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the store get the seat of the three geneva it did come out an historic deal of the rolls with the program with several. ukraine's opposition is fanning the flames of discontent from happy with the government's move to cut eu integration also a cracking down on the currency practices washington consider slapping on a price to protect provide america's all helpful. boil
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milk tea on the rolls dessert ready to sell weapons to kill three james despite that for human rights record. the he would be a four ounce a day the world's political elites have descended on geneva in the course of its appeal can be reached with iran and brits you're a new enrichment program. upon his arrival a few of the day. russia's foreign minister met with his iranian counterpart straight away. optimism about the potential agreement is an evenly divided between the six countries participating in the toolbox which have now entered the third day of his playboy kodak is joining us live now from geneva to bring us the latest. he is there a
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feeling when either the breakthrough could be reached this time well built old's hair in full swing the man as he said has been a flurry of activity since russia said a map of jesse james is anybody's your teammates with his iranian counterpart he said setting the scene with ease talk to them as catherine ashton as soon as well now and to finance and number of sticking points still remain hidden so what are the hunted down to fifty lbs is getting to be mates and we made the rounds foreign minister has already set the tone that's the wild talents come to making recognize he runs and lights to uranium enrichment. he's not signing a deal here and we know that's coming into the suitcase nations iran has already made a number of concessions according to reports they've already agreed to stop enriching uranium to identify the sounds. they've agreed to display areas of anything
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that's already been enriched to a five percent of the red sea and the whole city was taken about not using the finest centrifuges an email or worse make excellent unwell the us and eu have agreed to amendments that were in the corn hill makes the actions against iran to prevent a pace six months off trade deal here is how my doubt that if they ever get to hammering out that deal say it was still a lot of positions that need to be reconciled and are talking about potentially coming on to tillamook to be losing sanctions against iran in the same time they were in the us. the hotline is in progress. talking about tainted by tutsi not more sanctions against iran say i'm a lot of lag still to be done if the water is getting to the great white for the filing said the school can join kerry dancing in light of morning that's not confined to act like they are told on dates. the mcguinty covering how these negotiations are progressing from a nineteen inch
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the morning so stay tuned and see if they can hammer out an historic deal that will bring in and steal and decades of political wrangling a player runs needed for the end of twenty to twenty twenty four ten that life in geneva. it's not good to great feelings this new phenom in the arms control association and an expected new cat and if ration of them all in this joy from the states. the good thing there is a chelsea deal could be struggling. there's a real chance of a deal being struck. at this point it's still uncertain. we might to him the weekend with the dramatic announcement the word mine. in the weekend with some differences still to be to be british. but though we're out of a very encouraging place of looking at this long. thirty five year record of deep mistrust between the two on and many of its negotiating partners to give this a cup of ice when sasha community where iran could be allowed to enrich peering in at some
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sort of level. i think almost any conceivable agreement here. that is that the agreement that is likely in the real world will include the expectation that iran would continue enriching in some form. now it's truly a of the negotiators held it up. articulate that and some sort of a textual form an agreement. the iranians will certainly insist that the npt gives them an inalienable right to enrich uranium the other partners. one way or another will emphasize that such rights are very much conditional on the country's strict adherence to bowl beat all of the safeguards that be the nuclear nonproliferation treaty requires of its partners. but whether or not but no matter how their
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language is expressed in the text. the point will be will iran. up to be allowed to continue enriching uranium in sum amounts were to some level or not and i think the answer is almost certainly yes it will go some countries is a nation have a new kit program that old but if there is a deal reached him but once you're on the cheek and they came from it. apart from being allowed to continue with its us nuclear program one of the other benefits because its office people being offering very positive gestures to the international community. later on will benefit a number of where's the first there is there is going to be financial benefits it's not going to be the core element of the sanctions but there's going to be real money. this is going to be released there is going to be spare parts which are very much needed and then meet up in the aeronautical sector of iran for for safe for air
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transport. there are of petroleum and gold sanctions or talk about here there will be some real low marginal other benefits right away to her on from this agreement for the most important thing is flooded. drawing the outlines of an older man framework agreement. iran is already being given. a legitimacy stamp for its nuclear program. the note in a way that is sought for a very long time being the conclusion of any kind of agreement along this. along these lines will. it reaffirmed that a continued iranian enrichment of uranium he is going to be tolerated by other countries and other very much up the first step toward an ultimate removal of all the crippling sanctions
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that are now in place that will be become visible. greg thanks so much miss consortium of ten top secret filming live there from walking. welcome to the ukrainian opposition is baring its teeth threatening president yanukovich with impeachment and trial to bring tens of thousands of people onto the streets by the week and all that fell to the government suspended work towards a free trade deal would be some protest already taken place of his election is just good looks. some part of the korea society have had a very bitter reaction to the news that the country would not be signing the eu association deal next week protests have been taking place all over ukraine since last night. you're now witnessing one of them it is essential independence square to protest the state citing the state's their rallies. at least until sunday nap when we talk more than seventy thousand people to the streets. this is one part of the greatest sight seeing you react if i get approached the season. the other part which also includes a
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prominent political analysts and density tears in the political leader. they've been saying that in ukraine by not signing this agreement may have infected dogs a bullet. some of these statements some of these moments and emotions are compiled in my report two months ago which was talented at saddam deal on thursday ukraine's government all but completely ruled out that an association agreement with the eu would be signed next week. instead with the trach ties with russia and cis was made the priority fortunately some stage in ascending to the top and the weather is unfavorable the one hundred eighty degree turnaround comes after months of openly voiced concerns that ukraine's economy would simply collapse if it's for the free trade zone with the eu which in turn promised no compensation is on potential losses think it is the luckiest a pity because i think that this bill is bad news for the ukraine if it be like somebody today got back in time to nineteen twelve on trying to get to the titanic it would have been an actual suicide for the ukraine got to scientists just a few days before them. moody's
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downgraded ukraine's economic index to read the full level that led the government to openly admitting that the old retaining it connie was not ready for the people that way we haven't gotten a clear signal from our european neighbors that the losses which we have suffered in the last four months would be compensated by entering new markets and european markets will need to hold the work of a dozen of our enterprises but our country can't afford firing tens of thousands of workers. jewish str c to fourteen from kiev in ukraine blackmailing whom i presumed that imitations address recent allegations the russia forced ukraine into the tent are you sick of adobe's in some pieces but then she's been listening to what the russian leader to say turkish prime minister appetite for iron upon is here meeting with president than they had a joint press conference or the ukraine issued actually did come up high in one of the questions mr flynn was actually asked about allegations that came out in a report earlier
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friday as suggesting that the ukrainian president had spoken to his that counterpart to the killing and counterpart. i get a phone call ian waite said he brought up that moscow pressure on the ukraine to scrap plans that for the station and this that tray to catch his eye mr clinton responded that to a question about that let's take a lesson use the tool the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian pounds of pot maybe we should all star american f that so if i may have been told us anything. he was of course joking but he was referencing there is the us national security agency spying scandal wre the agency had been accused of wiretapping had the phone calls of the various eu leaders on a more serious note however mr put an outlet to staff the european union suggesting that it's the eu. in fact that's the blackmailing and pressuring ukrainian high end vs dl let's take a listentetetl
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canceled or suspended negotiations with the eu wants to reveal everything we had a flight from the eu to ukraine. all the way up to organizing mass protest. this is pressure and blackmail stick with the ukraine and the european union that mr could have actually referenced turkey is a longstanding been up for membership in the european union which hasn't been successful to date that fifty year process that high he said that he turn it into mr aragon and that jokingly basically said that he wanted to get free air guns that input on this since the country had tried for so long to enter the european union. i miss the aircon had entered that the us had this that is the fifty year old requesting that he wanted to you i answer with his own request asking for russia to take turkey into the shanghai no organization for what's called for cooperation party that supports the six party of economic cooperation agency that life as a particle several other countries. i essentially had jokingly and making a statement about that turkey
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is an inability so far to join the eu. we spent a lot and from the institute of democracy and corporation explain how he believes the eu pushes its own agenda eastwood's the eu has conceived this association agreement luckily other agreements that it has signed with the former east european states. as a jew. that being able to understand that in the midst of all these accusations against russia it's actually the eu which sees its eastward expansion wasn't too difficult. united will go to. is it time to win on media which pulls in comparison. ukraine is a tiny country signed up to the customs union with russia russell said that that says that the knitting any
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possibility of its signing an association agreement with the eu was off the table the eu made it to you on the sunny view of treatment all you have to sign the rush. a report from british and pieces concluded that saudi arabia's new taurus me that human rights record is no reason to stop selling billions of pounds and weapons to the kingdom campaigners have accused the government having to despotic regimes in return for profit. smith has more on the controversy of the recall echoing silence the ethical side and out of the uk having this race relations that would operate in saudi arabia you obviously have stopped school human rights records but if it's been a simple thing is that the government finds new ways of sending the races it to the is that snakes through eighteen it's a pretty stupid with his cupcake and not necessarily doing anything of our space contest. rates on hold the tracy said that that is that our consent about juggling human rights with these lucrative trade deals it recognizes that saudi arabia's well as the key practice of arms from the uk is quite controversial. it is
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said to the balance is no point in anything that relationship it wouldn't set any caps it all. now the campaign against the odds take is no progress to the sixties is the foreign affairs committee of providing the cold but basically for the government as the case as he continues to conduct a despicable regimes in the seventh of august context to take the fall of the eighty p on friday fracture said basically what is important to recognize the hypocrisy but don't anything about representative the campaign against arms trade told us what exactly the group believes the report is misguided. there is a moral attitude why the british government's because it is there always say that to understand the solid piece with a pundit to the political to try to understand the point of view and we will have influence over them. we take the extra
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steps to the soul of weapons to fight off to go to nationals. we say that that's just the wrong way round you should put human rights human rights the style basic human right to expect it to his saudi arabia and of course in bahrain as well. they should be at the center of the uk government policy. each will be about selling on it should be of help support the human rights and that the problem with this report. human rights takes to second place to commercial interests and to tp to the interests of the big arms companies. more news in real wages of humans is off the week because of a line from oscar the eye. this is a really low so we did see bush's security. your party years ago. it seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. saw lot of
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politicking. only on our team china's yuan. to them. she was used to consume you can use that degree. it used to access key to haunt you. i do i am. i am . we want to test
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tube strike you saw it when it will set you back five thousand dollars in new us legislation becomes law will be paid to protest bill come to see the willoughby has already been crossed by the house of representatives but that's to facilities connect current reports the house of representatives decided first amendment does not apply when the oil and gas industries are concerned they pass the bill this week that imposes a five thousand dollar fee for anyone wishing to file an official protest against the proposed drilling project. their contest going on across the nation the unpaid probably cracking for instance there has been over a thousand documented cases of water contamination the people are naturally conservative. but at the same bill that establishes the fine for protesting against drilling would also allow for automatic approval of onshore drilling permits to the house of representatives is doing huge favors or paddle for oil and gas industry. they've got
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just past one legislation that passed and now the bill this week that would put more authority of hydraulic fracture in the hands of states that way the department of interior would have no authority over what the companies disclose what chemicals they use in the fluid with their water from frank wells is polluted to whether anyone can request hearings regarding african carvings permit applications needless to say that the fashion industry's contributions into congressional campaigns have quadrupled since two thousand and four. these two bills still have to pass the democrat controlled senate even if they pass present obama has indicated he would veto the legislation should be kept that far spooky actually do it. your opponent is elected to get in the opposite direction when it comes to the fuel. aside from forcing trucking companies to file damage reports bureaucrats in to get more ways to regulate the industry so why is this image ill will toward tracking both august and
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you've gotten and how it works well first off a hole is drilled in the entity a call to the walker and texans are then pumped into the trade is old ropes and released gas molecules and that's when the trouble begins. they just coaxing some of which are radioactive often contaminate local water supplies. up to seventy percent off tracking fluids will say seep into the soil around the ball remaining has it that the case. above ground the process releases bosco is a greenhouse gases than all but impossible to keep in check. as i met karzai has firmly rejected us close to me to be some agreement that would allow american troops to stay in afghanistan up to twenty four team. he says the deal should be rectified in the off the presidential elections in the mid of next year. due to clashes with the us are to stage on kerry whose corporate to be pushed or as quickly as possible. the only team in a kennel this
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discovery debating whether to support the cold and she watches from the cross but too many he says. after the stump residence is in a very delicate position karzai is worried of course that he owes his existence to the presence of the american forces that have kept in the power and yet at the same time. he knows that millions of afghans resent are angry i had indignation about the fact that the united states government has run roughshod over the country for the last twelve years with the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and us soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of this entry. twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after the two thousand. how one invasion this is a clear instance of a colonial relationship with the united states invades and occupies a country that uses various projects and then maintains military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the us open to determine or that the real power in
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afghanistan. it comes to sharing new mum would think twice if we do this in saudi arabia and the hugs campaign is the best. as these classified their actions is exhausting practices. do more harm than good in the fun of it he tells them how to build comb right now. the whole melting away to save the endangered population of code offences. russian scientists plan to make the grisly sort of mother of snow going to come. that's what my feet. right now eight my old the israeli city called nazareth. i was recently voted back into town a promise to keep the seat and tuition limit the growth of the arabic population. and this in a diverse electorate of christians and arabs. top each portion in the reports he's refusing to back down my goal is to have as few times as possible. i make and of anti racist
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reshuffling the flight descent of man is king the same mighty fine percent will say to the media. ansari on the anyone beat the site plan is a toothless underneath. similarly caps and has never shied away from prophecy. the mayor of nazareth he is known for building neighbor puts the two citizens only banning christmas trees from schools and boasting thatat he stopped the adult population in the city from growing among the spring as he comes when the midst of an imminent announcement. and now he's just being rejected for not attending office. this led into the detail is fast that you state and then a democracy the same day spin as it is. the anyone can give it a pasting below at the beach and tools they can keep on training. but an awesome athlete is in fact i think he makes sixty one in five of its resistance is added importance that the vehicle and must launch an estimate. often called the arab capital of israel i've mentioned that came from nazareth in other villages come here to get away from the crowded areas
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and improve their living standards the ultimate sixteen he was born here he's been trying to get a nap scruples in the city. but it's not going to happen on this man's watch in this country. one day get to the poet is thinking people sixteen by the wind. so far if he'd become more races then he will have more. and people to vote for him the name makes up its finkelstein angry. she supports gaps are and says the desire to live in a two says he is what the country's founding fathers envisaged that every single item on the coffee is what is keeping me here because i know that if it wasn't for handel relive those at home. this is without a doubt a war of existence. recent municipal elections so got to the mix it with fifty two percent of votes. his post as promised a jewish sixty four with that i was in excess and painless
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of the racist undertones which we need a law not dangerously close to entering the great political mainstream. the most disturbing aspects. he takes played in the us. no wait a microcosm of israel the city's council to preserve its jewish or ddt is in eastwood history religion and discrimination. depending which side you're on. portis the auntie doesn't repeat north in his room. one of the small global headlines this hour ten year old boys reportedly been killed in egypt. supporters and opponents of the muslim brotherhood in the last to present her little success in the capitol police forces and defeat the firing into the air show in the crowds that a gas canisters the protests were smoking one hundred days and security forces did a major city in the season with his new car a killing up to falling hundred people. the fifty p reportedly been killed though for supermarket collapsed in the latvian capital doubles moore also injured in every guy has had thirty people can still be trapped under
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the rubble. an investigation of the north in two more calls the building to crumble the politicians blamed for years to meet building standards. while the bacon this hour of thousands of people to continue a general strike in a trip to the demonic war militia groups believe the libyan capital and the local council has said the city will not work until again the contestant who killed the week again as they demonstrated outside the headquarters of one of the greek and capri which opened fire on the crib. four days within the team and sustainable from afton in the meantime larry king talks to the legendary american journalist bob woodward about the obama administration. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. i am
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there's not all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupied movement. this is nothing to do with hunger and homelessness with different key problem in the so called first world debt. early jubilee project is arty bought around fifteen million dollars parcel that americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought more for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens. the group claims that the secondary ticket market is very cheap that they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consists of the unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the role in jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck will get stared at her chest. the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against evil system
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instead of just blogging about it. although fifty million dollars is a tiny tiny drop of the debt markets it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion the room. he is. and so the move. each one seventeen. two. thus you can watch in hd world you were ever you go. she asks for your own tablet. access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace
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i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network. sells. says. i eye. soil
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kelly's you like the don't like. thanks for joining us coming up. the search for survivors of last year continues after he collapsed roof kills thousands of people. un climate told to me and end with no timetable for reducing emissions in sight europe law launches three satellites in a long awaited mission to study earth's magnetic


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