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tv   RT News  PBS  November 7, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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it's frightening to me. what you say hi. there's snow this discrimination. new one we will. the fallout from the surveillance revelations forces uk intelligence chiefs you're making a store televised appearance will look at what to expect the guantanamo apparentl the lycopene be one of us here little more than a life of the dt me if you run one of these babies over the line is ten thousand dollars the report from a detention camp on what keeps the guards busy while a former inmate describes that e learning torture methods used to break
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prisoners. and a high altitude hand over the sochi olympics torch reaches the iss after historic launch from the viking era cosmic girl. app that lets take a look at life pictures there and kick and the atmosphere of joy n happiness because this indeed is a historic ment there. i am the scenery the doc she and her much for being with us now. haha the heels of american intelligence boss is trying to justify masturbate with its time for british spy chiefs to face a grilling halves of the three uk intelligence agencies are about to make an unprecedented appearance to explain their spine operations produce her first takes a look at what to expect the best trying new
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things i have three heads. it was a spy agencies. the same name being questioned by anti israel bias of the session is to be drawn to cause fiat as such the lightning kids get into the night that there will be assholes times a day to think anything things are there that can be considered a threat to national security isn't exactly d we had a tape of the four week god said your love and that directs the ntc eight skiing. jane pot that he's the director general of m i five hundred leaflets sad joke. so is he is the anti six she held the odd thing to face questions from intelligence and security to receive hot as pa senate inquiry into the living this life the dk intelligence agency quoted a broken fence about the failed headmaster they didn't have a
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cold stunning fall for the head with a thin revelations about what the swings at it the kids this is a session. he tells it all in guiding intelligence operations and that's why we say it is the likely result will they kill him any mention of all projects and for that of course being the secret program to do with the gathering all the way and brings a sad but not this is density of calls and lightly spray for nights like the real lesson is that the sign is happened that this is me getting to rest on what exactly is off with them most experts agree the intelligence bosses are unlikely to find themselves in hot water. unlike the journalists who release known as documents. so take a look at efforts the british government has made to plug the leaks. back in july the offices of the guardian newspaper which had some of the files were greeted by a gc hq agents and hard drives were destroyed. a month later and they are and then partner of former guardian journalist glenn greenwald was detained
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for nine hours at heathrow airport when he was in transit between berlin and revision nearer after being a filmmaker who was involved in breaking two weeks. now the man he is challenging his attention through the courts although british authorities since it ran his actions constituted terrorism professor of international security david gilbert believes the government's going too far. i hate it but it has a right to know who i'm exactly the overall ramifications of the intelligence community they are used around the parking ticket to go and squeeze into an independent independent newspaper or news organization. i'm still in the town is totally unacceptable in a democracy and we have a strong judicial system which is suggesting that back in the government's going too far in its
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crackdown on the tv news is that we have to trust an hour and the politicians that they will have copper responsible oversight of the intelligence agencies. why is no different than any other offers according to the snowdon week's uk intelligence was able to monitor up to six hundred million communications everyday annie were the only ones who had access to them a hundred and fifty thousand in the same louise and private us contract tourists can also dig into the uk to year basis as ganesh town explains britain was alone in helping washington keep an eye on the world. intelligence services of five english speaking countries have joined resources to spy on the whole world. the us is the most resourceful its closest ties are with whitney's gc hq. but canada australia new zealand are also contributing. australia backs up to washington by keeping tabs on asian countries the men's room either school or work at australian embassies across asia pacific coast this time
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in this sensitive intelligence collection program as part of the high price in it. it's not a case that the five bodies are looking for a former australian intelligence officer preview to the program said the main focus is political diplomatic and economic intelligence most recently the east timorese government complained publicly about australian spy during negotiations on the future of the timor gap oil and gas reserves candidate to lee's interested in natural resources and is accused of actively spying on south america. analysts noted reveal that idea with the help of the nsa hack into the brazilian ministry of energy and mines. he also expose that the us has been spying on brazil's national oil company and would still have revealed some details of how the five ice operate but even before intelligence officials made no secret of the year when quote orwellian cooperation summit yesterday with our five was colleagues and one of them and what for to determine do is pop has
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become popular and in his country's all strewn across the efficiency dividend which is his use of it the orwellian euphemism for cuts. these intelligence service if it looks like beginning a relationship a two way street. or should i say five points. in washington. i'm banning second part. which are to come until after moscow way here in the program. japan is braced for the most dangerous operation of the crippled the push of a nuclear powered plane since the twenty eleven meltdown at rt truth is monitoring events their spots a round of nuclear talks opens between iran and world powers we ask whether either side is ready to make the concessions needed to break the standoff the cost of maintaining one of the planet's most notorious jails guantanamo bay. what gets five billion dollars next year. rgs girl went to the camp to find out what exactly american taxpayers
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are paying for. this clique misconceptions get goal is not just in geo to me or not to be shot. it's also a forty five square mile military base with no plans of going anywhere. full of signs of established american life is a navy base and we just happened to have that they can send him home so the only mcdonald's on cuban soil subway sandwich shop at starbucks and a taco bell you go that's the best financial interest single piece of new books the books until i'm full of these other places that help to set up a tv you just tickle support the troops that are well over that they're about five and half thousand people living and working on the base roughly half serve the actual detention center he was the only thing this territory since nineteen oh three for just over forty five hundred dollars. curiously that is still the price today but it said that the cuban government has been refusing to accept this money for decades the cast really the government said here we don't want this piece and when the united states' position was. it's a fine
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evening we sat in the least it actually sounds they can be broken unless both sides both countries agreed that it strikes me as a very odd contracts the territory that the us has occupied against cuba's wishes since nineteen fifty nine. most officers come here for short term of up to nine months or longer deployment of two to three years far from home. life isn't put on hold a hand seven people eight and family have. this is when the air. blake and drinks its own. bailouts him. there's the dough chill ecm and all the new movie theater playing all the hottest hollywood blockbusters and a cheeky bark to let loose after a hard day's work. even though most a schedules and an intense anyway we actually hit by the time i like to be synonyms at the beach in the end of year as my activities for people in the u n w r stands for morale welfare and recreation almost every sport known to man is available to team get
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well and state of the art facilities. i love it it's done a lot of people think there's not much to do but there's definitely an abundance to do. being in a remote location doesn't even have two effects eating habits and all he can eat lunch cost just under five bucks and breakfast is half that price. the downside though information or lack there of. a lot of the tv programs broadcasting here are me focused. internet is almost nonexistent. the beast of mill street to stand by some soldiers even so we told those serving here are banned from looking at websites like twenty weeks for example once classified always classified even if the information has long been made the rather strict regulations in place to the concept of the guantanamo apparently the life of an eagle on the costs here little more than a life of the dt me if you run one of these babies over the line is ten thousand dollars. there's a very
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strict and speed limits in one time now and it's a very slow speed limits and people say that that's that's all about the one it's somewhat ironic that at least marred by human rights candles officials make a point of showing journalists home well prisoners to our kept entertained here. also for any client detainee and guantanamo bay with the alaska blokes have a two piece he hasn't had a solution to the less compliant wants to wear the orange uniforms and get only two books that i was the low side so you can see the books pt knees kept coming here but the prisoner library lovingly displeased the best of their art for tv crews to see a lot of pre selected books to avoid certain topics finance sexual minutes in religious stuff controversy shelves packed with magazines cds and video games plenty of ways for legit prisoners of war to pass the indefinite time they are kept here without charges
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this teacher can a r t guantanamo bay cuba. of course if you want our imports from behind the camps was including conversations with inmates and their lawyers on line here in our teens and to love on a time like our special coverage. in china russia say spacecraft during this up to twenty fourteen olympic torch has just docked with the international space station while the hatches of old band and the crew has carried the torch into the iss. i did randy france is accusing control with more he won well and easily use still working on. we'll continue to ease i will disembark and a half has just opened and i won. and boy was he would be the first to make it out i in our ivory to
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other very exciting the people there. firstly i was very crowded like it because it's usually so you ask. with nine numbers in the end of march the forsythia appealing to go and so is it exciting that it's been such a success in the course has been to this new flame on the boards. it cannot be the winners of lords in spades. and so i did is it is doing just that short book itself. i'm so very excited to see this actually happened. lion and a lot of smiling faces and to force the family members will be broadcast from my killer for suddenly disappear once the ride safely. now forced to think. that's a saturday when the torch will make history by going on a sunny spot to defeat either steal at two two cosmonauts who has spent several hours looking at other sites appreciable degree that like you aren't sleeping. when will the prices on tv and we will be bringing you this might be on saturday but for now but the list is very excited that he lets me get started early
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with many. such sites. high above the body of one hundred km if i'd actually buy the cd herds of deer commission it's been a success and it's just amazing to watch. many friends there and giving us more information details there and it was remarkable scene but just this morning the torch was still on earth imagine that the rocket took off for space from the bike in our cosmic encounter in our correspondent martin andrews has more on that were to switch to the iss docking in term four for twenty seven pm central time. now the crew and symbol of the upcoming winter games nets on the international space station. hospitals only cook off and secure design scheme will take them on sites for thomas baseball for three four km above. leads on to the current crude useful and needed a second time in the axis the street at three so use these crops and nine crew members aboard the lab
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complex. the same time millions will watch as the toll which makes history safety and physics mean they caught like a torch in space the design is also contains some icons fly away. he will make much sense. everyone knows they can be no flaming out to space as nothing burns then. and it doesn't make sense to fake it. off to cycling the tonic simple times toilets will come back to us. three returning crew members on the eleventh of november to continue its record breaking relay the world's attention on this historical moment. it's a nervous time for everyone in polls. we only need to prepare a psychologically because it conjures the fullness with mechanically a somber scene job after all we are dealing with the symbol here. i was always busy and working together for the era of everybody on the planet. so this hallway. i think it's great that we get over this
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similar to the international space station which is another patient of international cooperation the coming weeks. thousands of sports paris will join the living. we like it costs sixty five thousand km of rain covering forty two three regions of russia was complete. it'll be the longest relay in the history of the woods paralympics. that school will culminate in the opening ceremony of the game since she likes eight. the race. in the meantime the limping sports meets the final frontier we are home the moments that promises to be truly out of this world months and years of teaching y'know. and i will be bringing you more on their record breaking torch relay of course for the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi on saturday when the torch is taking on a story spacewalk will have special coverage of the amazing event all i hear they're a team. while warne's for the coming your way to capture breaks the us. i feel
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inventory the journey. one hundred and twenty three days two two thousand nine hundred towns and cities some fresh air. relay by fourteen thousand people. for sixty five thousand gallon. in a record setting trip by land air sea and other states olympic torch relay. on our tree and onto the card the air. they aren't pink razors and all day to do a tennis ball hours of work to protect their most productive workers of america on the prison population and demand that washington wants
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the whole population into prison population. when the dollar that the only life when they get the stamp. a lot to consider using them the book. if you want stories. you can do changing the world likes me also pictured. i look
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the back your wares are the words of guarded optimism over tehran's nuclear crisis solution are once again and courage in geneva where a fresh round of talks between tehran and six world powers under way. officials say an outline of the long awaited deal is emerging world powers are offering a partial easing of sanctions. a full on freezes some parts of this nuclear program. michael mann spokesman for the eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton who chairs the nuclear talks told our team as promised but is ultimately up to iran to end the standoff so is it good enough out that we all are getting into the t ten in the way the story never happened before on the previous iraqi governments we have come here to do serious business to make concrete progress the iranians have expressed the wish to do the same so what we hope is that they will follow up that was the code was with good deeds in the negotiation of a half to make this a number of undertakings and guarantees this is the alps the iranian nuclear program worthy of such kennedy has justified concerns so they have to make
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that step and gravy in and agreed to do something to be its natural community is is developing for itself it's all about the enrichment of uranium which is currently being interested in the wrong foot level which is not necessary for peace twenty different muffled are some things that may have to do of course this is the mc of six separate sought to be flexible but the good stuff pretty nice to come from a ring inside. the body and journalist based in tehran disagrees that the top success appears purely on iran. no one can can expect a major breakthrough as long as sad that he's right the nab's putting pressure on the western side. if it was the side wants to respect the radiant right to enrich me. if you are ready to respect that right. i can go in tea for my sources close to negotiating team. that the talks the deficits otherwise if they are not going to respect your right
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and restraint. this guy get anywhere. the us is going to be more cooperative but going to be what transpired at the head. this anti dion wants to decide. to be more serious that he is the half to stop and lifting the genocide of sanctions bill cent of all i kidding going to be canadians died at its cancer patients have openly angst than not harming the government debt harming or dirty peoples. the rhino and not a story of how israel is using it we are hatched and stop the charm offensive to put across the message that the winds diplomatic aphorism army early to sell and as a trial over an acid attack on the ball j peters artistic director too tedious the victim speaks about the assault and demands almost one hundred thousand dollars in compensation. had our tea dot com for that story. a. the attendees. you
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know. your aunties today on her research. our new clear clean up team and she was is preparing to move the power plant's fuel rods to a safer location. it's the most hazardous undertaking a japanese facility since it was crippled fine earthquake and tsunami to you and a half years ago our tears asking has the latest. extracting these laws from the pools is a really hard tough because each one of them color of ways of more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even keep each other that's because that i knew
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create chain reactions and all the schools are crippled but the machinery the automated machinery doesn't work as well so everyone has to be extracted from the pool manually the typical company are running the push in the clear up roses and a japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand the need to remove the fuel rods they are contaminating the water as has been reported in the water. harp on and on the other hand of course this is the very least adventure because they have to admit to extract every drop and as more than a thousand of them and each one has to be extracted and i knew it we also managed to apia take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas you know what what's the show me the most to surprise me the most and i'm i'm saying that by my experiences of traveling to the school included on the chamomile that in the fo pushing the area that sounds which are just close to the station ten fifteen km away from the station they have been reopened for residents with each piece all people are rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happens. these people would have to be
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revoked evacuated again and go putting themselves on the very serious risk. one fact in the focus human region itself that several in geo scored in all believe the government and the tech organization in their measurements for the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked about with them yesterday. either the movement called the mothers of pushing that these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children the book's radiation meters which the cheapest of them cost around two thousand us dollars and they're just patrolling the area staking their own measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing. it is not considering they have radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry. there's a peek at them as a protest happening for a g eight country days with there protesting against nuclear energy and the actions of the government to tackle so you can see how serious the mythical the anti nuclear movement is now is that even though they say that their voices being often silenced
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by those in power. chris dickens all founder and host of the new radios as the engineers are trying to do the impossible while putting safety at risk the more i study is probably fact i've been not only reading i haven't even gone to sleep yet. i'm more than i i look into this. i don't know how japan things that can pull this off me the pictures that have been released. i checked though and the amount of damage that the racks and cool sustained there's no way that they're going to be able to pull those assemblies now. i'm in and do it without bumping into others things and that's where the danger as the other promise we have three molten core is that we don't even know where they are in it it's really surprising that there isn't a single expert that has called for ground penetrating radar i'm in in order to identify with the scores are still that that problem can also be a
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dress. the stories from around the world of riot police have stormed the state media building in athens in the concrete answers who have occupied it for five months scuffles erupted between the officers in the activist broadcaster you're a teen was shot down in june as part of deep budget cuts with hundreds of employees losing their jobs as a result. in turkey the police have clashed with teens and oriented organization responsible for university education. eleven for casters have been arrested since eighty four is a remnant of the dictatorial rule nineteen eighty and shared a half total responsibility for higher education. this previously occupied the dean's office and for university and set fire to documents. the philippines now we're over two thousand residents have been relocated from areas and is the path of super typhoon high on schools to have been closed flights canceled and emergency services put on high alert
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the start which is believed to be the strongest this year is expected to hit the philippines within the next twenty four hours the max and stacey explore america that paradox where growth has become simply too expensive to sustain them. i lived in maroondah. i knew him. i am. illegal immigration evan always says that immigrants do the work but no lots to do what explain why that is going to turn east on vacation got into a taxi driven by a former migrant worker used to make a living in moscow. he told me he really worked hard driving loading trucks after five years he came back home and bought our house. yes from a seller that russians can even survive but he was able to buy a house employers in russian america see that locals don't want to
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work hard in order to get one of margaret worker salary they can build a bright future when compared to a local ok to make ends meet when you can see why the market workers are a lot more motivated than twenty this way if you know that you had to work five hardy years of some awful a broader awful condition somewhere far away liquors or germany. what would be able to pay off the house would you do what i think you would at some point this myth that locals in country x don't wanna work they just don't wanna work and complete futility for table scraps. i just might. i rmb. looting. each includes the word dude he is actually more showers. some of them
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or are very defensive. we were just what to do so they were taking someone's force this is. he said. firstly and some of them are or are two techniques some of them combined. that made it. its components. i sing with. it's simple. ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. and the change in scope that i'd chase. that's the philosophy. the art. i teach more beans. ag. it's a thai boxing. we know. gee do you know we have it on fox so it's basically a martial art based on. a full house wil
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the news on him. the israeli foreign ministry has called us was pride that claims palestinian leader yasser arafat may have been poisoned with radioactive palladium will sign up for the assignments arafat's the official medical records say he died in two thousand and four from a strike resulting from blood disorder the swiss report says tests on the bawdy showed an unexpected high activity of palladium which much of lee supports the poisoning theory but his putting was the team's lastea


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