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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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what was will. all welcome to watch it all spread out on the job comg up it's the false identity would it take you inside the public's it's become the sinai peninsula. wednesday's attack that killed eleven off duty soldiers. rawlings spiral of violence in cairo against radical militants the violence of the border of israel gaza and not too far from suez canal enough to grab the whole world's attention. critics argue that
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the military's using the crisis to blur the distinction between sinai militants and he gets ousted muslim brotherhood leadership violence in sinai the crackdown in cairo. it's in the false and death dates the study are those good news for sale once again to clear profit. thank you cause sweat beads on the headlines talks on iran to give fred graham received in geneva iran supreme leader ruling out any of the traits that his country's nuclear price is it repeats its taxes the search continues left to sl times in paris on monday. dna tests confirmed it was indeed a note and comment. respect just one was on the cover of sports day to keep up the fronts beat the odds are that we know when you cry that's another round of talks on iran to meet their program of time to weigh in
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to me that it's wednesday. if the session lasting just a few minutes back. it's time for iran supreme leader who isn't taking negotiations but has final say in his country's me in knots as we peeled red lines anything and won't locale is not to ratchet up the pressure. and unless the team reports having been accused of sorts for the third time in little over a month. this time however there are strong indications that an interim accord on confidence building steps could finally be within reach. as the major world powers meet behind closed doors. iran supreme leader delivered a speech in tehran on to land a position that he remain an uncompromising on having the right to clear our formerly vacant nice that i can say is the youngest of this nation of evan's riots including nuclear rights. it went on to attack israel to iran accuses of wanting to disrupt the talks. nikki's
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friends and i see these hills in tests. blundell has recently returned from a state visit to asia and content these comments is unacceptable. i didn't expect to make only complicates the ongoing talks with israel's opposition to such a deal has raised tensions in the u s pc that can sense of panic your relations between iran and the waste and even craving. barack obama has succeeded in getting the senate to hold off the page for more of the new sanctions on the talks are ongoing. the uk is also more optimistic. the foreign secretary william hague lansing a way to say this is the best chance in a long time for an historic agreement between iran and the west. deal is all a table that would be in the interests of all nations and the difference is that of may between the houses on our own. and i believe they can be bridged with political will and commitment. he travels to russia to meet kristin piece into looking for tougher times in a new clean record for the ride moscow has sixty two missile
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believed to be seen be breached. lavrov dismissing israel's concerns has been moved from reality. it still is the king increasingly isolated. at least eleven people have been killed in an attack on egyptian soldiers this in the sinai peninsula any of this it is now at least according to state media it was a suicide attack that if people running a car into the side of the scanning of tt soldiers and expensive seven people were injured now since the honey will see was ousted in july attacks on security forces in the region have increased. in other news the money let them fly at a news paper and outside a bank in paris on monday is still god's dna test confirming that there is just one suspects aged between thirty five to forty five he was last seen in the cells of the sea area market for its reports. it's been confirmed the man utd and far inside the offices of the need of some news paper critically injuring a photographer is
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the same and you find at the headquarters of such occasion about it and then took a drive to hostage diesel parties issued a statement on wednesday confirming that the con man's dna can be mapped to the screen and students. yet the man also suspected of threatening to stall for french tv station bay fm a few days. the idea has not been identified. the maps don't think that they could not attend any results indicating that previous convictions. however thanks to transport security cameras. authorities now may well be attacked and looks like. in this image can see a white caucasian male aged between thirty five and forty five wedding goff says. since the picture was made investigators have received more than seven hundred calls three men had been taken in for questioning. meanwhile the police to continue discount cctv footage from all the trees. you were to take an mrt door softly asked if all the footage from the security cameras whether they are outside on the streets or on the paris underground of being meticulously checks
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obviously the more active he is the more likely we ought to identify him. in the meantime securities been reinforced around popular tourist destinations. major stations at the offices of all the main media outlets christ including cost and cap dressed in fancy people arrested in september. it went on to training protests has been freed on bail the brazilian activists held a sign that said free the oft say yes to the presidency he suspects this week a russian court to grant bail to nineteen at the detainee see these counters of the dickinson. we cannot crusty shell bullpen is outside courts innocent. sean to the national currencies caving into pressure from all sources. try typing that the need to get it today the keeper to it than that but now it might be. two months ago. that which
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occupiers they were downgraded the predicament in which the kelley haven't yet been written but i didn't want to cover the hearing the bank and one after another. we short jaunt to the tree that meat aisle condition. and by that thing that position has been taken quite hyper that they had to take some of the pressure of that sixteen. a number of western governments of raising the cost of a nip it in making quite strong statement of it happened other than taking russia to an international tribunals the teacher of the ship. i must say we were up nineteen to it and now we're expecting the other one to give the same way tomorrow and friday. i admit that yes this one by one went to the bio department to play. to come out in the region. since i am taking the myth around much for the coming over to the office denied that ignited the amendment is going to spend the day greenpeace themselves middlebury i'm clear about what that actually means that
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during the hearing. we think that they are tolerant and compete for the odd that on the back of it that i made a promise to pay with a brush or they wouldn't be in the nation one interesting point that none of the people of russian keep this up however this rate he may not appropriate. go out to be free regime with russia or the other activists from europe and the us will be technically in breach of russia will add to that one of many issues that are not clear if any can be recalled when he woke up and the fact that they stop coming up in the coming day. stand still and soon will be posting from some pizzas. now this will stay with us tonight. it's a natural methods to get that's french for vodafone p diddy after his team against low expectations the ukraine train due on tuesday nights that's what did they needed to expand to six weeks to come. andy and i asked t t then go to study for most sports desk. it is that
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the misconduct that victory the first man that we could think about is the coach to view the short he's the one who brought it to steam ahead together to meet a lot of changes from the first leg at a cost in the ukraine change fight that players. among them that tendency not to put him in the front said as the striker after four games on the bench and benzene outscored entering this game and he also replaced the lackluster as sonny honesty i am into bed when i was also instrumental in creating a lot of opportunities and four at the french and of course be with this when his contract has yet been taken all the way to you at two thousand and sixteen it was the deal if you mention qualified for brazil. his contract it would be extended to two thousand sixteen and that means he will be coaching at eaton told the euro twenty sixteen which will take place in france two players were also instrumental in the medals that goal was scored two goals the first one and
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the third one even though there was a debate as to whether the third one was an own goal by a ukrainian but he was officially awarded the goal of buying at the fat and that there was a good performance for a defender but never scored in fifteen appearances with that as france and the other man i talked about him already caffeine had been seen that the striker he scored only one goal that he actually may have scored two he scored one that was called offside when it wasn't and then two minutes later he scored one that was actually outside but the referee called in to india and france three. i want is love come judgment day for francais has about seven pm. yes we've almost and we almost have it thirty two qualified and teams that were to take a quick look at their recap of all the teams headed into brazil yesterday along with france portugal greece croatia algeria and donna qualified mexico rough ride this morning against new
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zealand and this one last spot up for brazil twenty fourteen that's your wiper says gordon. and that will be played at a later at this evening at the draw for the world cup in brazil will take place on the december at six and then to finish this with a little. new jersey for a brute this is what it will be wearing hat at the world cup in brazil it's a little bit more simple than it needs to be. it's very dark it's much darker than what the use to wear at bat that this is what he'll be wearing be just unveiled its. and that's maybe what will take them far in the world cup. so from the news and announcements to say that it costs but for the tickets are eight of many thanks for that claire pride his new post much about them that said that their pride in the newsroom. it's time now for the falls and gets up to date. in egypt army overthrew the country's
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muslim brother and backed president in july lawlessness and terror attacks in the sinai re listed as a major bees. well since then. those attacks have become almost daily this wednesday a car bomb killing eleven off duty soldiers past attacks have been claimed by radical islamists with purported links to al qaeda leader army and police also being targeted in the capital polarization that egypt anti islam is crackdown. what does the sign i have it's own very specific issue. under the terms camp david treaty was signed and returned to egypt by his roommate needed to. it is supposed to be seen those rocks. israel's blessing of troops have come and gone and in since the coup. authorities have returned to intermittently shutting the main border crossing with gaza strip finally does the violence justify with critics bemoan as the heavy handed return of security forces to
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the streets. as witnessed tuesday evening into pro revolution activist killed in clashes with riot police david frost and get to be the cyanide undertaken with is talk about it. from cornwall in england. omar short director of the middle east studies at the university of exeter welcome back to the hospital can be the welcome to the show from the middle east institute in washington mohamed atta men shall we. on this to an unwelcome shows there. ofcom is for israeli daily getting up at gilman to use this as well. the falls and get to be weak and join the conversation on facebook and twitter are stacked and two for today. before the door panel. let's first go to cairo and stewed correspondent catherine state meet. um catherine. this wednesday's attack on a bus carrying off duty soldiers similar to the one back in august the target off duty police. donna and why well
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according to the interior ministry there with her and replied oh my god in the comp they are ramming it into a dark thirty this morning that a convoy in the kitchen on the clique. they were headed to trial and eight. by the cac anything that you get them in the lot we can keep people in the week and i think we can pick the company can help you connect the area but the belief that went wide open up the sky falling the appetite that i would have withheld from the second field on the bed thinking karen and mike taken the lead then we can conclude that we can keep thinking that the cat. no one can claim that the peak oil guy to pack
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the digging began the rebuilding when gunmen attacked the convoy security took a good twenty five can really feel we are lucky that kind of liking a warm home i think that that needed to operate in bed. i think you can go on a plate to unlock it. they claimed that the bitter tea in the past for a number attacks in the one i can wear pink highlighter. they could take half the night of high ranking people think ireland on the mike and i hope that that they were behind the deal he replied the pack only get two key leaving the link to the net impact but there'll be a bit of meat in the idp camp tyco be on the line i can commit to that film will play at the county capital e that i will go into the issue of who are these islamists of it let me just as cute as we should recall that the beginning of the show on that showing the sinai peninsula course he is such a strategic location it will be picking the right thing you've heard the border that way but got no proof and the book of concord a tire while reading the diary to keep ticket taking it very very difficult to control
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the many uganda the department of the new black cat military and do a lot of them the victory to the conviction that i try to keep the decline of the vehicle on the control that the cat that might match the expected it to give it to my comic book geek i get time he encountered at that tonight i went right into the country to the kind you would expect it to the clinic and let them get on with it the fact that he can keep it out to them how much vitamin d don't like to hear the frantic panic. in the northern sinai region the attack. i think i hear they're attacking me and held on the kicking it be taken now. distinctly many thanks for that update from cairo omar shore. one of the players. he in all of this in the sinai peninsula the very very complex situation on on the one hand you have most of them
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the security agencies the room where the creek and sign licensed it to solve them. especially after the second in the fall though when you saw a rise in the cyanide based activism main support of the year although the causes and northern borders of the flights trying to find her plans to lease all day the competition will protect its security said the security fence to see to that institution was a dominant player but also the general intelligence and intelligence were going there and then they're useful. meet the initial stages of depression followed by the episodes of political violence in southern dissolved and go to the depression by a glimpse of the southern two and another cycle of depression lightens solve them for supper and six. and then add that to make this one is for the latest episode one thing to solve and kind and amount
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to an end. these mittens since the omani asking are these militants. natives assigned the duty they come from elsewhere the mix but man i really need to focus on line but also a lot of the canal or zone. the idea and so than some of the gun and a coyote that joined in later stage but you have four names the key to the portland or the competition's most in again with each other and fight the urge to do that or it could get it sorted. and not be the winner of the dome of the comm up the stitches in the borders of davison also i ditched work on some of them are getting close to news of the tamil nadu student. he also had the evidence of the okanagan which is one of the mobilization step. they couldn't sell them by fifty four and was one of the groups that i was able to transform some of the gold in the kitchen and hall meetings and tea served and there and
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in the kitchen into a notch with globalization. but it didn't like it sticks to the huge in and outside nine hundred homes in its ideas flow. celebrity names of the salutation or dietitian the cream to solve them in port talbot six was much it destroyed two of us unique but the evidence all the arts to go there. i've been out of what all the was hopeful that the tradition the setup to get the cotton which is more of an ideological cotton as opposed to an actual organization. in the middle distance without multiple although them. a political organization that can be on tv's most people stomach to get the can into it and so on. and sometimes they're there that the lines of authority and duty the competition of the security services as when you don't seem to have one get active. operating inside not so typical texas to change. on a day. the man showed me ask you to question why do you think we are
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having this escalation that we've witnessed where attacks in the sinai not of course not as spectacular as always all his plans in attacks and almost on a daily basis. it is the same reasoning on this then both school and spend on books that are reasons among them. and i gave her the hum of mostly sticks to steep ascent of the bowl and the second on the ship of the provincial election last year. the book fifty two percent or malaysia tml to get sixty percent in the post on mine. and he has a big follower and lettuce. that's why. is that. that exceeded the limit on switch. it can be said he was the author speaker audio with only the second was a baby of the post and decide present disaster it was an essential step. it's nice for them edit them involve heavy handed this song by them is the ease of use which includes listening. unless
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you go and edit them over for some frozen is not acceptable in them all off center the notion of those of credentials of the use of nudity the wintry days ago in a small bar and that if any of the stiffness the sunnah is to fill in what was a stunned us. and i believe weekend. it ignores the fact that this song tried to move the sign on as we watch clinic that obama is trying to come as a compromise and commercial motives and that she had gone and then on the sunset and this is essential said. therefore to take on an interstate the book online. no way to a one penalty and that is even better in the north sinai and the city the kids as his response was well with the same mouth. tune in these unseen from paris this story resembles a little bit what we saw in the sahara net where a remote area ignored by the central authorities it is a mix of militants with an ideological agenda and bandits. yes and i think
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that i like all other cases as the moon as the previews to put said. i'm at the scene say egypt the glove that sine nineteen eighty two it seemed to lost interest and this area. and what's happened is that it became a cause of the political news and inspiration no vacuum for many years it seemed like an intelligent benign neglect unit the bedrooms traffic drugs into these was meant to be as traffic prostitutes from the east in euro. we know that the same networks to the traffic the human beings and rocks and and eating immigrants. they can traffic of the stuff. when price is right and windy okay she's the sole as as the egyptian state became weaker. and especially after resolution of january february two thousand eleven
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what was what was the end of the weakness became camps and and what we see today is is the result all full of many decades all off the heat to cool the arrows and these judgments. i would like to to to that two things two episode the fall fest for the statistical importance of cyanide spill connie the fact that the book ball a disease ridden and and and gaza. he who controls cannot sign i can post the suez canal. and you don't need or not you need to to fire a few times on bolts even with all teaching and the lights and the panic with all the rest this one and two but with four hits his second point is assessed on that. how worried are the israelis on that point. very very worn because forties was the most important thing is to be so wrong that we states. which means the people that do you know that the number you can call them and even if they
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hate you. they control the territory and you can talk to them and they say they understand business. i mean they understand this with the dentist and understand the kitty brutal force. today you can talk to them as soon as it is an area becomes somebody i e a man of god based on the tribal areas in pakistan. everyone he's losing everyone assumes is an exaggeration on top of the sinai in the same boat as afghanistan. today yes but in korea is maybe not maybe it's an understatement but i mean what happened is that society can as a small up tribal zone in the end and the mom in the margin off of the jackson state. as long as egypt estate an hour. the situation was controllable. it was corruption and that was trafficking. but violence was under control as soon as the central state was vacant
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it's been out of control then i went to bed the second strategic point that the it people see night the most not already decided that egypt will not sell oil to draw them into his wrists was signed. they decided to post. meet me talk about strategic importance the bitter winds shut down the export of oil. from the git to the zoo and enjoyed it wasn't the decision was the end of the egyptian government and three years that relate to the egyptian government cannot do anything about it omar shah who agree that sinai is in afghanistan in the making. i don't think so to be honest that there are we're not seeing this situation all the board are the glue stuck on a farm at the end of our state supported in one way or another. apply it to say she not seen it be if his velocity of you. on the south of the vote on or report
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the bus go to the bus in the two of the borders of cash in the fourth of june was up at some point supported by. government we're not seeing it with me if i could see orginal in the north georgia over the church and what does this would mean more to the action to wash up. and so on without saying that to that when you see me. a as an answer to that. her eyes it's a major development and issues that the conditions in it it's quebec since. they did not sign on. there was no policy towards it. except the crackdown six it was a security problem will cuddle more than anything else. and the most of the policies that was lit with them. no one would overturn the ticket with cyanide. with its security policies. there was no long to investment in the invasion. there was no attend to. and it needed its
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marginalization and the two and forced institutionalization and then weapon in the formal vocal calm so two of the formal and some see his investments especially in the north and the burger was no sensitivity to was that it didn't apply to him. another factor that no more still be there the crackdown on that happen he sold the actions to within a few mostly total of two years they contend that they lost in iraq and to solve the inevitable happens you had many of the sinai where activists and find that he does. more still been asking for compensation was asking to hold the ones that the us to get it at the nec members of the families and those of the clan members of the tribe. forty years there has to be held accountable asking for more than dispensing with the jingle more employment and the dj was that they belong to the policies that you have
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been there since the eighties but that they would never wear their unit. i continue to spawn of satan that we have gone on on facebook a comment from the brain a lot of people. it seems believe that what's happening in cyanide has as you describe go to the omar shore of the issues specific to an area that's been under the radar for many decades apart authorities in cairo but a lot of people think it's about what's happening in the capital to bring him on facebook says. i think the attacks will stop the egyptian army reinstate the first ever democratically elected president in the history of egypt radical militants by the way i've taken the battle to the capital up early this wednesday in the north of cairo. it was an attack on a police checkpoint wounding of four policemen on sunday gunmen killing a senior intelligence official lieutenant colonel mohammad mum group they fired on his car on sunday to our mac seats that the radical group that marshall was mentioning claiming it was retaliation
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for the rest of women protest military takeover the group's colleagues striking. peter holmes a dispute. to focus on the inside window willing to assassinate. and they will be a series of assassinations in the future. he survived the studios and one boy boy in primary school in the midst of it today they've started to focus on the inside. mohamed el been shall we. newsday. i tie the ball. but it's the new look new creative book is a statement. what they would propose additional though violence. as though it were with us and now it's nick and i didn't eat all of that inside the tube inside pedal robinson i overlook the evidence those video. and so the views of it that subtleties that we will use the view is undone by
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the effects of the sun the provincial ministry of local cafe again in politics it's in the bed the house or school or with the forces of the people. add beef to denounce violence the true joys of the process. and here again we see is a myth meet up was the holder of them at the expense of egypt. i'm done done bits on that sits next to contribute to the media of dark and the moans as noise all of us violence will also benefit from its initial results also been a problem that enter the contest winners. with the adults over the top. when we come back with a look at that spiral of violence both in sinai. and in kind stay with us are watching the fox mentioned today. cecile. one
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year ago french troops began their withdrawal from the center enough to stop the leaking of the fifty and a colleague stewart during four years of the tree presents. that approach a local development projects of one victim to corruption the afghan army has struggled to contain the taliban. when the americans leave. what will happen to the country reporters are also a catch of course and kept all gone
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welcome back for me to just joining us said before is in the false and get the dates and some of the stores will be falling for you at the top of the hour here on false and death the nuclear negotiations in geneva with the wrong resume. plenary session lasted ten to fifteen minutes on the tail end of it france's president saying iran should bring answers not publications. in reaction to speech given by of the supreme leader in tehran afghan officials in pakistan to meet the taliban it's all happening is that the us negotiate set up with her. it negotiates with elders inside of afghanistan over its future presence there your rights watch calls for the release of a shiite in kuwait jailed for five years for tweets deemed offensive to the prophet muhammad sarge from soft. the second kuwaiti for minority shia tv job in less than one month on the same charge guard his prosecutors misinterpreted
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his sweet. shares in french television station to climb five per cent. after france's three nil come from behind to win. in the second leg of their world cup playoff against ukraine france going to the world cup japan which has dished out millions to broadcast of the tournament in brazil next summer. those stories much more to the comedy are right here on the swim cap. welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is the false been desperate to beat up in the wake of an attack. two suicide bombers attacking up call to duty. those soldiers in the sinai desert were looking at the sinai powder keg. and also the spillover it comes to cairo talks united with omar short director of middle east studies at the university of
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exeter. also with us from washington d c the middle east institute. mohamed el men shall we. here in the studio with a kiln the hilly a killer back in august two thousand twelve muhammad morrison is still president. an army spokesperson explained why troops were being deployed to put suppose to be in the militarized zone. it's one that has sort of meandering and since the egyptian israeli peace he was signed tuscany. some items that could and the emotional side to unfold in such an agreement that any minute they came in to school and a number of state come if you are an excellent local court the nation on a more diplomatic and insane we had a really disappointing thing was going to the prison sinai is lousy most buffets. any help of course close cooperation between egypt and israel is not something that egyptians
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like to crow about. no and this is an interesting quotes because so. i'm. the problem of cyanide goes beyond more seating ncc and brother and was the muslim brethren against military. it was made while jesse was still present not only that i just want to remind everyone that full weeks of the most he was ejected in the almost two thousand and twelve. in the minerals ramadan. it's the egyptian soldiers were massacred when they were taking the medina after daily fast. and this after this the emergency situation most ceo. we took the oath on collie and the old. old the chief of the army and he stated he. he nominated the icc to a torrid pace. so it's not only is the party about whether or not they are the opposite. they'll crawl or against most more see the thing is something very
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deep and very beginning going to an end in infancy in sinai and the basic fact is that the majority or to use this as a course in a number of bed doing so well folks people even saying i felt i din ate it. by the egyptian state. they feel that they are not considered as true egyptians. they woke from a news people say because you aren't these radio stations jaw steel collaborate the is the new appointees writing bandages and for the moss side and stuck in the day that this is of cos with development issues. it should never forget the dignity they mention of the question so it's good goals beyond any political schism was today mamaw madonna and child how close is cooperation between israel and egypt when it comes to sign up. the tidbits
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of eight dollars and on the pitch though competent than the pivotal open it and then lost the few mom's visiting us to pause and of course watched most of the school kristen is that they are to determine the initial is cool cool book that long without whom the senate ought to mean a croissant and here comes up as high as three to allow existing school school school idiots the job of staying on visiting the hands of the stitching on dundas of openness and to each having gone beyond a complex mumbling and what they got the moves. now we can there be change and their reaction from some of the viewers on this issue. um is the moron on on twitter says as long as the army continues to open fire on protesters in egypt four soldiers will pay the price now. i'd be a reference to well what happened late tuesday evening entire square and security forces making their presence felt. it's just the latest example of rally that was taking place there more
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stephen carrollo tahrir squarr revolutionary activists will soon abrupt end by the authorities. riot police fired tear gas to try and see him in that street protesters from the square. he responded with stones and fireworks. ap narrative our second anniversary of the taxes that sold dozens of people killed those who died in protests against him in the tree readers be taken over after the full deposit back. at the ikea to remember the marchers of muhammad we're sorry because the revolution didn't even glance up at four demands. so we're here to try to rewrite the ocean so. supporters of the country's defence minister general abdel front of cc also made their way to the square which was driven away by opposition activists these demonstrations started on monday nights when on tv that street protests tuesday
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faced a memorial to the twenty eleven revolution they say the army is trying to whitewash the bloodshed in the last two and a half years supporters of theistic presence mohamad morrissey calling for an end to what they say is merely a tree root in egypt. though even in the way till wanted us to a week not without its helpline two months to get the same way as people read well written the sea and social justice and a lot with the government is hoping people will bolster the people the two represent the wheel of the people that the fruit may be some time away the six minute retired government says it comes to hold fresh elections in that theory or march of twenty four team. he is at this point to a welcome home mother gets her strength to go to joe miles away. um use to. in a tranquil views but the franco egyptian organization for human rights
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so my aunt on the two killed the tuesday in times square and a lot of reactions we've heard of this one stay sane what happened in the sinai the lawlessness that the attacks that are going on there. the thief is a feeling that the military is using that as an excuse to sort of blur the distinction between those hardline radicals. and anybody who's opposing right now. the authorities in cairo but in fact if you can see you this it issued the remit of the fool. the flow was a dilution of doing the sums and eleven the phone book was worth the wait. we didn't have the start all programs and sunnah. and a thief thief remember the bodies of women the stronger the most impressive is. the he said the flu. if we are not taken
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away from overseas came in last august then every scene with the consent or so. it is very tedious to think that the moslem brotherhood is behind the violence inside of the best in the recent it myself but the most all of the old creation sink it. and the diesel. the agreement between the most muslims and must end as an ode to put kayla students and i an audience and because uninsured is in addition she became what happened. also although the buying process in to the stove until you have a few weeks ago. so tuesday and then the icing today joining us today. c'mon school tonight. it's in english is the four doors when this possibility for the cessation of an army officer lights. omar assured you greedy. ii. the best and that was better and abandoned
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it was all know there's good and worthy heir to the ocean and far beyond what was so nice to get much bigger the crisis there are some of the government. reading this are the form of t permits but simultaneous explosions in the summer shade and are in and out of the benefits of the fire began in the south and six. we had the government that gets the ball go with obama in the gutters in the night prior to that and although i do what you know also there's another thing in sinai the they did it the idea that there are so close to seoul bourse utah. order of the fight started after ousting more seats to stop to islam. we had that its forms all appliances one of its because explain what the open can and do timor sea and the type of organizations that the flight in sinai. and many of them did not believe in it of course this order in
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the democratic forces that have more to us was seeing it they'll be at the thought of it. for a long time walls are designed and was the gas pipeline to design and there they kept on the shrink the state and set them up liking. nobody even democracy within two of them are predicting but also with not liking with egyptian cotton we are targeting their pipeline that feeds isn't it and then they got a couple lines would go with the buckets doing more to stalin the horse was. read more see it develop in the air when v it was clear they should do is to continue when there was a declaration all. of these corporations a cubicle nation intelligence cooperation with israel. more ck mouth and said good bye and he did all the air and an operation which is the operation to respect and also on some of your organization. read it and this caused a lot of that within his camp because of a
7:44 pm
single case of intelligence in the nick to be accorded with the zion. and you supposedly an islamist president. so how come you come out with ben and if the state of the two are that the event that this is or on the bone on the condition that caused some problems within his area is called issued in both of the same time he was. no more air the air. it means you're always easy on the blog although i did use the ipod is the fine line in and need to solve them and twelve. and the it and there was a cold if the elections would be on the whim of get to sixty percent because many expected two things from him in sinai one is the more investments unless marginalization and got caught up in india but to move. and the second thing is to have some kind of accountability with the security violations that happened that the type to that of abortn. it iso earn. stop the evening
7:45 pm
the same tactics that was doing what binds the other day that are taking hostage is soft. crackdowns that if you don't find the stuff that you think its cause and so on and respect this has happened on that was seen. the main difference was that this is what many of the air indigenous by my folks told me that that easy to suspect that they have gold connections to on the commission that would be tedious quicker then walked and walked by and see in the two decades. he is sometimes the kids to the news that a suspect under the crackdown were continuing you're sing mohamed el been showing up when you put the question to you as well again even spent a lot of egyptians. of preparing for the showing and they've been known. very concerned about the violence that for instance piece of weakness just tuesday the entire sqre. they have a feeling that of army is using to describe that this spiral of violence soo basically do what they want
7:46 pm
what what what what did you with your thoughts on that i did the arm is is using the relief that he can go wrong time. is it the change dramatically and using violence against and seventy s and that is penniless is up to forty dollars. in addition to posting it the president sets the book goes into full use of his divinity. and that is new to quilting to become dishonest and what they like sinai and the need to upload to use those of you. what a process that is to put this it is in the city all comes on the minus one with the state is is very much expected that you give. he and fast food to be with luke will the extremists. benson's at the summit to admit that britain is provided by state the pup was limited to the bite into them but the means and end it's easy to produce them and then die identity was look up all my system from uk law of
7:47 pm
the many nicholson my zen style. estimates of total mostly it's because before mostly on what this tour as among the more water and the most un done better. cc that should know. john myers and radicalization. up to becoming a self fulfilling prophecy because of the heavy handed crackdown on protesters. i don't seem so it's not a question though we have to ask what happened to do few songs and see all f the extremists to he terrorists that came from a grandstand and vivid but we have seen them on the tv coming back to asia to and did it become cool. we'd like to know the names of the summer some information about iman is alive you reason number two of the qaeda. campbell is of course i don't much all this information but who can back and pct should be in sinai and optional but some people
7:48 pm
are talking mode which means that the stars come and come up against and have just couldn't decide what is what is to do with for instance the violence tuesday evening entire square dance. two people killed and the units isn't this just going fuel radicalization one there's heavy handed use of force. one i'm not i'm not sure if we were shocked. do we have the information we told them we know we believe we've got a lot of information one dollars to ten. thatome people from shortening the critiques from he most buzz word so that we cannot say it's a heavy handed from the army the army has also been killed trying to get this october's musician and port security inside the zip so they're trying to do the job. but there is a lot of response from most muslims saying again that moss has to come
7:49 pm
back sailing into question all. legalization and so on but is the continual peace with the engine to its dual boot because due to being coast. i have a reaction on witter from ak member of parliament hugh robertson shocked by the deaths of egyptian security personnel in sinai my deepest condolences to all affected the condemned terrorism in all forms now. we haven't heard a statement from the general cc himself he has steered clear of interviews and speeches of late. back in august. here's what he said about the general situation he insisted on the military's good intent. or i couldn't compare to take notice of these works. or we will not stand behind trait is when scheme is one of the phrase those who caused minutes. no i don't have a new one. and i assure you it's right on the go. i want to remind myself that as well as you can do. we will not betray
7:50 pm
and when the inspired one of the online lewin said the schemes when anarchy who we are an institution when adorable and had to take institution hyundai has dealt with the most responsive and eighty nine and on up the little yarn yet. this is how i want to stop must be legit pentagon. whether a candidate that. again mama elements of the few to choose to translate for us a little bit when he talks about traitors and steamers who was general says he referred to it's okay about the most lucky if their schools of course the tunnel to citizens is open to his audiences as the organism. it isn't some such nonsense and needs and emotions they have all of our lack of stability on violence is to put incense
7:51 pm
as a whole copious and realize that its existence on somebody but it is this better done by the in the middle of the mythical bake cookies chips. in these few months the experience so far as is no ba. promising and the event watch. that book he promised his people and general cc right now staying out of the limelight himself up. what's his strategy in your view. i believe that he has the stands as the job addicted to be keeping this but this time of the motherboard. as the disney hall. so what did most of them open series of or as an abuse of the most serious initiative will include the muslim brotherhood guns that was parked in the roadmap and ends it is an awesome gift and that they were four of them school. ielieve it's a zero sumame and it's fun for the study is in the near future. so my aunt and i don't agree on that because he's so he's doing his job as a missile defense. and the company is managed by
7:52 pm
the student government. and everybody's competed in his own area. one that is. here is the sexiest to review is due to false because the two seat booking i doubt most number of songs and the summer just have to use in egypt and the news in the company. we cannot sit here they are all terrorists but there are some people were trying to incite the others in order to continue their protest on tuesday. most of you can pick the flavor was good. and it does. it is important that made it to me and that what he's going to make all the effort to note that said to put these on your title tag beyond that the stocky that these ccs behind and going to go to to to make it in a sink is done just doing his will. i bought at a rally of defeated presidential candidate abdomen and level four to a couple days ago supporters objected to
7:53 pm
the blurring the distinction again between the battle against militants in the sinai. the crackdown on brother. what in. the i panicked. that way. the sky real. all in. but he's not kidding i went to his principles. the dumont. it is out. the above. twenty ten show my opposed to during tuesday's demonstration before it got out of hand they were slogans against both cc and morse. on that general mood of humankind seemed that most of the old the egyptian tradition going
7:54 pm
the behinds. no decency. but beyond that you could to cut costs. and today. even the famed most of the two books and the coaches don't get the spinach. the key is julian cope. most of the two people who walk not the one that is going on. that is a cause to tuition. it limits me to come out to the end of next month. in one months and often that's according to the one that dude the election so the position of sense on so most of the egyptian people have confidence in the government's. and of course is cc became a hero because he had the cottage of st to most you have to go way above i am confident that the shift is going against terrorists. is it that was in june and school would do the roadmap to its good to contend with omar should you grieve as an aside a majority
7:55 pm
supports the current process that is there a significant percentage that support the un imposes but that we will call buttons at once elected institutions. it's removed by force on force then you don't have a democracy never happened the promo and the listing in nineteen eighty six two era on the nineteen fifty feet to achieve these in a coup to pinochet's coup in nineteen seventy two. argentina scored seventy six two thousand and forty six to sudan in eighteen ninety two again like it too often neglected institutions or to the present skipping wanted it to the coup was and then you have repeated all. we didn't get to the dictatorship of either one or that it could be up on the government government that appointed civilian government order to save them or see that in order to use in the dressing you don't get democracy for years sometimes decades to undo that the situation and this is a peer to peer this episode
7:56 pm
specifically what all the mothers at the soho it the bloodiest episode action in egypt will be history since the importance of opinion and ninety nine storm go cause there was two hundred feet that it is i think it gets to me. multiply this paltry two hundred the owner to two to three times due to hunger that the three hundred percent increase in whole or in just one crackdowns that they and the robot chicken to a talking to a bit different than the good old boy names and why don't think we sold the tip of the iceberg of the moment because we know from the algae in that scenario in the nineteen ninety two was there that are cool happened and juggling nineteen ninety two and the country descended into a extremely of the civil war has ended he wants me to school that was due. they are pretty pretty dangerous. i think he did not have any good at doing just that. and the winner. the only way to save it from a disaster. i think to use to mean that the depression. oh and that of the depression and to make a quick conclusion that you
7:57 pm
had the good life life in elections going on. or apply connections you have a consistent winners. some of them are the key of knowledge or dingy. the closest it comes as some of them on an olive now. and it will with the kind of thing where you cannot talk about the new democracy albeit a democracy on their armor did i see she thinks too the bidding of the protection they could get worse before it gets better a marsh or want. thank you for joining us fm exeter in the uk i think the mojave and aunt shelly for being with us from the us capital washington dc show my aunt and do my daily for being this and thank you for joining us here the cost and to date. christians still throughout the week. kentucky
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to upgrade the sports news the action. the excitement with results showing that lead to a sports ground on monday to friday eight fifteen pm promised land ikea own placenta. guru too oh no. and. each. after all
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