficult position but they are there are other ways though. they are making this the third making this more in the fiscal when mongrel when the budget would need more
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girls. when a brother of the losses by producing more milk my duty to listen more ok how does george thomas from the gen con federation of greek workers shared his views with us on the situation in greece sabah i am. the other eye the new he makes the world. any work locally money to people sponsors and underwriters
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local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven the books. having this debate. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six that either i am a sahm to two. i was going on fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen i would reckon. this of course that person today. it's the same spot on. reduce like a normal work on green st well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same woeful of the will to prosecute tuesday. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i run out of
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the defiant to working to clear the deal is seen to conduct a life changing. no holy giving the deceased's so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. crowe will last and in person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. we are goal. in one. casey said the us. he said. well winter is called the vista home it's no use to be seen in the inquest in other direction than in easton the same vintage. this mole is the key. instead the sea need to make stew in a way around. nosy. looking into
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how the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. kink to stay moved by love. it's a man whose longing for something he's lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i i. each
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used long ruling will i live . the new zealand chile and more. field of lacie has been elected is new york city's new mayor the liberal democrats will replace michael bloomberg who spin off its speed twelve years. that was it defeated his republican challenger to sit the foot of the campaign based on the idea of bringing the upper and lower costs is clean sit together define equality in his victory speech as the defining challenge of our time throughout his campaign because it was critical of stop fr


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