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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  November 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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over the network. new new new new it is six one. what she knew was with the adults them chevron bp a lot the herald's during a raid on the tipperary oh seven
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the arrested after subjecting and three young children to a terrifying ordeal for the federal title. a little bit of the best ones with red sofa. tough. it's a steelers fisher told emergency beacon devices may be defective. we truly are great. because the thinking goes to brazil with a walk. and to the store told us that info to follow why is it the fastest has taken the beach and referencing hates me. i feel they're fully armed robberies illegal in county tipperary have been taken to the stations and the county
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to be questioned. a couple and their two young children lack in their home in candle to the raiders broken chair and pick up this morning the honors. when the last two man because he had been searching for for over six hours in the early hours this morning were arrested. around three o'clock this morning and i've gotten broken here to the home of a business woman her husband and her family in kevin nolan county tipperary. they hiss mark corcoran with the political and breaking his nose. and then tied him up along with his wife emma. before ransacking the house and stealing cash jewelry and the family car. the couple's three children were in the house at the time neighbors said today the family were subjected to a horrific ordeal. a disservice to the door. in all of them are fat or title there are a little bit ago
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but that costs would read this offer. soften. the men going north openings would open his doors will be. at least to me too. them what to eat like normal the morning the kids and all applicable though it's folks like while all others to treat themselves in the early hours and called nine nine nine god the world exit. around four this morning. armed officers stopped a car outside the basin copycat there and arrested five men from dublin in their twenties a second car the family's stall and four by four was stopped at around nine o'clock this morning following this on intervention. newman's crawls in dublin. two men were arrested here and a quantity of cash recovered. dominica is as of isolated spot. so um these guys ever find these
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places i can now access the system too soon the corcoran is a director of the bedding company job ads. the business operates next door to the family home the seven man in custody in the other stations in tipperary this evening are believed to be members of a troubling the little guy heidi mobile i'm involved in armed robberies over the country using the motorway network installed in cars. they've been taught that are the for some time. the corcoran from me remain extremely traumatized by their ordeal this evening. polo is still a candle for sexy thing called how is this fact that the investigation perplexing and what more do we know about why the company was time to sit in this way. post under guard he said the following all lines of inquiry but one major mind in korea does emerge this evening is that there could be a connection between some cause tumors of the betting business here. the attack on the family home in the early hours this morning. it
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appears what was happening was that the people linked to a crumbling down and paste iraq keel in county limerick another troubling come on guys who come in here buying bedding material and then going on to find some good reading material at two farmers fonts and businesses around this area. now the god he believed they were using at the us as a covert go in and see parts of the body of all sorts of equipment from equipment was on the fronds are in the businesses that would give you a clean bucket i had some that have stared a later date. now with this ad became known in the area. at this company stopped selling tickets to these individuals i'm tardy believe there is a link between ad that robin criminal gang based in right field on to the members of the troubling guy who is based in dublin who are in custody in various cars stations here in tipperary to all manner of speaking. both users and fisherman has been told some of the emergency beacons used in their boats may be defective
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the department of transport says nineteen effective devices already been discovered here. cp the minister for the marine said that he's launching an investigation into laughter ot on theoastisherman are furious with the very angry section because the thinking goes to brazil and others walking. and said to be told although that didn't fall too now ross courtney's life could depend on this device the purpose. if the boat capsized it suppose to send out a signal indicatingcking he if it's one of the six possible faulty models made by an australian company gmac with no available to the maybe is is the amount that is in question does the and in the form of the thirteen thousand one hundred key parts of boats hdrednd eight by gmsev the beach in steep curve and dumber east is ok. he will have to change it so far neteeof the gmb the herbs
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have been reported as faulty there could be more minority understands at least one potential for teammate was known within the department of transport. more than two years ago. now with submerged beekeeper found after the bowser brothers tragedy off more this summer was one of the six now identified as potentially defective. shane cotton candy die after their boat capsized the carp was in case but no signal as a myth that the question is no good in and paint the keeper was bk to base is why they waited to be rescued investigations are continuing. a spokesperson for the bowser from a nice ethical to wait until the investigation is complete but that they hope the government addresses all the questions raised. and tonight after questions from or the transport minister deal for akron said he was first made aware of these masters this afternoon. that is taking them very seriously the matter will now be fully investigate this. they didn't endorse the news. watford
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the expenditure and reform has confirmed that its service like troll i'll insist two years ago. they are disposed of so called top up payments to senior health sector employees. separately today the accounts committee had put the director of the national gallery have been awarded an additional fourteen thousand euro to visit his family in london time has marched on the rickety we're more like forty five fifty times a year older than them. forty times as anticipates his assessment it. sometimes the need to know that it changes late bookings on flights make the costs higher. other times i'm able to book them into the bronx. the rusty substantial costs of getting to and from apple said. do you know we want to and eight the tractor. to travel to business his family at the weekend. about forty thousand feet. we came up
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with everything. two hunters euro per round trip. forty seven the year and she fixed term contract to fight tears linda burney says this in a studio in italy the first to get this taken from dr rowan money she gets that an account of her hair her salary she says she's been personally verified to be helpful picture. yes indeed and as you know sovereignty is to question a top up payments to senior administrators and the health service. as we caught the imagination and often the most positive of ways and today it got to know the money that monster published the fifth issue a statement it she says that every new range of non sticky sticky in line with the contacts he has with the hospital and in compliance to cut the trip to position to assess from a the contract allows her to provide clinical care private patients and the provision of private patient care is fundamental to the health services are constructed and applies to all consultants to sit for forty five has to pay to her is in respect of professional fees from private patients attending
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the national maternity hospital. he just took her to think of was supposed to behave to see in a twenty twelve as part of routine confidential internal audit carried out. i hate to see the snake. she says i'm impressed with the bitter fight over the last few days that is helping us to the unwarranted. however it must be stressed that up to the doctor money is not the only and senior administrator at him in his case at top u have been found on etsy or d this is going to burn a lot further with the spoken to me on this eighteen at the top of zack and finances and that parent their seven investigations under way on our back seat to cast a yes but i think that is and the heat as the obvious he is preparing a report up on all of this there waiting for responses from as some of the agencies that have to get back to them but the key question sharon would have to be honest number one. comprehensive trawl of all the analysis being paid to the pub expected to pick up these payments. okay maybe some of them weren't coming directly
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from the twenty one spot in the spirit of accountability they would be machined second see what the painting that be deducted from these payments where he would be subjected to the huntington wrote agreement pay cuts and that it does so far we haven't had any money coming from charities dollars charitable donations but that's an issue i fully intend to call here that the agencies are still allowed to make a business case for retention of these pop ups. how many of them whip it up and actually authorize the attention off it's not where we end up in the courts. i think that thinking. a chic enemies run on speed limit signs are to be removed from narrow country roads here and replaced by the old system of signage. but to become known as the world speed limit signs of the high speeds and dangerous places will be removed altogether. a five year old with every speed limit in the country and the appeals process is also planned. speed is the biggest killer on our roads. yes we have doritos with limits and
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eighty kilometers an hour on many two carat weight of a top speed of two of sixty the department of transport of repute speed limits and change is on the way. our ac commerce or an arid signs on smooth world roads will be renewed and replaced by new bowral speed limit sign cycling news here before electrification into peasant and four. although the damage remains at ac. it can indicate that motorists use their own judgment on the speed they travel. cause confusion. i think what we have a moment is very confusing signs up saying that it's and it's almost suggesting that it's safe to drive in a key kilometers an hour on narrow roads and even though may not be depending on the road conditions. so i think the new song much less confusing. of course it is open to local authorities in individual cases produced the dentist at fifty or sixty if they think that's appropriate. and cos we didn't want to impose on all road rose because our teacher our summer is around the country that are quite wide and can accommodate and
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courage nineteen eighty congress. if you put a sign post this is a chic and age on a road with grass growing up the middle of the concern is that people would attempt to do a c and h because they kept the concern is that it really undermines the credibility of every speed limit so i think removing the euro in itself is very helpful. and this system entering the to appeal speed limits will also be introduced on the five year old us of a three speed limits in the country. that's a nice about the saints defeated the system will cost about eight meeting euro commence the facts between now and twenty fifteen but most is that against the side like the son of roads from the summer. the tipperary i see new stuff. president mike and he can sneak forward dup to read french bean paste and shoot a matter of hours that on the first fourteen a widower today. i just can't state visit to the uk in april president aiken said he hoped to make it an experience that go beyond
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politics i know. making history was how we the seven year old ian paisley put it he was meeting president michael d higgins in belfast city hall. they were in the partner of them there she has faded somewhat chino one go. we're about to be delighted with presents given to mark the location. it was at the start gun and fired a specified she sang this morning. being that each one of her. the official. when he got. the show. we hope shortly afterwards the president still two pc of the wines were guests of honor at a function to honor st column about its location
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which is to allow them to celebrate their shared history. president told him of his planned state visit to the uk next year. his wish to make it an experience beyond politics. it was a very positive. since his actions and carried to teaching preaching and teaching me to add achieve understanding it would be a very empowering for braun said. most importantly not just its immediate hit sixty. but for our peak to peak is the query precincts. i peeked again future that is taking their pictures not just peace for putting these experiences sorts of possibilities before leavi city hall to two principles pose for photographs with young musicians with kate joined the function. this was my cookie tins and trip north since becoming president comical note e news po box the deal was agreed terms for new releases with the owners of tartar mind numbing cantonese. allow for a substantial on the ground extension secure a sixth and fifty jobs in the mind and
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the continuation operations there for a further ten years in operation since nineteen seventy seven. tara mines is the largest lead and zinc mine in europe. today marked a fresh chapter in its history with the tree was a new leases to extend its life for another ten years and three huge underground extension. appropriately the announcement was made deep within the mine complex it's good news for the real economy it would be good news for the six hundred and fifty people like you won't care today is good news for the company might be multi national elite and holds the mites since two thousand and four. they welcomed the news but in the tt cautioned about the high costs of the leases and operations. how to make them their due imminently. but their belief use of force in basra. they own in a damning the basement of the cross. he was no typical mccloy see
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some profits as well as twenty five percent corporation tax that is quite small mining companies. here we are told to the bottom of the mind one km beneath the surface. the fact that there is a ministerial visit here today for this announcement has not stopped work which was on here twenty four seven. is this year's stuff that needs to cost saving measures and despite continuing cost pressures have warmly welcomed today's news. not only is it guarantee employment for the next ten years for the cia iniquity and puts them up into the exchequer and to the taxpayer. love says quite a bit of this arrangement. when market prices for in a grenade at the horizon seen prices is predicted to late next year which was further enhanced terrorists future prospects two more greedy or tv news seven department store carries has to be opened after a former co chair it due to flood damage. they retain their feet and taking a look on the streets of the nineteenth century. ktv for the entire list of
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pending suffered extensive water damage. me to wonder curious clock. seldom has the well worn phrase seemed more appropriate. series customers mask and cute early this morning. we shared memories until the mixture. my first decent effects instead it. whatever your style is still beyond the limit. help the singer songwriter present moments that the boys in the nineteen tens. spokesman richard griffin kiwis coaster for thirty years was the first person in it when you see the triage an all right well you know what these mean in the mean not only come in today for a bit lot. in his last open its doors to lloyd a memorial wall documents
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float homage. since the months and sixteen runs in the building reports its extensive repairs. newly refurbished so the retailer is keen to broaden its appeal we will leave little customer that brings in to their families so they sold since the suns the grandchildren and the fight to. the we have the friends that will attract investment to convert them into new shoes cost as well so having been close physical so for months. there is no hope it's a medical for lost time and take advantage of some of the heads of the moms of the court will but the owners to do but it still exists for the iconic retailer. we'll plain to see the series welcome christmas rush. brophy fourteen years as the world's top of the border was checking out the way simple majority and illegal today. nine times world champion mike stewart from hawaii joined irish on his own promotional trip to encourage more people to take up the sport. it's a bit
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colder than hawaii but that doesn't bother the world's top of the torture it's the waves and aunt doreen he's interested in it that's the really good. a really good spot this a great way for by pouring here. and in fact i think it be great if people really came to learn more about what they have in their backyard because so many good ways they're provided by hello what if compared to other countries now this is right up there in terms of the surf quality i'd be right up there don't get scolding a winner but of no progress in senior fine once again the water so. this is really great spot. mike's shirt is nine times more and body boarding champion and the body boarders here described him as an activist who would start then take up the sport and they hope to add that many more people would do the same. it's amazing to have my care. was with this and even watched him for the last ten fifteen years in the sky where the founders of our sport that system is besar from
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wynnum survey for cc she's two and is like a sporting idol. likened to go for radical but try to its debut so what's the effect is also just for the dawn of the vehicle that our shores of you is this what's the appeal of the school basically you just want to get into it just becomes so was formed from fatima. i will buy festivals and a stop at the octave. we like for you this. the schedule off i'm sure he's right i must try it sometime. maybe in the summer in hawaii. id not rte news on the door the gospel lesson for the pastry with us to fish around me just to look a very huge. you can. we will win
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the eye. i know. shh got take participation rates quick twitch. it's that time and for such success. she wants pink eye. we stayed late markets. this is me this week. so for what. but the system. at this trip and each will go was telstra with a ninety percent with the text of what i did. for
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the next workout i've had looks pretty good. what is he. the dogs of this. look it up instantly i know. it literally at bay the bicycles as the sofa to leave the wood frame and then tumbled to cover bowles was very intriguing and that sweet souls thought that it too so the cover will be aboard the station. since listing in building its one hundred percent recycled the five senses. it's cheap combine those with material costs can be urban environmental projects. this can be to get kids to school in africa. then of course. we hope to do list. seasonal
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solutions to play it seasonal changes means that they should include the names and ages job to cut a problem its automotive students work on equipment from a local plant life career and employment training these days is to encounter and agreed to a deepak a recipient of a deep respect and still educational stripping project own interests. the project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families the country's growing industries. partnerships between companies and vocational schools are encouraged. students can be pasted into the full becoming full time employees. the city on sunday that its identity you can activate its insane up but the history of northeastern state of many play by the keeping of the media. hundreds of keeping from fox and eighty oz of baby to queue outside decide what to eat me.
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counts except head on a baking day basis. i'm motivated to stop the hyundai been making this a good piece on north avenue. doctors up on some tight spots is predicted that day don't you think that was organized with another patient a good aussie couple in front. insomnia by the dentist. what sort of hinted that can then be but is defeated on basic rights so enough said that easy since i can't seven iits the medicine its descriptions of necessity information on issues of the bike to the debate. on the twenty twelve proper support and committing to child survival from this review was launched. it examines global trends and child mortality. noting rapid progress in reducing child death. data released by the u s interagency group for child mortality estimation shows that globally the number of deaths for children under five fell from nearly twelve million in nineteen ninety two an estimated six point nine million in twenty eleven
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it is in the world. also on the way and makes the network's top four. says it was. it is. low. it is
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low. it is. ch ch the dvds
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i do. i mean. in it. you you little one. the event. yours


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