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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 12, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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do you . elder welcome to these clients wednesday november thirteen. i'm casting comanche and tear killed hundreds of thousands of survivors in the philippines have woken up to another difficult day type in high and twisted it to me these five days ago leaving a trail of debris behind the southern neighborhoods wind down buildings and going over their homes. i think when tears. officials with
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the philippine national disaster management agency has confirmed almost eighteen hundred people die authorities expect the number of dead will be jailed for ten thousand gallons of late enhanced armaan bore the brunt of the storm accounting for more than ninety percent of the victims. the decree has blocked roads and the communication lines had been cut. relief workers have been a challenge to get an accurate picture of the extent of that adage people in the worst affected areas are suffering from shortages of food and water the situation is especially severe in the city of tyre or by non league talent people have nothing to drink or eat eat and are becoming desperate. the red team reports of looting and that some people like carrying weapons. the breakdown in security is causing delays to relief efforts. annie she was sure means you can see a script was from top robot stars from the powerful story remain role on the eye
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why the stage area though xd some of the dead remained very good to breathe. people have lost their homes and their belongings. food and drinking water are scars when people see their last option is to be the time i hear briefly to combine his two week inviting them to carry her in charge of kleenex. we saw hundreds of people struggling to end the hero again. he is here it's really not that we were right it's a really great to see and talk. secure the great st stop the russian diplomat. it all. we need to go elsewhere. it's a bit because we have no more of it and then abandon them. we lost our home. life is very difficult years since. due to getting sick from the smell
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of dead bodies. we've nothing to eat anymore. i love to hear it again. residents fear for their seat. the state bar and boogers are taking one unopened. a few troops are putting for your eco when gary get in sync. and now has three small children on time every night. from the air the devastation in melbourne because we are. the people of managed if we consider themselves the dock. jermaine failed auctions. and each hero. it all. japan is offering his support to government were dispatched japan self defense force has now fallen out of class by the philippine government emergency surgery and medical teams will also be assisting in the devastated areas. any dance medically and with five members of my dialect and on
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tuesday. kevin sites for medical facilities and transportation needs in a medical team with twenty members was soon joined them on the fly. japan's defense ministry will this as fifty sts medical staff that day liaison officers to have left and emma made preparations for their rival. note the pitch. says jo ann's close friend that will offer the people that i get as much support as we can. remaining members will send the project had joined the belief that thanks to ms deep lasting peace the number of sts. this now if requested by the philippine governments chinese communist party leaders have the bbc increasing doubts about the country's economic model now promise to deepen economic reforms to let my kids play and more important role in the economy. heidi indeed it appears that occasion that a key meeting notice that the economy. he released after the meeting says the core solution is
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the proper relationship between the government and the like it. it's just that my kids to play a decisive role in allocating resources heidi there's also promised to create a fair society is facing strong dissatisfaction over abuses of power and nico injustice the enemy's leaders are worried about china's influence throughout the region. they've turned to another major power in an effort to shore up their economy and their military the enemy's president chen times son that welcome russian president under putin to handling. ava saw the signing of more than a dozen deals ranging from defence cooperation and joint exploration of oil reserves vietnam is the most dynamic developing country in the asia pacific has a longstanding reliable car with russia. and at the grocery so while most important crop in a great opportunity to move forward and did love was caught in a
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relationship in different years. if anything the chinese have made competing claims to islands in the south china sea the enemies that is to bolster the defense this by buying six submarines from russia. the russians one piece that exploits of military supplies and provide training to the enemy's forces. nobody agreed to help build vietnam's first nuclear plant it in a non competitive speed up construction. they said negotiators would keep working toward a free trade deal. i know him. japan's ancient capital account silk chinese tourists from around the world with its traditional culture. i think tank and fascinating landscapes that loved every few miles from visitors have made the trip to the old city now local officials are trying to cultivate this and tap segment of the tourist might get an hq as nike took a pass mark woohoo whom i
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dvds the deal. the media entertainment keeping the children. here are a bit then take it. and she trying to buy a dvd of the house good job in and entertain them. the surgeon put it away these i will try to do that some students to use it when joe cool feature of the tiki them to experience the old joke when his car to the front the game and comic the provision of green leaf chill dough. he was a very nice suits. as. coat room experience. everything has been impressive. don't you know that this book. i know a
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lot of muslims living in the case. it's a cold day matches until this entire city. now the month mostly in for the faith to make up a call to all the wonderful creation. but the crying over to bonk on feet. unbeknown to build buzz in the balance right. cover and christ mom within two weeks to be the telco. the m a new trauma and lousy economy in southeast asia pacific and the navy as a mighty feat the call is to improve the road from twelve hundred to show them that point the death every year. cheney met any monies to the temple she hoped one with me and wee baby diesel with the spray will shape the meat of the prepared to make a deep breath even for an undated. if you want them grow show. he cried for ten rupees to retire but to us
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the turmoil. or whatever stay in their study. this mirrors the door. come to you to resume monday. montgomery no will to prevail on the beach lesson two pm on the on course to listen to them all there may be differences in religion is new but i hope that mormonism visitors to see and enjoy. the japanese call to artists and traditional architecture. to tell me that the problem chill pill. the sheriff all the nations feminine. i live eighty people including almost over the restaurant too. a great deal of my attention was paid to that kind of food. no mean feat the chef prepare food
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the real gospel to him i called you feel you if you do you mean. for more clean gas they're easy on the hunt for stuff you these two forty hundred bc. that kind of food that went on to the family grow the theses of creepy as we continue to fear from grapes used in cruel to be full of . mon was looking for a man comes into contact with paul i'm forbidden fruit montana paprika. centaur muslim tourists would definitely help hundreds and is promising market will add more items to continue to attract more readers can get chill dough should be proficient on the beach and people seeking out with a ball. they are open minded approach to two or even maine where he read the novel was
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deemed too weak to be the seventh continent up to don't people care and aged care what children want. i'm not related conditions means officials in japan had just released machinery orders data. i didn't see that james is now from the business as i did my son tell us what the analysts and fund the numbers winning captain what the stock consider this to be a leading indicator of capital spending which is important because companies have to be spending more on equipment on on on the factories in order for the economic recovery to be sustainable. though actually stop the jump in august when its highest level since the financial crisis in two thousand it. but japan's machinery orders fell in september and that was for the first time in two months officials of the cap it off is a machinery orders in september came to about eight billion dollars. that's down two point one percent from the previous month in the yen terms. the figures exclude orders for ships and those from power companies due to their volatility. now let's get a check on the market
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the dow jones snapped a two day winning streak of record high if it closed at fifteen thousand seven hundred fifty down to ten percent in this shifting attention to what the nominee for the next federal reserve chief janet yell and will say at the senate hearing on thursday the fourth closer look at how markets here are opening was that of an email address is standing by the tokyo stock exchange server mean what can we expected a rate of twenty two i am to eleven a mixed opening here offers ok let's go straight to the opening levels and you can see exactly what i'm talking about. for the nikkei and the topics that make a marginally negative and the topics marginally in the positive we'll see how that develops not to serve under the nikkei actually rallied yesterday closed higher up of fourteen thousand five hundred for the first time in two weeks investors should domestic needs of the books on banks and that's after sumitomo mitsui financial group on tuesday reported that its net profit rose fifty three per
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cent in the fiscal first half ending september. thanks largely to be a strong performance of its brokerage units amid the ratty that we've seen in the making lovely of course as he sat there are this big focus on of the us senate banking committee of course and the nomination. or to hearing from a dead cat or a vice chair janet gallon on the receivers can be the focus is widely seen continuing the fed's current aggressive monetary easing of policy and of course the fed officials really trying to make their own forces her to swell lot of them have been on the news lately in the last twenty four hours suggesting is that the tightening of the tapering of the car on buying program but which frankly has really been the main driving force behind global financial markets since he was mentioned earlier this year so they focus on that as well. and i mean the dollar is staying strong against the yen. not so much against the euro with the story here today. yet the degrees of the year on
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performance but first let's have a look at the some of the paris hear that all of course remains high and instead began speculation that the fed may taper sooner rather than later. as a reduction in the flow of dollars up from the current stimulus program of course that would boost the value of the us currency economy the dollar yen is that trading. as you can see that i know import fifty seven fifty nine. we did see of reaching two month high yesterday and it continues that trend today. all you see the next level is going to be a hundred yen will see. but the jury and they focus on german gdp of course in calling the rate cut by the european central bank just last week. expectations are that they don't meet the supportive left the scene and hence the post in the euro which is why candy canes of color are doing pretty well they're the euro dollar continues to monitor a asian indexes i of course i as well especially after the third plenary session of the communist party ended on tuesday and the official word there is a big focus on market forces will see
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backyard. i remain thankful up for that update from email a card from the task of stock exchange. officials at the international energy agency say high energy prices in japan and europe could impact future competitiveness iaea officials on tuesday released their analysis in the world energy outlook they say power in japan and europe will remain twice as expensive as in the united states and that higher electricity prices could impact industry competitiveness. they also see a significant increase in energy demand in china or india and other emerging economies through two thousand thirty five the officials say the us will achieve energy self efficiency by then. thanks to expanding production of domestic shale gas. they predict thermal hsv will account for sixty to seventy percent of global power generation but in the same period. they expected nuclear power to increase by nearly seventy percent from two
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thousand eleven led by strong demand from china and south korea. the official state renewable energy will account for how the increase in the world electricity but the question whether wind and solar power generation can provide a stable supplies. it was july to september gdp data are due out on thursday between april and june and the inflation adjusted gdp grew at an annual pace of three point eight percent from the previous quarter many market analysts are expecting a slowdown this time around. keelty caught up on phillip securities japan is one of them. nhk well do you mean we asked him about his outlook. place the olive and japan's july to september eighteen three. the market the forecast right to a one point two percent. some snags that. your mission and towns on the tree so that the storms than reason. japan
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imports from china. it's the so i cut up twenty per cent although i import the ukraine's two hours or observation over the outcomes of the treaty mikey how travel east and the slowdown is to enter any given japan's economic policies to boost works spending. we of the voting began when he claimed he is the story told you but to some new ribbon out the terrible earthquake soul. i think we need the investment. the cone he's getting better. how is the lord's will. when affecting the japanese economy. now we can meander helps the exposed companies so we get nearly always united. owing to his company is it good. corey key and commotion. but everything is
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cursing out the prices especially those of you all we had to ease however the production of show gets in the u s may help ease this problem. the good news to announce the prize night and he is going down now we journey we buy for home use it's very expensive and how it all in the country because of down. we can get married the us department of energy officials have already given approval for two projects to export shale gas japan shipments are expected to start as early as two thousand seventy. more headlines for you in business next hour is another tack on markets. it is. railway
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operator in northern japan has admitted altering try inspection data to meet safety requirements. hokkaido railway company had been suspected of files to find the detail shortly before the transport ministry conducted an audit. company officials said the firm falsified data before the special safety inspection in september. mr darcy on it after cargo train he reeled in september. the accident occurred because adjustment work was not carried out. gee i hope that the executive not the content of a company employee animated tempering today that today said there were discrepancies between deron inspection data on track with its eye records in the company's database. he said the discrepancies were found on passing tracks and
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railway forks. japanese food like eating sushi and it can get famous around the world but their numbers in a faraway country have fallen in love with a lesson on specialty japanese style rant an hq will show that bill has the story. these remain introduce a new gun in the nineteen not out to a bakery in dubai. this helped the team in his pants and see soon after opening in april cheer up calls to find the red bean bun. not just one more thing that i want to tell you. don't be conned to miss this. the main dome. at most bakeries in the u he custom as a boarder at the counter. bought this silk use is the japanese diet still lists use one coupon in the teeth on a train. i
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think it was this intentional the buttons on it and then with two point one. he said in you. the trees the owner is this occasion to five years ago he went to japan on a business trip. he visited a bakery in tokyo in the lead up race japanese guy ranked keith phillips of the people and abilities. i can win and this was the home with them this was in the milk. i go phone only to promptly home but painful home mom. even former. while. boys don't play many for the skin form or another. the franchise. he had no money down. he's at the heart of the shop sucks it. he's to be cared for use to working steel toe i've
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been wanting to work overseas for a long time keeping it that when i heard that dubai would open the first japanese bakery in the middle east i thought it would be perfect for my first trip abroad. in order to recreate the taste of japanese brands. two nd night out in port's did that were from japan. eighteen percent of the shops customers are no cuts. when a dam is itc outside dining she and her husband come here three times a week. it's been about stitching done as each time. did you choose and have also fallen in love with japanese diet drinks the longest probable cause
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rules. warm. some companies and coffee shops become dreary spring street. just take one bite or two but that's it he cannot eat the mice but to reduce can take one more t o and you're finding it isn't very sweet isn't it the japanese sushi and create restaurants already popular in the present is not to experience it in the knights connect to the starry need the japanese threat. still it to any ski routes to buy. i now play check out the weather people in central areas of italy. ideally was wet and windy weather conditions. mine sure she joins us with the latest this morning catherine in theory has been seen as the weather continuing care plan b fifty two this up or call the promo on combined with a very warm surface level temperatures and also the candidate provided from this and the mediterranean seas if they see as this pile on these clowns has been
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lingering across the cemetery is in the us and continuing into the picture coming up from yesterday and it really an exercise program that whether to send it to me on tuesday. trevor swell of the reasons for my taste areas. two people have reportedly been killed dozens have been evacuated from their homes and wet and windy conditions like this will remain through out wednesday unfortunately this condition will be remaining in to your thirst a cross that much in the northern area as high pressure system on the dominating green clear skies to the sense that the evident magic system melanie providing very wet and windy conditions the british isles as well as the scandinavian peninsula the scandinavian peninsula mostly see some snow. what makes wintry precipitation style homes on the up to six degrees. despite the sunshine and moscow and ten six also is a very different story here in the end very end when some up. i'm sure the new record a daily high knees have been in the constant me
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across the spain for example but manger is reaching it's seventeen degrees and easily warmer than usual in this band at twenty one and eateries. this is due to the one they're going from north western africa. not cause the eastern continental hegemony first start off by talking about a tropical depression it's another system that is likely to develop into a tropical storm that doesn't mean they're a nice person and very active season so far and add the warm sea surface level of orissa the sequel provides an energized to sustain it and will provide a lot of heavy rain across the western half of the philippines which is very bad news no more rain is welcomed here it will hinder the recovery process. towards the north and that this is the remnant of the exit pre typed in honey and it's providing moisture across the southeastern areas of china as well as the southwestern on it so cheap and beating some scattered heavy showers across japan we are seen when
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he pressed her passion is weakening but we are seeing a lot of snow across much of the northern half of this country. about seventy five centimeters of snow fall of rain pounded home ep picture on top of that up to forty centimeters in northern japan excuse me i'm going to call can be seen. as well as the thirty five centimeters doesn't mean that the prefecture. this is mostly on the mountainous region inside is looking and very chilly conditions at thirteen degrees lower than average year. can't beat that though the parliament or minus four for the high and it snow in forecast on wednesday. not to the america as we linking ad and harry still spill across the eastern half of this continent highway linking it to suck on a dominating the area and if i didn't snow showers for the first time this season in new york to the nbc a lot of the area sunday on record it on temperatures dipping down into my knees range across these areas so these are yammering those at the time even thinking at the mine is
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to think that is fifteen for him though. odds are high it's quite rare to see this in november thirty two degrees of eating out three x and forecasts. i lose. i do
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the addition of these lines
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