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approach. one for both. it all happens. but it does not really hits its medicinal the eye. i. news of june. aid workers from around the world are right in the philippines to help victims of typhoon might not dispute that killed thousands throughout the country. c went to a place like australia during emergency medical workers and other priests now what the us military said the digit increases workers began twenty four hour relief operation to help the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the store you can now sit with me private donations the philippines up to
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the million dollar spot but the nearly sixteen million more. the philippine government meanwhile was criticized at the center of the bed. but the lazy logistical challenges to be the victim is from accessing the helping. zz you. a check register for the western backed syrian coalition has made his first televised address to the war torn nation. it could be sworn in as the group's leader. it's great that members of the opposition and most of his cabinet on my team mate wants his televised address to the hotel exist and all but beaten those who lost their lives is the beginning of the conflicts and promising to usher in a new era for serious western backed group had struggled for months to cobble together an interim government in part due to infighting among the various groups involved to coexist with the support received a severe blow in september but nearly a dozen of the most powerful rebel xt has publicly disowned the group saying they didn't recognize his authority . i
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bobby. greg they are wilted is our . the i. year after israel's operation where defense against militants in the gaza strip. mr binns minutes in yahoo reported that rocket fire from the palestinian enclave has fallen by ninety percent the military operation carried out in november of last year was in response to a barrage of rockets launched by militants for its civilian areas of israel during the crisis in gaza militants fired some fourteen hundred rockets into israeli territory. israeli forces responded to the planets by launching airstrikes targeting militant weapons stockpiles. inside the coastal enclave. so far
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this year only thirty five rockets being fired toward israel a much smaller number it's me i'm treated to the success of last year's operation. but the threat of militant violence remains the seventh grade ccd of my lads has been the target of several rocket attacks by militants in the llamas sinai peninsula and earlier this autumn the idea and covered vast tunnels between the gaza strip and israel which they believe are made from one to acts against the jewish states. more than a million israelis live within range of militant rocket fire and says it can disrupt life in cities across israel sending residents fleeing for shelter and causing damage to schools and parks. with the increased presence of israel's iron pill missile defense system and aggressive tactics at deterring them of violence israel to continue to reduce the number of cross border attacks in eighteen weeks. as you. afghanistan's class synagogue is cared for by several bullets into the last known as peanut you to remain
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in the country now in his fifty students who has become somewhat of a celebrity since the next alas she died in twenty oh five was a clueless or by eminem can win if you like brothers together we are equal the entire world the measures leading the way to go. well aware of his identity in afghanistan is extremely conservative muslim culture cement so does his best to keep a low profile always ruby has compiled before entering his cabal cafe which she opened four years ago. often in the snow that we conduct the business trading with muslim chemists to it. no doubt the cafes in jeopardy of going out of business because the kabobs are not selling well partly to see couples with a real security which has made people think twice about eating out tomato says that his sales have been declining ever since foreign troops begin withdrawing from afghanistan ahead of their planned withdrawal in twenty fourteen. no problem issue
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only four years ago as i type in this restaurant i was hoping to get a profit out of that business could sign up almost forty five thousand dollars of my investment has been asked during the past four years for security reasons like suicide attacks and kidnappings before we received families coming to a restaurant but now the businesses that you'd be left of it with very little is known about the origin of this dingy it's something that they have inhabited the country for more than two thousand years at the turn of the twentieth century the fta jewish community was made up of several thousand people they have a good many cities and had little contact elsewhere later mrs left the country mainly to the newly formed state of israel . vermont secure weapons program in the negotiators can see from the un nuclear watchdog reached a deal to allow expanded money touring
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the country's nuclear sites including the planned reactor the director general of the international atomic energy agency to conceal that an iran that would ease western concerns that iran can develop nuclear weapons i stayed on the bbc is like an old stood for. but much more needs to be done the framework of the deal weekend i ate eight teams taxes takes the uranium mine in calls for iran to disclose details on its nuclear program including content research reactor is even if you're on an ungreased impact the canaries transparency of some of the sites most of the un teams to prove suspicious of me in the market notably the percy military facility at its height in iran are not included in unique remains british foreign secretary william hague said that world powers to send me an anti iran weekend talks i failed to meet record in curbing iran's nuclear activities it's just that sanctions would remain in place until a firm deal with the leaks. as
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we concluded that it comes to tonight's poll sixty three plus three foreign ministers preventable same unites a position to iran which is an extremely strong foundation for the next round of talks on the twentieth of november i pay tribute to bountiful past month or a minister colleagues including iranian foreign minister is the truth is that of a constructive negotiate some who displayed a sincere and open approach throughout it all. he and i took the opportunity to dispel some of the bilateral relationship between britain and around and today profile government to fully appointed a new shot to death to israel prime minister benjamin to walk and criticizing secretary of state john kerry over the fence and things seemed that the wetsuit off from the atm with an on set with ease sanctions. after the westgate mall attack in nairobi kenya in september investigators have discovered that one of the four shooters responsible
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for one of kenya's biggest mass shootings once lived in a refugee camp of nearly fifty thousand somali refugees security officials say that more than one attacker past to become a somali refugee camp. concerns over security inside teenager refugee camps have long been concerned for kenyan officials have recently signed a can in between kenya somalia and the eu and its pr would give support to some form and fifty seven thousand somali refugees in the lead in refugee camps and returned to their homeland. kenny has had to somali refugees from one decade and the elitist treaty which aims to see somalia to try and participate in the development of the country. some believe that conditions have improved the additional personnel and security. even though very little is known about before she carries into the mall attack suspect has been identified earlier as has signed a deed in lieu of a somali media for his family moved to norway. the mm he
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did to the west country in the arab oil. the winning choice. according to a new poll. sexual harassment higher rates if the note in two weeks elation and a surge in violence and said to business groups contributed to the result of this survey more than twenty two arab countries has taken place three hundred and thirty tend to expect. women have become one of the biggest leases of the arab spring since it started three years ago. he did not snowing point three percent of women entails is subject to sexual harassment and onto pompous and subject agenda to meet relations according to two separate report by the un and units to post american trafficking is also an end to make the election of islamist attacks miss him privately that the helmet will see was a playful women in egypt he played a major role in the country leading up to the egyptian revolution in two thousand and eleven. off to egypt iraq was the second west country for women's rights followed by saudi
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arabia syria and yemen the palestinian terror trees came right out to twenty two x but said the israeli restrictions on the front has the consequences for palestinian women. hoff more women in gaza says he experienced domestic violence in two thousand and eleven and seventeen percent are women are employed despite that it received right at ninety three percent. in iraq women's rights have caught was since the us led invasion in two thousand and three to overthrow saddam hussein domestic abuse and prostitution have increased and it received has soared and ten this and that women have been left with others saudi arabia's guardianship system forbids women from working traveling abroad to opening a bank account one growing in high education without permission from my ear when it sits. i also banned from driving. although some have recently defied the order. syrian forces loyal to president russia how does that have raped and tortured women models are being deprived of their rights by hardline extremists in rebel held areas
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the color of these items off the southeast coast of africa came top in the survey conducted by thomson reuters foundation the poll asked exposed to the six factors such as violence against women reproductive rights and treatment of women within the family and women's roles in politics and the club poland to winston celebrations have turned violent after troops if i write these three firecrackers and set fire to cars to march in warsaw police responded with tear gas and stun three while the team around a dozen people. we said goodbye and spoke out after the last protesters broke off from the procession into side streets and started attacking ability more leftist occupy a spot to write the scene to scene in team under attack from youth from foreign countries and stones. tuesday my spring nationals has turned on before it in warsaw authorities to release
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the indictment the smarts to clear the illegal after the concerts. the vines and two scores could fall to see polish society and the peanut economic slowdown around the continent which boosted support for nationalistic and indeed increase in troops in many countries increase when unemployment rate rose to far right called on party be keen on the neckline hungry radical nationalist party john dickinson two countries during their two starting. a new report by reuters claims that iran supreme leader ayatollah khamenei it leaves a business empire worth an estimated ninety five billion dollars. it is as constantine is reported to have made most of its vast fortunes by seizing property owned by ordinary iranian citizens some of whom are still living in the country. the powerful companies said they have key states in industries that cross the rhine in
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the commons to todd was originally set up following the country's nineteen seventy nine revolution to take control of abandoned properties and use money made from their sales to help war veterans and four. isn't it exists only for two years i lived on and greatly expanded its power under company's leadership. airport alleges that by having the company coming he also possesses financial power and that rivals the last shah of iran was ousted in a revolution the eighty two year old supreme leader wields control over government affairs and the military. the us earlier this year imposed sanctions against it i'm calling a network of front companies holding assets on behalf of your runs leadership the iranian government through its embassy in the uae you deny director has claimed its despite complaints from your audience who say they have lost their homes. three men including two members of iraq's been to at fletcher and are dead after a fellow iranian musician gun them down in their brooklyn flats before
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killing himself. mr roche in iraq's paris match with the guitar since rumor in the lou dobbs a group that started in iran's capital and perform stealthily prior to their twenty ten political asylum in the us. both of their bodies were discovered on the morning of nov eleventh in the brooklyn neighborhood of peace williams for a good friend of the band. i'll be asking darien was also killed. all three victims received gunshot wounds to the head or chest. the suspected gunman was discovered dead on the top of the victim's apartment building with its self inflicted shot to the head and a rifle on hand he was an iranian musicians in a different day and had known the love dogs from tara it is reported that there were once friends but had a falling outs . consultant its crackdown on border tunnels in your area and the illicit trade in spreading into gaza smugglers by hamas marines after five attempt to
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transport the hyundai sonata card to the coastal enclaves waters. the recent case shows the lengths the local smugglers will go to bring goods to market despite years of israeli blockade and tense relations between egypt's military backed government and hamas isn't a scam that run two cars out. since the removal of the tips business president muhammad morrison july. egyptian forces have destroyed some one thousand two hundred tunnels that used to bring to a car is in weapons into gaza a hamas official said egypt's co chair of the tunnels at carson city economic crisis in kazakhstan reconstruction and caused sharp fuel and power shortages and that increase prices. hamas and egypt relations have been tense since kara accuses the islamist faction of meddling in its affairs and the half of the muslim brotherhood movement and ally of hamas israel allows car imports into cars and at different prices and not without a second set of rules to the fall and adt security concerns recent israeli military spokesman said that it is significant growth in
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smuggling by sea is joe is determined to prevent the transportation of weapons by water . see the rockin at bake is a distinct language that has a rich history spanning centuries until i sat down with esteban canadian doctor pink pastel and to discuss his latest book on the subjects. due to ill moroccan and a bar and the indian non bumi mean i think this distinction general moroccan and a car that these are ideas in this room beaming and think of the muslims i g l and it contains elements of classical chronic and take iraq indonesia. tia as well as him to wear it's an animated faces betray anyone spoke with an open studio antics color contrast cullen who is taught on the subject in france and morocco and has recently finished his latest
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book on the subject of judea and take in morocco. one doesn't need to listen to today. it is called the of her room crying in the interim. which i didn't see it deals with the arabic a language that was going great in it since the middle ages. it took them in the first writings of an arab writers back in the times of the imam and his roots are not huge deal here. with green hair. i hate could not relate to medicare. because it was considered a quran cannot learn the secret language. may twenty ten and nineteen is one of them already spoken arabic in andalusia on him with his family to say that although he was soon and try and language. it also he wrote in classical arabic which was later translated into a deep
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rooted cutting it up. on twenty one to one on one of my to be in the eighteenth century judea and beg underwent a dramatic changes many especially in north africa began to associate glass with classical and taking began incorporating more recently specific dialects. you must complete to cope with it. then there was a break in the fifteenth century and use no longer a member of classical arabic and so returned to the arabic dialects. that is called judeo arabic. so from the sixteenth century. we are all confused speak and write in judeo arabic and a big scene in judeo arabic in light of the judeo arabic language from the fifth century to the present day there's been this break in the fifteenth century the move from literary i'm going to the colloquial arabic. i believe to have it out on the date of announcement arabia morocco
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students and green tea is wrapped in nineteen forty eight with the vast majority of gq arabic speakers to even speak the language today little do the demo. i may need to do now. obviously with the exodus of moroccan very few laugh. around two or three thousand paying the sweet irony. on his sleeve and judeo arabic to the people of a certain age who stayed and continued to speak german. it is still attached to their american judeo arabic second he continues this trend is still being held in israel where he plays a newly formed in judeo arabic and also the judeo arabic is to live in a little of course there were few shoes for me but also in israel in montreal in canada and new york united states in the off field and couldn't go to ny about jail moroccan and
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think you can find up to cohen's latest book on sale in bookstores across morocco the denouement this is me some anti never departing from casablanca the fans. up he received a radio interview entertain your lady got to admit that she's addicted to marijuana. gotta confess to radio host eldest or a b or c one hundred picture recently smoked so much we should display to fifteen to twenty join today smoking to it. i am delighted to me the go actually i had to say hi. i was addicted to it really yes you did it because of an addiction or you created when you thought you're creating better. if you were stoned. i mean this is a very long story that i mean i've been addicted to the various things flowers since i was
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young. ryan and i was heavily over the past seven years. i kind of bag. a friend steve negus term and lily pad. from that site consists of sense because they get to play my i can't go any further with one substance with the tune of another frightening. yes indeed can be a bad list. now mind you i actually decided to speak about this because although i do think it is the best. the drumstick is from. in terms of you know when your plane train around an experiment aimed at just one kiss know that you actually can become addicted to it and this is i use this sentiment but you can't and that's actually not true because i have been addicted to it and it's ultimately related to anxiety coping and it says a form of self medication. i was smoking up to fifteen to twenty marijuana cigarettes a day
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with tobacco. the twenty seven year old singer says she was using the dryer to deal with their busy schedule to cope with the pain of a hip injury that led to the cancellation of harder for four straight or gay guy to admit that she's enjoying the challenge of creating music without the help the new album art is available now. eye. i. next day the israelis in meeting its peak by adding a new boeing seven three seven nine hundred gt r planes which are considered today to be the most advanced planes in the world for short and medium destinations. a day my spirits. boeing corporation
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it makes the old though and while it's far from being one of them because clients of the company. it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. boeing is on the looks of the custom of his home a lot specially. as a major customer not because it's a big company. make tea and flight safety the blonde reaches of the alarm. since the rebuttal of the best company with leaf blowing do that. moms can select the type like my mom would be off. mix of local companies to look at the steep to me is the mommy to feed them. the problem is the level of appreciation for the temple first mom. great mommies. my guilt. could steal the lead fish he eats proud to state that everyone who is willing to listen thanks to his latest move
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the company is going to read news about forty percent of its fleet to reproduce the state citizen seven to nine on the tiara. the low point of view it's a big step forward. it's true the pope also noted his regime to both the twenty percent of the vehicle for love the principal. mitchell to go to. i knew. cheese to date the only female pilot in a loud and she was chosen to fly to new plane on its maiden voyage. i am totally get the most aed a sense of the greats to the experience is reflected in several aspects the wind into the light and atmosphere aspect that we kept on board the sleeves and don'ts that
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the isi and seventy seven planes and efficiently operate in osaka. teachers do this and that in turn taught while the prices not only in business class lively also in economy class included rehabilitate the charts the devices using the excellent this claim comes with them infrastructure to be. in future he can which means stealing music in which information is asked of them all piled in my system that ensures brought along. also there is also useful for taking your job. terry has been upgraded to alter it slightly and also dollars. it is important that we are so used to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible teachers do in there. my new favorite piece of sin and
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menacing. chips to give bush and was responsible for the menu of the aisle planes promises more fresh meal served on the new plates today in rio cooking. every day. rios is right to know a bullet in this prison. aa and most of their ailments. aa all of this now it's all good days old aa cells of a cooking day by day. the eight teams like the new plates full of hope will be an espresso and wine bar wife i and every seat will be equipped with an electrical and use the outlets the maiden voyage of the new planes will be en route to paris for this week with jane one i'm wrong jacobson inside of the seven three seven nine hundred cockpit at being korean airport i. rule. i did
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i mean. to me. will. who are in the room. will the is on
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i guess. i know. i should at the ice. the you know you
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since. i want all you can two republican china air force c one thirty times what it cost caring a total fifteen tonnes of relief supplies have arrived to see both ctv in the center philippines as part of taiwan's to humanitarian aid to the typhoon ravaged ou


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