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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 14, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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am. you use you. thus the eye welcome to nhk world news live and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am people in the high noon in areas of the philippines are becoming increasingly frustrated as devastation and a deteriorating security and for relief efforts. us nuclear experts as the operator of the petition
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and iag power plant last that critically important factor in its approach to the commissioning of the damage reactions and here's my simple turn of events calendar way too cool to let you know who to watch the fight for the emperors. u s navy aircraft carrier has arrived off the coast of the philippines to boost the struggling response to thai food high in the massive storm ripped across the country almost one week ago leaving thousands dead the relief operations are still failing to deliver life saving supplies to remote areas and islands crocodiles and has this report from manila. the destruction wrought on the central philippines seems the president of our natural desires of this nature relief activities are called police while survivors are frustrated and criticism of the gospel response is growing. at least a thousand
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three hundred thousand people have been confirmed died and three thousand eight hundred and three injured according to the old one thousand dollars when officials on thursday the not too sure what i find that forty thousand people have been forced from their homes over one hundred thousand of them have no shelter and looking outside exposed to the elements. some two point five million people are in urgent need of them. many survivors are trying to escape from the disaster zone some have fled to nearby islands likes to go in search of safety. others have managed to win one hour. i wonder when the plants survive in the town of team one on summer or winter with the type who first made landfall. he was visiting his family planted disaster struck. that was in a about one hundred percent of houses were destroyed. people
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can't buy anything because the stores had been ransacked the problem people face. use that there is no more food no electricity no water and no rights. there's nothing left. anything that wasn't ruined by the water has already been boosted. but some of us. shane's family brunch to the airport to ski but the military aircraft allowed only one person to board the family decided he should go first because he was familiar with my nail. he has no idea what happened to them after he left and no way of communicating with winning is it's not like her communication has already been restored. there's no way of preaching. i haven't had any contact since i left lappin said. and always thinking about what he will eat. the devastation on some
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island is just as nice as under eighteen the neighboring island is attracting most international attention and assistance allen says he hopes more done to help survivors on summer. the total was people in samarra are waiting for assistance. they need help from anybody who's willing to get it. i hope the international media will reach my community. and highlight the situation the bottom of the mountains above them science is one of the high winds affected and this disaster officials are struggling to accept the deal of damage and no effective response. seven thousand five hundred seat. this program the philippine government me fall for it so far been houseplants. twelve two thousand four hundred
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military and police personnel had been sent to the hottest islands of malta the summer about fifteen shots to mobilize on the island including people from the private sector. when we bought the kits for each household has a priori. but we hardly surprised and transported the roads are blocked and there is a shortage of gasoline the unrealistic whilst remote locations as one of the entire country is the philippine government is slightly wet. another security order has broken down in some areas many places i whip out how we're made in not time especially dangerous as they were old joke all the reports before mom in the western part of a teapot. although piece of recognizable after tried to fight you. seven thousand five hundred buildings or ninety per cent of all structures in the cd lp cd
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dobbins. this means coast more scope to destruction. it truly see the polls was no doubt. in solitude the cd enriching as bread hubby ordered its digital rates slight cold. buy this can be seen through a team with the likes of whiteness. i've stewed fruit just so they'd be safe. the more glad fall is obscene. so what. parts of the cd. this whole bill allows people to use its in house activities to charge coupons but sweet. everybody just read a try. in july. i get the dvd money. my people
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he had at least there's that big actually. despite the base year. all life ah the perks of a team looking for shelter. they hauled the situation and although it's better than to eat the place is hit by the title song and they get here they find no food or water. jeanne cooper yes she is in hk was over on wednesday at school and work with thailand left was offered full time. but the group at its heart temporarily because the security situation the fonts and i'm certain they finally arrived on thursday evening. philippine emergency services here structure believe it but they should still receive more assistance from countries such as the united states the great us military personnel are in the philippines court for relief operations. so far they've why we did but hundred survivors from
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the bottom and a lot and they transported the five tonnes of emergency supplies including clothing and blankets. the us plan to lease its number of troops to more than one thousand by the end of the beach. it was also deployed for more on spring transport aircraft maintenance for top eight after a really strong and vibrant wanted to get a better picture of the distraction. the u s navy fleet of aircraft carrier george washington also arrived on thursday. us support service trade relations with one of the both of our lives in southeast asia at a time when china has been boosting its presence at sea. most importantly should help restore order and how great the process and you will need to survive this the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters but if the damage caused by typhoon high and it's not anything but country has experienced in recent times helping companies to
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consider how to improve disaster preparedness in fields such as whether production the words of warning systems as well as how to mount effective disaster response. the actual meaning. long term commitment to help this. on its feet reporting from manila. china has announced that they will donate an additional one point six four million dollars in relief aid to the philippines. amid controversy over its initial offer. i do not count. even china has decided it was a relief supplies to ten million new one the camping tents blankets time for people into dentistry two variants of the permanence jordan was. china's government had announced on monday that it can be read to the china red cross which jointly donate two hundred
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thousand dollars in emergency aid. the ministry received many questions from the media about the amount which was far less than the nations announced by japan and the united states. chin said the new baby is due to a change in the situation in the stricken areas and stressed that china needs the latest decision out of humanitarian considerations analysts see the latest announcement as aimed at delaying speculation the smaller amount was a result of a territorial dispute between china and the philippines. i knew i wanted. parents of a japanese girl abducted two abducted to north korea are marking get sad anniversary with a call for action. the loss of their daughter thirty six years ago they spoke publicly church government leaders to result the whole abduction issue make a meal with i was grabbed by north korean
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agents in nineteen seventy seven when she was thirteen she is among seventeen citizens. japanese officials believe were abducted on orders from pyongyang. make good his parents' home near their home. her mother said they've made more than fourteen hundred speeches across japan. she said they've endured indescribable pain while urging the government leaders to get the keys back. not pretty not least don't just feel sorry for us and we owe much. we want you to think a kid and happened to your own family to come to mind. i miss issues all of this that he has all the abduction issue while he's in office make a nice father said inductees in north korea and their relatives in japan are waiting and getting older farmers in the northern have to push of a prefecture are preparing dried persimmons they will be selling it for the first time since voluntarily halted production
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after the two thousand and eleven nuclear crisis. they smoke the persimmons and drive it for about a month to make what's called. i'm told that he which is known for its softness the resumption of production comes after the radiation level the persimmons that for processing was found to be with and the government safety. i'm eagerly awaited this. i'm happy to be producing again with my colleagues month. the farmers plan to continue making the drive through it until next month. go check their safety and ship them to destinations around the country. the chill chill chill electric power company are ready to move more than a
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thousand units of spent fuel rods from the reactor building at the two cushion and tiny cheap power plant they're calling this the first milestone of the de commissioning process even as they continue to struggle with numerous problems such as contaminated water. in today's nuclear watch a us expert advising to go. talks about what the company needs to do to move forward. nhk world's you should cut the raw reports. we are reminded. link where it is oh four mo director of the u s nuclear watchdog. just be directed to the commissioning of the three mile island off climbing into a huge meltdown in nineteen seventy nine the ward together with the utility company. was it over next door to clean up the reactor now darren is offering advice on dealing with it. holds on to the decommissioning operation
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he says he sees no technical problems so far. from a technical point of view. as far as health and safety is concerned. co is doing a great job in my view. but he says. go has not been successful in fostering trust. he says. coco chanel be more prone about the situation over from tummy to walk so freaking into the ocean. some people i can say. kosovo was the weekend was leaking and lied to us i'm against it and say i don't think you intentionally gone. now maybe shouldn't have called on back and said let me explain about what we'll all kinds of water rainwater has a little bit of trivia myrtle bit of something and it goes in there and it is going in the ocean. she did this or that hindsight i wish the heck. he also pointed out that it is important to stand by the affected communities
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but the time of the three mile island accident. he says he moved into the area with his family. i cannot go there and be the spokesman for the smooth out my feelings so my children go to school here my eye can see the cooling towers from my house because they're going to say we are just from washington. in your urine you come here during the week can you go home and we can be a one hundred kids. so that people would not trust what i would say. if i could say them. i live. and this community. this was an important thing is flowers to people having trust and confidence. in any team won in the organization. he says who needs to work out its own ways of building or relationship with local residents and the. will he says i'm the only wish was to go to successfully accomplish
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the malaysian his buys restoring trust. restoring trust is an important part of success she can restore trust without i seem to trust you have to basically proved to people through your actions future crossword. walkers will soon start removing spent fuel rods from the elbow for three of the building. this is the real start of with the commissioning process. i will take up to fourteen years. doris as a beginner or would emphasize the importance of transparency. every step of the way you a jolt of iraq it's their world. do us a
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new report on opium production says the amount of area under poppy cultivation in afghanistan has hit a record high the report says that officials have confirmed poppy crops in nineteen of the country's thirty four provinces. the area under cultivation has increased by thirty six percent from last year to more than two hundred thousand hectares. it is the largest figures since data tracking began in nineteen ninety four. the un report attributed the rise to higher prices for opium than for other farm products reports suggested that farmers may be trying to make money ahead of the departure of most international forces by the end of two thousand and fourteen. the officials at the un office on drugs and crime and emphasize that it is necessary to act quickly we don't have dispose of it at this moment transition we need to make sure all that. the international and regional communities and
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helping us guys come in the meantime and utopian is an important source of funding for taliban insurgents. un officials are concerned that the increase in opium production code for the worsening security. a new skyscraper s open at the side of the september eleven two thousand and one terror attacks in new york the building is part of a larger redevelopment project the office tower is about three hundred meters tall japanese architects to me he called monkey design the steel and glass structure he joined new york mayor michael bloomberg is celebrating its completion mikey included japanese art works in materials and the interior. my identity. i made the front of the building a transparent to emphasize its integration with the memorial park. want to enjoy. for world trade center is one of the several towers planned for the area i
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know. this year's final sumo tournament is underway in fukuoka southwestern japan are similar report akira mari tech gave us an update the judge to recuse yet also not us she had hoped to make a statement. this torment his name means great sand storm but so far to starting his having a rough time taking up any kind of dust. it is the president on the african continent to make it to the mark with auntie top division. the board the team that is somewhat different hot dogs nachos little buster prior to the plaudits he was very concerned about the egyptians that
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the intensity of the most is that it was time for the bouncers consoles to whites was not us he is struggling. most of us he told me that he's lost his self confidence. so i gave him a pep talk saying you're going to win here has been in yourself then you'll be fine they find the taste of the georgia on the bottom the casino type but he's too high so his office doesn't get any results there's nothing i was not secured him to stop the georgia border was or was not us is the one we did do a lot since this would be a long tournament will be such a rookie which are out there so julia was in the grand champions cockle hall and a hub of the jeep both are doing what's expected of two men at the very top. after four days both freaky she are undefeated the couple who competed in the new book ever since the eleventh of july two thousand and seven. this is what an just fifty seven defeats all day
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but he took on us. the tricky customer to receive all. i was a hard time going for so he goes into reverse. michael pollan the focus was to stay on the den and he's on antibiotics. little. joe torre led with us in two thousand thirteen soul far it's been all hard to accept with a january torments. when the other real close enough time on tuesday won the top prize speaking of hard about that he owned it. i know but it was pretty tempted to. i seem to pull off a bit like a scene by scene when he led them to put the ball was gone work on portable date on it his opponents country has
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had peed in the hamas would eat into what amounts to income from patients. i was going to the site has led the advance of the dial. look who's going to fight it all your body is the goal of queasy and two others remain undefeated but things could take a major town within the next few days which everybody on the hot on the back with more updates next week so see you there we have the latest weather forecast rachel ferguson is standing by rachel what can you tell us. at nsa to look across eastern asia and the rest i couldn't be happening. so quite dry across much of the constant sadly china mongolia. i became very clear the moment as is the korean can and cannot use any given sunday cold air coming into northeastern china and the korean peninsula over the weekend and you'll see temperatures falling as a lead and single digit highs that sold and that about five or six. on the weekends places at leichhardt in your going to be in the us fed's zero feeders for your height
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that bad things that we can to be having some snow as well. the well in japan showers moving through most of this is actually rain is warmed up a little bit of weather will be some mountain snow. then it was this that the east and to showers on saturday. across the philippines this is really the rate of whether passionately seek at this time of year there's nothing particularly intense in a way of rainfall across the philippines at the moment just as scattered showers and thunderstorms heavy rain though it's pretty into it said vietnam out the link of the country and act as a tropical system a depression i then said to bring this moisture up to two hundred millimeters in some places the time it looks like it's gonna be picking up of the brunt of that heavy rain another tropical systems talk about a bit and call this one looking like it's going to make landfall the coast of tamil nadu at bringing with it some heavy rainfall across southern india. i could see up to the two hundred millimeters of rain with this system says quite a lot going on still in the tropics but head over to the americas to see what is happening here it's been a
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very wintry unclear. strong high pressure has dominated at the eastern half of the content for the last couple of days been very very chilly nearly our morning hours of the morning it was still with the cold. wanting to this day the danube is tight. it is a daytime highs are going to be improving. so i issued to quite a bit more comfortable motion as temperatures in just a second a note about the northwest of the moment that things are looking at pretty average but there is that the system defending as could be quite aggressive is going to be cold over the weekend saturday and sunday at mt in snow up to the affair she sends me says you can even see snow in buying comeback maybe some still eats at the very least. as the lower lying areas being affected as well. temperatures are given shop with a twenty seven in adelaide on a thursday over the weekend of the full bench about nineteen. this could be much corrupt with the north west. otherwise that temperatures are looking pretty good on your thursday up to ten degrees new york city double figures ninety ft
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swells oakland city and denver on india at hand is a bit of a split in the constant today with a wet weather across the north that coming into northern scandinavia this is getting pretty windy system as well and then to the south yet another system coming to the alpine region and then it was essential mediterranean he just got rid of one system that can be affecting turkey so quite unstable. all the way from iberia bite through and twice the eastern mediterranean for the next couple of days but then from that from russia are real the way through into the british isles is looking to be pretty dry and calm there will be living color though the temperatures across europe and early due to extended forecast. i knew noon the eye. it's a serious
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battle over a flawless pink diamond that was on the block in switzerland when
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the hammer came down the egg shaped gem fetched about seventy four million dollars a record for any gemstone the auction took place in a luxury hotel in geneva to buy remains anonymous. a diamond ways stiff tidying carrots. it's one of the largest gems of its kind ever found miners on earth that somewhere in africa fourteen years ago. no auction years did not say in which country. in consequence the coma. one compound was in town for spring is here. i read it. the winning bid surpasses the previous record of about forty six billion dollars for a diamond auction three years ago. i imagine in line for this hour and you know johnny and june while
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those around me. a great day for her. the owner. cheer
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chang experts discuss the world's important issues from h and perspectives negotiations between the us and russia sold. leaders in asia are taking a larger role in debates over nuclear disarmament and the spread of nuclear weapons. he is here
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i hear it in. room. ay ay ay ay ay ay the islands dotting of the d r horton major celebration of contemporary art. it is hard to have design taught them to think that we teach piano man ancient traditions are still practiced installed a smile it's also home to a particularly interesting


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