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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 22, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PST

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will will or will it. i was crying and trying to tell two months from our own share of the united states and britain on throwing their weight behind included talks begin on the sheet is from six paul collins and talking with the mainland officials in geneva. i'm trying to persuade them to cut the atomic extent a tease extended fashion show by day in hopes of a deal russian prime minister a certain number of those over eighteen can eat that. us officials say faculty of state john kerry is on display. this
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offensive saying one second lead him to join them. she has turned to me what steps did i mention taking the first stage of the deal one key issue is whether technology runs right into each ukrainian. i'm not always but it is among the indians called the construction of the heavier more tender yet that they could ease to use that as the teacher extract weapons grade plutonium caught a picture taken at it we don't much of our work already. made progress on about ninety percent of the issue. they're only one or two important matters that remain. therefore we need to continue negotiate. she tells have spent four days to get back. and then save the presence of non profit entity and he suggests that oaks and beats that make or break stage. the land like a therapy team for more help for some of the most vulnerable survivors of time
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than honey and they say more than a million children in the philippines and risk of malnutrition. officials for the unicef save more and more children in the disaster area said oh like you to the undiminished. they say one point three five million and a shared by other means of not guilty enough to eat and a cynical what this must examine children quickly get into treatment they need to now it's not just a matter of true. illnesses such as diarrhea for huge impact the situation in the disaster area is extremely severe because malnutrition and disease is happening at the same way this problem will only get bigger if the necessary action is not taken to talking about. it was nice as many children now something has disastrous cats. he says they need mental health and japanese schools reopened. he
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also says officials need to watch out for thinking of children and women. the world bank is terrible it is an urgency to the philippines seen anyone seemed ominous expressed in junior camp around in a contest in baking or aquino. he promised four hundred eighteen eighty and donna's it up at five hundred million here and you can eat it. the money will help communities develop infrastructure such as water pipes those schools and clinics. the world bank is a disaster because option expense to the private teams to oxidative damage. i think the other ones diplomat has stressed its kind people not easy and this takes part in talks over north korea's new developments as well as the day's income than sharp and ready to scrap any of the weapons. the special representative for north korea policy demand davies could this help your income declined to attend on its own on friday. he has expressed
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strong discontent that the north's officials he said he failed to show they're serious about making concessions. we call on north korea. to move meaningfully in the direction of the demands that have been made by the international community to give up its nuclear weapons shortly we had a good discussion. this is part of the ongoing negotiation process among six countries north korea is denuclearization. moreover china's new carnival and worked our way to test the six party talks in beijing. great to put more pressure on the north. if he is don't take action. davies plastic course meet with japan and south korea as palestine and to keep the pressure on them. a lawyer and kim and ryan to expect says he's concerned about the japanese government built to protect state secrets. he says it poses a
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threat to transparency and people who leak information special buffet all. thank goodness as the philippines establish legal grounds for deciding what information to keep secrets. he warns it could undermine democratic governance by threatening transparency and he says that endangers whistleblower was and generous to report on state secrets. he also wants the bill makes no reference to an independent authority to check out the decisions on what information to keep secrets. he's asking the japanese need is for more details. prosecutors in japan are expected to investigate whether a campaign stop for the doctrine of terra kill falsified the financial report. now key innocence as he received funds from the medical group suspected of activities because it has now gone. not a campaign contribution on sunday in
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the second round of media reports that he received fifteen min long and about five hundred thousand dollars from a group known as the ship i e l plates medical institutions across japan what is going to be worth it they offered me support so i even accepted the money they are the dreamers. also stars team and took ship was found and for one test and cornell took that last event that about a month before the given antonio in action it was fun discover that the tying. he says. they gave him a pass no law. use this as he attended money to cook does wind up to take to persecute is needed to pick up an assist in september of this cf. the prosecutors are investigating a separate allegation involving the medical group. it's suspected of being in the uprising page campaign stop for a cup of the sun and
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the one seat in the non house passed a setback. sosa still in each case the prosecutors found a bag of cash this month and a sense the house went up to this divine commands. she said it was great and now the main asset this is an action on the day the chief tranches of candidates to report on campaign funds and spending i'll make this face and maximum prison term of the hens were fined up to five thousand dollars. and at the mo in a civil not automatically reduces coast even though construction and is convicted of finding a false report . the we need them. he's best known internationally for leading the city's successful bid to host the twenty twenty and that is. assault is to measure how well countries that the well defined led to plans have announced their
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latest rankings. before the nation using the technology most successfully to improve the lives of citizens the screen. start of the world wide web foundation said take a few one countries on the app as they make to help people get online and how well they protect privacy sweet looking at the top of the second day in america led by no way suggests that those countries that meet the internet more accessible to those from the twentieth case to thirteen because of any and all of the town's online in action campaign campaigning. this is just as the doors had had positive impact on politics and society. the nac start from second place to fourth because of revelations that government agents secretly collected people's personal information. the man who invented the blackberry the thirty six foundation warned that outgoing tide of surveillance and censorship threatens the peachy on
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democracy. what a couple contest. i knew i do. the us
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this line. act. i know. i am freak summits of the war. i know. tour set to beat them last unexplored area. and bryson once you


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