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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 6, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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warm one. i do. all that well in today's climate. they're saying about seven and casting comanche and tokyo japanese leaders have struggled to satisfy the country's energy needs ever since the accident at pushing the diet eat in your crib prices led them to shut down reactors across to hand one by one ac because of that they have to revise their tie against reducing greenhouse gases the officials said a
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base year of the two thousand by the state by twenty twenty they help to reduce emissions over those levels by three point eight percent. kevin leaders expected to come to change next week and japanese daily gets worse admit that i get the united nations conference on climate change in warsaw poland. for years to get a japanese promise to slash emissions by one portal for nineteen ninety levels the new tag it is about three percent higher. reduce greenhouse gases that is coming down side by burning coal oil and natural gas and by cutting down forests among other activities. now whether special is in japan are looking at how they can get them the word into the world's oceans. a spritz with the japan me logically agencies say there is one point four times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as it was two hundred and fifty years ago they say some of the gas gets excellent into the oceans and seas. it all i could wander samples from around the world they've been
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studying how much carbon downside get snowed out. this was posted there d down on mine be found in areas such as the northern truth that they cannot earn taking dark blue pencil and that carbon dioxide. what is close to the equator in red release the gas that they see the world oceans absorb more carbon downside and even the sq and they see the bodies of water had been taking in more gases of the past two decades. well people in the developing nations need help dealing with climate change help from people like the japanese who are considering extending billions in financial need. i knew too that joins us now from the business says tell us what's in it for the japanese account and they might be turned off the actual criticism for having to downgrade their own on carbon emissions on target they just close the cap and so on that government officials here in japan will announce a new plan at the upcoming un conference to support developing countries fight global warming. they
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plan to commit to sixteen billion dollars worth of aid the funds will go to pacific islands as well as asian and african countries facing sea level rises and climate change will be provided over three years through two thousand fifteen. the plan was to counter storm surges as well as construct thermal power plants less harmful to the environment. japanese officials will also announce the two thousand seventeen launch of the satellite to monitor greenhouse gases emitted by developing countries and will discuss the implementation of eco friendly technology. by the twenty third base developing countries are expected to seek thirty five billion dollars worth of aid at the conference. japan's proposal covers about forty percent of that amount. over in the us might get the key stock index closed at another record high on expectations that the federal reserve will keep its stimulus in place for some time. the dow jones
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industrial average closed at fifteen thousand seven hundred forty six up eight tenths of a percent and for a closer look at how my kids here are opening with that of an email and i'd be standing by at the tokyo stock exchange to mean the morning give us the opening numbers furthermore it right yet. in fact outlets i have a look at those opening numbers for today but there is in november the seventh that both indexes in the positive it is not a cause of action the first few minutes of trading so that makes we'll see how that goes to the unit and others of course a big focus on how toyota shares are trading this morning. all in its robust results yesterday after markets close and i can tell you that reading chance the top flaps that so far the first few minutes of trading will keep track of that propaganda course it ended higher yesterday i chose of course before he revealed its earnings. not just to recap two others said it expects a group operating profit for the year ending march two thousand or fourteen with sales rising to thirteen
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percent and operating profit of two research sixty seven percent to a level close to the record high it said just before the global economic crisis. it's the streamlined its global operations of the concerns of course remain for emerging market debt sales news about toyota's performance helped lift overall market sentiment yesterday. on wednesday over to see if that continues today. but as i say let a bit of a mixed performance so far in the first few minutes also as you mentioned that out jones industrial average hit a fresh closing high led by strong performance from microsoft and also via wireless and chip giant sack call column posted strong earnings up in the us said yesterday. however it's the forecast on the items was a little bit weaker and its shares fell after hours we can keep track of related shares in those sectors here as well. i'd ever mean i miss all this. the dollar had gained a ton child which should be good for export are so wrong right. you think
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that's of course santa. it is less of a look at those levels right not to see what we stand and yes indeed and ninety eight point six sixty to sixty five so touch higher from this time it yesterday twenty four hours ago. of course all isaac and beyond gdp data due later today in the us of course the chalk it up. the one two on friday in the us not the euro hundred and thirty point thirty three to thirty eight. it's gaining ground against the yen after strong german factory orders data now also with the european central bank takes further easing easing measures is going to be keyed up today at its the policy of meeting up later today thursday and of course any worse for months the president mario drive beyond the possible moves to ease monetary policy were there for the eurozone to boost growth that but for now the decay of the topics that in the positive will also attract the shares as the day goes on. i'm becky gardening thing flop with an update from the tokyo stock exchange in new line cinema new index to report on the operator of
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the tokyo stock exchange said it will launch a new stock index next year to appeal to investors amid a strong rally in japanese shares this year the japan exchange troops as they selected the issues of about thirty four hundred on the tokyo exchange. the index to debut on january six will be called the chain px nikkei index four hundred the selection will be reviewed every august. japan exchange group ceo to see psycho reminded reporters that new tax incentives for private investors will also be introduced next year. he says he wants investors to make full use of the index as a new indicator. in the fall for non business is on leave you with a check on market
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the officials are hoping to learn more about allegations that u s agents have the self her know that cancer angela merkel helping to interview someone who should be or the wealth of information about u s spying activities the intelligence contractor and with snowden is living and a temporary political asylum in rush hour. do you use the blue book. weakness in the basement we must discuss the details about how we can interview mr snowdon in moscow in most of the room a member of an opposition by a male a study last week in the russian capital. as christians joined at hand is he said the spirit and wants to cooperate with the german investigators and offered to testify in germany. if it
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makes sense. german officials wanted him to be snowed in in russia japanese policy makers are making some changes in how they treat the information is set to debate a bill allowing the government to designate some information as a state secret. crime is down they will present the leader on thursday. lawmakers are expected to balance the trade and national security council and is scheduled to debate the bill on state secrets under the proposals people who leak information could face ten years in prison. but opposition and to see the definition of what qualifies as a seeker it is not clear. the state government officials could abuse the mechanism to with cold unfavorable information some policymakers want to strengthen people's right now i am mending them on freedom of information. some defense places have installed atlanta the missiles on ok now is me and climbed for the first time being deployed temporarily for a large scale military trail. some twenty
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vehicles fitted with bunches of dried at the ad and he got a point from hokkaido about two thousand five hundred km away. missiles were then transported to a radar equipped to one side more than thirty thousand personnel were joined the drill string of every eighteenth practiced try getting a maritime self defense force destroyer off the coast. the deal covers all waters between me and my legs and ok now is the main island. officials in japan defense ministry's say commanders did not have the ships of any specific country in mind as potential targets. not chinese naval vessels often navigate the area as they head to the pacific ocean. the loss extended to the airbase on the sea of japan coast and self defense whispers now haven't practiced an emergency scramble back doing so was prompted by the sea tragedy from chinese military planes into the sky
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around it now. such incidents have it's cheap and nationalize the sand islands in the east china sea. last year to nineteen dollars and china and taiwan claim them the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of the territory in terms of history and international law i am i. police officers in china are following the trail of a series of explosions that to a communist party building. the suspect the attack is cranking on and grunge. one person was killed and eight in june by homemade bombs on wednesday in taiwan city shanxi province. some witnesses heard up to eight exclusions in three locations please not this is believed the attack was premeditated investigators at the scene reporting found that males electric circuits and small metal balls. chinese leaders and tight defence since last week's car crash in beijing's tiananmen square expected to
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further along down security ahead of a team party conference opening on saturday. we have allowed for years and he loved the blast to stay online without imposing restrictions that animate a car crash was said to involve the ethnic strife from the weaker minority the visit saying the recent attack appears to be unrelated officials from six global powers are two key comeback today meeting with e ran over its nuclear program leaders in teheran are hoping their new proposals would ease international concerns iranians will meet with delegates from the us russia china britain france and germany in geneva. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton is chairing the tonics foreign minister muhammad or bad said the fee is leading the iranian delegation. it is made concessions at the last meeting in october that we don't raise its deal with the enriched uranium that has
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the weapons potential. on sunday. iran's supreme leader had to be her running through his weight behind the times the announcement would be gone the negotiators are on the difficult mission. and they're giving their utmost efforts to it. how my day has the final say on the nuclear program leaders in tehran are hoping for an agreement with the nanny here. the head of the entire carriage a power company says the utility is preparing a new report on the crisis at the people pushing the planned announcement comes as the company tries to gain understanding to be a start to other reactors in central japan. middle managers released their first record on the nuclear disaster in june last year. the valuation was based on the company's own investigations but many questions left unanswered. so tucker president of now meet peterson says the company is preparing another report. he
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told the lower house bunny that the new panel includes new clip our experts from the united states and britain that the report will be released soon. a technical team and needed to prevent share is examining the safety features of the cost us a cake i knew of plans where the charity hopes to me sky to me and tears the management apparently decided after the probe into the new pee accident in which email was needed to gain that prevent his approval. jensen says that copy of the report will be given to me that the officials for review workers as she lay dying she had the net babbling problem after problem thinking planning leaks and scrambling to build storage tanks for contaminated water. now they're about to begin work on attack has taken me years to prepare their baby to move the steel rods from the damaged reactor buildings to a safer location and age keywords you reach your cocktail hour was more into dc new clear watch. the bda
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to the richmond are each winston to see the number for the ark appeal. the building contains more than one thousand five hundred fewer units. most of them have youtube. they're extremely hard. highly radioactive. and experts say the need to be kept cool for thirty to forty years. dogs are stored in a pool of top twenty meet reasonable grounds. the water troughs of radiation. he keeps the broad scope. but a hydrating explosion in two thousand that would weaken the building's structure experts say the roads must be moved to a safer place monitors of tokyo electric co a company have been recovering to start the job for the last two in a house two years. good plan to leave the rocks out with the quaint the building was too weak to support it. walker's few of
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us do pray. they would charge for the world's two containers of concealing radiation. there will then move these two are starting a facility was in the compound and put them back into wool sock. the job is far from straightforward. the walkers have two new group that draws on the wall to prevent any radiation from escaping. and there would have to cope with higher levels of radiation up to two hundred might receive a problem. i wanted to know why nobody on the working environment here is more difficult and stressful than usual therefore i want to devote every effort to see the transfer all the fuel dropped it. the show's say you will take more than a year to remove all the rocks from reactor number four then there would have to do it all over again the three
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of the reactors. they haven't said when they expect to finish. the operation is due to start this month the delay disheartening the long process of decommissioning to class the project. don't expect it to take up to forty years your jaws up to you. it is pure world. for the people we are. you know. the new ones we are going to be involved people start to the stars are so strong. and they stopped building. these are the buzz. she gets completed
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it could afford. with that stupid too. when you go light to make an apology due to technical problems with sorry we couldn't share the stock in banks for south korea. during the market report will try to get this thing is i've been running for you. i deleted next hour when will people even in japan when they go shopping for home appliances that you should go for the big name brands that bring quality and reliability. but there's a price and it's usually pretty steep one that started to change recently as smaller more on shelf and aim to make life a little more affordable he was gonna come that has the story fan told you it's going to a shoebox used to have to charge the idea in japanese like tebow for ian brown. reason being such a cutie has yet to many japanese firm. the scope of the nine of them cost around cars and use the net. and here. the seasonal korea's
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demand for them. because all readers to send peace but it costs one hundred s slump is over the prize. williams who was recruited cheap one. one should work fine the unity microwave. he's made them i don't want him. companies has hit three hundred medium that of last year. on tuesday passed it all but the last two we yes. the dnc critics outsourcing. it's a book one of his writing on the money during this moron companies all around him. these files use to suffer i hope rather than a silly smile after like last year have yet to lake city. i get an iv bst with dome of st and avoid costs three thousand people who brought the club through it all day. dc to keep employment. it produces
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the text amendment degree of its kind in the money to the beach yesterday to boost power and efficiency. not the mother. bills that the company uses the sanctity of the key component in the past. peter meets national energy savings from that. and that's the joke almost motionless. crucially the holdup at the cheaper one cares it's always a no cost due to his will. most japanese appliance manufacturers keep the basic technology is already outdated. we believe there are a lot of things they can still be used experienced sub contracting firms can use these technologies allowing us to create products right away. combine milk as an act of high integrity i have read the old japanese man of prayer. end up in a bid to differentiate the uproar that don't keep a forty minute of
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it. the markings store is still the performance. you don't have a gps the products that work can have and i love bloemfontein yesterday. always when the crowd when you call a bad idea. the peak of mini deets on this show cross. when i stand near a salesperson in the customer. i hear all kinds of us. that tells me a lot about what the consumer is interested. and all the protocol the fun things she has identified the new in need. i'm a devoted customers she's proposing dump martini get free. this always comes from music from across it on cds onto a memory card sheesh it's time for sure must want to enjoy get hold of me is the richest one slip eighty s and sixteen it was
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all in one simple gifts titan is ten thousand years housing and retail units. i hear a lot of people say that men need that once is crucial if they spend more than that do you keep them there. i had taken a routine for budget price. the eyes of the jetty the pariah of the peacekeeping force you must more choices. amy also by japanese companies are not desperate to see just how vibrant robot called to do so go knock on wood. and it's due out. is an outside chance on the web there with meteorologists i can wait a powerful typhoon is heading towards the philippines has any good as the latest on that. if katherine hind brain is now approaching the philippines. you can see a career high and junior center of the storm ida name is high and high andes nonviolence time to unpack and thursday no wings and over two hundred feet in
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climate of art which is a compelling to a category four hurricane and still growing the system will likely make landfall in the mid section of the philippines by friday morning local time. by the time when the shoes the philippines becomes kind of leaves as much as a three hundred twenty km mark i have instructed the dentist could occur and no trees can be uprooted or snapped an awesome mini houses can be destroyed and power outages can last for weeks a very devastating damage can occur across the midsection of the philippines and the free kittens don't hear from only if their state. now add the therapy by an earthquake last month in a tropical depression and drop some heavy rainfall a couple of days ago. the ground isn't really prone to flooding has caused landslides evacuations are away and away but if you haven't cleaned evacuated immediately after the second passes in
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the philippines the system will aim for the indochina penance lock it can keep vietnam on the weekend not that he is mysteriously by an abandonment of a tropical storm ana was still a tropical depression the crown is in very well saturated the crown cannot take anymore sigh many more wander to lots of things are happening across the southern parts of asia. of course an all around ikea things are lovely weather. things are going to be wed once again across much of japan may is going to be especially handy and an orange not to strain the dose of thunderstorms can see we inhale and even tornadoes and not under depression in northern parts of japan into tomorrow when it could be as high as six meters across the sea of japan citing two tomorrow. down the backside on the southern parts of your hand across the course of the country. we are seen in the foundation ours going into these new powers but after the afternoon. i think soaking up sunshine will return. across north america had the steel maker is not situated over anything can
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and i dropped the wind whipped snow across ontario as oscar back thirty centimeters of snow is likely to next twenty four hours and across the throat the fifth and moderate to heavy rain is occurring. the eco areas cunning and the temperatures will drop when the frost warnings and a frost advisory to freeze warnings wiley post it for the southern plains and a new system has reached the pacific northwest once again to british columbia pacific northwest with teeth and heavy rain across the coastal areas up to sixty four millimeters is likely in the seattle area and fifty centimeters when the coast mountains into the next twenty four hours temperatures are on the furniture is ours follows the only ate the crease for and in vancouver with the rainy weather one for you in clickbank and a drop thing to me a good reason to come with us about five degrees the bureau what we saw yesterday. across the europe the band leader sees them is a picture once again for many parts of the europe very unstable conditions for the british isles the southern part of
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the scandinavian peninsula north of central parts of the year at the little dry air crews italy and the western balkan peninsula and temperatures are mild and the thumping beat in the trees breaking them on during their stay the conductors eccentric. i lose the adventure using jet
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wing has completed syllables like the brown japan's highest summit of mount fuji former or current season rossi has become known as the cat that he did down to one passenger plane that flies at three hundred kilometers per hour. rossi is chairing a gem and chose not to be at his first conquest not making a unesco world heritage site and she'd get mad so it is clear blue skies alongside now that he's peaked at an altitude of roughly three thousand seven hundred units. again from the eye and the colts or the monkey he was he'd been in one night i kinda got the plaza. while my sch nice window would be built then when i was here. this is a dead chicken feed and nine
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like the brown outfit to the tune october twenty oh one for her. the monday's edition of means i'm counting comanche and tells him that much the day the eye
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