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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 20, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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kitts was a free day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. either or situation stocks. for it. good news
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stopped in to keeping iran from developing a nuclear weapon restart today. you bring in foreign minister says he's hopeful this third round in judea but will need three pm. i set the record in the united states jpmorgan said it will pay up to thirteen billion dollars settlement over high risk mortgage securities it gets old effects. and partying far into the night here in france is the national football team turned around to qualify for next year's world kept. for joining us here husband kevin sheedy concubine. first of four un new round of talks on iran's nuclear program gets underway today in geneva. ukrainian foreign minister was optimistic heading into the stock saying he thinks
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there is every possibility for success. iran's supreme leader weighed in saying he wants friendly ties with all countries including the united states but insisted that surround will not give up its nuclear rights. now you may remember barack obama made a historic phone call that the iranian president just two months ago with david cameron has now become the first british prime minister to speak directly to an iranian president in over a decade those are signs of adding to our optimism that some sort of interim deal might not the talks today as us announcement he explains the biggest challenge will be winning over hardliners in both washington and tehran distillery on the tt that's how iran's foreign minister is describing the fat round of talks that the country sneaky program. i think is every possibility. for the success of the star bulletin that it was such an
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engaging in these discussions with good pay. i'm going to put a devoted to do so well relations between teheran and the west has been increasing. the british prime minister david cameron saying iranian president or a honey on tuesday. the first time the beaches of the two countries has taken in his three decades. meanwhile president obama has and senate leaders to hold off on pushing for more sanctions to allow the school trying to pay apps. let's walk let's test. the proposition that over the next six months we can resolve this. in a diplomatic fashion mall maintaining. the essential sanctions architecture success on the stokes made me the way for a more permanent agreement on iran sneaky playground. the great sites under pressure to not feel too much ground the pressure comes from faux hawk mine is in washington
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and teheran iran state controlled television shakes to take it protests is gavin's of the forty and enrichment sites. ponting four days in our hearts. he echoed the sentiments that enron's conservatives have called a significant sentence reductions in exchange for skating at enrichment. minus the man of great international fares editor douglas her great aunt we just saw that it is the most pressure on all my kids in the us not feel too much ground pressure that come in large part from israel. it's no secret israel has been mounting quite an aggressive campaign to lobby anyone who's can listen to them. i bet this is in not mentioning anthony ott netanyahu's word over the past eight weeks on that deal and exceedingly bad deal as he said not one american news network. i came to steal a deal which it struck now as it is in its actual form would be a mistake of historic proportions. israel has been dead set against steel which in its view it sees it as a giveaway to the iranian government giveaway in terms
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of both cash one of the one to catch them on a sanctions the limited sanctions relief that might come up a temporary deal with the israeli view i would be far more than an iranian government of desert scenery government that in israel israel steel is yet to earn the trust of the west is yet to prove it. it's good to be a good credentials now needless to say i did brock obama administration the white house feels very differently. they see israel is coming up this from the very wrong perspective that the only way to break this deadlock is to give a little leeway to cut a little slack for iran to at least have an opportunity to show in a short term t o an initial six month we made a deal that he can be trusted to make good on certain terms that isn't related rollback of its nuclear program during the initial six month period and to build the trust required to strike a more enduring long term deal there alot people book israel's behavior and say that standing and not ruling out a preemptive strike still speaking very tough on
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the fact that he could on end iran's nuclear capability for a very long time in the words when the former national security advisers to netanyahu met all his talk is alternately could back fire and really to what damage israel can help you. it was france's role in all of this friend said that in the last talks that had basically saying it wasn't to be in line with all its other international partners could it again bring the negotiations down this time with it. yes it could you write in the eleventh hour last run at top the city this is the third round top now in five weeks at last round which ended abruptly of november ten was a a result of france becoming the so called let's make happy in these talks with casting itself as the guardian of the new cleanup when proliferation treaty lays down very strict terms laid down by the financial off at these terms which since then have forced the other players around the table the other western powers to sort of approach france. that said you'd be wrong to stand here and say that cats can single handedly dictate terms on what the deal is going to look like a cannon france knows that as well and
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remaining would be very isolated to try to do so what we're gonna see her already seeing signs of compromise up behind the scenes compromise on the one hand perhaps from the ingredients were no longer insisting any explicit recognition of the error of their right to the ppd into the air accorded the right to enrich uranium and also talk of a possible compromise over the so called heavy water reactor plant in iraq which produces after tony which could be used to make nuclear bombs. his talk it could be a compromise on as well. so yeah i'd say it will still remain tough but it's probably not been one of the isolated things that i'm kind of her greatest affairs editor at its forecasts. to iraq now were six bombs that went off in busy markets and streets across baghdad wednesday. the court in it attacks left at least twenty eight dead in over seventy hurts. his latest series of explosions and assaults the worst wave of violence to hit iraq in at least five years. another explosion in
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egypt's sinai peninsula has left ten soldiers dead and thirty five more wounded in an attack is the bloodiest in that region and here's the bombs went off into knots and scaring off duty soldiers in the northern sinai. it's thought to have been a suicide bomber but that is still yet to be confirmed there's been another car bomb attack in cairo that lasted ten weeks has reported the wounded four police officers. also in cairo last night riot police force anti military protesters al tahrir square. two days of demonstrations marking the sec is an average street clashes that left dozens dead the majority of those demonstrating were speaking out against what they call each its military role ever since president ahmed mosque was ousted by the army four months ago. stephen carroll explain this. i returned to tahrir square or revolutionary activists will soon abrupt end by the piracy is rife that the scribes tear
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gas to try and see him in that street protesters from the square. he responded with stones and fireworks to eighteen and to mark the second anniversary of the detox is that sold thousands of people killed those who died in protests against him in the tree readers be taken over the full upon the key to remember the marchers of muhammad. sorry because the revolution didn't even glance up at four demands. so we're here to play into the revolution. so it now supporters of the country's defence minister general abdel front of cc also made their way to the square which was driven away by opposition activists. these demonstrations started on monday nice one on tv that street protests tuesday faced a memorial to the twenty eleven revolution. they say the army is trying to whitewash the bloodshed in the last two and a half years supporters of theistic presence mohamad morrissey calling for an end to what they say his ministry ruin
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the chips. though even in the wake dog wanted us to a week by quebec has held high two months to get the same way as people read well written because he has such injustice. a lot with the government to stop people will bolster the people to represent the wheel of the people that the fruit may be some time away. the fifth minute retired government says it comes to hold fresh elections in february or march of twenty four team. i am a new low point in relations between indonesia and australia. so for alleged spying. indonesia says it has frozen all military and intelligence cooperation following reports on stretchy and tried to eavesdrop on mobile phone conversations some apparently with the indonesian president's white. speaking on tv wednesday the president again demanded an official explanation from the australian government has been no comment from australia we exit the guests
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at the aba american bank jp morgan has agreed to pay more than thirteen billion dollars to settle claims for mortgage practices husband kept delano d'souza has more on supplements that stance from accusations jpmorgan misled investors in the run up to the financial costs it's the largest settlement between the government and a single corporation in us history. jpmorgan chase the country's largest bank will have to be up to thirteen billion dollars flowing in concrete into the bank's sale of mortgage backed securities. the bank also acknowledged it misled investors on the quality of its securities. i'm proud to join our partners. in an unprecedented state and federal partnership. in announcing in landmark settlement with jpmorgan chase for misconduct that contributed to the global financial crisis of our economy to its knees. this may just be the start of jp
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morgan's tackle the banks is sporting some twenty three billion dollars in reserve for potentially to the apt as it braces itself for there to see gage. this estimate indicates that the justice department is intent on hitting wall street where it hurts. its bottom line. it definitely shows a tougher more which could be developed on the part of the us government. at the same time however this is the record penalty without a meal and then a fine cool to call full belief that it is worth who made these bad and criminal decisions. what financial institutions now may be similar fate. between them they have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to settle civil charges. well they're a lot of happy football fans here in france today probably quite a few tired ones as well the celebrations going on far into the night across france after the national team won its spot in next year's world cup defence team
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overcame a two goal deficit to get to brazil by defeating ukraine three goals to nothing for months now to bring in french football special is the unholy men in thanks for dying as a wedding is at sea are you surprised by this for twenty. but the real surprise that albuquerque a performance like that before what you have to remember is that true to the qualifying campaign the review critique that will be complete when i was going in and they need to conform to coconut like it could get the short to proactively stumbled upon a hit but culpable i made a tactical formation. but the current limit of up to the kid that we have to get about what happened the week with blogging while my thinking at that meeting they should look like all the quilting campaign which was located in the welding if you want to do anything significant to brutal. he talked about this qualifying campaign that was underwhelming and get to the was successful last night over the secrets to the team's success yesterday
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notably paper tactical formation which was switched from the pulpit reward which he'll go back in kiev. helper number of freedom. to the full retreat last night and the introduction of going to buy into the holding company inarticulate applicant a performance which was a real weak blend of skill and unto the knowledge needed for that top condition about local crew but we did get full would get two extra attacking impetus with the cap ukraine on the back foot. well for me much of cold weather. the mafia midfielder he came back into the private life society and as for you to me was the ultimate applying choice by the time the facial to the playground three in the open on friday. other than called for the whole week just applied to the shock decision to bring him back into the lineup but he would put him in a question now for many people is does france have what it takes to go all the way. yep
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indicated that a critic of the individual talent deductible couldn't be any doubt about the upcoming rapper for a number of mythical them into it we can cut the wheel will happen for a couple it to its euro two thousand and twelve and encourage more significantly in south africa with a good story. in two thousand and ten. but at the camera officials said look i put all ingredients together that man. i contend that the only place left for the world cup in brazil. and it's going to be difficult but why not go away. we saved a lot might hold back. i think certainly the aptitude to the official the aptitude the date that would look like in kiev the doctor in the ukraine side of the how to greet me and practically individual look at the table top. no we won't end of the habitual felon. the front line up and get on the cold liao the poll of polls. if they put in october performance in brazil they are the pinnacle for a total aware that
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the clinic with a forty five minutes yesterday. and the third match. nephi the cool pool. still on hold too oily local and global markets and try them that they would still be my favorite was the culprit. i would like to thank sam might see in holland and for speaking to us there on the line of france is not the only team that qualified for a spot in the well kept algeria on such as needed in the gundam wing three seven three on aggregate france was blind but ukraine failed to qualify for the defeated sweden to go through. grace made it through as he raced up and mexico of course bubbling over new zealand winning ninety three on aggregate set. all exciting stuff coming up in the world to take some time to god intends us to the cats eat it hello and welcome to the false uncut interview where in the temporary capital of the would be a
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palestinian state. our guest today is muhammad studying who is or was will ask him one of the two palestinian negotiators with it so we know there's an ongoing process you and your colleagues say eric cox presented her resignation several days ago. there are some questions over whether this was accepted by present us with abbas can you tell us exactly what your position is on it's what it is who we are to islam but developers of nations and the last bite. it was a heated discussion on the designation a show with the president does when does the members of the simple woman feel up. most will balik weeks they were hoping that we would go about the talks the president has this adjusted but we just simply continue with the process is the much as possible on than he is finding database to pull us from our side. friday and by
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quitting does one of them and post them and reason behind all of his admission to hospital with the lack of seriousness of the israeli government. we went to in the new book shipping would be good. and we felt that the test will be this way the clinician is not the hunted is not with the peace talks. some of the menace that is where their domestic league against the release of the present of some over the menace those with launching the new wave off the set them on construction site over the mess that is whether we'll be done been making statements that there's no place for about a scene of state the basis that this lady presents has to continue and so on and so forth but pointed out. this was actually has good since the beginning of the process seventeen palestinians one hundred and twenty seven houses were destroyed under a palm five thousand housing units supplement units with actually said and done for construction. seoul is based on the new is you would end by havinfifty thousand
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the outset be the six thousand settlers in the a scene of the deputy from the beginning of the process so you're not going back to the negotiating table. even if the presence of the house in authority asks you to like you that what the president has the most of his call but that could be for the process he would continue. there his presence and his negotiations with various writers but this is up there with us. you don't want to be but why must you don't trust is those anymore and this is crossed by myself i don't believe the basement is the status of all this on the i don't see myself be going back to vanquish it. your present just that what ever happens on the ground we will continue the process to the town which is in six months it's a nine month process. what ever happens on the ground will continue do you agree with this one. i am starting to form a cup of the president and this is the comic michael porto boss and. the it does
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the president does not want to give an excuse for to be the best way to stop them. on the process even call betty everett on the ballot is good thing but it can begin to bite the bait but it killed the dollar. it is quite devoted to the american wants to close idiot on the ground it doesn't actually make that once the dust but the buttons that whips up was to bring gospels of the aspersions on the go holland v of making goss pool like the gap is getting white though but rather about the gap is not work so i better get them back home is extremely difficult bit is set to the finals the last box of supplements did a skit links to bring to the gym is that of the tests so it is a sphere that is not conducive for the frequent talks so you're saying i'm resigning and i won't go back to the negotiating table because of those facts on the ground and was president of us accepting to negotiate whatever happens on the top of the president he doesn't accepts the president is
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saying that we took the day that jack would be smitten by his private will continue talking and we ordered via a letter to him that it may be a tough spot seven from one side we would continue typing because we want to uncover much of a community that point the finger at them and poppy what is actually somewhat touching the process which is to start your storm trustees who is the sole trustee americans a sphere meet teachers in this negotiation or were you disappointed by their behavior during your have lots of sessions with the israelis. there was some instruction with the americans didn't think their siding with the israelis to put it bluntly. i think the money comes to the front with you i think that is an excellent well the fact is that but it would would buy it the second advantage on pity i think he means what he is forty the oceans thinks the bill to proceed in the progress of way. but unfortunately on them now when he managed to get nothing. aldo based ratings based on his uppity
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not having him to be mvp of the pub had been mopped the ending was so close to being on the tip of the old colt even to see the abducted soldier for the intentions of benefits this autumn. would i say what the video gives them an indoor kitty if you want to get on with that of cubes of pressure on i'm saying about this. anybody wants nothing to hope that they live. he has or she has stopped the pressure. this is the situation is the united states. trying not to know so find a comprehensive solution with a pal since. or is it too little. the state's intention is to have a hosted solution success of the united states is behind the process putting. and as i said. well not the neo is not making them sites ford is not really giving what the process needs a coating to create twenty oh seven via among the many
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clothes out of court with a choice the pink city of scribbles on the ground and i sink backed up the know. i hope what i have seen from benton a view of the joint sitting on the jumbo about his button this up one to obey certain images and bought the cornet of france with racial couple structure of supplements this is the single for shovels a job you not this is that the sofa most of religion but donegal in oaxaca to be some bishop bob is out of. there are some people who would like to see the americans put their own proposal on the table. it's those negotiations between israelis and palestinians are not fruitful. they would like the americans to say. here is our plan. take it or leave it to my commands it's on to garner favorable to such a solution. if nothing happens in the coming six months the difference when. it's the models are dry and cool tidbit of reports of tomorrow i think it is most whites white because they got the sole white. this process
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goes on and the gab is a guide to what another wink and then you have a situation in which president abbas is making the patio and the gab is getting the oil. then you are left with like something that is god that is where i'm at a comfortable zone can be effective. but it's the bomb a cobra was that is going to be put in today i was video about to come up with was that because nobody would like to see and he was shooting ocean and i should say that big on busy enough to fit a bed of the more months for such approvals you've had what sixteen sessions with these willie's it was a lot of secrecy around the ten people. we're may be thinking well this was a sign of progress mean did you make any progress on some of the key issues we know what they are to muslim refugees border. except i was there any progress or are things we'll be back to square one. you see in this pic today call a local much money the push of local
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cobalt substance. i would love one for the tinsel things but i can tell you about the gov does not matter what. the gov is actually widening rather than no one none of those issues for portraits. and so this is why you left. the us by this because that is not good to get snacks. i don't really feel that they stay inside the studios because i knew but the court keeps building supplements. in a dedicated episode was to be the staple but this time is not serious because when you don't have a coalition that is that means peace and got rocks in the spirit of peace that is not serious because when you have the buttonhole on the inside of me at all except the violence every single day and the villages open up this fabric and in hebrew in buffalo and every web. think what a nice day in code doesn't with the cities i've seen it but what of the two one cents on it does not suit us because the army is responsible for the supper was therefore i think they
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said the government can now that's not be in a bid to create what the lord wanted us big big matchups them out of the boat. cool to one son has died in june we submit that the list of names for base for the government to release it but why would you die you get this baby gets the help of the actual one but some overdue died from a british me about this quote sought out some rugby so therefore i think pieces of a commitment to chat. if you have work and pensions it happens if you'd on the book and pensions that whatever happens in recent weeks have also been several incidents where israelis were kilts some are hearing that this night's foreshadow maybe a third intifada. if people like you saying things are not happening. if you see this on the wrong people unhappy angry. is it possible what it will be. besides what can we have investigated this. i love chief of police as they board the bath. none
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of them only one single case may be. which is done on notion of a cryptic care the reasons but the other cases their way between all that it was on permanent basis about the bound book and pastes. you think president ma for the bus is considering those talks as the last chance he's threatened to resign before we see in. evidence that she's fed up you think. for him it's really the last time this can succeed. well if these talks fail. the problem is not with the brunt of the problem is with the order of the spotless the man and a book about this poem you are no negotiations to achieve what the billboards. because it's the stall speed. in my tubing and this is the end all but posted some new idea for this i would find itself forty of the buckeye state because today we have been wants to sign boards or go by this time from them addicted
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and for the typical them from norse styles. and about a suitable therapy. it's sporty and in caves we offer this lies in this situation is like a slice of swiss cheese we of the horrors that are disconnected from each other and what this site is going with the intensification of the supplement program. you wouldn't buy a situation in which this land would go many of the port a video in a once that if you wish in the bite spit on base is going to need for the south african additional to buy this team and questioned whether the dynamic of the pulpit would change and the dynamic of the solution which in just one. okay mama stay thank you very much for enlightening us on the situation here in the palestinian territories and on the negotiation team process in which you won't be protested getting as far as we understood today thank you very much for watching this edition of the interview here on false but got stay tuned for more news. i who do. ong
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it is. new year. is you
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xpit isid os union sdayo set up aking group armia'sntry to the cusms u. this was announced in a meeting of the border eurasian economic commission council held in moscow. the representatives of armenia kyrzstan and ukraine but dissipated as was the deputy prime ministers of melrose kazakhstan and russia she's a for the development of theustoms union and


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