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tv   RT News  PBS  November 19, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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you knew evening woohoo. i live. double bull ring to it the korean embassy bay recently leaving dozens dead and scores injured on the number of victims is expected to arrive. i ask obama to bring might add that to life. the us towards her is missing it's not with human rights creature posting announcements of it and that's all the troubles
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together if that is thick and fast hundred pounds. all that remains for u s predator drone strike right here in yemen that killed two suspected members of al qaeda but also send billions to is the loss of innocent life to justify can fight against al qaeda. stay with us as we report on one of the front lines in the war on terror on the rio rico with five actual currency pickling peaks as nourishment in the lives of kids names and objects in the financial status at the us senate hearing the new. he's a comment like promotes good pieces on skype with me. it's up to twenty three people have been killed and powerful blast in the iranian embassy in evidence capsule buried and iranian cultural sharing is among the victims of the bombings that are injured
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more than one hundred and four c lebanese group links to al qaeda has reportedly claimed responsibility for that not only discussed conference was the house in a text. it also opened at nine thirty this morning to an awesome to see the possum according to nice security officials. the first loss was caused by suicide bomb at the second was caused by a car bomb explosion. a qantas taken so confident and strong bodies strewn about on the ground divorce between feedings my knees and from civil buildings. with his asthma does ms evans had been having been wounded in that data on blankets to nearby buildings that have the hospitals that have been inundated with people of one thing you have and the dances that austin would have to see my house we speak. not even a dent in this new building itself was sunday night heat and inspect the evening embassy compound has seen
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extensive who takes the dye is a stronghold on the minute it was then that group that has strong ties with the syrian president thus the side and it sunk in the stage with a one off the plaza on the team a new way to the city and civil war but it's important to note that this area has been hit by a similar sized explosions in epcot next time he was put on ripples with the need to have targetted this area pico is of immense support for the sunset in syriac nominees government has come to end the attacks of this court for an emergency meeting at the same time ten pounds and forty two then the non hasidic he believes that israel is behind the stocks in the same comments on being made by the syrian information minister. at this point in time there is a sydney has been the security deployment for instance is today compounds in the not yet made a pretty insane and saw that this is happening in a predominantly shiite neighborhood. that it was fun
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to list on this day can work out macie and has in the rate he told us what he believes were the reasons behind that acts. i don't agree with. we did here in n ambassador pool he pointed his finger to visit his kids taught that the visitors up with the fishers body is exposed as but one perpetrated in his tux cotton qaeda linked groups but there are a mere that he is a band of most of the audience or the editor the internet then saw the parks is out for us or the baby of moping around did this it is up and sent the hospital and has been on the syrian army decided to crash the aegean ability and in this area. this august. as i wanted to send the message is to go the event hysterical message to the tune up. this is a and still ahead the year this time. say cheese to the business funny i read that as my face. it was nice is that i'm female
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and a sweet sweet to see ample supply. then the infected with aids didn't advertise it. facial recognition systems are being deployed to help the companies sell their products to unsuspecting conceived. america's deadly drunken painting yet been shrouded in secrecy with relatively little information about that because of that time. the exact history the majority of the skillet during the campaign have been sydney has at least fifty seven people including women and children on these lists account of cobble together an advantage devastated by the us will retire he says no fee for the one who has no trust both are now in short supply in this part of yemen. for months the class has been without its math teacher and his pupil. without his father this isn't a big shout out
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to chat. the steel on the staff schedule. now he hasn't been here since training class in january twenty thirty knots today to find anything. the father of three was killed by a us drone alongside his twenty old cousin saw me in a college student who drove them in a borrowed to guillen he picked up two strangers who turned out to be suspected al qaeda militants witnesses reported a whirring sound in the sky the missiles struck their car. and the smell of death was everywhere some of the police were burned beyond recognition. the rest were ripped to shreds and scattered all around i found a pot of saline and psychic on it. the rest was outside we recognized him by a piece of his trousers. you couldn't tell who was due. if they were even human. it is sickening. my only change the sleepy farming village for ever. less than an hour's drive from yemen's capital colon is far removed from the night operations without
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warning he was thrust into the war on terror. so his mother shows me where her son used to sleep. she can't bear to get rid of his being squished nose to never return home. i've added them to help us. i didn't understand until the next day to an american drone killed my son. why tell me may allah deprive them of their souls that they robbed us of our son. he was the only one providing for this family. all we have left now is ninety years. we only target al qaeda and its associated forces. and even then that the use of drones is heavily constrained before the strike is taken there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured the highest standard we can set up our offer. except there was a deadly failure yemen's interior ministry confirmed the cousins had no links to terrorism in a
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country where tribal ties surmount all the loss was felt far beyond the family the lighthouse has never acknowledged the deaths were below the strike. humm it shows me the evidence. this is what killed them what's not to be a fragment of a hellfire missile launched from a drone. the us believes this is the best weapon against al qa'ida. although not officially at war in yemen the corporate drone campaign has been dramatically ramp it up here under president obama to me i look like a threat to israel. it's plotted attacks on international airliners and caused hundreds of deaths the cit described it as the most dangerous and active branch of the network the defense didn't throw strikes and seriously damaged al qaeda's ability to plan attacks critics here say he's doing the exact opposite. it does not contain the ghosts of us. in fact may have
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continued to pursue growth and expansion of both. and at some point. i've become slightly off. often enough and to be able to see this done. the us war on terror has no borders often leads to mold me with cruise missiles and drones. it's an honor to clear the political battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines of fights against groups like al qaeda in which ordinary civilians also end up paying a price. i ask obama to bring my cat back to life on the kids in school having fun is that we don't. reporting income on in yemen and the seychelles know. billy is in washington assessing their sights on how to re named the calling hours while the getup currency is taking wacko her knees coming up but it can to go fishing the wind at its sales and lined the us government is so willing to hold them down. took seventy
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runs the pm programme was set to receive it tomorrow after a round of the gay stations added this month failed to seal an agreement israel has been staunchly opposed to deal with problems saying any lifting of sanctions against iran would happen only if tehran gave up its program meanwhile russia's president has voiced his optimism that a deal and to reach state of his close call number. on monday at the initiative of russia the president but in that region he and his iranian counterpart pass them are funny. got a phone conversation all to which the russian president was quite as saying that he believes there is now a real challenge that iran on the international community can come to an agreement over the country's new to the program agreement that would eventually see the easing of sanctions on the country now the store just opposition to the truth is coming from israel too has strong support from fronds from schools are in the negotiation great in fact french president francois on
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being in israel tried to their school in geneva on wednesday. despite the documentary difference is all for the first round of talks in the kitchens awesome isn't a shed by russia's foreign minister syed a diaper off. there is speculation that a positive shift we now see negotiations over iran's nuclear program has only become possible because of pressure coming from sanctions against it. i suggest we leave it to historians to decide. we as diplomats and we can afford to be dragged into these meaningless discussions we now have a real chance to sign a solid deal. and if we let speculation lead us astray. we can lose this chance. there are many who will be very upset if the talks collapsed once again. lavrov also i went on to say that iran has agreed to two stipulations specify specified by from others school is to stop enriching uranium to twenty percent altogether and to limit the amount of uranium enriched to three in the office and so it does seem a bit ahead of
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wednesday's told there's a real sense of optimism that could be bright for him which could end the decade long standoff. let's take a class a lake of the towns of possible need to agreements into national league as safe as are denouncing iran suspends uranium enrichment at the twenty percent a level two nozzles that a limited number of centrifuges he's found that out bro and monitoring of its unique mid sixties while parents i would then agree to freeze some numbering in the states and in use the solution is kind to clipping enron's economy and data last week the israeli prime minister will and his allies that the preliminary deal is dangerous at the gym policy director at the national iranian american council believes israel's against any agreement even if it revisits people. this is actually very concerning for or for israelis to see their prime minister. going out and lobbying against a deal that would actually be in
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the interest of everybody in the region who doesn't want to see you on a potentially have the ability to build a nuclear weapon that's with a steel box. and what i think the problem here is is that benjamin and out who was never in favor of getting a deal. he's more concerned with keeping iran isolated with advancing his own your geo strategic ambitions and that's the same case for the saudis. so now they see that there's actually a deal on the table that would achieve the stated goal of putting measures in place that we can verify a lee shore of the world that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. they're trying to undermine it. fans coming up later this not breaking the ice in the arctic sunrise contra bass. as for as little green peas. this had failed by a court in st a few minutes to have a special report on international reaction on the acc for the heineken is a
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caring kind and away. off the air. you should. still we'll end up with technology keeping most of natural rolling. new orleans today to replace the oil industry the dream team of robots go places too dangerous to humans. the latest news and innovations don't know the updates. we've got to cover. what are these. your
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aunties today. however research . the i guess it's this team come by. the show currency decline continues to heat new hermes it to the year nineteen hundred dollars today it almost ten times mole compared to now stand. this has raised eyebrows in the us to make this prompted a special hearing on capitol hill. many believe the corn skyrocketing by stems from one to pull it from within the last. as such he's casey peel the recall. i hope this is because of austin spent the time the u s senate. ironically the last couple of days that they spent about half that we see
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benefits he says that i'm physically in that they like as well as blocking toasts happening. the race they involve with them that costs of money laundering and drug smuggling but the tickets friday. now as it gets a mess at source of financing which is quite a bit sad necessitate a change is that considering the us is banned and still insists that criticize out of the claim that as of tonight it just demonstrates how much we've seen its size. i just wanna let you know that if you think that stage in the pickling tv guide the domestic housing units on a cpap at three hundred and twenty seven thousand. today is going to see if the investment thousand gbp and seventy six thousand since the events i left that's an investment scandal the nicene creed a big smile instead of a climax that is the easy keys of that we cannot see this is the money men is at the start of the race because of the axis bank which has the sense that well. with the us congress is facing its lines on down to
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kb claims wings and some peas ganesh accountable. it seems they don't actually not exactly love the scandal from the last line was when officials we heard about all the bad things related to perch on what it would hurt that cyber criminals loving drug dealers use that terri so the team to its child photography is often sold with virtual money the director of the treasury department's financial crimes enforcement network even suggested that the state us currency may have been created to facilitate the legal committee because it bypasses central banks and government regulations here's what the us secret service said. while the two currencies may provide potential benefits the present real risks through the use by the criminal and organizations trying to conceal their illicit activity. as such the two currencies challenge long for his ability to carry out our responsibilities to enforce the law and suppress criminal activity. the chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee he asked what i was thinking to help the agency
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sparc down with a disquieting such dark colors. the line first official said. they're good with the existing laws including the patriot act the language of which is broad enough to allow the agency to graph to the new players in the wall that fat virtual money but they did say they expected the big pointers and others providing money chain services online to report to the us treasury and generally to comply with existing regulations like getting a mighty transmit a licence and still won. following the officials testifying in congress where the domain from the peak point foundation. the chairman of the committee sen corporate question then and at the end according to albert einstein's white. design should approach quite brilliant in her own right. i was when she asked her if she understood her husband's theory of relativity. she allegedly responded i i understand the words sentencing so with regard to virtual currencies is fair to
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say the us congress understands the words but not sent to states which is true for the in general. the core users are not exactly the average consumer. for now in washington. i'm going to come. treat them that trial counsel for the big confrontation is an offering to nation is not the right palms phobic lazy integration into the controversial financial system. if you operate in the pickling service company most likely fall into an existing regulatory framework. if you're building securities around that point then most likely that use of the protocol will have the regulated by the securities and exchange commission. if you're using that as the money service then most likely your money service business. those are highly regulated businesses and industries today. so there's not a need for new regulation spades. it's just a matter of the service industry around decline being built up in integrating that into the traditional system so let's see how things turn
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out whether it's a currency or network or both but see how it shapes on a little overtime before we rush to create new laws or regulations around us. i had always planned to ninety eight casing the corporations with the wrong ideas when it comes to match the pace and stopped at the home and finds our thanksgiving can pay to scandals past him as one of the weakest of the last state stores which has also been seized upon to paying its watkins. go online and call it a voice recorder from a constant refrain crushed into russia sees it as selling appears to be bitter and cling to all the details of the probe into that and it is on staff at something else. a total of any greenpeace member is have now been released on bail after a court in st peter's bad that's not fine of more suited to today's session say today a group of friends to campaign is well rested to moms about india look sick
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while trying to board and or drink. she's wearing an option. russian investigators have applied to colds here in st petersburg to prolong the pre trial detention for a roll so cold out. take the steep path that the saint they need to have more time at least three more months to complete the trade is a sweet marks two months since that's the men and women from nineteen different countries and use the greenpeace activists that all take the optics on the right size break the current age of the story contains on monday the first hearings dollars a tonne to john has already decided to keep the game to russia's channel one and two if every one. activists from australia that while the release on bail to the three other disciplines of russian citizens. she puts the rot at the totals. that's the applications and all of them have to be studied and examined by the judges. this is why it will seat definitely more hearings and mole called voting states. we
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ate the rest of these people has already sparked worldwide criticism with people in a moment forty countries taking to the streets to express this link ninety two to protest against that this decision gold rushes towards these people were arrested in september. oh and that the bronx to russia's northern beach are received that includes t of islam that will show called reading read to him be all taken items by russia's energy giant gas from the tribes to home in oz apprentice to get used to make and really aimed at the sand and close the investigation still continues and it still had to be the path that i couldn't find exactly what happened and how it should be classified but of course it isn't a controversial case. i sent aunties want updates via cnn actual assembly election in the pool house and disrupted for a bone scan of putting station injured several people. it reportedly
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went off on turn a few old boy at the top the wrestling defines thinking it was that only the incident comes up as he resists even the toxin was dazed by protest as to say connections can be held until crust quasi government says the complaints. state of emergency has been declared only turning on and some teeny and as a b seventeen people have been killed by severe storms and the financing according to local officials a number of out this amazing often revisit us that by wiping out everything in the palm and bringing down a break as hundreds of people across the content of the hurricane to come home. acs thousand strong anti government monster and finance. moscow wants and foolishness and that at least one pass and rescue in the right which was held in practice though with the high cost of living and cover option. with protests this and i ate some times in the least. and that cold full
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presence in my seat to quit they also smashed cars and tore down prices of the his face the full backing band while the while trying to retain a zipper to set the market chain test that is to kick off facial recognition technology to improve its advertising strategy. but privacy campaigners apple racy something that i'm as cesar millan stinks. this tape thursday morning i walk into a shell. they only use ill stop plus a special comrade if that is my face. it will be nice is that i'm female inmates between fantasy and fourteen fight it then sends that information back to advertise that you can eat six to establish a pair of tennis today since the shell from now on. on thursday mornings customers will be bombarded with ads that cold
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champagne. i'm actually busy if the summing up the futuristic made me think again it's what's happening now. how fitting the uk think its supermarket chain is one second to genes they still scanning technology in its petrol stations with a view to targeting advertising at the demographic that youth is the shot missed. in times of day. even if the guy with a company that makes the technology said it's like something aunt of mine are if he would pull its seemingly no realizing that comparing something to a film about the negative effects of having technology in media and threw at it that the hand thing. but tough day defends the pact is saying it's not new technology and is incapable of facial recognition. we're always looking to work with partners to provide innovative ways to enhance the customer shopping experience. the ability to tailor content based on time and location means it can be extremely useful and timely for our customers. all in de
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end of appetites a tough time as commissioner wayne these awards and the thing campaign is one area could be the top of the ice bag with technology and craving along with ryan howard on before your big trucks as identified as what you pay feel great series. and indications of depriving to the deadly plane crash a kazakh appointing two pilots and not one of the current record is revealed. the pilot was trying to inject money and eight. and then crushed into runaway anti hazing speed or fake ample time to the crash on sunday evening more heat and coming up next a new ideas and a run and gun damning statements. i off. in the you will. i did. ey
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the game. he would. i do. it is the eye. its. the when i
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did i. i did. you do. i do i in womb. eu. i
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will. ch. the new gi one. to see a straight swap along told members of israel's parliament that sanctions against iran will remain in place until the country to europe recently three now it says its military nuclear program along with the jerusalem as part of its state visit to the region is really present shimon peres thank someone for maintaining its strong stance against iran to visit comes amid renewed talks with the islamic republic overts suspected nuclear weapons program. tehran has the keys


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