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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 18, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the two the apple cranberry so shall it. i have therefore my heart. if you want. what a good start
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according to the prince to help you to the effect of wine. honda the social democrats as the final play of good character. the former coalition government. we stopped on africa try to be a member of the on site for economic cooperation. at the top. for joining us to the stoplight on cctv new design edwin aren't the uk from the airport in roster of mines clutter stop for a boeing seven three seven crashed on landing on some very nice killing all fifty people aboard. rescuers have recovered the bodies of all the victims amid the wreckage and they're looking for white face the records of twenty three year old a liner to call for moscow on sunday evening and crashed an hour later as it was trying to land. reports said the plane appeared to lose altitude while i was making a second landing attempt. there were no immediate indications of
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last minute call was the crash. russian president for the email clinton has instructed the government to form a commission to investigate the disaster. a mourning ceremony was held on monday. the registers of the victims of untold the bit about to three million rubles it's around ninety thousand us dollars compensation. each it's a very nice as promised our correspondents the tome boston joins a say in the mosque our offense or not should tell him again to speak about. so the question just update a somewhat united we spotted a couple of rounds to go to baby me any developments since then. when the stars we know this situation on the ground is warm now also of piecing together what exactly happened in this final terrible minutes and monuments to fall this plane plunged down onto the runway
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in kaz and the black box flight recorders have been recovered the court according to russian media which will help. investigators to try and the and piece together what exactly went wrong. it would be approx to cause it to crash like this. he was as the aircraft approached azam from most deadly in the central russia. that's a good detected at least one landing. the pilots went around to try again and it was as it was trying to to make another landing the plane suddenly lost altitude slamming into the runway and exploiting killing all forty four passengers and six crew on board the plane on board the plane also to some of todd's os downs president that's the russian republic that the plane was flying to and a local commander of the fsb the security service that the success of the kgb to very high profile victims
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all of this crash on the wall so at least two children on board as well grieving relatives trying to be a comfort sits there the airport with psychological counseling and compensation. and it's now going to be a very moment forensic investigation to try and find out what course to scrap. the springboard for us to the place where the plane was actually planning to ride the republican whip the whereabouts of business and done. quite gets there they would also be a number of fact is that. investigating team will be considering. including the widow what was up like at the time. its design is is this idiotic when the launch regional capital. to the city east of moscow. in the center of all russia. it's about a couple of hours flying time and as the plane was was
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doing in saddam there was rain. around the apple that investigators are considering whether that may have somehow gotten if i had an effect by all accounts the weather wasn't too bad. the plane that was well a major factor itself twenty three years old which doesn't necessarily have to be mean the plane was sold to draw quite a few planes of similar age operate in buying seven three sevens like the woman crouched over to the cost of five to seven different owners it was being released by kazakhstan and lines from another company below these complex deals with many previous owners. on it's not necessary for smaller airlines operating in russia to china forced to operate these regional rates i'm off to the collapse of the city union to mom's monopolies that what helps also collapsed on a troubling them over the smaller company spun up it is with the small companies that the bulk of
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these accidents happen. using all the planes hopping to having to save money as well i would go as far as saying cutting costs over the house being evidence of dots in the cost in this case it's too early to say. but certainly this plane would need some some serious maintenance to keep it and would be for long periods in the house. the reports of this very plain. on its previous flights to moscow to interviews with people on that plane. said that they experienced this as a judge or a house the plane was landing and missed the plane and also how the idea. crash landing without incident about to get the full suit definitely things unless it is will be looking closely at them is also the possibility of pundits and rope. although it does seem as planets with very experienced and also that there is the reports of a conversation between the planets out of control tower reportedly saying something was wrong with that
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plane. whether the will get to hear it so lost. it seems likely that there was a very intense conversation going on in the cockpit on the screen that i love that may be revealed. when matt black box is exam ends. and then we may find out what exactly went wrong with this film it's hard to many thanks from thirty years the atonement such home but not correspondent reporting to stay for most cars. and as he pointed out the problem of their safety in russia is something that has painted known for a long time and that this particular crash landing has put that under the spotlight again. his report that explains the situation. slaves and avery. the alarm bells are ringing once again in russia's aviation industry the twenty three year old boeing seven three seven to go from moscow. at six twenty five pm local time on sunday which fifty people on board it crashed just over an hour
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later. there were no survivors. some of that artist and president and a russian intelligence head were named among the day. an investigation is already underway. small booths to see you soon. we are studying the whole post for reasons of the crash. d although it seems to go for a much safer here in yuma a rough weather conditions on the field from a small bowl. from the belt sixty two the pacific russia's stance nine time zones with vast areas of sparsely inhabited land. it means efficient error and trade links are especially important to the country's economy. however the international air transport association says russia has one of the world's worst air traffic safety records which an accident rate almost three times the world. everett when he left. nipple points. well at least thirty one people died when a russian passenger plane crashed after takeoff in sudbury. september twenty
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eleven the passenger jet carrying a major league ice hockey team came down shortly after takeoff and burst into flames near the russian city of heroes travel to and forty four people. and in the russian city of bern in two thousand a phone seven three seven exploded in midair. one km above ground killing eighty eight people the iata says one global airline seat continues to improve accident rates and russia are still going up jean's house cctv. foreign aid continues to pour into the philippines to handle the devastating off to mop of super typhoon hijab. i am from japan to ride in cars who attacked london city on monday while thailand said it was preparing to send relief supplies and food to areas ravaged by the typhoon. from sunday's several planes carrying supplies landed at mac town international airport and say boo. they included made from new zealand sweden australia and the united kingdom. about
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four thousand people living confirmed dead so if i am knitting on selected candidates easy yet to receive a filipino is an international aid agencies place a mounting humanitarian crisis with a number of people displaced by the catastrophe estimated at four million. each of our eyes each day. we are overcoming the challenges here. i'm getting the eighties that he is a good month for the tree was ten and twelve point nine million people. how to be assisted to recover frome. it's like taking up all the home of benjamin. i'm trying to assist. you know it it really is that allow for that effort i'm in the body is working to achieve in this or did you know people that it used to go right in this thread
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united did a little bugs on my walk with him years before that portion of the territory of utah time. can you walk into his seat. meanwhile the filipino president of you know aquino has screen showing the areas devastated by high and the president and the central government has come under considerable criticism for their slow response to the disaster. as our correspondent on each end discovered when he visited one small village hit by the designs to the problem also extends down to the local government level how do you kill them. when there's nothing left to govern. this jeep is in ut and exit counseling and ten is a village that much of san jose is gone. the mountain of waste to use to be home sunday contents. and now the biggest problem. you get from other local government when you see this with you again. now i. they hadn't
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i'll begin with bought it and i don't know that got dropped that we can put it on or off it now. you take it what with the lanterns i got back. it's a cold beer. that has been a big problem government need to slow to arrive. just down the road that the apple he is the right thing. the massive cost. i can sit upright and on the way the pain the shipping and the medicine they didn't survive i'm not able to bring the thing that made barry said. they did this. why the death rate that
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is terrible. the dogs. choose one of the few blooms in the ditch that still standing local man has some rules so that the survivors of the family of six. she shows me that the rich medical supplies a bag of pills she had to fight to save them to buy. love is acute in spanish while they try it. it's very hard to get the help it's needed most. if you're reading about. but don't we radio. it's been a shadow of the time one of england's total the government that the government. didn't they most of the villages living in tempering camps built from the wreckage of their homes it's a struggle just to stay clean. and her colleagues are trying to get the people the help they need. it's odd that the council died in the typhoon. there is one red lights. chopper rides carry a supply. the huge queue forms as people jostle to get what it is the sign. at the end of some of the moscow by july it was just trying to keep control. it will only be
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distributed under the supervision of the local council has a pithy anyone's know with the help is needed most. tony cheng the cctv said was a bit it following tornadoes and storms that swept across the us midwest killing at least six people and destroying buildings twenty six sites were hit by the severe weather on sunday leaving thousands of people injured most of the daily i see tornadoes his illinois and indiana with a few in kentucky. extensive damage was reported in the towns of washington and he can be in northern illinois where costs of the town where level storms also dock and downtown chicago at midday bringing heavy rain and strong winds. the tornado danger continues to shift eastward across the lower great lakes and the ohio valley and of weather headlines of the night here in china's heavy snow route continues to fold in
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the northeast of the country with a snowstorm expected of a nice home monday. the buzz it is likely to bring a further fifteen centimeters of snow are two central and eastern parts of a long john and jane in collins is some regions will also see gusts of up to fifty kilometers an hour. national weather all parties have warned local governments decide proportions that it's the to avoid outdoor activities in the snow is expected to weaken from tuesday. fan after three decades of rapid growth. john sees his new economic and social challenges. the green party is thinking and planning you were for us. and there is a lot of ground to come. new land policy. stubborn problem financial reforms. wind to
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make the breakthrough. what is the government's them. how can each strike a balance between speed and seven watch our special coverage on the third plenary session of the eighteenth century committee of the communist party of china called on cctv the us. i know. welcome back to cc tv news. china's president hu jin ning has met with the former us president bill clinton in beijing today clinton congratulated she on the successful pleasure. all that the kingdom of the bases cpc central committee. he also expressed support for china's deepening reforms prison is visiting china for several activities related to
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his charity foundation and two typos in an economic conference before the visit to beijing. benson was and long jump. the typos in a seminar about the role of small and medium sized enterprises. the french president francois home loan has met with the palestinian president mahmud abbas in in the west bank palestinian president held a welcoming ceremony for the visiting president. you had just come from a visit to his rivals talks with israel's president and prime minister but it's only coming into the playground. mom has an off the field what a peaceful between israel and the palestinians was among the discussions. along the side that france's stance on the settlements was well known and commended the israeli gesture of releasing palestinian prisoners to help loose negotiation. syrian delegation of senior officials this in moscow for talks with top russian
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diplomats. they're expected to discuss preparations for the second round of the geneva based colts which aim to seek a political solution to the syrian crisis for more on that meeting wei joined now by our correspondent. longing is in our studios in moscow the book of longing just say give us any updates on this so that you have to die. i'm going on quitting during the information away cars from russian foreign ministry the meeting beacuse rain official dedication and the russian side to as the coles board meeting which will not be open to the media and the will is so connected to ofcom texas of correspondence of the of the show's doing tv station in moscow. and he could ask does he didn't get any updates about the meeting for now. according to me and not scare from the moscow times sat on a rush at the mysore said that's not the same and dedication they meets russian foreign ministers did an
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awful thought on tuesday the weakness of the story as it's kept in touch after the meeting they will release an announcement is the sneaky with the icy rain problem and dedication. the show you mine to say when national coalition president job on to moscow from the land may be a pianist with a difference adele position has is an ammo to visit moscow on monday today. in two of the sacks of facial cut the mats and that the russian foreign ministry declined to comment on what's that would be the first known that sits at the clayton utz moscow and the coalition will cause in as the new dates for the visits so it could be back as the scene becoming based un meeting on the sydney show will begin to see moscow. when promoting this is something that people have been expecting and i'm hoping would take place but to the albeit obviously awesome the obstacles facing the geneva to toll is done can you explain what was up
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do the midst of looking chair though. reports and analysis as cause of the opposition coalition has so great to attend peace talks in kenya not so nice they lead to a transitional eriod thus was seen on such departure from power. so this excess that's made it impossible for both the government and opposition daddy issues could see together. i'm missing a day or so bountiful meeting on seemingly showed housing in moscow. again there is some form and russian diplomats and had been imposed on the prospects have two new outfit up for his fans on that that is the chairman of the association of russian diplomats at its end up sitting down milk. he said that to keep the navy's necessary to pay special attention to the region on the bubble aspects of the seeming price is failure to understand how the preparations for the team a conference at the mates and what it is also the two holidays at all. the message that the deputy chair of
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the federation council on identity of the crown office and the sea people say is necessary to take the second cars and cody much that even if not all of the opposition forces to present it here so the roll with it sound as though there are obstacles to ration of rice inside steel hope that's the genie much it will be housed in the near future. i was wanting many thanks to the death of a town car spun of longing home of moscow. you're watching cctv is coming to you from baidu negotiations between jem and council on the miracles coffee and social democrats on forming a grand coalition this is the final phase of this week. the previous three weeks of talks have been a tough process and the final ten days are also expected to be tense. the center left spd has listed tandem on the site called all negotiable. nuts
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including increases to the minimum wage and a strategy to boost the eurozone growth the chancellor seems ready to agree to wages issues and possibly on fuel citizenship conservative parliamentary leader of ochre colored a predicted the major points of conflict will be decided in the last two days of negotiations. merkel's christian democrats and the christian social union one forty one of the hop percent of them but in september's election bought together so well. unable to form a majority government we can bring new morning tiles of the coalition talks with our report touch you dr joins us on the fun from berlin. i welcome good doc has said any part of this actually been made in the coalition talks in which issues it didn't hamper the negotiations. grove. book your party and that indeed
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the target of a crack at the end the pictures he took issue. well it really. before the negotiations with the democrats have already made up of confession including getting up at the great people in the rich i'm opting out the negotiation has drifted from the women. the fourth with a social democrat most competitive tough to beat him in which both eight point five euro for all worth it after. but merkel and she looked at them to be in the formal board. but it can take some time. and the simplified to make some of the confession like you and your cool three full the thing which form a band leading the pro eu. tools for working for employing the kiddos make agreement the inquiry and the social democrats couldn't make any progress on to a nationality what the democrats want something to me for choosing to keep that to admit that it
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might well want to do it in pa people who want them to devote to it. two thirty and the new party for the rest of the form of factual matter each which is great but don't let them affect. ever been and you will but scientists agree to form a coalition that how would this new coalition impact of miracles policies over the next five years. well i'm really good people poke them to be noted that despite a national coalition of whom become part of the faith that the moment molding report which says that the new grand coalition bombing to choose to take off and buy the equipment. one being the coach of the negotiations we can in fact local garden party the floor ready to go somewhere that people can have fun filled two of them of that. so what does the government to go to the focus on very good thing too offbeat and fight tooth and the tree too. it will also protect from vulnerable and tied to the will have to interrupt you. unfortunately
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because we're about to lose outlined that many thanks for the update to dom reporting to us from berlin the african economic awful twenty thirteen report is being presented here and by ageing. the annual report is an essential reference tool for monitoring the economic social and political developments of the continent this year's african economic outlook focuses on the natural resource sector for more and sign tell reporters do u tink spoke with khalid ahmed who heads the domestic division and economic force that kept the development center of the organization for economic cooperation and development mr darling glad to be with us. the school d c as a human force is stressful transformation and natural resources in africa. so the big question how can the pace of the gross be sustained while making sure that the growth is more inclusive. personally this effort has been going well over five percent for you
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which is very good but the poem is that it's not fast enough to be transformed economy and to provide enough jobs and part of the reason for that is that the local schools. it's based on the export of natural resources one third of it and it's up to sectors that will create the most employment. and so is very important for africa to be able to diversified economy more types of natural resources and go beyond natural resources also into manufacturing and services and by the way tie and a piece of very important a role because africa is going in part because of the great aunt's demand from china hopeful commodities. some of the investments the recent investments from china and other emerging countries is going to manufacturing and services. what all to see some challenges on the scene the two countries in this very new at investment areas julie left the investments both from the traditional western countries and china were for natural resources
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but note to point out the new trend is to put too much typing and services that's because the emerging countries and time in particular have you built a local expertise and capacity in manufacturing and services in the thick snow would be in the management to stay relevant. in africa house i'm going markets the folks who have so few people costs and so it's a very natural win win for chinese companies to go into invest in the snow sectors in africa i think is transforming its economic growth model while china is also tipping its economic reforms. so how can we ensure that china africa economic and trade ties on mutually beneficial. china has really improved. what is going in africa. again korea from initial reports talked of industries. no developing infrastructure and manufacturing with this tremendous possibilities that the gold she is very good for africa and training. it's also very important about
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the time these firms could begin to do more training to be built vocal skills and that helps to have the whole economy develops faster and benefits for the growth which also benefits but are markets for time. ok think in this the calm and think it very much but when the secular. we have interviewed between sleeping and count on them we come to the end of the subtitle cctv news. along with next to the top of the gun. and i was not alive i met with our next flight the eye. in oneu
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you will. do you. welcome to the world knows line and you know tommy and tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. workers and the provision and ninety nuclear power plant had taken the first and fourth decommissioning the facility. on an hp crew reports from inside syria as government forces pushed back on opposition fighters in the capital damascus


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