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you knew you or who will. it
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is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp or not okay i shall be more protected deposits in the annals of troubled credit union i check specs to permanent tsb. i think it's very sad day for the re reading out his segment are still going on set up the excess is how to wax to protect depositors money. i don't think this point we could say and do good to see what they want now do i think we can say that it's like spray and content types. cycled into council faces huge legal costs after supreme court ruling on the stand out. mike and i are funny. i'm very happy that the screenplay and the rights of way to make my cycle and ten. do not exist green uniform consists in all parents to be adolescents
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and their views the investment at. they tend to last. you're. so the takeover of new bridge credit union but her permanent tsb was necessary to protect the savings of its members that runs the time she told richie into the state owned permanent tsb was approved last month by the high court following an application by the central bank. it was balance sheet insolvent its regular tree reserves were negative and its cash was running and has members continued to withdraw their money. that's with the central bank told the high court in an unusual sunday evenings sitting of the regulation no four and tall order transferring the assets and liabilities of new bridge credit union to permanent tsb. according to the central bank affidavits it was the master of days before the loss of liquid as you reach the trigger points
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that would've required the central bank to liquidate the biggest credit union in the country. how did it come to this. it has left a tip in sync so large stones and with bush and payments more akin to trying to development zones they are too nice much nicer than the typical christian you know. and it's had a very large those things and some hefty investment into that building new bridge credit union goons were certainly be the average credit union known as seven thousand seven hundred euro but new bridge credit union loans from average seventeen thousand two hundred euro investigations in two thousand and eleven reveals that the credit union has some six hundred and three gnomes standard loans collectively worth forty million euros about a third of total lending. twenty six of these loans had an average size of five hundred and fifty thousand euro one loan from this credit union was for three point two million euro. but are there any more
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new bridges that they're among the hundreds of credit unions across the country this occurrence the only resolution cakes and currently being considered and the scale of the liability can you preach was considerable expense. and yet it's not the position that other credit unions are in this kind of position the central bank wanted another credit union to organize a merger with new bridge. the result its problems. nice credit union little tart but backed off ten days ago. permanent tsb has stepped into the breach in phuket fifty three million euro of taxpayers' money to fill in the holy new bridge accounts. the move secures the money of the depositors of you which credit union without any interruption of business how to prevent some liquidity crisis of institutions which the frail irish financial system really doesn't need to wean them archie news. the joyous out from newbridge that reaction there to the decision is our reporter joe mcgrady joe
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this fine thank you and it's well known here in the town sometimes the questions over the financial position of the credit union. especially since the appointment of the station manager who died in two thousand and twelve total surprise i suppose that the song changed to its status overnight. however the reaction to the news that has most definitely been mixed. it's from tsb has arrived in to manage customer deposits and films. at nine fifty pm the doors opened as usual you which credit union it wasn't long before protesters with their pop tarts ball to the front steps voicing their anger and opposition at pt is he's a rifle. these are sometimes teaching press conference the new bridge could be in action who takes the credit union could have survived on its own. the center bank had not costs involved contention is that when this question my answer was appointed in two thousand and five in january the minister for finance and self declared our pretty tree was solvent. customer issues
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but what those issues being addressed at that time. we were not in the situation today where a bite. funds have gone out of our friends the group says they would like to take over into court and in europe. inside the expense of credit union building the new bridges main street. ptsd set up an information desk to deal with customer queries. it was stopped by some of the existing thirty six staff members. all of whom are no ptsd employees. under the legislation all of their employment contracts can be killed. the second group of people who are the members of the risk of seeing in those loans and deposits and terms conditions remain exactly today. they wear on friday how the customers be another credit union is under full control of a bank. the jury is out of the turnoff is equipped with both of us of how i go home. a major part in general i think it's very sad day for me from the breach reading out his segment sales going on. this is just a little. see if any
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effect on tickets have a good facility like this for as i can think. well today expressed relief that were hunted to customers. healy with some of the most common queries about the change. it also contains an undertaking to pay dividends to depositors. the first in three years. a spokesperson denied this was to garner support for the ptsd takeover would rather to reward customers who have twenties on deposits. when many others were moving their phones from kubrick's credit union. one good thing brian relation to the dividend. there is no information on the ice as to when that didn't make the paint. how much it may be worth twenty depositors that may be looking forward to is to bide their time on the ice for the moment. a good delivery and uber sensitive but just aware of especially enjoyed the shawl philippines central bank agreed to the reserve was you are here today talk about the possibility of there being further credit unions that might need to. might be some sort of remedial actions
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to the walls of widespread keeping the poems in the sector but this might just be the end. yes not been a secret that there are problems in the wider credit union movement not to know the feel good all the years he was here kept saying that there are problems and they have to bring in legislation to bolster the powers of the central bank in this area have also set up at two separate phones one for encouraging mergers among smaller and weaker credit unions with stronger ones trying to shore them up on another one at the twisted into today for the uber trade union bouts of two and fifty million resolution fund effectively for shutting down from credit unions so there are some problems out there but they don't think there's anything the scale of you preach seems to be in a league of its own. for collins. the lizard he has characterized our house last night to have said they are very happy with the supreme court's decision all routes through the estate. i'm no right of way. the court's time to just one right of way access to the next section of
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single rooms along the seafront. constance cassidy and eighty one to seven children aged between ten and twenty. when courts to hear today's voting afterwards their eldest daughter expressed their delight a decision might hang out at comedy. i'm very happy that the supreme what happend that the rights of late playing my side of hectic and so cannot exist can be taken at the right to hiking on the rights of way in front of the hats but the only right to play is for people to walk among the sea front. by the outgoing tide and which we have always been into it ms cassidy and miss to watch lost the states that it has sentenced three from the club with family for four million euro. they spend ten to nine million euro restoring the former home of qantas market. it took me to accept a psycho county council passed a motion into president eight amending the county development plan to include rights of way through the estate. if you don't the action was very intense cold day in
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the circumstances it is very disappointing to come away with. i suppose so that after such a hard fight. send typing typing those dozen assault of the dispute the family said the last five years has been very difficult and they would take time to decide the future were told we do for three time all three in the near future. this is a libyan to reopen its doors to resume its case. as a very significant tourist attraction in county sligo for all of my life but that is to use this service. and to think that time of need on this chilly to sit in a sleep deficit to sligo county council said it has no option but to defend the proce proposo resolve the disputes were rejected by the owners. a hearing on costs have yet to take place. but the council could face a very substantial care even if the full costs of the case estimated at around seven needing your help. i'm not awarded against it. what i was on the court tv news the supreme court
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eileen understanding prices has more on this potential and thin i e the idea and seven. canadian your presumably this would be howling over sligo county council i can sort of down the case. it's a huge headache for the town center and sharing. because we don't know yet when the cost issue would be decide that it generally happens within a few weeks but it served me a potentially huge difficulty for sligo county council because it's on the losing side this time on tap at first than what allah would act to an already huge debts which this council is carrying cycle ten stands as one of the most intense its accounts is in the country it's a scene in your all in the ranks. so it's going to milk now at this judgment very closely prepare for the costs hearing. and but it's not that its judgments and goals against them at full costs are awarded against them and they would probably contest fast and obviously if any further proceedings arise and this could also have serious implications for the cancer might just be a very divisive case here and sign over the last number of years on
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the one hand you have to cancel and at people who like to walk in the area the fact that there was a an entitlement they're going back generations to walk to the estate's right that they say they and their forefathers all enjoyed in the serie a on the other hand you the people who want to bother to ask but use on its sedan and since the last past the stupid over as a pace which is become a major tourist attraction far cycle it was going and at fourteen hasn't peed in the year and to create employment and it was potentially very significant concert venue and it we had the minister of state john perry very quickly saying today that this judgment was wonderful news for business people and cycle but as of this evening we don't know exactly what's going to happen at the gates of the estate or close the main gates rather than to the and family say they're taking time to consider the next move will be many people out to sea in cycle however say that love to see is open again as a tourist attraction and even accounts
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so that when it lost the case today acknowledge the significance of charity on to starting of this event and said that the scope of his ward in the future and be calm and continue to be a main part of the cycles and coach rather than his. are there to cheer and our tourism industry. i mean don't you. during the trial of thomas byrne has been sent home for the night after the break you for just over two in the house fires the jury is considering fifty staff rolled and forgery charges against the former solicitor and vault before couldn't use of twelve dublin properties to secure those almost fifty two million euro from six banks coal is burned denies the charges. pentax the palace intended to use her school uniforms and jack cost. it comes to education is to conceal a ten page questionnaire for parents to old scrooge in the coming weeks and hopes the outcome would inform school policy high profile attendance this
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afternoon at the announcement of this planet together the views of parents on the issue of stealing any funds and most importantly the costs in its commentary shows that the burden of things to do so. brenda been asked to face different amounts of money for speedy reply when an alternative to cheaper prices available. i think the boys to be heard yes let the hostages they want to do duty for the soul do they want day's news to the once crests on tuesday once more generic and steeper outfits. we canvassed the views of some parents of one thousand school today they're good idea to fix whatever the plane takes for them. there's no competition intended expense. i think they get so much when it suited them and are saving on the other toes. of course someone has to win the seat once they have these two lofts. i think it makes a good cause because if the growth in trade and
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became its cost markets are among the teeming thinking and uniform does have its benefits because it promotes equality but got the same time making and it ended up being like to invest in advertisements as an option and because it gets. the us some organizations have welcomed today's announcement of the sun warms the boss of parents on this issue could prove divisive and difficult for schools and kelley fourteen years. the home of former teacher trawl school he has been sold for in the region of five point five million euro. it's august to the tune of fifty acres of land and the eighteenth century fourteen bedroom home or purchase by an overseas investor property in all of them was sold by the holy family. the two thousand and four for forty five million euro to manor park building a home building company. learn tricks the camera has falsely imprisoned and assaulted two men who came to town to meet and gender race or on behalf of the financial institution has been sentenced to twelve months in jail judge kelly
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hopes that that don't know connor could come at the meet and catch up what entitled to react badly to the presence of the two week session agents on his spine. but that he had overreacted. later today. don't load common to have fourteen thousand pages in his farmyard when two agents for repossession company came to visit on the twenty ninth of april in two thousand and ten the fifty five girls from our oldest two and a half thousand euro to ge money on an electricity generator to power washers reacted angrily and told the tomb and the worst dome. in a frightening trend in an episode that followed he dumped them into the arch assaulted them and trekking through the still wicked wild boar. judge tony hunt said today it was um doesn't begin operation by a man who was drinking too much. i was under financial stress. he criticized the decision to send the agents of what he said was some sort of a roving mission to collect a few bob. he said financial
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institutions wanted to be careful of the instructor staff but said mr comments and was an awesome tiger to overreact and assault them the accountant who previously came to the jury had been tampered with sturdy his trial today expressed regret for what he gets he said he was angry about the effort to take back the generator was needed to keep the pigs alive. he was jailed for twelve months. an application to postpone the sentence them to let it reduce was refused. caramel in the fourteen use. toma more. the fifty five year old gp has gone on trial at the circuit criminal court in court charged with indecently assaulting a fifteen year old pair of twenty four years ago dr campbell county of pre down the lumber town not of county court denies the offense the alleged victim told the court the chocolate i eat which are inappropriate in my musings on the hair. her home in north cork to look at he told the court has no recollection of examining them. shares in
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the insurance company or its a plumber said today after school instead. there is a major hole in its finances i'm wishing that the company said it launched an investigation into accounting practices. after needing to inject one hundred million euro into the irish as the rats. news of irregularities at rsa irish division have rekindled on happy memories of the queen insurance i got hamas of home on the buttocks and three executives suspended. there will be another insurance levy as our essays owners have closed the gap. but the effects can be felt elsewhere. the stock markets have their say this morning morris a share price plunging by almost seventeen percent of the company's chief executive announced it would be examining but keeping going back over at least two years. investors are easy to avoid what the investigation. mike funk over rsa through its website one case for a dot ie eight
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is one of ireland's biggest non life insurance operators that has the right nine hundred thousand policyholders of an employee's hit hundred and fifty people here that says none of its policyholders will be directly impacted by what was discovered here last week when they get there one euro forms with a sea of pink tights and their premiums it's simply not open to them to jack up their prices to fill a hole in their hopes because competition would take business away from them everyone is so sure however in a fall today warned the premiums could rise across the boards. the party also raise the ruler of the regulator. we are trying to and conveyed the impression that we have a new fit for purpose of making a tree system and errands and making this is it damage the reservation. i think the sense of time till the twentieth. the question as to when to define due to both these problems the central bank says it is monitoring the situation at rsa closely. cold cold and martinis. new data shows and rents to increase by almost five percent in the last year double and registered the highest rise
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the properties in several urban areas are also commanding higher rents looking to rent in a crowded marketplace. today's report shows that deep in properties available and an increase in prices being charged. this is the mole supply and demand putting pressure on those searching for accommodation no republican president. and when you bring up to find out that you like and that the prices in your price range enduring love affair often done straight away. and this is the limited both in the air often viewed as at the same time as other people so you feel like it's a concern to wait for my kids the wrinkle with his two bedroom department is available for nine hundred euro per month. there's been an increase of three point six percent in rental prices in galway city over the last year. susan centers tokens and is on this very sought after. i think in the last time the tote is unless we ourselves have seen increases of about five percent in some situations. and if the profit season writes that answer out there for them. old forge
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trend has been mirrored elsewhere. nationally average rents a row when almost five percent twice the risen by more than seven percent and opened by three percent in cork city. but almost two percent and mimic or what was the only cds to register to try and prices they're done one and a half percent generally increased demand particularly in the capital means dynamic shift dramatically in recent times the number units available to friends in intimate moments the fifteen hundreds the critical years ago to the normal seven heads and units available for the tests his room to really has changed me of a tenant's markets to being a landlord's market of the last two years today's report shows command or to getting an average of eight hundred and twenty four euro in rental income for you missed her more rte news goal two hundred new township and enhanced by two different companies here. the position
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to create a tent up and bite us recruitment website in deeds. the next twelve months the wind energy has announced its entry into residential electricity and gas market in january the company says the road and took photos of the creation of new jobs. the irish men's sheds association aims to advance the health and wellbeing of man and the thunder jaunty voice was the big winners at this year's social entrepreneurs island awards and a half dozen men dummies in the sheds across the country when we get all the differences between men and women. walking is good police stopped the men are notorious for not then talking to each other boat problems to know. put the spoon to do this you're going to stay i can do to fill his cabinet. each day
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well we don't yet both anything. the focal omg. they call it an inspection. place them in to interact and socialize with each other while doing something meaningful with it on the forced to sit not home more depressing than sit home and doing nothing though. it is meant as his body go to ikea for the students training in knowing he is more to learn and find peace. tony poli tea leaves shoots on informants going to work shoulder to shoulder is no face to face either part of several separate incidents of our bodies have said that basically the dentist said that the dead. the most frequently for a used phrase that i hear from him has said that he gives a reason to get open them all. desalination appointment to the chants and joan has been recognized as one of ireland's four weeks is central to pronounce gelatine with leo and unfair
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and present were the first but that idea. and if he can get the stuff right idea. get the right person the holidays then you put to develop something very special and feedstock for the soy sauce it is time to do to conditions and uluru scene stealer confined to expand the reach of the punishments shiites association. making his achievements. well was talking to a day before while i emptied the set lunch since he knew it meant that has taken time to send me to work on a list of state for the first time the county's history. what's really are said he attended the event which marks the end of the first world war in order to promote reconciliation in god. it's at least twenty is found at the canteen. to inspire you. i mean. cz
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aye aye aye. any of the qantas out the study was i'm going to show that top stories but i think the on monday the eleventh of novr


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