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tv   Global 3000  PBS  November 18, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PST

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available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new and new guru. i may raise the fed pays this week they sent us at croft are probably hundreds of thousands face blessing conditions. i'll tip that they announced an ounce is a safer to use rescue program with chris and on her rights and the battle for the define what you're in
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place is that it is close cop gets underway in them. more aid is starting to ride the attack the benefit of peanuts was tate's the t announced weeks rethink its own staff. the swedish at croft with relief kits and add it to a close out the ctc and courts. meanwhile a u n said croft area with around five thousand korean them more than eighteen planes and helicopters is starting to get a pleasing and its warnings to other parts of the beach and desperately needs help the danger of rising on walkabout. we didn't get it out. one of my dad's about. we're working on yesterday today tomorrow it will be with someone. some are. it sits thousands of people displaced like tiny feet high and effacing deteriorating conditions that the frequent downfall is that much of the ages being stranded in the capital manila. i have known for to
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know what that known that mill feed him milk. maybe john gray than not. acc whole eight act the band says at least four thousand people on dates. it's a league double the nation waits hope refine th by the government in manila. now days are expected to fridays. steyn is an eighteen x eighteen the parade ground. we'd reached our age fourteen won't be the new rates down to ga from the eu and imf to rescue its back its proposed by the delay is the country has now met the conditions at the age prayer ground. and according to your insane finance minister as its banking sector has significantly in print. as a news conference in brussels they counted to six extra to your great great in these two countries are in the top of our program can work and to
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work. i'm sucking at sea of course that the outside to fill. crisis management of the eurozone. this was all knew it was at the time go these are a delight to be worked out. we've now it's too good experiences and successful experiences. it's very important. while it is also in our stable x eight that they announced next month. grace is the dance by finance ministers to speed up its reformist in order to receive going to match the woodlands and avoid defaulting on its debts presidential candidates and chilly night the final speeches on thursday posts pay for the popular ex presidents was held to eight she became the first woman to run chile in two thousand and six. the president cannot serve two consecutive terms in office support years after the big cheese block is essential that come with it what better qb that we want to invite too old to pose on
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maths for the new majority this someday. we want to win in the first because a couple books into cafe. the chalets main rival is known as the iron lady of chile six zero considered to have a limit age is pledging to increase police powers in the south american country because we want to come too but continues to grow she says. because we want to come to with more talks. because we want to come stay with us or wages because we want a country with a lesser standard of health for chileans like it because we want to come to with a good quality of education. chile has the most expensive university system in lots of america. spock month's protests in twenty eleven the education remains a priority for them to bits. if it's not a high priced winner in sunday's election to the two front runners that were run off in december. and outrage in albania off tickets just in the country would be used as a base for
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dismantling syrian chemical weapons. the us is honesty of a new government to take on that promise is all fine and two rulers in tirana officials said in a decision being taken. but that the prime minister has indicated he didn't faze them the baby is common speech it is your comments the seasonal governments. a decision has been taken. i would not be taken before listening to police. i deal with the albanian citizens on him. albania has previously dismantled it saying call me statements don't mind if chemical weapons destruction kills twenty eight people in two thousand and eight the baby is accused the us it takes going to explore at night. more than three hundred people including teachers doctors and priests we are a staple of mine
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don't count on over to the challenge is to place a three year investigation if it's wrong to company that distributes the shelf for investigation. the first station in the msm has increased by the end of the day for the post it. if the answer but for this with every tuesday training environments raise baby increase on the recent loosening of the country's environmental goals by the government. scientists create it that fast at them then they throw candy out easy to relax for the icelandic eruption in two thousand and five. peace to be central banking units they wanted to see if passing to paint hers cut it with future poke any costs he thinks that she faked it detects is. the team led by a bus and easyjet. throughout
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that time at the insanity that they use the study of winston fronds. the welsh any of the icelandic folk painting three years again shout down the east of europe's and space to six days a week the millions of passengers days. i'm posting our lines more than a penny in your raise. the result if the test. scientists found that since it did six sets to beat it out to the man said the ash clouds. he sees it says it now plans to fit the equipment on some of these planes that by the end of twenty fourteen. you pay and mm. the shrieking and
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less like that welsh cup play off on friday in a game that will see arguably europe's two deadliest from men face off. christiane or an album and i'm a friend of the top but in stunning form ahead of the bachmann has been the pony rumble feature in brazil next year. course co defendant the paper they use both nations stand in the courtyards of progressing to the finals. your skin. he said i don't think there are flavors sweet and tried to make it out of flavors that things aren't like that. i think it's fifty fifty more accurate. we have two matches
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we must play well. but what use to qualify as both a political city with its own goals will said spectacle of life for now the top spot in the two scoring shots on the brain which has also been in effect for parts national since arriving last year but sweden will have to shore up their defence on the mike was on the ice and conceded more goals in the european qualifying campaign the return leg takes place in stockholm on november the nineteenth. the high profile trial ukraine on course with nineteen ninety eight world cup winners from the first leg on friday at the olympic stadium in kiev ukraine to finish second to england in the qualification group will look to put the agonizing playoff history behind them off or servicing after the nineteen ninety eight two thousand and two and two thousand and ten playoffs. from should be at full strength with european player of the air from her every expected to play a major role for the judicial was meant as they look to reach their fifth straight finals. he emptied out his defender rafael the red was suffering from a mind of
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the problem. i should host croatia in reich of ikan will have to improve baddie defensive record in qualifying with a cork or some sites i proceeded to kick the goal but they also live in front of goal hitting seventeen in the group stage but lately to cold whimsical some. the only absentee for iceland is to find that they can now save face and he was suspended. croatia coach the cocoa batch who was only appointed last month of the sucking of the ghosts to match what we're missing the fact is i'm straight edge through injury while the neo tonnage is such that ties murray a magic it will likely stop was allowed to strike a tv show which continues to recover from it helps train. elsewhere two thousand and four european champions greece but the death of romania the hunting of the best find was a parish priests are in the playoffs after finishing second behind group g with the austere or romania for runners of the country's finest netherlands. i ran showing of a motion from my view the president of
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the contest. the sixty one year old who is facing trial for tax evasion next year but dammit it's up to receive info and support of some four thousand club members fully clients record breaking season. find some thought to result in one hundred and thirty years of age who is charged with failing to pay taxes in relation to him on the cats which are detailed addressed his future with the club. what's this. minute when he said. i have decided to asked my colleagues prefer the extraordinary shareholders meeting all of the trial in which i will asked for a vote of confidence that even if i want to give you the right to decide whether all i am still right wrist and to use the phone line. despite its financial woes how this has received the backing of his club and forty including kevin kyle hines rather they get to have heaped praise on formal plan for the mom passed into trouble with the season. businessman eric
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still he arrived in italy on thursday to complete the takeover of surreal sight and smell and twenty has agreed to buy a seventy percent stake in the club with the sale expected to be rectified during friday's board meeting the future of the club and president monson home is positioned are expected to be discussed during the meeting also thought that i can overcome the potential injection of cash and the rumor mills working overtime. local reports suggest the club will target a host of wild lost players in the january transfer window with manchester city's at insect go top of the wish list. it's this. in the meantime an area of the philippines to the states hit by an earthquake. thousands of people they needed for the food and shelter to stay in line. if ole agencies can help them the fence to climb and disinformation. which areas have yet to be reached without the relief missiles is basically just me. action
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is a non government organization that specializes in providing nothing for humanitarian emergencies the aim is to the banks of the information to get the right age to those who need it. the data is collected thanks to a combination of eyewitness accounts information said among agencies and typical detail the aircraft in such slights we really that healthy eighteen eighteen simon carr says but when we need to extend it for assistance fast. i'm trying to help them to build a coal and eight airports need it so that a disney's newest tactic when possible. expect me to hop in the wake of a natural disaster. he's just a couple of days off to type too high and sampled maps like this one which says situation on information and to receive rainfall. helps their information on potential hazardous sites. stone said to kingston's and affected provinces. the un and waxed state it said top acquisition system with the puppy can start to use the philippines
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government. and more waiting is providing them a ten nation teeth and say good night dear sweet agencies as saying that helping more taxes he's doing more to him we can react and then for wednesday it's a sort of thing that we can e secret on the map once we have that information from the agency also the additional last two to three weeks of emergency medicine today to attend an event that to national or un organizations of the recovery fans. eye. weight is starting to try the attack the benefit of was take six he announced weeks. springfield is on staff. this week is at croft with relief kits and add it to a close out the ctc and cool. meanwhile the un said croft area with around five thousand korean am more than a t played a cop disc is starting to get a pleasing
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and its warnings to other parts of the beach and desperately needs help the danger of missing on walkabout. we need to get it out. in advance about. we're working on yesterday today tomorrow will bring it the wind. it sits thousands of people displaced by tiny feet high and effacing deteriorating conditions that the frequent downfall is that much of the ages being stranded in the capital manila. i have known for to know what that no ads no fee already know. john gray than not. acc wholly intact the band says at least four thousand people on dates it's a league double the nation waits will provide it by the government in manila. then another day is on or expect it to fridays
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eye the train that priests operation is in the parisians up leavitt said. held at the till fifth ave george fenton bash. he was kidnapped by gunmen in northern cameroon in the niv allison says day according to the french foreign ministry benton push left his parents to black and white tiled region me of the border with nigeria. the islamist menacing. maren is known to operate in the area the french dish to share on to call explains what he understands happens. we still took the bbq pit. nap is about fifteen of them a ride tonight to announce it on a class at the house of no use for money but that wasn't any of the twenty staff. i didn't have the intimate getting knocked to kill any case they wanted to get in a five issue
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is a narrative that i'm trying to call the embassy and to hang on to muster up the difference. fenton precious sea snake and estimate the economic system cameron's order with ninety area. paris that wanted to do things to leave the region that says the priest insisted on staying to complete his mission. maren kidnapped a french family in the same area nine months ago the outrage in albania off to suggest in the country would be used as a base for dismantling syrian chemical weapons. the us is honesty of a new government to take on the joke. the promise is all fine and two rulers in tehran officials said in a decision being taken. but at the time and instead has indicate is he good faith and. the baby is common speech it is your comments. the seasal governments. a decision has been taken. i would not be taken before listening to police. i deal with the albanian citizens on him
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albania has the dismount. no date set in commie statements don't mind if chemical weapons that the destruction killers twenty eight people in two thousand and eight the baby is accused the us it takes going to explore at night. companies to suddenly every office president obama the democrats finally agreed to make modifications to the likes of health reform but only because the huge project is having a difficult but the rollout has been rough so far and then your body understands that i'm not happy about the fact that the role of. the it has been what with the forty two problems that i've been deeply concerned about the problems that many with existing insurance policies don't want to lose the rights when they changed when they do feel that i'm all the websites also been a failure. but sticking with the current system isn't an option says obama. too often
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it works fine as long as you stay healthy. don't work well when your side. thus for the reasons we pursued this reform in the first place and that's why i will not accept proposals that are just another brazen attempt to undermine or repeal the oral law and practice back into a broken system many republicans who see this as state intrusion into private medical sector of the tenant to repeal obamacare when they return to power all make some workable for the men's pants and contesting it in the colts. i know. i know. once. or will i
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i. and me. i can the check
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is yes. as you. city. says
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it is. further. i was. low it is. low. she does. little
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it is it just. i meet a
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couple jill and john daly they plan to retire. they went to thailand among many many places they say well this is the place. i'm very end of the baum there have been off with the dogs around here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on or what's in those doubts. stray dogs are missing something. well miss something. and about two to having a social formation six near st so that's why tyler. the case of jail. what happened to her. she was rescued dogs and she got out of material and an electrician lost both legs resting on top. i'm four years later. um well
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the setting was intentional somebody helping themselves to. most of such a tragic tale. i'm not about that informs main accomplishments that she did in silence. she was named an occasion of the year was the first person in on a show. to be a champagne. i really big thing is really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean is robots you want to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's been the stimuli to manage the person that you see here and it's as if a woman mail it's amazing that it will in the strongest when the gst rebate helping to teach or to put weight on. ly time in a shelter shoes are the total to two inches medicine and abrasions. the dogs to move the government says. no need for anyone to do it by
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herself. it's amazing to them do they a a. on the shelf now i'm actually helped me to help the aged. apple got them so much and there's that apple's new to granny smith and golden delicious at court i think that adding some dried cranberries some crumpled up until the cheese and someday you'll trip to them using the new oprah to continue to pray with you but if you prefer. these. he said it's the mindset of a bow
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the two the apple cranberry so shall it. i have therefore my heart. if you want. a


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