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will you will. do. pa's italy is to get your brow and this is a journal i welcome the bride and jerry kelly. two huge bomb blast near the iranian embassy in beirut killed more than twenty. the latest from our correspondent. writing in the philippines for the survivors the displaced. it's all or
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nothing for friends when they meet the hickory. on. the a vegan in the lebanese capital beirut where he's twenty three people had been killed and more than a hundred wounded in a double bombing outside the iranian embassy said in its euro qaeda linked group called the on the lot is on brigades has claimed responsibility for the attack which took place in the last stronghold in the city. now hezbollah has been fighting alongside the assad regime in neighboring syria and the latest attack on lebanese soil could be yet another sign of the spillover from the conflict. the scene of devastation outside the ring in the sea. monday's entry way. mr was well into twenty two candles the on going on
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since it to be honest student going into the neighborhood into it wasn't until the police and reported to the damage buildings inside the embassy compound. the area of the agency's own apartments where innocent children women and old men. when is the ultimate relocation or some couples likes someone in the world i have a common love of god. used to construct one scene in quick succession. officials say security cameras that teaches a suicide bomber giving himself up. second attack and didn't ask any teacher is defined in the comp. this is certainly a terror attack is imminent and it is a criminal act be content targeted the license of indians. it is just one of the terrorism act student at the beach and in which the town is located at
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the bottom layer go to dances today is my new box as i was naked. you need to say he was behind the costs. get the house on youtube the stronghold of the iranian shiites his win on the planet tennessee tech is contingent on getting things going on and kieran. tehran and just when i got to see me in the senior civil war the attack said bbc lebanese capital. already he can meet such a hunter he is going on for more we've got correspondent martin j online from the rich. more about this group just mentioned in our report and what it snowed motives can be we know it digital. they operate in iraq. like so open a liking for the opposition with the surgeon will update. what we wanted to become healthier the terrorism. so in many of
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the sport in the middle is accustomed to the coast to coast. syria too. it is to keep worrying because we have this to the full scope of the last few months from the side. but soon was left open the season. the short work of terrorism and that we haven't known in taxes the news. very much in pain later going to choke her to pick with the minimum amount that they would want it that if they couldn't think of all um this will be things that she wanted it to the conduct of them so that the new core and jump ship that were out with her it was getting up and deliver them. this isn't just a follow up on that is there a danger that one on to become the setting of a proxy war because of the spillover effect from the civil war and syria. you know i would feel that i think it's only happening but it's been happening close to the mountain that is what was
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happening to them i miss my achievements but that is the last two years the glory of god. with the us regime to make good on some cereal ground typically importantly with the discomfort of the book like this. your position on the back foot the soviet system to help reduce the american west the line of helping. we the people should go to mecca of syria from all that pushing the position and future visual cue to the local tourism and lebanon is a multi denominational it to keep it secure it to but you would think that your typical productive work. paul came home. hope all been in the booth. she loved it pitching coach for the opposition there with a sink a great deal of capital told the doctor to come to memphis. oh who the real objective goal this kind of terrorism is to create scale
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and let them. she told tom that people come to the auction is open to him that day. they want to put the cork off in the civil war but don't because i could actually help your position on the ground. it was had to fight this all very worrying prospect farewell martin says thank you so much for reporting marching to their reporting from green groups we had to italy now a desperate search and rescue efforts are underway in sardinia after a surprise rain storm slammed into the holiday island overnight flash flooding last at least seventeen people and forced hundreds to seek emergency emergency shelter. several people are still missing and authorities fear the death toll could rise even further one side he described the storm and the lead psychologically it just went to the queen leaving a trail of destruction. within our
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own words streets were turned into rivers. cars and bridges were washed away. the number of victims is on cleaner with rescue teams still unable to access the marianas the flash floods left houses submerged in up to three meters of water. the family of four drowned in their basement flat. just don't get the most damage on the north east of the mailings the port city of olympia was hit especially hard. italy's prime minister and recollect has declared a state of emergency and set aside twenty million euros for relief efforts. today was a moment of the moment we concentrated on saving lives and supporting those people who have been evacuated to them and told me that scores of people. tragically the number of victims increased dramatically as the night before. what's your name useful lapped it up locked in. in just one day sardinia recorded more rain than it normally keeps
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the fourth of november. and now we turn to another storm ravaged area of the world after the destruction caused by typhoon high on in the philippines is slowly leaking some of the most remote areas the island nation while the latest estimates show that some four million people lost their homes in a typhoon but despite those great hardships people have started picking up the pieces of the alliance in fact the bounds of my visit that i'd be most defiantly to the city's shops and streets. thousands of people have been killed and many more displaced. but the message here is one of pride. not that bad don't mind but not by might but not me. emergency relief in the united nations continues to pour in. and it's daunting to reach base you need it
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last night. we haven't really been that hot. that may not know anything about it. the plight of the night that they made. that includes tools said that people can get to where they can receive three fourths of all medical supplies. long lines formed outside this gas station. he was also damaged in the july st. but slowly the city's infrastructure is beginning to pick itself up again. was painted as your correspondent bass and heartache he is on the line from seven which has been one of the main hall to the belief that shirt. still we had the upbeat report that their boss down but how about the people in more remote areas has helped reach them a normal face too. from what you saw what you did. open what the teacher opened this morning about other than the market reopened cheaper
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to buy food and having more about it. that's not possible yet it because it was such a big problem that made the pro stock in many cases that you can't get to. um that's one thing but also to be mr peters there are many that i shouldn't have been affected by the typhoon and a seminar to teach them to do with the american support in the american air support that brought him to have really picked it because of it the helicopter to a craft you cannot drop a hint to pay for it otherwise might still have to come. it was filthy on their own without any help from the outside world earlier essence four million people have been displaced by the storm. what's next for them. well what to do right now is basically i'm providing the people with but absolutely necessary to survive it up so that they picked the one that accomplish the next step would definitely have to be rebuilding for couple of people housed in a tomato
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basil but didn't have time to help people start over and they were like a bandit for example it at the door if available that could not help to start over so they can support the help they can not become dependent on the helmet eight. for a long time and time to do that is going to be the next big challenge here. it's a thankyou very much the day mole is world cup qualifiers nights two hits and for some teens it's make or break time and just a moment that person is in grief. ukrainian lawmakers again postponed a vote to release jailed former prime minister yulia tymoshenko. the european union has demanded she be allowed to travel to germany for medical treatment as a condition of signing and interned at integration deals with key at. french prosecutors say the pairs gunman is still on the loose they denied reports that police have captured a man who shot and wounded a staff
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member at the new zealand newspaper on monday. police earlier issued images of the suspect who was also wanted for opening fire outside a bank headquarters and hijacking a car. sure the argentinian president cristina fernandez to kitchener has returned to work after undergoing surgery for a black cod to the brain the president's first move was to reshuffle the cabinet including the appointment of a new economics minister toronto city council has voted to strip the mayor rob ford and most of his remaining power forties refusing to stand down despite admissions of smoking crack cocaine and alcohol abuse. he now effectively has no legislative power. we can be legally removed from office unless he's going to cry. business is now and the european car market rebounded in october with sales up five percent compared to the same period last year. that's right buyer snapped up about a million new cars across the eu last
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month according to the european automobile manufacturers association sales shot up by more than a third in state thanks in part to its cash for clunkers deal i was also up in britain germany and france. time now for a check on how stocks are trading thirty volts joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange already we had a very big record across the pond. the sox history the dow at sixteen hundred or so scary today. the other side of the tt to casing then the guests in vista ca hiking gave me some to sell stance by saying that profits of many due to the cheap money knots to lead and then expands tried it sees which is nothing new but to use and ella decided that i see ms said she ate a huge setback to finance and marketing these words have the huge impact but the question is if i can use the net than anybody else ok but we are seeing some dreams of an impasse to do with the green light for a big deal but with
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no camera. the big deal scoffing that it might be a very busy day but for nokia nobody knows that no kids to our dismay today fortune on the next ordinary bond and the ag and greet with the huge majority to sell milk yet to microsoft is is mean something very special and it gets me also add that don't fall off and i can because for fourteen years his company dominated the word white cell phone markets. but this time is about coming to the market and is not the german dax is like in the pre saturday years of fifty it's missing zero point seven percent and the euro struggling with one done a pretty spots the whole experiment for the update. the german confederation of employers is a lobbying force to be reckoned with its member companies employ about half of the workers here in germany and now the dda as it is also known has a new man in charge. is that the angle kramer is taking over from
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long standing chief deterrent kramer steps into the role as coalition talks here in germany could result in the introduction of the nationwide minimum weight something to be strongly oppose this. we have to take a short one minute break but will be back with a whole lot personal. we listened youre
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want it. tw smoke while it's more information. tw daunting well i can carry weapons and gear rebuild trust in the wake of the nsa spying scandal. the revelations of eavesdropping on european citizens and leaders has caused so much outrage. eu justice commissioner vivian reading was in washington on monday to try and improve relations with the u s attorney general eric will there to discuss the data protection plan that faced us resistance since twenty eleven and in the wake of the nsa scandal there now seems to be some movement on that deal. european commission of india the reading was positive
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about the colts i in washington saying they sent out a strong signal for restoring trust she said the us has promised to drop unusual but would extend some of the dates protection enjoyed by americans to eu citizens last night as i once knew about these reforms is that they won't apply to american citizens. they will also involve european citizens and how they are dealt with. they are treated in a totally new and it's mine and do you want to seize up soon with nori is going to counseling american citizens were taken into consideration. are there in the cockpit still can. they said she felt the us had softened its taunts because of the nsa surveillance capital. until now that old stepping stool to list three years. but the disagreement any scratches the surface of the eu. having set the date protection. it's a fundamental rights in europe us intelligence agencies have to stop collecting
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private information belonging to eu citizens all money attracts the nsa spying scandal in the toll. st that was a massive between individual member states of the us government. i carry and germany. the top two parties are still times when greed for gain. the terms for a grand coalition to govern the country for the next four years. well the two sides are meeting again right now at the spd headquarters in berlin. aiming to seal the deal by the end of next week but chancellor merkel's conservatives and social democrats and still at odds over issues such as the national minimum wage health care reforms and changes to the state pension system. thomas cross over into our political correspondent peter craven who is outside of the willing grand house where the talks are taking place right now yet over the past few days the tournament hawks slightly change become a little bit more confrontational was
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wheezing behind. that's right i think he's worth going back to september's election stating jimmy was co signed the map below have consisted scored a major victory the policy had a large margin ahead of the social democrats the second policy taking part in these colors until you forty mentioned and it's for that reason the social democrats are very very reluctant to take to put it mildly to get involved in a coalition with anglo americans consent is a demanding substantial concessions in order to do so in that policy may visit but don't know but that's a little bit of a limb at the weekend what he said conservatives it is telling you to deliver the comment that position that i'm gettin' old colossus conservatives but this is the ec its new kid on the summit because they did with the likes of may although multiple tv negotiations here. they see the social democrats is being detail that is what he did all of their level but incensed about that. an article on the same line some commentators are suggesting that maybe fresh elections need to be held. how realistic is that. he's
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realistic at this point in time to the house painted growing speculation over the weekend but let me tell you one of fact when when a coalition agreement images from these talks having people does what the social democrats are saying is that they're going to take that a coalition agreement at the party rank and final is going to be a national ballot as the posse members four hundred and seventy top team members potentially taking up the mood among the grassroots and the social democrat party is such that you could not guarantee that they will vote in favor of a coalition agreement. that's a dangerous prospect because that would stop of the coalition entirely. it would be very damaging to gemini social democrats they will be very damaging to germany as well at least initial run. peter craven. following the coalition talks for zapping it can take you so much. and now that battle to form a government here in germany has honed in on a number of important issues the latest is getting more women in the boardroom. try and break into the boardroom glass ceiling is one thing what but another but in other areas that are still lagging
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behind the cars but comes with gender equality. lol let's have a look at how two families deal with that and the cat. the show but urgently need to write a work e mail. while corn alien colony to get on with your baking. two women to family models in germany in the polish and there's a clear division of responsibilities. mrs palmer looks after the childreand his household to use to be a computer programmer. now his wife kate and says she doesn't mr john. things that no priest no i'm very happy with my husband has a job that means i didn't have to go to us. that's something that's very important to me this confirmation on. since when thirteen year old rebecca needs help with their people around her mom is there for her. the third of families in germany live according to the traditional
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gender model. but the trend is downwards. i feel the need is that both partners work will focus the children the keys for two thirds of german families. in three to take issue by stanley it's perfectly normal for dad to be in the kitchen cooking and want to be working from home on her computer. her employer makes it possible. all three children in kindergarten or school. it's a challenge organizing the tape but it's also rewarding. my new goal of all the organizing the constant change you need to constantly be communicating with each other that's really what makes the difference with the children to a reading that is not the sun is the best away because there's always something going on the neat little hp that i wanted to keep whacking him
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the last time i'm on the way i see it is that i've a couple from lack of time. i am going to make it. to send girls to kindergarten earlier i had to wait for places to become available marcel ocean week in hospital after a one pc stake here is a major advantage to turn the call that our children to read the wedding was great and socially. if you think about what it has been like if we're all stuck together. i think they would be as developed in some ways my concern among school the bala family for their five children are home from school today. mr bao is a tool maker. he didn't send the children in kindergarten until they are older and then only for half days the idea of going so far that i was actually always how we imagined it and that's what we did. we feel comfortable with that kit you can tell the king of the boys and i hope he can and then he very well balanced and seemed very happy. no one tiny change
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that will cause a mess published more and more mothers working in germany the challenge for politicians and leaders is to ensure more day care options and more flexible working times. well today is world square that day yes believe it or not and he knelt before you tackle it to tell you that it's no laughing matter no it isn't because getting access to record what is a serious problem for a third of people in the world who don't have good sanitation is estimated at more than eight hundred thousand children die each year in part because of unsanitary conditions and as our next report shows even if you do you'll have access to the claimant's times even that isn't enough. she use of the mind. she is a makeshift living with eleven of its neighbors. there's no water to flush. unless the fact is that from nearby. she lives in the center of the rwandan capital kigali. much like the vast majority of residents. he does not have
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his own clinic. will boil down the bank gave the bad thing about this. is that it has not re tools. we already have the bricks to build the tools that the weapon of mass trials for the re union with the footy i think that this is. eighty per cent of the people im gonna have to use latrines twenty one to go to the toilet. it's unusual for its many as four households to share just one toilet. diana once he lived for years and seen conditions without a flush toilet. but then the government help to move to a new home. now she lives in a modern building which means she has a toilet for herself and her family the other two and it was a man they call me had to stand on words. he wrote to me that
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he would have wanted to keep the city. diana once he is now among the privileged feeling can calmly who have their own clinics. rashid has so far not received any financial help from the government. he'll be happy and sleet rain finally gets her roof well it's and i have high stakes soccer in europe with the decisive second leg of the world cup playoffs. the countries can book a place in next year's finals in brazil. so who will they be mostly handled well and needed something special and striker is not tiny but few minutes to overcome a one nil deficit support to bulk bill also have to contain the man who did on the damaged last week portuguese star cristiano ronaldo. and it's all in it also makes a break for france because whoever who wants to know to ukraine last week constantine nineteen and in each field mice to find the baby. he struggled to make an impact against ukraine last week and is
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still to be heavy knocks again on tuesday night. he did face the prospect of missing out on this the most corrupt in twenty years. it has its roots in austral the frustrations and disappointments of course better and talents. but we let the situation. we prepared ourselves for the for the match on tuesday were interested. ross will have the advantage of a kind hand made two eagles will be a total of ten against ukraine's experienced lineup that defense has gone eight matches without conceding a goal. history is also against times. many european side has the comeback from a two goal deficit to win awoke on sale and the desert for us thanks so much for joining us the accent. i had. on. the i
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mean the week. you are. it is
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what's the story each day any team that works. the top story was a great topic as tall but m a c premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. i was seventeen with me thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks you can watch him in the world you were ever you go to the main city asks for your own family. this program schedules on demand video though my name is pete todayh
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makes the network. roo and new. it's six one. what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp a lot the legacy of our housing boom. demolition work underway in the unfinished housing estates slices atop his tragic dea


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