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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 14, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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minded people. sponsors and underwriters welcome contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill. i know all there wasn't any sign that said friday november th and tenth in comanche until cam people in the philippines saw a typhoon of flattened their neighborhoods the week again. the pair help was on the way food and water. one week on many are still waiting. i've been high in and data delete a semi and other islands more than two thousand people have been confirmed and the winds to
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ten homes into steaks and they scattered trees and hundreds of buildings across roads. hank. relief is from the philippines and abroad rushed into how their monthly food and medicine the victory and a lack of fear will have prevented many from getting to this team needs. authorities say more than eight hundred thousand residents have been forced to leave their homes. more than half of them can be unable to make their way to shelters suzette working to clean up the birds and other infrastructure but not fast enough for some survivors medical professionals say that i say conditions and getting worse everyday the infectious diseases could score at. any survivors and trying to escape the disaster sound. some have fled to nearby islands like standard others have managed to reach the capital. he was to tear down sun has this report from an era. i made a
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wonderful balance of survival in the town and keep one on summer time and with the type who first made landfall. he was visiting his family when the disaster struck. it wasn't a about. one hundred percent of houses were destroyed. people can't buy anything because the stores had been ransacked the problem people face. it is that there is no more food no electricity no water and no rights. there's nothing left. anything that wasn't true and that the water has already been boosted. but some of us. when i was so nice family who plunged to the airport to ski. but the military aircraft allowed only one person to board the family decided he should go first because he was familiar with my nail. he has no idea what happened to them after he left and no way of communicating with. winning
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is it's not like her communication has already been restored. there's no way of preaching. i haven't had any contact since i left lappin said. and always thinking about what he will eat. the devastation on some island is just as nice as under eighteen the neighboring island is attracting most international attention and assistance allen says he hopes more done to help survivors on summer. the google voice people in samarra are waiting for assistance. they need help from anybody who's willing to get it. i hope the international media will reach my community. and highlight the situation the bottom of the mountains above them danny really supplies to remote locations is one of many challenges the philippine government is struggling with another it is
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a security order has broken down in some areas many places are without power making nighttime especially dangerous. nhk was gentle and she reports from or muck in the western part of blink an eye lens although piece of recognizable after typing that idea. seven thousand five hundred buildings or ninety percent of all structures in the cd lp cd dobbins. this means coast more scope to destruction. it truly see the polls was no doubt. i can tell it to the cd. the routine has read hubby ordered its digital rates the site holds. buy this can be seen through a team with the likes of whiteness. i still feel just so they'd be safe. the mobile
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phone is obscene. so what. so this cd. this photo cause people to use its in house activities to charge coupons but sweet. everybody. just read a strike. then july. i can't really be money. isn't it great people. if we stand they sleep. despite the base here the group all life ah the perks of a team looking for shelter. they hauled the situation and although it's better than to eat the place is hit by the title song when they get here. they find no food or water. jeanne cooper yes she is in hk was over. on wednesday and team from japan working on leyte island left or mark four
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times le bah. the group and to turn back temporarily because the security situation in top twelve on seemed uncertain. they finally arrived on thursday evening. philippine emergency services at kia stretched to the limits that they should soon receive more assistance from countries such as the united states. about three hundred us military prison now and the philippines working on relief operations to apply the evacuated about eight hundred survivors from top of mind to manila. they transported twenty five tonnes of emergency supplies including clothing and blankets. the us has increased its number of troops to more than one thousand by the end of this week. it will also deploy for more on st transport aircraft making a total of eight to the lansdowne had to bribe from wild to get a better picture of the destruction image is from my japanese to be learned satellites reveal how the recent typhoon damage many buildings in coastal areas and major brands in and around top of mind. that is
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the decay of staff to analyze the satellite images with astana team tackled by venice around the nearby area of about two hundred square kilometers. officials later released maps with liking than ounces. that share the list on stage in triggered by that i didn't hit an eight kilometer stretch of the coastline many riverside buildings were also damaged or destroyed. singletary and officials say this as the surge may have affected areas upstream as well. most buildings in the title is held the top of mind. i believe can be damaged or destroyed. officials say they cannot tell whether the wreckage is due to the surge or a violent wind and rain. the camp and devastation along major graduate from the coast. this may have be a result of flooding after the storm surge. officials say this is the first time the japanese government has released analysis of dister data is based on data from the information gathering t govnmt ared its analysis of the attack and
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the philippine government the troubles will not pass to somalia oundaand monday has reportedly killed more than one hundred people the united nations says hundreds more we may miss a strong wind and heavy rainfall inflicted damage to coastal villages in the north eastern part of the country flooded with rain swept away homes in the center of the country forcing thousands of people to evacuate. high tide and why they had also caused severe damage to farm land and livestock. the land is calling on he international community to provide emergency officials say that about thirty thousand people are without peer. somalia struggling to reveaat t two dades of civil war the security situation remains unstable. despite the launch of a new government last year. islamic extremists continue to carry outerror attacks across the country. dave is here that's torn down and you will only add to the chaos fighting over food supplies
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has been reported between armed groups in the center of the country. a sign of relief and this is music jenny gallon is us that the barack obama spitfire next to it that all is said chat. she just testified before people who could confirm or deny her nomination i achieve that has been filling the hearing for estelle aside what the un have to think what the fish really clear that her focus is getting the jobless rate down which is in line with the current chair ben bernanke he stands in awe also in line with the britain of speech that she released the day before the hearing which means a gallon if indicating that the federal reserve will keep its monetary easing in place until the economic recovery becomes more solid. guillen spoke at her confirmation hearing and the senate banking committee unemployment is damp from the peak of ten percent. but the tipping point three
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percent in october. it is still too high. the federal reserve is using its monetary policy tools to promote a more robust recovery. a strong recovery will ultimately enable the bid to reduce its monetary accommodation. and its reliance on unconventional policy tools such as asset purchases. some senators expressed concern that the long monetary easing would create an asset bubble helen said she does not see any price ms alignments that would threaten financial stability. but she added that fed policy makers will pay close attention to possible side effects of their policy not an attack on the market the us stock prices closed at yet another record after investors were encouraged by hints from gallant that the central bank would continue its monetary stimulus the dow jones rose a third of a percent to close at fifteen tusand eight hundred and seventy six while
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to see how stocks here are the acting was never an email and i was standing by at the tokyo stock exchange for mean good morning. iucn continuation of the positive entiment with all thursday yes in fact i am a lion to accede in the case stated above fifteen thousand level that we haven't seen since may twenty fourth. and based on a weaker yen we may see further gains. later today as well as some of the opening levels. and you can see the fifteen thousand forty six up one point one five percent. four of them they came for this friday in actually searched near to the fifteen thousand level yesterday which was because of the forgn investors are becoming very heavily involved. we'll see if that continues today. now i would only continue to up the check some of the most heavily traded sector support all those consumer electronics retail as the semiconductor related shares and also banks of uncovering banks all week this week especially as the mega banks. i came out with the earnings results are pretty strong at all so
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positive forecasts for the fiscal year based on their games at the scene in a brokerage units based on the rise of the scene on the making today breaking above eighteen thousand is also crucial factor in tea i've ever means you've been monitoring the dollar all weekend we finally see a breakout above becky one hundred yen level. what can we expect next. yes actually tells a crucial level was in a tie and doubtless have a look at some levels that today i hundred point one seven one nine began actually weakened after japan's finance minister title bustle of city pension battling excessive moves he began that includes of course currency intervention which led investors to sell the data however words from ghana gallant about keeping it easy on a few calls to place actually brought the color lol we're just a touch the euro is also trading higher against the yen hundred and thirty four point six nine to seventy five. it was a little bit of ground after sluggish eurozone gdp
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data. now we're going to keep up on a string of course some movements based on us monetary policy and mass death and of course are affecting global markets are both here in japan and also the asia pacific region as well. but for now forty strong gains for the nikkei and the topics we'll see how that weaker yen also affects us all the key exporters and syllables the sectors that i mentioned earlier is what i've actually found a grenade thanks alot for that update from me now apart from that tend to stock exchange. well the japanese government is raising the sales tax from five to eight percent in april. but the change won't affect companies selling digital content like music and e books from overseas because they don't have to charge sales tax. japan's government act the commission is now looking at how to create a level playing field consumers have to pay tax have to pay sales tax that is when the buying music e books and other online content from domestic
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businesses but they don't have to pay tax when they buy them from companies overseas the tax commission now plans to discuss how to charge foreign providers sales tax for digital content. japanese companies want the government to deal with this situation before it freezes the consumption tax in april but officials say it will be hard to meet that deadline because they need to coordinate with foreign tax authorities. thankfully it ended with all the b with a tap on the market. it is. it
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is. defence minister has expressed hope that bilateral ties with the south korea will materialize soon. she was ill and then met with south korean lawmakers who was visiting tokyo. they said south korea is that what made it a chance basic values which had the bacon eyes that relations are strained. he said it's important to take every opportunity to promote cooperation. i refer to the twenty eighteen winter olympics. you can count on the. and i think like the summer games in tokyo as an example. the former secretary general of south korea's ruling saturday friday said he's convinced that our biggest attendance and break the deadlock. some don't. instead you can be what they discussed a present that one day he said his balcony and don't want to cooperate in all it is true for nations as soon as
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possible the elderly parents of a japanese girl abducted by north korean agents are urging the japanese government to find a solution it's being a thirty six c a cinch to make a meal without once kidnapped. you could tell was taken from the ogden city in central japan on nov fifteen to nineteen seventy seven. she was in her first year of junior high school and was on her way home when she disappeared the korean officials insist she's dead again failed to provide solid evidence. japanese leaders continue to question north korea's explanations but the demands that you put in the returns have yielded no concrete results. eighty one year old father has pleaded for a speedy resolution. who know the matter is really emerging from a humanitarian standpoint and we took that i've already waited for many years. i call on leaders to settle the issue as soon as
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possible. it looks and his wife are planning to attend a gathering in need accelerator on friday to appeal for her return. the new us ambassador to japan is set to take out her post caroline kennedy will arrive in tokyo later on friday. kennedy is the first woman to sit in the job she's the daughter of former president john f kennedy cheese and fifty five years old he is an author and a worrier. she supported barack obama during his two presidential election campaigns. he nominated her as ambassador in july the senate confirmed the nomination last month kennedy will drive with the number of challenges pleading for her. chill have to deal with them the location of the u s air base in okinawa and promote the trans pacific partnership free trade deal. it gets in defence and foreign ministers had played host to their russian counterparts. ms has agreed to work more closely on matters of diplomacy and defense. it gives the defense
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is as delicate as the theme that with the russian defense minister sergei sugar and corn mr sticking out from dc and other generals over to imprison muhammed morrissey in july that good relations with the united states. ccs and this is the start of a new era military cooperation the admission of guilt mommy held his own meeting with the broth. that means that the brash and it would not get to be a substitute for anyone but he said he did need of the variety of options. the society is great but humans aren't the only ones getting on in years and tongs are two people who need help caring for their aging canine companions. i look into businesses for support about twelve million dogs
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live with their shooting camps. advances in between are here and hope your pet foods have raised the average life expectancy to almost fourteen years. this means more and more dogs are living to an age where the experience ability and physical disabilities and no there's a growing number of nursing services that specializes in eating canine care. you provide care for geriatric dogs. she makes house calls to paint her patients . he is seventeen she started showing signs of dementia two years ago. day one that i. he started walking in circles and lost control of her bodily functions. and five months ago she became bedridden. a
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creature with a hot herbal compress i read internet tends to get. no one using this to warm her up and to improve circulation in her legs and feet. he helps with stretching exercises and can also create the two words she cares for each of her patients according to their needs. current services cost about thirty five dollars for a ninety minute session. she now makes weekly visits to seven clients and also takes a last minute appointments cookies or nurses caring for her was exhausted and could barely leave the house. i knew when i found out about this service last year. i felt guilty. see i'm much more relaxed now that my dogs getting the care she needs. i
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feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders. it is. and i know. the reality is that the people now need our assistance to care for their hat. will i hold that i'm working together we can tell he's done with comparably till the end another services become the popular auction facilities for each team this one is a sprawling twenty seven acre property and is now home to forty eight staff members care for each animal according to me they also provide some services and medical students owners can expect to be about twenty four thousand dollars for a small dog under nine years old to live out the rest of it like you. and about fifteen thousand dollars if it's cold every three hours during the day
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the dogs get a chance to play outside some of the animals here in the week. but many are still hoping among the cold adapted to many owners themselves leaping into nursing homes. oh that looks to medical appointments it's not the no longer able to look up to them it's all so good and so they entrust us with pick her up. growing number of pet owners are looking for ways to ensure they're eating animals in the care of me. and specialized services catering to these dogs are making things easier for everyone prosperous for shooting chinese riots around the world and for all. when you come again to bondage pollution threatens to
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reduce consumption streaming with its makers. she went to china protests. on each. on average had gone the weather with them i cherish the people in southern areas of vietnam ideally with this stormy weather. she tells us the latest info about that stormy weather at this already affecting southern coast of vietnam. this is due to the tropical depression and we have the following which became the thirty first tropical stormical a joke which is moving all the way across vietnam and the moving over and land masses and decreasing its intensity to a tropical depression again. but yeah this is already taking us to ninety kilometers per hour picking up the ways along the coast of the ocean storm surge is also going to be a fact not so much of the rainfall over and then but the bulk of the heavy rain will be provided here across the non this is due to the east of the vote counting on the thick in the nation of rainfall across the well populated city. so that urban planning but the active very high risk across these areas and also for the people of the season scattered showers not affected. from that fit
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them anymore. but any of these additional green color coded taker at the lucinda buildings it to collapse and die people about jackie hundred thousand people are still in shelters so any of these three buildings could likely be on it to be hindered. with the recovery process there. the bay of bengal is also seen this icon which is not tropical depression. could it be that he organized a further above the ticket will be making landfall of profit and nine the northern tamilnadu to carry on to protest these are the nations that will be targeted with stormy weather and on to saturday's starting friday night already and the coast of nations with the very high and links to both combined with that heavy amounts of localized at me all about two hundred fifteen in the turret guns of about sixty five km proud that my week of the risk of flooding and landslides. the pasta maker picture we have missed a large high pressure system and the clearing that isaac on screen as well as
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the korean peninsula and in only a couple of low pressure systems will be providing very wet weather across japan and these can be associated with thunderstorms the pacific side is pumping hair care from the father in the areas that are going to be. i develop the new green cars as well as thunder and lightning strong guys i'm going to be in store for us across japan. when the temperatures are shaping up like this you can see that the tropics are still the thirtieth enhanced and the development on me and very active season so far. i love the feel of the tour though that the germanic to think that ten minute support four year high in his hair weekend forecast across these creations that took was actually going to be recovering with the temperature is much milder than what we have been things that aren't these days but higher than on the other hand it to be dropping to the sound is never a point but snowing for a cap on your sunday and saturday nights and the european continent finally this the system is going to be moving on the way into the east and it will be
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weakening on many one liners that has been reported in southern italy to the system has been bringing very rough conditions to be moving into western and turkey providing some extra burst of showers another symptom is going to be pulling into it to the state with a very short break with the rainy days five and arrington is also the licking anthem systems across the eastern portions and the rain and alonso's not have email it can still be provided in the scandinavian peninsula offers instead find decreased uncle matt thinks paris ten degrees that can be dropping at two. i ceased agrees on your saturday cleaning a priest in a protest i am noon. the car
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is this edition of news i'm capping comanche and ten scale. thanks for joining us the owner. did. ha well
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still get great chance. he's in good time. from the latest in its latest technology to explore the whole history and beauty of these corner of hitler. it wasn't for him and after european and dairy it needs to get close to
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the world with japan. in. eye. ruler. i i i i i mm mm you are


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