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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  November 16, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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cz we will know what will luke. the continues picks off a ship in the streets of seoul. saute with the stars and data dots on one of
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the top eight the paint off of the body tissue. i then got on to montevideo. it was mission the loss. older teens the appointment off what the fuss the top us part of aunties off the popular the vessel go kit and add to an attack is likely to heighten and they suspect often it isn't in focus on father de is a back to haunt and hardline militant was behind the attack. among the top of the fiesta take off any kind of peace talks immediately opted to pull up the audubon lot to do things that can be copied without the need to focus on these in a tizzy. focus on the petitions and residents said to the dismay off to the audubon announced they would orchestrate a wave of revenge attacks against the government often evening of light come on to what
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the fuss about. as the new veto. the consolation of a screwed up as the norm for the ceo's chris thomas view and rejection of the stall smug that i live on soda for the district council follows the killing of a keyboard on and so the previously done in a us drone strike last week focus on the government officials said the tool that i have watched these tools this. that was about to begin with that i live on. all told last nine years of violence across the country. missing within its allies had been tentatively opened to the concept of cease fire talks with the government but so still got to spend the behind the attack. it's good. it's a site last year strongly opposes any negotiations. this was a part of the city from the meeting focused on was to be in a vase. the image in a heartbeat said
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the government would continue its efforts to hold talks with the lid on. all different. they thought about what they're going to forget all part of these puts it you should have it go but to be the next book was that was said to be and i didn't read it time and again the greek god for getting people to block the sun and the blessing of the summer this is to defeat the beast gross is doing and what puppies conference with the help of some of us during which he disappointed that the parties unanimously all to give talks taunts. we are dressed up for what would the peace process. if you're like a bomb that had died off which toppled. if obama if bought in. tenants would topple. new meanings with talks have taken place since the election of them the last of the government and fiscal
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does rise could signal the start of the new beaded on certainty. but it's in the order the home state the region. for more than two minutes to firm on monday bruce bought this on the postcard. with over the country to host a two thousand and eleven said his body had never trusted the gabon. no matter who headed the group. the dollar budget read this. i don't call them because they have tetanus and i've been consistently stated that the obnoxious into pockets on them and them not sincere to install. in the southern port city of karachi. christians but he would be apprehensive about the new live on the go available for this to
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the mother. and then it would have been at the given on what is the commodity. we build on them live. sunday was on the toes that no civil or they don't hold up well will come at a given us so that i'll get done at the dome of the best with your desk. he said that there is no milk no money for my mom went to no fuss to live with that. jed came when the missile ago to avoid the or. some additional one hundred and eight even get the flu has been leaked by but it's been two big home to live on insurgency that has cost tens of thousands of lives. the book a sunny sunday bond had links with al qaeda and also allied with but separate from the it's done. i live on. you need a superstar live on is unlikely to us in peace and it could be a rapid rise in violence i did. the office a. i mean
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what what for. yes they still got the country has and all that fussed over to mission to moscow longer gone the text over the baby's presence of me being doused in march. indian space is that over taxation as a symbol of the older two in just fifteen months out of the economic and price. it sucks islam. india would become the fourth country in asia markets peasants in mops but it gives me by japan and china coffee. although the indian mission to mars would compete by september next tee up. his other faults on the nuances of the match honestly the indian space research organization national space agency and all of the thousand oaks based on pentagon to its moments. this mission is to
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grab some nice if this had to ask for anything. also did not lie the money on this means in order to do next. it would be approved quickly then off to study mars missions launched. it is guns to shoot lots of calls to india since the three billion dollars us. pulling prices its least expensive emotional and i said six million dollars. one bit rugby. and by india's prosecute standards of expenditure. the possible breach of missions come cheap an eighteen page in the way but in two thousand ten spots three months and cost three hundred and forty
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million dollars. in europe its mission to the site sure the ducks. we will be a good too. this is about to be a bit tough. to be a bit tough modest meanwhile index said the incident and if you made us laugh says. the most of all the goodness in new lisbon the young india has to be in the fifteen months ago to buy prime minister who sings softly off to china. fault. the timing of the police to be announced indian independence day speech that led to speculation that india was seeking to make the point the economic elites. beat in
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davao. it's true. that is did you know that he has the economic development from satellites and wanted to read the book the resources and even communicate. in its final days of siege. it's sixteen falcon. the event the state run defense but the response of the us visit program. states. the success he said. you're a student of august. most recently curiosity which touched down in august two thousand. one of its discoveries. and it was the new . find me pain sure but the database to do a darn good. when bill gets out of it goes a bit
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different. or was with a lead of eighteen. one such deeds in the mn seen a dentist yesterday and do it. it was good to see deputy and former coach. we are in his defense so it still making u can c or eight european. so i do so to have you. so tickled me or are just too hard said brogan ahead. part of. do all the cut and what the sun sets about his art the money at the books come decimated tumble down. i did go to approve the size of the small concrete into the deck can be seen in the motion of austria which could provide evidence of some sort of like home. on the fourth on the home side he was quoted at seventy three million dollars is listed in the sixth of the four hundred and fifty five million gonna be long foot on mars probe by nasa which we don't leave this month. given recent setbacks india to intervene when it's born. roll gently on the last
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contact with its toll as of two thousand and nine. not to taunt me. well to take off in two thousand ten. also must contend with critics say the country that struggles to feed its people. but he added that more than possible violence should not be splurging on space problem daddy got to go about it but so are conditioned much the company of those good outing as a pathetic one education lot. i'm not born a severe economic which is awesome. among the modernity of the seven network among them but get you up at the beach you're on top of the oneness among the dead do not and he did awesome on the tube and you know that it's one of her for my mechanic is the funny hat for
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the back end of the statin into some on the beach instead. go find a good time the missions to mars to this cold weather. scientists at the indian space research organization. we've done that to be called off due to all fifty one mars missions from various countries have ended in failure. next i cut it to be placed within india's monday on moscow would succeed in reaching mars orbit. detecting possible signs of life. then in the fall of the handouts the satellite is predicted to reach its destination four hundred million dollars this week. by september being a just and not just economic costs of defending china. it's been four months missions of the two cars and live in perspective. but neither of them. all bids due to technical problems euphoria in the evening
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launched the scientific but it was going on with it. it's open minded comes with a guest post. the mission country on. we just decide to explore. the us which was detected last month the two hundred and five days. snag yes six box office. cause if it succeeds. india would be the most in asia to sew and knit it for the group was off the soviet union the us. he's doing it. gawd what if it be i'm a bit fat diets movement fought on the flats the butterfly best expecting that by the quake happened we can get sexy. the doctor ordered this i can't upload it. i was not made a comeback at the ninety five cents and
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four. i did all this he needed to up the pieces into space program and its longstanding best prices knowing it's the victim has long been closely linked with integrated development program. it's been in the us intermediate range ballistic missile outs. did you get composed of an intercontinental ballistic beside name of the fight strike three to five thousand dollars us. this is due in part to the debate between the second time the defense industry. a quick break but the city on the discovery now off to the vet. and that china is not going to exercise that day. today his second off not
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good for the diamond with the thought of it found that teaching a feverish pitch. no news beaks off a shia will want not. the little indian and chinese soldiers wakeboarding face off and fed up of the disputed borders but today but tensions are used both on these up and up to join that it's a size is named hand in hand in chengdu china. learning from each other the doc takes to meet today's meet the challenges is a special report. a indian and chinese so has begun an anti terrorism exercise hand in hand. in some twisted chinese province with their highs for the contrasting it with trust and cooperation the largest
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and most of the armed forces the new army contingente y ge i the indo chin jntining ee time. it's not thatice companies in order to be done as much from each other this exercise is to its place in the backdrop ofg growing tensions before though. sure enough it would lead to to get to sites is being conducted at mid on to the boat. is he joined photos or content to beat them with this so called single. of the various aspects of concord autism open nations loving it. coucted in the sec to say that the doors to convert that is a motivation the test as a human operations. the court official permission. and of any other respect the perps one that faced him in a limousine to go from nice and is coming have been mixed. so that the gun from each other
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so the city has become the victims. and of course the sense that the aim of the exercise. which is to promote me to trust and cooperation. the two i mean in a home team. it's a size hand in hand only began our eal of god which comes on the train to visit the area mayo is one hundred and fifty km south of chengdu one hundred and fifteen. on the convenience. it's been sitting in the battle fifty eight by the time to visit troops. joint training exercise. these. it's one of them need to plan out of defence cooperation the scenes with the gun seven. instead of putting china in december two thousand and seven. second
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instead they don't india in november two thousanand eight. suitable due to the elite extended welcome to make this rising to its contingent of wonders and the soldiers of the two nuclear armed nations exchange pleasantries. its soldiers were incorporated into chinese china india joint anti terrorism team one hundred and forty four indian soldiers into pretzels to incorporate it into chinese. the tombs to be directed by two companies one does want to sign up to him the soldiers conducted in sydney that it rapidly pretty rapidly. although it was raining which made the trip out to be completed as in subjects with success the novel. the body. the goal
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the light. two soldiers to sell its top pick ups to the stasi. for example in the running to see when cleaning drains. although the language problems. so does of both sides and adults from each other on anti terrorism tactics and techniques. it is again looking up. don't you wanna know when to fly killing children which is again or to like it used to link to a donor with that ge was a chaotic jun yang the attention of whom is looking at how i kind of joke with him that cometh to god knew that she peels on each both china and india conducted the last joint anti terrorism training and build on india five years ago. so
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such trip was headed south west china's hunan province in two thousand and seven. it was all for the blast although indian cricket team and the cut made his second last match and go but up against the best indies before retirement. such a meeting after the city. but got caught on the cricket association of bengal in millstone on killing them off the to stick to it such an amicus match special moment for the last of the stuff isn't it. sexy than it is important is the author defends its innovations said on its one hundred and ninety nine hits. was she may
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consider the gate to be bigger than an individual the association of the dogs had gone seven extra month to beat the band inevitable highlights of the subject until the baby. i thought that those wax statue especially when it's the music was dusk and forty s cricket association the dog had gone instead of leading the team for second best. i ate. this institute. by the city based artist is free to the walls of this post its. it is too good. within a possible pope was elected that is that i am sick and last testament to the cat
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does it mean that what you ought to get some bubble wrap it. you might give you my own comment on chinese investment in our velocity and a private citizen he wasn't me but don't you mean yes i got into the city. i hope i don't yet see the deep dark satirical pop on and off i may be deafening. winds increasing to one hundred images depicting highlights the studio was unreal. spring loaded it on sale with one hundred and ninety nine he disapproves. all of the proceedings of the identity of the best right in the city was greeted with one hundred and ninety nine. with the decision. with this the one hundred and ninety nine. it is. check here taylor was cassettes that the appeal of that don't make any. nick and when it's obvious i'm a non i'm in
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vietnam kick in the games. oh apart from the image of the virtuosity on thursday and no job is some indian cricket so that one exists for the sale of them opened a can on the field this season we won the coveted items isn't it. specially designed that way. does it so the us the beasts just called. miss it the gardens. the couple installed on the doctors of all what reason could be added and i and a trip to india by participating in the evening on the beach were on the backs of the game is
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up to shoot fish in the car and. the top with jaundice it dawned on me and i are off the kitchen wash them with a piece of those who died due to flash floods in the state. it's my first visit to the game. i want to feel it is a pretty special occasion for both myself and i watched it at all said lt according to the back streets with that issue was that he thereby become one of the most extensive the couple also visited the wounded and two academy the forest research institute and the goose the group of women are being paid to finance their own self employment projects. for that. the droid dollars in debt when it comes to an end on the fourteenth of november
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all been good he is forced to donk off for the call with heads of government meeting that children in colombo news limited. this is. it's the seasonal festivals in india. i mean the view behind with appearances of the body the festival of lights on the top food up from across india. we will. gotta get up
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with additional music something to win back next week with more new meal was
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an analysis of the stuff on tonight. we bought it back into a sack and obviously out in my inbox call. this is not about to sign off on couples in the production team of music's off a about. i can't get enough of international mystery. now you can bring your favorite detectives home on dvd. the best of international mystery and drama. now available at teammate see networks dot org
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yours the air. judges long tradition of baking with cuts and it's based on their publication. the first one has produced illustrations for books they read severr in coloring them and then just for a reason to practicality instead of in green the move to putting color on was the same kinds of hearts
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that they use to put their minds once we expect to on this long tradition. what makes him more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations. kirsty was quite different. he and my church deacon who lived it to him it was absolutely separated off from the west sweetie. no salt works and studies in dispute with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix. after chance and koreans are you specialist utilize the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society. korea us relations
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it's the most important we knew we knew we would win will do the ira. well welcome to the beach a new smart idea to combine tokyo with the latest up to stop international relief activities i've moved into full operation and the philippines one week after typhoon honey and swept through central parts of the country. relief teams from our on the wild in the united nations arrived the lady i'm one of the hottest he carried us


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