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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 11, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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do. the us. i don't i welcome to the world is love and you know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. relief workers are trying to bring food water and medical supplies to people in the central philippines in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon. cambodia windsor partially goal victory over thailand by un court rules on some disputed
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land here. it stores to and the teaching of japan's population is affected almost every aspect of society. even chris is creating new talent rescuers in the philippines are struggling to reach as survivors and many remote areas affected by typhoon quite yet. airports have been flattened and roads are blocked. the official death toll has topped seventeen hundred but authorities fear that number could rise dramatically to at least ten thousand the money and battered the islands including wheat and some on friday before heading out over the south china sea. it made its main city of le bon the move almost nothing was left untouched. local media say coastal areas were flattened by waves more than four meters high. authorities say more than thirteen thousand buildings have been destroyed and nine point six million people are affected
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the irony i have maybe seen this cool it was her aa the aftermath of the sea bands there had been fishin and directed by the saratoga me. honorable and so it was supposed out in fiction too survivors are probably need to get the mardi to put in because the roadside not get the festival. nhk world charmaine to crush us reports from kak lohan airport. we can. i wonder if the terminal building which will power all commercial line up the employee he was really happening. eighteen eighty nine and nineteen wounded. my water and shelter. moving
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that i am getting ready to go with it. people peering into really good. and i can confide in people needing her can you not think perhaps i need to make a clean pair of riding in common. need to know to get out here the white house the one it watered. and then appeared in there i went into effect late touchdown. come on you carry your pain. lauren. i saw the construction. i'm going hiking. i was in the top of one point eight million anything number of the film the auction. womack. i hope our own party who are unusable. there is no power and there's no active i it's a situation. working has hampered relief efforts
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do. he's the one major shopping walking through the story having them do. ap martin corry who will control you have to. we want to know how hard can you. gold. in a week ago. true meaning of the russian team around the world after wreaking havoc in the philippines typhoon hide and travels north west across the south china sea. quarries vietnam people there or had more time to prepare from hon only nhk world expo beachy how to reports. in mankind. in some of them propping up one need not apply. and oman. at least thirteen people hopping compound day. the central province of the meaning and elsewhere. one in a tea light in june. state media reported about one thousand mexican
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fiesta in this whole art thing takes time. haha don't they bbq honey and brown one in eight hundred buildings quite amazed email from vietnam. and a fog city of jaipur on. penny lane and john wayne but that is a steamed home. the bombing of the show as a hiding to access the comments posted by the most hostile. the typhoon it did not find a ton too stinking cute. oh strategies how to get by taking more than eight hundred and eighty thousand people in there and then coughing fits. the colts the thing i knew our dams are now returning home. because each higher on any scale aren't really. an international aid effort is ramping up as the scale of the disaster begins to emerge rescue workers and medical teams from countries including japan are heading
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to the area devastated by the powerful typhoon that is carol's tonga from the canary has more. twenty five doctors medical workers the potty for the philippines on monday you see this channel. there are many people who are suffering and waiting for help. we hope to get to the affected area and start her relief operation quickly officials at the japan international cooperation agency which i cannot expect the team to arrive only did i land on it. after the agency's built themselves is as good as us to hit areas will get to the tsunami struck. so many people try it and oh so being the end of my dying because of the order of the broken window. and then
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they fall into that bowl beat the heat and open a new trial deco so hard to make friends the needs of the canteen to find that on a pole from the cramped. because you know that the defender to the kinship of the week ending the cycle. the wool trade program or in the breeze. he has that he's sending relief items such as generators and communication equipment. they also sending crews including high energy biscuits. the us military has joined in the masjid try both team of u s marines arrived on monday from a phase in of snow up to parents of them was prefecture. the team is examining them instead. icing conditions and water shortages a worsening. unicef officials have expressed concern that the health of
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survivors may deteriorate if they did not receive help sing. we did eat and it's hello and i know him. the top quartet the united nations has ruled that some disputed land near a temple on the border of cambodia and thailand belongs to cambodia the two countries' militaries have clashed on several occasions since two thousand and eight when unesco register the preah vihear temple as a cambodian world heritage site the international court of justice in the paint handed down its decision on monday it appears to be a partial victory for cambodia which filed the suit in two thousand and eleven. however the court declined to rule on other disputed areas. it concerned a dispute between cambodia and thailand over the sovereignty of a roughly five square kilometer area beside the temple. the court
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already ruled in nineteen sixty two that the temple itself belongs to cambodia international climate negotiators are meeting in the polish capital of warsaw they're discussing a new framework for tackling global warming. delegates from about one hundred and eighty countries and regions are taking part in the united nations climate change conference known as cop nineteen to try to work out details such as the deadline by which countries must submit reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions are due to take effect in twenty twenty negotiators are aiming to reach an agreement in twenty fifteen. during preparatory talks representatives of more developed nations argued that each country should set its own emissions targets. but officials from developing nations said. industrialized countries should be required to shoulder a heavier burden japan's delegation plans to present a new reduction target for twenty twenty. it calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by three point
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eight percent from two thousand and five levels the new target is much less ambitious than the previous goal but the talks will run through november twenty second of it. and. members of serious main opposition alliance has agreed to participate in international peace talks if certain conditions are met they want to focus on a change of government. the syrian national coalition announced this on monday after a weekend meeting in istanbul their conditions include the release of political prisoners. there are also demanding access for relief agencies to the areas cut off by government troops and they say the conference should lead to a transition from the government of president bush are all outside the united states and russia
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have been working to arrange the stocks in geneva to bring an end to the syrian conflict it is still not clear because the stocks will actually take place. islam is on groups and the opposition can't say they are against the idea. syria has some of the world's most treasured archaeological sites but the civil war there has threatened these remnants of the past. experts with unesco sale all six of syria's world called troll heritage sites are now in danger. one man is determined to ensure they survive. this footage shows the bombing of the need to be good practice to billion. one of the most famous castle dating back to decrease heat and little world here it is much of the castle has been destroyed. syria's most important historical sites are coming under attack the chc"teau de. at the end of october. japanese
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researchers told the symposium to draw attention to the issue archaeologist specializing in syria and experts who have worked on restorations in afghanistan. discussed what can be done to protect serious heritage sites. with new sitcom joe is the director of the national museum of other well. he explained the situation in syria i don't know as mine as implied. no pressure no longer have to start using them to. in march this year joe took up a one year research position at the university of tokyo. he's been traveling around japan giving lectures to raise awareness about the dangers facing serious archaeological sites and to mobilize support the uh conduit became
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the museum's director in two thousand ten. within a year civil war had broken. he witnessed a fight brewing agency. parts of his museum or destroy it in context. and it is hard to stand by the enormously while ruins are being destroyed before my eyes. syrians have always lived alongside these archaeological sites. so the destruction that means not only the loss of our homes businesses and treasures. also our identity we are. joel has a team videos and images from callie and other people in syria armed militants can be seen walking around inside the grand mosque in the old part of them. the mosque minaret was a symbol of the city. now it is finished the ancients who are covered market used to be busy and vibrant. now it lies in ruins
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the war is even reached the ancient roman city of palm aire in the middle of the desert. also a world heritage site. the famous temple of the god ball has been partially destroyed who are leaving as well as the ongoing fighting comes to also point to the problem of the cake. or even in the middle today. there are three illegal excavations visible in this photo the groups are or can i think that some of them come from outside syria. at this location. looters have beaten up pretty ancient pillars the stolen artifacts are smuggled out of the country and to quickly stop to come from an era has been seized in lebanon. syrian officials have already confiscated around four thousand objects but the actual number is likely to be far higher with
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that. when i was in the sights and syria are known only for the syrian people that they're part of our shared heritage. they are lost. it will be lost for the whole of humanity. we really need the support of the international community who and what you do this and who just says it's essential to protect these cultural products. she leaves. they will play a big role in helping to heal the psychological wounds of war. he intends to continue his efforts working with japanese researchers to protect the heritage of his homeland. i know. an expert panel is calling for japan's government to change how it measures radiation exposure of evacuees from near the trouble to cushion and the need to plant. you can see the curve of the nuclear regulation authority on
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monday compile draft proposals covering state support for people who want to return to their homes near the facility. the experts called on authorities to allow evacuees to return only after uv radiation levels in their communities have fallen below twenty no secrets. he also suggested the long term goal of bringing the annual exposure levels to one the receiver or last officials have so far based exposure estimates on radiation levels in the environment but the panel says they should instead equip people with jealousy meters. readings on such devices tend to be one third to one seventh of estimates based on environmental monitoring the grecian evacuees had mixed reactions to the idea. i think we will be good to monitor exposure levels ourselves to do to the greeting on a train up to the people is the neglect of responsibility by the government. the nuclear regulation authority plans to submit the proposal to
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the government the addition of prefecture is set to explore and new sources of power a test run of what will be one of japan's largest wind farms has begun off the coach there they are the industry ministry has set up a floating wind turbine twenty km off the top of town ceremony was held on monday to mark the test run due to the japanese government wishes to make a cushion of a pioneer in renewable energy the prefecture was hurt by the nuclear accident. so this is our mission the turbine to generate enough power for two thousand homes a steady supply of strong winds gives offshore install months greater efficiency than wind farms on land. next fiscal year the central government will add two more turbines at the site. each of the new voters will have three times the generating capacity of the current one
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the government will use the turbines to assess the possible impact on the local fishing industry some of japan's leading beverage makers are showing their support for farmers in the push email. they're selling drinks made from the produce from the prefecture. farmers have suffered since the nuclear accident two years ago over concerns about food safety the people i come home and stop using tomatoes from the pushy but soon after the accident but now they'll sell juice made exclusively from tomatoes harvested there they installed equipment to monitor review activity levels in food. they say they are re introducing approved produce after two years of tax confirmed it say marketers with kirin brewery are promoting an alcoholic drink containing choose from there is harvested in the grecian up. much of it we want to help enhance the brand image of produce from christina by using his
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mobile parents. the drink will be limited edition on sale only until the end of the year but managers say they could change if the beverage proves popular ay ay ay ay ay. aging of japan's population is affecting almost every aspect of society even prisons japan's incarceration rate is one of the lowest in the world but elderly women committing minor offenses are gradually increasing and changing the atmosphere of prisons and carols which i am up takes a look the prison for women in western japan there are a few of her freaky is that i create our own country. be sure if he'll report to overcrowding the priests who it is designed to hold five hundred inmates. economical with six hundred . they all opened job
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to go. trying to ward off to a unit more and more over the amount of sixty five or more ago. shaw's be the new team we beat the odds to beat us down for them. a stroke showed how me and pretty women beauty and terror to pass a two faced an ets the number increased to two hundred and eighteen five yes we are the most important case. a key to send all the women while convicted on track. take the lead after a twenty of the profile from high growth program the eighteen twelve the female population is creating new timepiece for free to stop. they can take
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your medicine. old argument of the corn gluten feed please don't be shocked how to make sure the tomb and take on that occasion the pre draft camp each forty two. char food into smaller pcs and pro tours for each. they are also we managed to require nothing kr overcapacity and he makes sure he's seen the least costly he's open to agree some inmates and that helped from the time needed to present when make sure to keep peering in them. for example we see more cases to keep it constant. we have to watch them more closely in the air painting the group of academics has seen its
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getting comfy shoes. he remains reasons. and as bt can see how the growing partnership of all go in may working with the operations they have started to read all the horses goats and the few homes to conduct a probe or death and often controversial stance. he's in the stable. some people are spending the last days of their lives in prison. we should do think this situation has nothing to do and that's you. and thus also want to come into the guts to do more for older inmates who appreciated the time. they are pushing for better football trophy seems to have the we meant the end of friday. and it's very odd to prison if you want. the storm to wreak havoc in the philippines is now in southern china. rachel ferguson from the weather team is here with a d tells
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rachel what's the latest. i had high animator i'm falling and that northeastern vietnam before moving in towards south china minutes to go on she promised earlier today i have some good news it has been downgraded to a tropical depression. i honestly don't know the password anymore but even though it's the depression and not a qualifying as a tropical storm anymore it is still going to be bringing a lot of moisture and across southern and eastern china over the next couple of days that doesn't change. ubc up to the hunt and fifty millimeters and i think once she and elsewhere widely over the two hundred millimeters so at the impossibility or seen flooding and landslides will continue here. this take a look of what is happening in the philippines on for standing. very unfortunately have another tropical system i need right now with a tropical depression but it is expected to become a tropical storm before making a monthlong means about another beach tuesday afternoon local time to really get some pretty sad as significant rainfall here. across southern and central portions
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of the philippines. and along the eastern seaboard are likely to see the waves reached three to five meters city really is. i'm not going to help with hall in terms of the rescue effort. i'm the rescuers and in trying to get into the devastated areas will be having a difficult time. anyway matt will have to deal with strong winds and heavy rain. on top of that so it will be next obstacle unfortunately with the rescue and cleanup efforts over the next couple of days to keep you updated. across eastern asia towards the north is going to be mostly dry apart from japan that is how we have some moisture here. and in addition some very strong northwesterly is coming in as well to get that cold and sad the moisture and i began to snow that's what's happening now. knowing this i am getting a pretty significant debt snowball at the moment not the first of the season is here. i am told will cruise the first of the season started last weekend in fact el coyote a
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local call pretty good idea to be seen in maybe thirty to fifty centimeters of snow on the next twenty four hours especially in the japan sea side this scene that still here. and sadly enough of that wet snow that will be following that we could see some tree limbs possible power and teaches tied down to st and downs and tells the highlands causing her packages that is to go to what's happening temperature wind because it will be affected by some colder temperatures in tokyo were looking to thirteen for the high on tuesday the local inventor as six degrees soul nine some pretty cool here is from this one to be for the high noon on a tour and fourteen and eighteen to stay nice and sunny for you. i will see showers coming to taipei and also hong kong twenty twenty five respectively on into the year at that things are looking pretty wet and wild and towards the north and west. i hear of the british isles an inch with bands media content and low countries france and germany. you see this old
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days the clouds rolling in it can to bring some pretty strong winds to have a look at this time we got from coming in as well so most of this actually is going to be rain but in the upper elevations that tommy will start to see some snow than twice as fast tent is not too bad here but it is a pretty potent couple close friends and have pretty strong storms for southern parts of the italy is both the western balkans. all through the engine is picking up some of that as well so flash flooding potential in mudslides as well. without ongoing rain. our old coach b and possible threats that temperature wise belief in a tv room and eight indiana eight in berlin warsaw staying dry here as well however at quarts of pears to the showers there. and then into it and it means that to be pleasant. in november whether his extended forecast. i i i lose. i do. i
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do. messages like this hour
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and you know tony tells you all this year and made a real thanks for joining us. until next time. the offer. they
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are. it was. to do. i knew
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this. yesterday was a great easter candy earthquake tsunami. many people use to you. some of its power source infrastructure leading to her holmes. in the living room


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