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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 11, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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so i try to narrate the east to west. i know it. so that's really what i try. by tonight police. the uh the sea. heck that all life on the back like a trip down under as much food items shown signs of wear living in a northeasterly direction online shopping sites
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the report says. young chinese have got themselves on top and sprinkled guy. why cambodia border on the defeated at the top temple. said philip it's quite sad but thoughtful quite a bit of it. all this going on. he was told to lie back on the abortive sort of like a tool that lets the cause of death. to join the stop light on cctv years time it would not make a super typhoon high and has weakened up to hitting south china's clunky drunk or thomas region and whine and problems. the storm is on fire killed four people torrential rains battered monkeys central and southern regions affecting more than twelve thousand people nearly eyes hundred were evacuated funds resulting from the downforce have caused damage to infrastructure with economic cost is estimated to reach more than two million yuan. china's national
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liberal party has issued saying the risk of floods and strong gales remains high one dong hoodie and jun xi fuji on and play jokes on the other province is expected to suffer heavy rains on monday and tuesday officials in the philippines now say the death toll from typhoon high and i quote oh one at ten thousand and will bring you that story very very shortly. about time. we can just mention that the entire towns habitually being wiped out there and i postponed the bottom of the law who was at the scene of the devastation when he filed this report. he was a storm of epic proportion. i would again have been done the year's most powerful storm even before it slammed into the central philippines living up to hype it make
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sure it's feared nothing since this course took communion wandered down into the street still shop the better of a few hours most of them lost their homes. may the souls who lost their loved ones. mark's he did all the filled his brother to pack the truck cold and lifeless. i'm running that was where lightning. warner. for now is there. his body is struggling to find the eye this band didn't even know where to begin looking for his family the whole day and many others. you'd be buried under the rubble the survivors of the warning from the government about how i've been high and was going to post great dangers residents of this ballclub village say they did not think of typhoon could be that strong direct this kind of trouble. the numbing we saw the wind was going to be
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strong and the trees were going to fall. we didn't think it was going to be like this the was a storm surge which he referred to as tsunami that swallowed the whole town called prequels to groups with no match for the spring of two porters carry. and as rumors of another tsunami when around. that speculation into the milk since. no one can take any chances. this time around. wonder though reporting for cctv can but us fleet in the philippines and the early of honor the lord told us about the one family even after which has been farmed out the top of that and that's one of the areas hit hardest by a super typhoon high and the family says despite government efforts to maintain stability they have been acts of violence in the rapid city definitely there are restoration efforts now on at least one cell slide the government says has been put up but we've just met a
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family here at the airport in sibu in the test team from the small blind. it really is that panicky there right now because people have been killing for food to have a store there. and and they're saying that they had been threatened by people because these people have nothing to eat and that they want foods and they want food from their store is so definitely is a very desperate situation there now and a very dangerous situation also they're also saying that they are now seeing some military personnel in the blood and so the government is at forty two to really be able to continue this lawlessness in the fall but was obviously a very difficult situation to the team. meanwhile chinese diplomatic missions in the philippines have closely monitored the development of the super typhoon and also that the news of any chinese casualties. china's foreign ministry told a news briefing today that china was ready to provide necessary assistance to chinese citizens affected
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by the typhoon i am cdt the beautiful chinese embassy and consulates and paid much attention to the impact of the super typhoon. bt begun an emergency plan and are verifying home or four channels of status chinese casualties. he also contacted philippine airlines and asking them to properly handle the return flight to chinese tourists stuck in the country to diplomatic missions are also offering adversary services to help chinese nationals contact their friends and family members bag. so far we have no information regarding possible johnny schedule. he began teaching. we had the typhoon hit the coastal town of high phone in vietnam vets for you guys up to causing the massive destruction in the philippines. the town is near the popular tourist destination off hall owned by the according to vietnam's state television. rains and flooding brought about by
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heidi and with ten people dead. the government in the north central province of that time off has evacuated more than forty four thousand residents. about six hundred thousand people living in the central region to ability of being evacuated returned to their homes on some tie it up to heidi and change direction and the north. in coastal region is approximately icy thousand vessels sailed back to hub out in anticipation of the soul. typhoon is also severely affected a line operations but about one hundred flights canceled in the possible dates me the communist party of china central committee is continuing to chop of course all the countries reforms over the next decade. the key meeting running from saturday to tuesday is the third time the party's current two hundred member central committee has gotten since the last is a leadership change. and since the icing cpc national congress last november. china has made enormous progress in areas
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including its fight against corruption economic development and to the my station. dhl has mall the new comers this burgeoning in china online seo is a gradually replacing traditional businesses as a profitable industry. that indicates huge potential for china's economic development and major step to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society. it all begins with serving the people see pcs fundamental purpose the party launched a campaign in april to urge its members to boost ties with the people and fight corruption. general secretary she didn't name card on party members to reject formalism the rockets is on his laws and proper behaviors like mediocrity and extravagance in june a thorough cleanup of such undesirable work styles began. china vowed to reform government functions in a scratch or transferred three hundred and thirty four administrative approval rights. the countries also sped up efforts to restructure its economy
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the newly established on hive free trade zone gets more freedom to market oriented economy. starting from the fourth quarter last year china's maintain sound economic growth for over seven point five percent much higher than major developed and emerging economies. to enable all chinese citizens to benefit the profits brought by economic development. china introduced the urban rural integration process. it pledges to improve the medical insurance system provide more affordable houses and unify the household registration system. deepening reform has been the focal point of the new leaders. despite challenges the world's second largest economy is now determined to open a new page of history. change how cctv china's new leadership has intensified anti corruption efforts this year of bowing to go up to but the titans and the fly is referring to high ranking and one level corrupt officials. during the ongoing kingdom of the cpc central committee
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the party's highest all parties will continue to tuning their efforts towards building a clean government the lights across the world in one of the species of a tiger breakdown for corruption was delay's trial was hailed at home and bought three instigation of transparency. that was all will put you in. i spent including temple. no more transparent. while you point and a criminal case it's because basic is the very important factor for the current heat of the traditional caste cheeks of course we still have a bad rule. between school can feel it but to the american trend is good. i am on civil servants part many dozens of a high ranking officials had about over the past year. not only reveal the anti graft result but also a great
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situation. featuring january two thousand and eight in august this year prosecutorial agencies handed over one hundred and fifty one thousand cases of corruption and bribery involving more than one hundred and eighty eight thousand people. on the official candy disciplinary violations. just over a thousand or at the department of your level of thirty two who were at or above ministerial level. in order to curb rampant corruption among civil servants new reforms to be discussed during the ongoing cpc meeting one of these is believed to be in integrity bonus to be awarded to civil servants who retired with clean records. experts believe such reforms would have profound impact will it go through it we all went the key lies in reforming the mindset of the quarter team conspirator for formal or cooling down. he gained traction in court is really understand and implement the reforms demanded by
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the central government the shining is collapsing today is not only more transparent. iam still involves more participation cummings party at cannes is to support agency launched a new website on september the twenty seconds he receives a daily average at eight hundred and twenty seven took up about corruption. such measures have improved communication and trust with the making direction not just in any of the speech that led him enemy. on the cctv eighteen november the eleventh is known as china's single guy a bit similar to cyber monday in the united states and for the fifth consecutive year it's igniting a massive wave of online shopping nationwide pulling in more than one hundred million are in the on the populace side table in the first minutes after the sale stuff just what
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the past week i don't know whether the eleventh the still small diamante malachi three two hundred and sixty meaning and for some much needed us dollars a ton of reading the first hour he kicks be in that scene are actually pretty good to see what a concept that the two thousand and nine when a strong chance that the statue built is off being single can be easily shifted to the diction choppy seas in open it seem like i used to whom can be found and hunter river delta po river delta and the board agreed to in order of business and hope southwest and northeast china or so soaring consumer that so enthusiastic. then the allied campaign also causes trouble is for the whole country. extreme pressure on the justice system and explains to what is she is not what you get a king who i meet its reputation in the next two silk and artistic ventures to generate more revenue. many online shops extent still is purely a comfy little as two weeks. don't tell the cop who
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got his first kentucky defoe as telling folks started promotion authority estimate of two of abc are told to go for online to offline is another new trend is here though this model may charge a high price. all signs taurus unable to offer a food shopping experience to customers. more then thirty thousand of my shops joint team of the sea are back into a home built in china too great this furniture retailer who doubts after failed negotiations with chemo. in two different views on profit distribution. do you all for tv in order to always make friends online business into my mind. in short term conflict on the book will be the captain with three to five years this. after bottoming at fault. what are you should take as much as forty to standing on my previous to this ranch. not here to promote the church today hundred and forty seventy eight unique visitors and medial found dumped on with the finger puppets point and shoot the tv. the singles
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and a deep coma as kumble was no honey attracting massive small to medium sized individual sellers but also to getting attention from well established financial and banking institutions to joining the shelving story to sell personalized financial products online function expired. disc lp songs and the new age online insurance packages. yorkshire police just a few clicks. these poor dogs even punish an annual return of four to share that which is much higher than that. all right with god the man i thought i think on the one hand this step is to becoming a trend that we're entering into an arrow on the other hand consumers' demands are increasing. we have offered more than twenty different interests products online. fuller's company signed a major banks like i should be she and j p morgan also offering discounted khan's production one one e
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commerce platforms the production requires zero registry can be huge and minimum proceed to h the biggest reasons for internet businesses was held prisoner for new products that they have no costume they were to become lord the overall cost and reached out to be able to kill a massive number of small uav to clients. more coins to get tested the information spreads and then use a more times by in the service. but she lectured by taking away the top chef. in nineteen twenty. what do i think this current squad no election financial products called for content which it had to have and the safety of thousands hundred thousand are even five hundred thousand then start with. by the spa baths with only a few hundred. i'm not sure about these products i probably won't buy any axe to shake. she has a patient
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dot com recently. i want to smash the cake so the trunk of people read new platform has greeted the can it be to prevent price war or foster advertising. this requires consumers to analyze in categorized their risks actually shake her she lets me two weeks terms and conditions carefully before they make an impression. a good idea to chase caught the person identity while making transactions on the internet. the machine she's teaching me the international court of justice will announce its ruling on a territorial dispute between thailand and cambodia today. since two thousand and eight troops from both sides have clashed around the ancient temple of preah vihear a leading scores of civilians and soldiers dead and wounded. but in the buildup to the announcement the time ami has been trying to allay fears of new clashes with tony cheng reports from the border. the jeeps post
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through checkpoints on the way to the border with cambodia. blue tensions remain high. signs have avoided made to treatments in this dispute in terror chief. any spunk that ignites new hospital to see. and only a handful of the vote in next month's protests is that being expected. nonetheless some remain committed to holding on to them at the time and planes. even if the un's national court of justice rules against it protest is still on the streets of bangkok that most of this sensitive sites could be problematic for the current government. on the head cold since that time in which he was keen to keep up appearances. school is humid outside. inside they were tight lipped. concerned that nothing stirrups institute is across the border. central mom was keeping it tight control of a mess. this is that i always say i don't care if they
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don't have a dimpled and hit things appear very relaxed just ahead of this makes the most senior officers inside to take home make any comment on the red top of that security around the temple. for this operation is being controlled by hiking on in bangkok. it is to protect that which is two years ago when the came under attack from old says and now the groom. some residents had evacuated concerns that peace could be present at any time. what if something could happen. i'm still scared from the last time the attack. tacoma has concerns that i know me and arranged an evening of music and don'ts with the locals despite the disc two nights and abc much in the mood for talking to each ink cctv promina and temple for their time than intended. let's get an update on this the we understand now with the time
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difference at the international court of justice has resumed its hearings about this and as we've mentioned also it's likely to make an announcement to die. tony cheng joins is on the line thanks folding with it's tiny. what have you been hearing about this when we talk face to. the something in the way of a decision the decrease is fairly run down to read out in life the three completions coming third in the economy in which whether you just don't know if you go to the typical picnic at the end of the cabinet if that approach which it was probably time i'm cool with the kit including embedded in the kitchen it'll be good
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what did he think of it the kids are cute. we haven't been to the right of the puerto rican service in the disputed areas. the kids to the temple in the background think it very well. we were off to the meeting between the two local market. the cambodian economy. they were there shaking and to the death of a top official meeting in a wood chip ink. the camera nonetheless i think that but the very keen to check that whatever the result the mechanic did a very lengthy. i think the thing but hey whatever the result but i could commit to maintaining that they nonetheless. often the area and is buried in. the bulk of the flight to boston for the fun. yes when we go live pictures coming through the norwegians have of the ruling coming to a spot to issue says going to be a very lengthy one. funny what one is the origin of the dispute what one actually forgiven. interesting question in there that could be that this is the third in the ventures third thing is that there's no animal spirits but you can pick between cambodia and thailand
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the main way that many may have found that the character of claim were true at the entrance. not that this most recent start in two thousand ap poll. that would encourage the unthinkable. we have this done but that defined it is a very wet. i remember thinking its territorial integrity. so a large number of tuition for the coming of it trying to reclaim a pace that would take it. but the cambodians one should question it again i think but it was a good time. it's possible to live albums in the end of a bond fund the work to get the code is open to the bowl with tensions running high that they can from a number of dictation. we have the benefit. he was the last eighteen months. but i think it prudent to take you to promote open and entered the keys in the future of the faith that they will build the very keen to a
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peaceful resolution to it they're unlikely to be very bad if i could use to doing the tourist traffic is it that the temple. those of other coastal that rhythm and now will compete each other fluoride to its many many things and they will keep in touch with you because that's the ruling is not yet finished being given but if that will come through failing students that study ten reporting to us. now that thousands of shoppers we did see a show cause hearing china and a few minutes ago that now we get to check on the shopping. the story in venezuela. thousands of the ways is in line for many hours south of the venezuelan president nicholas with two rows government occupied one of the country's largest electronics store chains during the last weekend but my prices were slashed by more than tough for appliances such as cds and washing machines. the duo was even accused be the top and store kind of price gouging cctv cause for the bottom a covert tells us what's behind
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the government's takeover nobody is danielle's like a miracle run to the appeal and the flat screen tv he thought he could never afford wind down dramatically in price overnight. twenty thousand believe that is cut to about three thousand a seventy percent drop in price said adding all the fun days. it was a little surprising. you realize how much price speculation is going on who could be buying of teens at those prices before as little as one of thousands of shoppers this one the chain of electronic stores after venezuelan president who smugly also be announced on friday that his government sees the job they are now going to get them in their eyes ordered the immediate occupation of that network to get the products sold to the people at a fair price so nothing remains on show the village he was deployed to the five stored on the elite running team to reports from those were
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the ones going to see the abundance he was complete presumably has accused retailers reporting products to drive up prices to stabilize his government critics of the money the government have long believed that this will a street currency price controls for the high inflation. the widespread shortages of basic goods like toilet paper in cooking. is that the store and act as many shoppers felt the government's action was justified. amid skyrocketing annual inflation to reach fifty four percent in october given that the bc that justice is being done in venezuela finally because the minimum wage was not enough for us. we have nothing to buy in this coming christmas. finally the president took his two seasons the past the people least in the street by a shopper might be in the philippines is the government's action is a short term fix to a long term problem. given this and i go on to live in a spread for
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today but we got hungry tomorrow night because today to get this test but tomorrow we are we going to go. in light of declining poll numbers some say the mother was going to use this feature to shore up support for his political party ahead of the municipal elections next month. what a market is cctv iraq is. and finally a russian misplaced have shown carrying the sulky olympic torch with three astronauts on board has landed in the context that. the soyuz capsule separated from the spice section like some guy with the russian theodore you sure can. american karen my bed and we jus come yet time though all is fully on board the fun with olympic torch was pulled to the iss on thursday when three new crew members arrived to russian crew children on a spice will on saturday. this was the first time in history that the olympic torch was taken on a spice wall the torch will be used to like you and to claim that
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such ease the stadium on to reduce seven marking the start of the twenty fourteen winter games and will run on two if every the twenty third. and that's it for this upgrade of cctv news the weather is coming up come along with max and then the helm of the doubt. i wanted with mom again. is you
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the us how how. the light landed me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons to worry that i get sent to war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i
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can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at our life and present
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are women human power of thinking. youl will will the ira. welcome to nhk world news live and you know tommy until chilled here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. rescue workers rushing in. after a typhoon in the philippines are finding their way blocked by the extent of the destruction. united nations conference has begun in warsaw to discuss ways to combat global warming


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