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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 20, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the broadcaster is born minister says japan's comments against one of korea's most esteemed independence fighters is deeply regrettable. a us official says washington fully support and efforts to boost its self defense powers resume talks in geneva on the prawns nuclear program. what that means begins now. to prime time
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news it's what a state of ever twentieth year in for a half flight from seoul and see them come and take so much for joining us. we begin at the national assembly on day two of the five day bipartisan investigation section where the nation's security matters for a question by lawmakers matters under scrutiny include the president talking heads north korean policy defense budget for it next year with the correspondents nancy has our top story during the interpol asian session wednesday the second is that governments north korea policy came into question if we label the international community sanctions on iran as one hundred its sanctions on north korea come only to a level of ten. are you aware of this i am all and that
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there have been questions about the effectiveness of the sanctions. lawmakers from all sin of the ruling party also raise concerns that not all countries concerned are on the same age in terms of pestering them yet. when it comes to north korea sanctions the us is rather passive as its china since washington is our ally you can persuade them that but how are you going to drop cooperation from beijing when pressed on truckin and visit china this summer the two leaders so i need to lie in many areas. seoul and beijing a working closely together the effectiveness of the pot administration's frost park he says was also called into question. prime minister told no one said he believes the subtle improvements in the north south relations will be seen sitting as a result of the policy. you guys i think north korea not on things. it is that it will get a trim as
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if the complaints which was just trying to keep the pot however lawmaker was one of the democratic party argued that this trust betrayed the two koreas has been. he said the operation raid into korean industrial complex has dropped to a fifty percent under the pot and inspiration in comparison to its predecessor. the level of inter korean exchanges and humanitarian aid comes hold to the north have retreated no progress has been made on the resumption of the mom condemned for its object or on the union's us prayed about it what could be done over the past year in love with. on security matters lawmakers raised concerns about the relatively small three point eight percent in the race for the defense ministry's budget next year all the demonic first criticize the defence ministry are making little progress in investigating allegations that the military side or you may interfere in last year's presidential election. tvnz. that means
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the state with a comment requesting session suffering defense minister aching legs it was also on the hot seat said north korea has reached a stage for it can produce a nuclear bomb using its weapons grade uranium during the rare assessment minister kim added that pyongyang appears to have resumed operations at its yongbyon nuclear reactor and that soul is keeping a keen high on the north's activities at its main nuclear complex the south korean military presumes north korea and now has the capability to produce up to forty kilograms of highly enriched uranium every year. while japan's recent push to flex its military muscle is fanning concerns in neighboring korea a high ranking us official says that japan's defense buildup will contribute to regional peace. experts say washington's support for tokyo's military expansion is likely to put a strain of the soul washington alliance
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he has more a senior pentagon officials that the united states bought the cheap and efforts to contribute to the security titanium right to collective self defense. speaking to a south korean reporters in washington on monday local time. the officials that that pc is japan's efforts at them to contribute to regional peace. he said that whatever distance and kim comes to a silly happy to pack the largely spent against that of south korea a country that suffered under japan's past militarism and lots of things and is expected to make way for his bi lateral audience with seoul south korea's defense minister takes effect in the staff of the counterpart last week she cannot disturb the wealthy elite things for my kids' health effects the fact that gold will not accept any minute. it's their security on the korean
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peninsula and official at seoul's foreign ministry admitted that south korea and the last hold differing views on the issue and that that still must continue to try it this late in the country. to be a right to self defense many gained the support of a number of western countries including the united states england and that's really an expert in seoul say it is important that washington is broken the chain effect on racial issues including historical country and territorial disputes. they seemed lost and confused about the meat fried spectacular over those with salt and pepper. south korea and the us must bolster their alliance. on sunday the andes the merry go rounds of historical issues continue victory in korea japan and china at that as his chief cabinet secretary branded anti japanese independence hero and jungle and has a criminal. the south korean government criticized the offensive remarks while
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china also chimed in one hand on his lips. korea's foreign minister yang dilshan was quick to speak out. in response to japanese chief cabinet secretary us use as reference to korea's independence fighter and you look at the quantum quilt the line tuesday. mr hughes said such remarks black historical understanding and are unacceptable. i'm stunned and highly prospective leader of the independence movement in korea assassinated the first japanese governor general of korea. he'll call me a toe in nineteen oh nine at the initial stage at japan's thirty five year colonial rule. sold foreign ministry also condemned such as common. he sacrifice his life for a nation's independence and for peace in the region. describing him as a criminal is deeply regrettable. the spokesman also learns to plan to prepare for its imperialist aggression. the diplomatic
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browser browning the historical figure began when president cup in hand we confirmed a plan to jointly establish a monument which i now commemorating and during her bilateral meeting with chinese state councilor can see a chair on monday. china is also waded into the matter callie and a well respected figure in china for his work as an anti imperialist activist. and then. and oops cricket than relations may have hit another new well last week with japan's prime minister reportedly calling korea a silly nation. so given this backdrop it may not be a surprise that bilateral relations have flaws but what does the say joining us now a scroll free golf program officer at the aspen institute for policy studies. this year and they spend it on. so karl what do you or recent opinion polls show on the current state of korea japan relations of course a briskly across the border chose the korea japan relations are very bad. so when we look to
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favor ability reading which we tracked fairly often right now korea is almost or japan or other is almost as popular as north korea and the fever ability reasons that really says something about just how alone japan some can but that's not to say that that the south koreans do not want to see an improvement in relations. in fact a wide majority supports an improvement in relations and a clear majority supports a summit between aachen and prime minister ahmed said the supports a site that impact in our bed then what's stopping them. why think it's really risk both domestic and international if you look them up and industries in the proven so far to the very risk averse and when you separate out for approval ratings which are now in the mid sixties to separate those out into international and domestic affairs on domestic affair she only gets an approval rating of about fifty percent. so puts her in this position of being a little bit vulnerable and having to stand up to this very day this very vocal of minority that is anti cooperation with japan so that's the risk on one side the risk on the international
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side is that she could follow through with the summit and then prime minister rabin can turn around and do something do something inflammatory like using masking the shrine which was really embarrassed optimization domestically and so slow of nature trust building approach has won accolades for north korea but it does the seem to favor the same approach towards japan. why don't think there's really any toys that it's going to happen it's going to have to be a slow approach. the son and of course might seem like this big bang moment and it could very well be that but the more realistic approach is going to be built at the summit and in their wheel while a lot of work going on in the working level to start to rebuild the relationship and you've expressed concern that sought to act sooner rather than later to bridge gap between the two countries a better time to japan won its will upon the ministry has backed themselves into a corner so that bharti said that only came to mean any time but they're not going to meet prime minister of it. if you're abroad of course that looks like a very strange
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statement and i already know that within the us in the dc policy making community they're starting to blame south korea rather than japan for the bad relations and of course isn't going to be a problematic stance when it comes to the import negotiations that the two allies acting south korea and the us have coming up later this year. r i call thinking so much for your insights on the matter to thinking the world. a us human rights body didn't think twice about passing a resolution against north korea's blatant disregard for even the most basic human rights birth korea rejected the resolution say it was cooked up by the united states. meanwhile syria iran and myanmar were also reprimanded by the un committee. man did before the un general assembly's human rights committee has unanimously passed a resolution against what it called systematic widespread
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a great human rights violations in north korea the committee on tuesday cited reports of torture that the goalkeeper political and religious reasons and numerous political prison camps. the resolution was to be proposed by forty nine countries including south korea the us and european union. the resolution calls on cognac immediately hopped in the rice poly since the close of the political prison camps. the resolution won the gold to the general assembly for final approval next month. where will almost certainly pass. the diplomat representing north korea rejected the resolution saying was cooked up by hostile to positions funded by the united states to change the leadership in the north. human rights in north korea are heavily restricted. there's no freedom of speech and broadcasting and uses owned by the government. as for say there are nearly two hundred thousand political prisoners detained in concentration camps where they are sent to forced labor costs them beatings torture and execution. human rights
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situation in north korea is of the cost and international scrutiny by amnesty international human rights watch and the united nations the un general assembly has adopted a resolution condemning north korea's human rights record. every year since two thousand three kevin identities the announcement the economy medicine plan for twenty fourteen in mid december finance minister on swap bot through this economic policy for next year he said that the focus will be on boosting slumping domestic demand and achieving a higher rate of economic growth and the global average thirteen mg l ast more with signs of solid recovery in exports korea asia's fourth largest economy is projecting a current account surplus of nearly sixty nine billion us dollars this year policymakers and economists worry that sluggish domestic demand served at the track on the economy. responding to
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such worries korea's finance minister caught us up said tuesday. the couple will do its best to adjust the balance between exports and domestic demand in the coming year. he said the couple will take steps to create jobs foster investment and encourage private consumption. he also said domestic demand will have to go significantly if korea is to achieve a higher rate of economic growth for two thousand and fourteen than the average global growth which he always puts out three point six percent the government is predicting incorporated of three point nine percent next year higher than the most recent forecast by the korea development institute in local content which expects the korean economy to grow three point seven percent. hunt said the government's efforts to boost domestic demand are in line with its longer term objective of improving the overall economic fundamentals to get the idea i knew this. not that rich runs korea and canada will
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turn into free trade negotiations next week for the first time since talks broke down more than five years and now sells trade ministry said on wednesday the fourteenth found that those seats is what took place here in seoul from next monday through friday. it is size will seek a breakthrough at the tops for once back in two thousand and five but he will fold and two thousandeight over differences on the degree of liberalization of agricultural farm and fishery products. diplomats from six world powers and iran had gathered in geneva or third round of stops in toronto nuclear program ahead of the meeting iranian chief nuclear negotiator mammon to divide is the reef said that there was every possibility that a preliminary deal can be reached the five permanent members of the un security council along with germany one and it's an agreement that calls for iran to give up its nuclear ambitions except more inspections in return for the minute
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sanctions to be. his annual meeting conference on the content industry is underway here in seoul that you gave that has drawn a diverse set of experts from home and abroad. both reports on epoxy one maxim of an axis god that is one of them in his pocket. the electronics into me at with its hilarious topics and interesting plot a live comedy has garnered millions of hits on the internet and will be adapting to be on next year it has a new regional writer i am very happy and encouraged by the sunday comics in general to become more popular as more of them are being adapted into other media. the air after whipped him an ideal client is one of many experts participating at the shares in a national contest conference which has been held annually since two thousand tear it from peterson distribution and marketing experts
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representing the content industry in korea and abroad have joined in that. tmi mike tilley is the senior vice president and i him g license in louisiana which specializes in international sports and entertainment marketing. she predicts the licensing industry will be calm be carried in korea as deeply saddened portal role in commercializing the content itself into more prospects in korea there are many many extinct in asia today since its already that's the problem these each air safety agency is pretty small. and andy are not to be licensing agencies who are punishing more than sucky calling and soil could be kind to us. so i think a ceremony to dover to be more than a yes for the cashier and can be more aware of it cus the ill effects us i guess the location it is the use of innovation. this is a time when a person with no pedigree no education no
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anything has the opportunity to change dramatically the entire environment of our entertainment experience. and again what is obscene the key is how to get ready for church. that duty compress drunk during their stay with their discussions on current and future trends content industry. ceylon aidan. it was just over the weekend when a deadly crash of a helicopter into a tall apartment building in seoul. grab the attention of local media. since then the accident has called into question the safety of high rises in the country with many calling on the government to review the laws on limiting the height of sky speed breakers are some of the sun has this report investigations are still underway to determine what caused the helicopter to crash into a residential high rise last saturday. that incident has raised concerns
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about the safety of skyscrapers in the capital especially since even thailand buildings are under construction. i made her say in eastern so in firewall in banking and trust building in korea. one minute twenty three stories high. you will be completed within a steely is less construction is racing more concerns about the safety hazards of super high res buildings. the new building is among a dozen salsa for high rise buildings taller than fifty stories but starring controversy states is located near stole airport. reid's force base where the president mckinley why saddam. the coverage has revised the air force one lane toward not coping with the building that housed in a lace concerns. the problem we would ease with the pretty soon but if the iraqi would be ok he's near the pool with the failed my hateful them and what it into the open a package by the use of the salon hundred eighty
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meters. the lady from a five hundred to five meters high that you can see their french fries was almost in the what do we sign on the bbq half looking upset they're cramming no plans to buy as a blueprint of them looking super tower. some say the guards regulations on high rise buildings are in line with other countries after a fire broke out the skyscraper in tucson in two thousand and nine the government enacted a special on high rise buildings. the law came into effect last year and since then. all super high rise buildings must abide by the mc of the shed it requires infatuation for some fiery speed elevators as well as other measures to prepare for the case of sin on these earthquakes and even terror attacks. skyscrapers will continue to rise and saul skyline make the most out of the reason women to demand stays at the rate was three short of safety of nearby buildings and local residents comes first. sunnis on i
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didn't use the fan. still the result looks set to play for team b i woke up and zell next summer and stephen kaye joins us with some updates on the tournament. i love that big eyes a slew of nations advance to next year's world cup after winning in their regional qualifying play off match as much of the attention was on bureau as portugal the back of the brilliant hat trick by christy and when the bill would dance along with france greece and croatia. algeria and got to march to the last two spots in africa while mexico defeated cross regional opponents new zealand's for their take it meanwhile for the last drop were why is all but headed to brazil take months or even a few hours for their second leg after winning five snow in the first leg last week south korea earned their
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world cup berth and hired manageable and humbled to leave the squad back in june now for some baseball in the u c l a dodgers pitcher doj is all about the major leagues but has a place in as part of the little beads as well as announce that you would apply for a construction permit and in sun city hall on the twenty six the bill baseball diamonds and the youth baseball training center in his home city. and in order to nurture young talent is found patient will construct the middle the field the new facility along with two month old size fields for the general . now will open sometime in the second half of two thousand and fourteen now let's finish off with wednesday stock epl match up the equally on all he owns visited the sk nights in a scholar. both teams start for the first combining for just twenty one points above the fight their part in the second. it's thirty six thirty one forty on sat but have not gone to the third it
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becomes evident that the main point is that the coming season for both teams can get one for each team golf and fifteen tries respectively that would go to fort this case aaron hates puts on his cell as he finishes with twenty seven points and twelve boards and the night's comeback to win seventy eight to sixty nine. and looking at the other game ttc eats out a window for kt seventy one to sixty five. for me or the sportscenter this has been speaking to take baghdad midnight for the latest in the world of sports. before your dna. and another began get the latest line soul expert analysis from ages heartbeat with a viewpoint on the covert its local network and why. for the odd rifle
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that has seventeen always on standby. south. it was yet another cold morning here in seoul and the wintry weather is expected to stick around for awhile. for more let's go for breaking down at the weather center with them the evening sun and sea head and looks like the morning last month to the lodge their decrees and told friday's show makes it to bundle up when heading out to take a look at the current weather conditions as you can see where it seemed clear skies across a match to seal off my sister's band from its high now. now it's not only holds but also very dry throughout the country dry weather warnings have been extended to the east coast and is aligned with joy provincetown makes it to keep yourself hydrated and be aware of forest fires. other than that see their mind at the resort lights hours on their way between monday and sunday. a lot at tomorrow's
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reading itself back up that day at minus one degrees but i have a to b marketing thou shalt make it to the love scenes. moving on sale at every change said this morning low pitched eight degrees before reaching thirteen and the act in gear and all the while coco and mountains and top out at eleven and zero degrees respectively. as it is easy and simple to make is a white hot topic now but i'll be back to what they expected the bank. it broadcasts on this wednesday nights and eat again so in trouble and thanks for watching season. i eye the eye . he did it. a
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the news. a new. you will trying to stop by the epa deal. the israeli prime minister is on his way to waltz in his loft and conveyed to deal with you an agreement. a new round of talks with iran that it is in switzerland that is that it's a sad new deal could be sensible for me to safety just a few moments. it is european ambitions that the book's opening months of nature trails and the easy to maintain


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