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tv   Journal  PBS  November 7, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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we will. open. i eye. the u s and some of the let and share your thoughts coming up in the next half hour is there no and seventy one e the european central bank surprised investors by slashing its benchmark interest rate to a record low interrogating the intel against britain's top three spot you get a grilling from british parliamentarians in london. and what yasser arafat was in it or not. well sit down with
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the palestinians back to germany and ask his opinion the lights up and coming beat european central bank has lowered its key interest rate to a new record low of zero point two five percent now the decision is aimed at boosting the european economy and giving packs strapped eurozone states while breathing space. europe's major stock markets surged after today's announcement and the euro fell to a seven week low against the dollar low benchmark interest rate can fuel a building boom. it cuts the rates of mortgages for homeowners embarking on new construction or re modeling. low interest rates can also boost the number of new machines and factories businesses seize the opportunity or borrowing costs and invest
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the european central bank is holding its latest move will stimulate the eurozone economy with such developments. the bank has long been opting for low interest rates to support growth. two years ago the rate was at one and a half percent. since then it's excessively drop. with the current cut to a quarter of a percentage point more owing money has never been cheaper and the rolls on following today's rate cuts the governing council review the full route guidance provided in july. and go to bed he continues to expect bt ecb interest rates to remain at present all lower levels for an extended period of time. low benchmark interest rate cheap credit and higher investments usually also hike prices because the fuel demand for building materials cars computers and other consumer goods. what eurozone inflation unexpectedly fell to an annual rate of zero point seven percent in
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october. the ecb it appears he isn't worried now or risk of inflation. we spoke earlier tests all myer chief analyst at bremer lettuce bank in germany. we ask them whether keith and that surprised by the ecb announcement as everyone else i was extremely surprised we use spies center masonry wall to get full coverage insurance that every decision is well prepared enough to remind him of my ewes in front man for marcus. when sentiments to the vet surprises. so this is a time of the new stage. the ecb will sae the taking off. no rate cut like this in theory is designed to encourage companies to expand and create more jobs is actually going to happen. while i doubt that in the first place but what is being intended by the ecb that is the way we as saying it is to enforce that the banking community in southern europe and the reform countries is grunting loans again prove
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the company is and that has beamed up. or you know bases and in order to encourage growth that is being needed so that is one of them angle towards the cbo frisbee going along with this decision. so you think that banks in southern europe will pass on this rate cut to their customers. i don't know whether they pose on the rate cut by the iwi in the interest rate of what they will have to do is they will have to man began to the banking community because of the ones that build models of business models is being hampered the cd forces in southern european part to give more lonesome has real economy and that is a good arm braces for growth going forward into twenty four team what this is like i'd actually tell us about how the ecb is being run. well the ecb is being run in a way that's wrong. reminds us of the southern europeans saw them the more than europeans thought of then again the malt giving up on the aspect that it still
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insisted that she found a policy because the low inflation and bomb and pluto were lending involvement in vowels. this kind of policy by this gift giving more risky. going into the future seoul the ecb. it comes off a little bit off it stands of fuel stability policy and pesto lot of make out of this decision. the mire thanks for that assessment. the sell out in the markets react to our reporter at the frankfurt stock exchange content is then sent us this report very few people he had anticipated that the european central bank would cut interest rates this thursday. that's why the reaction on the stock market was so intense it th on to another all time high of nearly nine thousand two hundred points. the band investors became wary again traders said the situation in the eurozone must still be very critical because the ecb to cut interest rates so surprisingly now. due to the surprise of the fact that
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seven backed companies really got into the background and adding to all of this came the ipo of twitter in the all no wonder that many people here are convinced that this thursday was the most eventful day at the exchange of the cia. and as i read just mention all the highs have been on the twitter debut on the new york stock exchange today in the ipo most certainly has not fallen short of expectations and shares opened at over forty five dollars and ten cents a share of seventy three percent jump from the twenty fifth elephant share issue price. the seven year old micro blogging company has attracted two hundred thirty million users worldwide. but as ever turn a profit. but investors are betting on potential wealth as the company hires more and invests in data centers. so now how did the market reacted the ecb is easy money and this week to week of twitter. look at the numbers for you babe i wasn't always as you might expect the dow which is currently still open
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for trading in new york is actually in negative territory where as the dax in germany just got a slight bump and about half a percentage point the euro stocks fifty closed in negative territory on thursday that he was really important to note that all of these indexes they have been hovering near record highs in recent sessions out to be just a bit of profit taking as for the euro dollar currently trending lower trading for one dollars thirty four thirty four. that same year in germany continues to lie in his coffers tax revenues have been on the rise in recent years and now to raise finance minister says the government is set to take more than what was eventually forecasts for the next few years that announcement comes right in the middle of the top coalition negotiations in berlin the twins have the knack of conservatives and the social democrats and that you don't see eye to eye on fiscal issues. germany's finance minister of old things like the no campaign and he has reason to be. he says gemini is on track for a slight
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increase in tax revenue. he's warning the full costs of these little room for maneuver in coalition talks with the social democrats today's us is induced in the current tax income projections confirm that our goal is within range in the wind is a balanced budget for twenty fourteen and a federal budget for twenty fifteen that contains no new debt. so we must embrace this opportunity. and we should not put at risk with requests for excessive spending budget you see him. this is a message to summon choice as christian democrat party but mostly for the social democrats spd wants to boost spending for education and famines. of the confidence that some of what we also have suggestions to improve the state's finances which were part of our campaign platform the finance ministry always complains that something costs money. a distinct loss of benefit to sign off i'd like to think that it's a tough gal five
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so germany's economy is still generating enough tax income to run the country wants to buy a ticket costs could grind cent steals a made in the negotiations to create a grand scale edition steel cased great top spy she stepped out of the shadows today to make their first appearance together. well the hands of the uk is mean intelligence agencies face questions from the parliamentary committee the bowl as a former us intelligence contractor and which noted for blowing the lid on american and british spying programs five asa said snowden revelations that compromise their operations. and they insisted that al qaeda is having a field day with the leak information. it was their first joint appearance before lawmakers the hands of domestic and foreign intelligence agencies m i five and two minus six and electronic surveillance agency cheesy hq told the committee they were struggling to support terrorism in the age of the internet. that means that we have to anticipate
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discover noise investigate and was only going to do lately is the press come yet it is going great. gc hq gathers and processes vast amounts of internet and telephone data were trading in the uk and abroad the agency had said the information leaked by edward smoking and make their work more difficult like changing the behavior of the terror risk groups a marker. what i can say here is this the leaks the film that certain i'd be very damaging. they put up operations at risk. it is clear that i just respond rather than speak to me the recent spying allegations involving the british embassy in berlin were not discussed. when asked about spying on britain's allies saw laura said am i six operated in very few countries and its priorities were set by the government agreed to use all those buttons. thursday's hearing will be followed by further sessions both and private. it is and of course
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and pair them up mass has been following this story for us from the land and their guests. there has been outrage here in germany about the extent of the spying but what the british people think whoa it a try. not that big of a political effect of the us. at the dana park hotel. it had acquired in the youth of today was the day after the meal consisted of government and the liberal democrats do this traditionally the party of the festival is the key to the uk to it now stick it out to get all this stuff about truth of it they just give you a thing is huge. i can think back about fifty people to want to know all about
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what the intelligence that is not getting a bit too old for the reason why it is intended as a topic you make of the century high intelligence that book that i've about had it not going to be the last part of the most part it's now the us and germany are talking about milk signed agreement is london taking note of that the auntie at the end it clean and the fifty between london and dublin. i think it's pretty remarkable. they took at the front of the us and how water that i did like that because of the european union so much when it comes to intelligence that something like if i called the fight by love which is basically intelligent pop the ship that was borne out with the cooperation between the uk and the us and the second world war. that topic would be the last two topping or speaking country to have a dedicated and you feel as if the state. leave it up sharing intelligence with each other not fry on each other. it will be interesting see how it is that the traditional club will change now that they created that this question all that she turned to the us last thing she very much for
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the updates and of the salsa contest earlier this month the german government was out of reach to learn the u s intelligence agencies had tapped tesla angela merkel cell phone. now in an interview with germany's bild newspaper. us secretary of state john kerry has acknowledged that the revelations have caused tensions between the two countries. he promised a quick resolution of the controversy. kerry said quote. in difficult times friends to work together with transparency and mutual respect. he said germany is one of the united states dramas friends and one of our most important ally. iran and six world powers have started two days of talks on tehran's nuclear program in geneva any of this round of talks in particular seems to have a more positive tone because iran says it is cautiously optimistic that talks with the five security council members and germany could and an initial deal and an
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initial deal that would resolve its dispute with the international community the western allies for their part say there are also encouraged by tehran friendlier rhetoric since president saddam or honey came to power in june but they say iran has to back up its words with action he runs for a minister's job was the greed and eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton made an optimistic impression that if the talks in geneva the two met privately before the round table meeting. rees said the negotiations would be hard work but still the deal could be reached there was no official comment from ashton mother on the ewould exct coneten said stions from in. i d think tt anyone'expected minute instant results this is of this is a negotiation process. so me we are hopeful that we could make considerable progress this weekmonday it clear what iran is bringing to the table
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diplomats say it may offer to stop enriching uranium to twenty percent greater purity seen as a precursor to producing nuclear weapons tehran may also offer to halt construction of a reactor near the town of iraq that may not be enough before i leave to take a quick one minute break that will be back and she's not a huge when iealized my seat it's a real policy because there's no rushing about everyone writes that the team on their income and the meat. i kw a the great thing is the reasoning. the us. i want to have their say. all of
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the wardemocracy isn't something to be taken for granted. people have to fight for it. how to participatory prices vary from region to more about the subject enjoy the discussion. i went to. the multimedia democracy debate. w thought i would too welcome back to the shell forensic experts a former palestinian president yasser arafat was poisoned with polonium but they can't be sure the radioactive substance actually cause is that the swiss team of scientists released a report on wednesday saying it detected and usually higher levels of polonium on arafat's the human body and they say it's enough evidence to lead to a judicial investigation of the findings even the controversy surrounding the former palestinian leader's death nine years now. the results were highly anticipated in
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the west bank city of where young talent at his appearing many have long suspected he was smirking. you are hoping to scientists in switzerland would provide them with treats. he pours the key findings are that we have evidence of an abnormal want to be a full on him and live in these samples don't use it for you. try and explain where this polonium and this plant came from a new queen sized bed a source of polonium has been ingested by the victim. and we model this was all the timings of war with eighties isn't it the team said although to be sold to the center pleat support of the poison hypothesis. evidence was not conclusive and they could not appreciate what had killed on impact. palestinians accuse israel of being behind his death an allegation israel tonight. an israeli government spokesman dismissed the investigation
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which involved opening and touched him and said it was more soap opera than science but the palestinian liberation organization says there's no other credible suspect. more on the women's national inquiry committee should be formed to investigate this and find you committed this crime against the monster down. because in israel have an interest in getting him to only a few israel the media have speculated a power struggle within the palestinian leadership might have been behind arafat's death. more we're joined now in studio by clinic divesting palestinian ambassador to germany. thank you very much for joining us what conclusions and you are drawn from the swiss friends the team's findings. with ed chose to stay in and took no time to breaking in for the design of the hallway. it is then that i have tied dyed blue and in this being an icing that this would explain quantum taught us it's not
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it's nothing new but to which include howell and how and the school. than we have to wait until we have all into the poet's an opponent announcement to put some fleece that as high as unjust and that. dennis and then we can and i am not needed. in a position of that position but it's still forty palestinians adding be vigilant in our home with their president to. the way and i think today and the wee wee on all that he didn't die in an accident and my tears so the question is how there can we continue with the inspections so that we find it and as the itt of violets and how and who president arafat died at nine years ago is there is a matter of enclosure of bringing this to an end when his stance was to have to be
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mute and ten and it couldn't be opened for fos that it is in the top ten uses a metal stick on palestinians and has stated that the testing and second that as holiday. and i feed them and then. little did we leave we it's a total area of response to the utility routine. it's the stellar heights and to love this hair ties and two headed on to an explosive that and still are unsure what happened. we have defined what exactly happened to me has to prove what happened and we have to get his confidence learned that his dad. and we think and as he said. if you want. so this is our duty as palestinians and as listing in particular he doesn't have to continue on to the end. and what does all of this means war and the attempts to restart the peace process between israelis and palestinians could do so and so called peace process is that a complex and that negotiations
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are not going to win anyway but they add that i actually have the affected by it that and man is due to continuing with the supplements section of fence that demands that the question is what this does is and want it. it left me what does this feeling is that it wouldn't occur to test meant to appease the ending can be extended to stoop to. you spend according to the international easy to speak. so the question is of course that would be at all and to accept is that it is in for him. this is that the treaty. at the end and instead to its tv and in an assault on the top ten last weekend ten and the consultant could die this thank you very much for joining us in studio the european court of justice has ruled that homosexual men and women who are persecuted in their home countries can claim refugee status in the eu on the ruling comes in
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the case of three men from sierra leone uganda and senegal who sought refuge status in the netherlands homosexual acts are illegal in uganda and animosity against gays is widespread that drove the gay ugandan and to seek asylum in the netherlands. now the eu zz top court has ruled that homosexuals from uganda sierra leone and senegal have grounds for asylum if they face imprisonment at home maybe before dating from confessional. although interviewing an asylum application. and authorities cannot expect a homosexual to conceal their sexual orientation in their home country. in sandals in order to avoid persecution pakenham home. the court said that would amount to announcing a characteristic fundamental to a person's identity it classified homosexuals as a group that can claim refugee status. i
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know that research shows that europe is the destination of choice for most individuals who are fleeing due to their central again in the snow. um i can't give you a number but hey like i would say that this european decision will impact most of the individuals who are seeking refuge. the ruling could offer hope for gays and lesbians in uganda fighting for their rights in the face of discrimination and even violence. the jury has the major demographic problem is changing fast and there aren't enough children being born to sustain populations were generous incentives are not having a big impact on the birth rate. the federal statistics office is out with the latest figures and they don't look good. this is what he made the first trial born in germany in twenty twelve o six hundred and seventy thousand other newborns following over the rest of the year. that's twenty five percent or less and in nineteen ninety and it's not enough to keep germany's population from shrinking
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experts blamed two factors all de way to northeast wind in the number of childless people. twenty two percent of those between the ages of forty and fifty in germany never had children. any age at which people have their first child also takes the first three books of the can can can can not ours the older a woman is when she has her first child. if your shoulder and she's likely to have forty two percent of households with children have just one child. forty three percent of families have two children. at only fifteen percent have three or more children. other studies have long shown that germany has one of the lowest birth rates in europe and its global leader in the number of women who would never have children i did sooo going to get only as a champions league action i selected some other news in brief. president ma molly was mine has won another seven year term in office the authoritarian leader has
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already been in power for more than two decades electoral commission says the couple for eighty three percent of the bulge international observers say campaigning was heavily biased in the president's favor. and though this did not have a genuine choice of candidates. i'm new to you in thailand's prime minister new lotion a lot says parliament will sell they propose an ac for political crimes. critics say the amnesty would have allowed her brother former premier toxins in a lot to return from after a corruption conviction charges five years ago. well today's announcement follows the days of protests on the streets of bangkok against the proposed a blanket pardon. i and thousands of kurds to protest at plans by turkey to build a wall along the border with syria. the demonstrators say it's a move to stop credit spreads from becoming stronger as principally the syrian war. turkish police moved in to disperse the crowds in the late afternoon. fortune is now as promised and in champions
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league soccer wednesday it was a good day for spanish clubs with impressive victories for barcelona and actually coming true. i was disappointed for the june german sides in action shell and last season's runners up dortmund put it on ours now the building dominated much of the team but couldn't convert that into goals arsenal's aaron ramsey scored the only goal of the match. buildings are now only third in the group behind arsenal and not bully and will have to work hard to avoid elimination. the season vs arsenal have their first chance in the sixtieth minute and immediately man of the wall. we have many many good moments and some super moments but didn't manage to use those moments to create many real opportunities. i think we had eleven shots on goal before arsenal have even one of the kind that. and there was more bad news for germany. chill to wind down three nil to chelsea on repeat of the storyline when the two sides met earlier
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set meal he told scored twice and that his replacement and the boss added a third official to remain second in the group behind chelsea and still have a good chance of advancing and finally russia is pulling out all the stops to make sure that set theories when two olympics in sochi are something special at the moment they left the court designed for a restaurant around the world are now in outer space is affected arrived at the orbiting international space station with pallets of fleeing for safety reasons when the torches have traveled into space twice before but on saturday this court will go where no torch has gone before to cause the knox when taken out of the iss for a spacewalk. i was all for the journal for now the giver and i are watching and stay with us
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alternative ancient thirty pm wind chc!vez woohoo. is you it is six one fourteen euros with grind up some of the chevron bp or not the acb colts eurozone interest rates to a record low. we decided to lower the interest rate on the main refinancing


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