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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 18, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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knew. one will will will or will you. i know. all that was a nice light it's cheesy november nineteen one packet of ranch and tokyo trade negotiators from the united states and the set of proposals they hope will speed up thompson appears that the korean free trade pact. they're hoping to finalize plans for a trans pacific partnership by the end of the year delegates from twelve countries will meet in salt lake city this week was six days the treetops discuss
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some of the sticking point in previous negotiations including tax elimination and intellectual property rights us officials have submitted a document covering more than half of the twenty one categories under discussion including investment environment and the government that can dance but they aren't giving away on some of the issues that had invited participant negotiators from emerging economies want foreign companies to share knowledge and technologies when they in fact the us delegates want to make sure government can demand technology transfer if an athlete and a thirty one st rita's have had a busy few weeks the dow jones industrial average keeps revealing it to read it i knew chad johnson now found that this is that so it's been going up and up enough where we had no one is for the number of times it's broken a record kept it in the seventh one night just this month it to put that into perspective the dogs caught up more than twelve hundred dollars over the last forty days. i mean this is placed. new york stocks to an
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all time high on monday assertion by letters lifted the dow jones in the shop which passed the sixteen thousand mark for the first time ever. the dow rose fourteen points from friday's close ending today at fifteen thousand nine hundred and seventy six. the market received a boost from federal reserve chief nominee. jenny year is common at her confirmation hearing last week she said the central bank will keep its monetary easing in place until the economic recovery is more secure. upbeat earnings reports released on monday morning also helped lift share prices. some investors sold the sinking years later that day to lock in profits the dow managed to review its record high at both intraday and closing levels you call us stocks have had quite a run but they're going to need some positive economic data into keeping downward pressure from time to take hers and she declined now forty of reaction to
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the dow's record and holler asian market. ha today to let go to our room email and i'd been standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. so anyway saw some on profit taking here on monday. cardstock opening today. we went to i yelled look so cute. markets are also touched on monday nights after the seven percent surge in we saw last week. but expectations of rep reforms in china actually boosted other major areas of us have a look into how tokyo's opening it is choosing government in november nineteen and both indexes that trading in the negative for the first few minutes of trading. and doug than it actually ended lower yesterday by the slightest margin but after last week's big gains who was inevitable really for investors to book some profits and wait for the next trading cues and that might come up here in japan following the td bank of japan meeting which opens on thursday eyes was of course a key inflation and retail sales data on in the us and on the subject of retail sales or retail therapy if you will die. sony
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should be a big focus in on a track that's after release is the playstation four on friday last week in north america. i've already seen strong sales and its shares that she rose three percent in the us on monday. sony the focus today on family approaching this season of retail therapy remain not going back to the dollar with it reading now guys that we did see litter the fluctuation of the dollar yen repairing especially as it slipped below the poverty level you can see right now ninety nine up twenty five to eighty eight. and to what keep track of that but as were saying earlier i the u s japan eating in the key us data may be the next reading queues for this key pairing us that readers may be just waiting for those events before we see another major move here again hundred and thirty four point eight two to eighty five of the year also rose in touch again cd and that's that. after the eurozone trade surplus grew in september following a three percent rise in exports
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only drum rolls and check on titanic chairs and indexes we have seen the shanghai composite index and hong kong's hang seng index. both searching for the last three trading sessions with honesty that makes it for the role of today. but so that's also are following keeps hopes of a key structural shifts in china's economic policy for the next decade and follows the third plenary session in china which ended last week saw a lot of focus of course on china's economy but as i said that the bank of japan meeting on thursday then of course up the key data on the us on wednesday may just hold back any major moves back yard. i really think a lot for the top bid of us remain on guard from the tokyo stock exchange where the nikkei is down just a touch tank. i will begin now with a check on some other regional market. it is
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it is. japan's down its nuclear plants have started to like it and risky operation on monday. they were missing fuel rods from a reactor building an issue that tonight she is the first step in what expected to be a decades long process to the condition that the parody feeling confined campaign workers have to admit it the more than one thousand five hundred field lot of families from memory and therefore building them on to carbon stored in a pool most of them are used extremely hot and highly radioactive the mice two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami triggered hydrogen explosion
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that damaged the reactor for building workers are using a crane attached to a specially built structure to remove the marks to get the shows they will take more than a year to complete the operation. but this will then have to admit few months from the reach out to be active buildings. engineers spent months preparing for this operation. nhk world nautical common shares as how crews will be carrying out the work. still the number of fully active duty. the film the phillies sits in the pool was to that keeps them cool and prevent radioactive particles from escaping. it is the fox issued it as a pulpit bronze medal the twenty oh one to remove the film as soon as possible since the building was damaged by a hydrogen explosion. officials say that the looting is strong enough to sustain an author critic you can run into the one launched in that. i think we got to spend still need to be
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moved to a more secure update walkers will use the crane to lift the feel of families from their box and placed an innovative some proof containers. one container to hold twenty two units. what must be tons of work to sydney once with easel radioactive particles the lockers miliband if the container on the pool to a maximum height of thirty meters and allow them to the ground. the walkers will do that clinton has to ask the french awesome ac one hundred meters of a fund to be executed. and that the fuel assemblies back into walls. officials say. my process of removal could take one week. the company office on say a lot has happened in the operation more than one thousand times before the accident. there are differences the two days time and previous locations. ughh
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on tuesday explosion caused every two steps out on the building including the film old school. baucus hard to clean them up before the operation. think of fish to removing the need to clean lines pieces of debris. spots are concerned. in a new issue there could be fragments of debris stock between the fuel assemblies and they're holding rocks. it's that could force workers to halt the operation will it could lead to serious complications another concern is the primate is a level of the sites. walkers can only stay inside the building for short periods of time. six teams of whoppers off with a crane to the us families to contain. each team because sis on sixth june whoppers each team can only walk for two i was a day. the volt
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http au pair is moving. why in the month the radiation exposure. the coffee shop say the entire decommissioning process could take up to fourteen years. protecting and training in upscale office to push forward with this operation will be of major thomas. recall that in a stable. if additional workers to painstaking care on the first removing the fuel rods. they spent more than three hours on monday maneuvering for assemblies and i'm used to walk around inside the pool the reason it is that if even just one centimeter per second to avoid any damage they kept watch on the process was under wada can rise. what this plan to spend all day tuesday placing a team or fewer families in turn and give one to contain it. then mil place the container out of the pool
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survivors who lived in remote areas of the philippines are starting to get the adb be waiting for relief workers have made their way through the debris left by typing in high end and into remote areas defining many survivors just want to get out of the disaster zone. president and dean lining up at the airport in the city of toppled by helping to get a spot on a plane out of the area non linear the eight oz the ppp leader the air the bad. disaster management officials say the storm killed almost four thousand people. about one thousand six hundred others are missing and more than four million people have been forced to adopt a wait
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the crews of the us navy helicopters have been buried in food and emergency supplies. the us agency for international development has placed more than thirty seven million dollars and eight relief workers from japan are doing their times. they brought in water filters tents and sleeping mats to help those in need. people around the world have contributed emergency aid like the united nations officials say the survivor is need more help. we are faced with a ordination of humanitarian affairs its donations at more than eighty five million dollars. it is to say what we did the greek hundred million b c about two point five million people don't have the nerve to eat there when people ask where to get more and as soon as possible you do. two struggling with. he told its citizens to whom and to
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appreciate that. it repeats she will come. don't open til tuesday. from going into the world. it's a special envoy on north korea is trying to find a way to buy the six party talks of the north's nuclear development. he's been visiting uk negotiators in china as south korea and japan. special representative for north korea policy friend deb's left washington on monday killed on tuesday with china's nuclear envoy to downplay who chairs the six tiny tots. i simply go here in the hope that soon. we can continue to narrow our differences. find ways to impress upon north korea the need to fulfil its obligations and it's the end its commitments davies is scheduled to meet me during the week with his south
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korea's chief dan boyd to the sox shirt a long and the japanese foreign ministry's asian affairs bureau chief jane t e hat the delegates if it's potty time class match nearly five years ago. north korean leaders had wanted to restart negotiations without any conditions. but officials from japan the us and south korea wanted to concrete progress first south korean senior officials say the north has now agreed on the need to fulfill some requirements. davies plans to learn more from all who visited pyongyang or the year this month. delegates from forty nine countries in ten toys and trying to negotiate call is for fishing and the appellants take and what are the most contentious topic is likely to be the prized blue fin tuna then visit the international commission for the conservation of atlantic ten s had gathered in cape town south africa. the thirty minute time out from japan's fisheries agency is the cherry good times. i just this last year slightly increase the quota for the first time in decades
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the second point that the group that population in the country. some members including spain i expected to call for another increase average expected to raise doubts about stock numbers the largest consumer of the finnish japanese delegates said they will promise to take the initiative in monitoring and controlling the resorts new home. japan has to contribute to the control of the blue been stopped and we need to base any population controls on scientific data otherwise people call aussie response will claim that we're making the situation works. benitez had put the region on alert by and feeling their largest ever thrown a stake in mind that in two thousand km mean he can reach israel defense ministry officials on monday display picture on at a ceremony in tehran. they said the remote controlled aircraft can be used for reconnaissance and they said they can carry missiles
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defence mr hossain get guidance and sanctions by enemies and not hamper iran's progress. officials from six world powers have been negotiating with the rainy town of heights. they're hoping to iran will curb its nuclear program if the offer to ease sanctions. but he's really prime minister benjamin a tiny and has remained in opposition to relaxing measures against iraq. scientifically that not that that they leave if i've learned explorer on a mission to mars. they want to unravel the mystery behind the climate change on the red planet. she carried them even pro blasted off from cape canaveral in florida the spacecraft is expected to ride in your life. banks are tender. a lot of the planet for your standing and collecting data. now set the stage as i'm planning to study the atmosphere between altitude of one hundred and fifty six thousand km from the step as they had to study
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the impact of solar wings why is it once had moderate temperatures and an environment more conducive to sustain the night. they want to know what changed the nice and shared their favorite with cultures around the war on people in singapore. i'm slurping up more and more ramen and in japanese company's site catering to their taste some of them are trying to ensure the competitors coming up with new techniques on noodles and a steal as much help as the starting. newport is keen to play point four million people the book wondering if the taste for ramen noodles from japan
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even though he's eating ramen restaurants in singapore. twice the number four years ago that is competition between drama and all the great since it's inspiring some new ideas this brunch will be told to piece the little chain to new heights and on its menu. no one hears your grill and from then the tombs of talks with slices of grilled meats japan drama and it's usually served with cha shu pork moulds with dough. the a's and one. thx. it's teaching tool. oscar has been in the ramen business in japan for nearly twenty years it is too deep to the singaporean cuisine to adapt to the local
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food culture. seventy five percent of singapore's population are of chinese ancestry. and he eats. just as often as chicken. the deal so the doc needs to get the pogrom and has gone down very well. she is another innovation. tome young kuranda. the newer tools of syrup in a spicy thai style of soap with hot spicy leave the menu has many dishes in the buffoons in japan. even gold prices are at least three times higher than the cool cool cool stamps this shop is always full we're taking japanese ramen and giving it a flavor that suits local tastes. we spoke so the drama and also
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emerging in singapore. this restaurant opened in july last year. the tools in the green regions costs of any super hot stone pots then the supersport him. oil when evidence that this was a little and he was talking to me is the product has resembled a pathetic eruption which is actually pretty entertaining. he was just knew. and as proof of the kids. it was inspired by the weak people in singapore youths. in short it's summer all year round. people there luke two weeks. we'll play you cooked dishes. with the crtc with their families or kill. it's fun to cheer
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this was the inspiration behind you on tv or chronic it's called the new routine is to drop off. so it sticks to restaurants in singapore there is also the brunch entire day. and when starting the works to expand to indonesia and the philippines we've created a style of romans. not only taste good but it's fun to reply to singh who believes that these chickens running instead of releasing the new tt time to go reduced to everyone. i scheduled singapore. enough red tag on the weather people are in actu west midlands to working to clean up after dozens of tornadoes hit the beach and
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the youngest son can wait gives us an update. yes catherine on sunday the us midwest had actually started to pour a tornado testing monday adding that the severe weather also unleashed a very large hail and damaging winds now i really rate was one of the hardest hit area. after she read the devastation conclude that the spinach people in the midwestern us are continuing the cost of the twenty oh eight is a good thing because the tornado set forth in their region seventy four tornadoes swept across the region on sunday when one in the city of the washington illinois home to the team thousand people a fastening systems on the winds of up to three hundred and twenty one km car the unusually he is on the top five dollars. this one was dangerous the fence they support the top speed of one critic lawmakers are to commission a leaking of course most of the nus but
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the center's now located over the sink and epping bowling snow in parts of ontario as well as the quebec. across the fleet sign of the continent a wet and windy conditions once again we have a new system pending into the north west wing had the coast of rain heavy mountain snow and high waves and their strong winds as well. ninety millimeters of rain is likely for northern areas of california and an additional piece centimeters of snow is on the way for the cascading to the next twenty four hours the temperatures are going to be climbing in the center of the u s seventeen forty in denver on tuesday. and this isn't going to keep the team over the eastern us that the stone path that it's ten degrees or in your city that's ten degrees cooler than last week on monday nine degrees for use in washington dc so we spent at least be prepared for the rapid cooling. ri across asia and we can see a beautifully symmetrical club mascot eighteen offer at this area and a spring in berry believes the conditions for
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parts of the north east and china as lawless eastern russia and the chair of the rain and snow for the korean peninsula and stormy conditions with the west and one culture can one hundred km aren't gonna spend about twenty centimeters of snow have been reported in parts of the west and one coke can. now this is the stationary one. so conditions were being almost the same as the day to day things were named stormy across most of the west and one poster can be they are out today. going to be really really many places minus three or in hiding and things were named to a seven zero every time your breast of a week and still i would become the sand to cook and twelve the crease. that's more like a defender and ten can find the crisco where and what we saw on monday. i came across the europe then walk to the cars once again for the west end with his decline is now located over the central mediterranean bring in stormy conditions and this one doesn't deliver to their brain lamont could be increasing in many places
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in the area i should thank his clone war with my trainer think where's the east and it started to affect the western balkan peninsula which had the highest alert for brain tumors that in montenegro back to the north of that i call the precipitation for most of the british. my nose in northern parts of the pain temperatures are as follows them and going to be going out with your extended court new eye. it is. do the judge
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is best known scientists to making a comeback after undergoing repairs. they come in adding lamont a guy at the entrance of the buddhist temple in that distinctive accent. it all. she is giving them our intent is to three point nine meters high. we did and here's why. stupid is that the tactic was to add my own life. i had to take him down for ten seconds. this can save the dates on their way to spend seventy temple not getting a good year before. i'm glad to have the chance to secure him to be reinstalled i make a list on this special occasion
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thunder and lightning with a two on the last ten. i thought to protect the temple from harm and pretend to like to think that it's. now with the division on the site and can command. the offer the us it's just. it is. session
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