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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 23, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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guarded by afghan security forces to attract many foreign investors who are competing on beats for mining projects. one of the prerogatives of the afghan government has to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will creates revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven. the china metallurgical group corporation no one attended to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul in fugitive you know what will work on like these projects in each project speaking to chill. as british units remained until the day before. to ensure that most of what to do in the needed to get a little cars that would be needed to get a part in it because of the kitchen. china is not hilly country investing in afghanistan india pakistan and iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also be for power plants and with a roasted them and afghanistan with south and central asia. at the nec excavation of honor
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at the morgue and minerals notice that this cold or three but this modest restated on the first of the sentence reads. it's been described as the most significant archaeological find in afghanistan. but the reached a no call for runs a rifleman in it so the artifacts will be relocated block but looked to purpose built museum nearby and the future will be taken to the national museum in trouble and as the morning these but i found this so i'm going to be. both coaches who can put a good boss lady and was buying all those older than the pundits say wouldn't that be. in theory the cross of the mining industry should ensure canadians into the crippled up and economy. let there be many allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts the minister says is improving transparency by closing a number of bank accounts and publishing whole financial the bills online these are big challenges but the thickening that's mine with the help of the duff chemist on into far more prosperous future. some of
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the twenty nine act has done it's time for the nick of time. with one win. the us
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hannah now requires all aircraft flying over the pregnancy to report that my friends already the transmitters. on that the wind. once. before that what's done is by state law i think. and at least seven people are going to happen without that one might not find it. julia watching cctv years time bomb. china's ministry of finance
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the defense has declared an air defense identification zone in east tennessee. all aircraft flying in the cell must report their flight plans to transform ministry and the civil aviation administration. now if the aircraft does not supply a flight plan which has time to force its will take emergency defensive measures in response. the announcement states that time as ministry of national defence has full administrative rights over this now. the moves came into force on saturday morning at ten am. nestor defence ministry has given a prescribed imitation off the air defense identification zone. more information is available on the ministry's official website. it was defence ministry's that sees that harassment of the east china sea air defense identification zone does not target a specific country ministry spokesman general jim kelly press briefing at the new rules aimed to safeguard the time the sovereignty and territorial airspace. he said
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that they will not affect the freedom of international airlines flying all over the sound. the spokesman said that the demarcation of the identification sound as they summon the offense and defense and the maintenance of orderly clients. he said that anything found in honor to establish the intention and in national gallery of aircraft in the area. this only includes attendance down the island's than santana will take measures to deal with any anthrax and identified aircraft. tiny audition alex you in line negotiators had been working since wednesday to try to find an agreement on the wind seemed to progress and is acceptable to both the one and p five plus one powers namely the united states russia china france britain and germany. while the talks in geneva had been scheduled to conclude on friday the quakes ended amid hopes of a possible breakthrough chris finally to the state now joins us from doing the not for the latest on
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the tot mom thing for joining us we take the foreign ministers of six major powers are gathering in geneva to the oceania could deal with the ones still tell us how is it progress in right now. mum and i think we face and abalone show that foreign ministers descending on tv they're up to three scheduled days of the madison so there's no other interpretation that we can bid on it than that we are very new deal and probably some time they said we will get an announcement that the round and the other six international house have come to an agreement with the demands that new korea program. the indications that followed the strongest inch and why the chinese news agency. with scorching day that foreign ministry spokesperson said that say we have reached the final moment it is being difficult to arrive to the colts have been
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strained at many times the diplomats in cash to help seeing the re reached epidemic proportions. i'm from washington to tehran and other parts of the world but now we do seem to have a deal the good news of that agreement started when news filtered through of the orion hope all of the russian foreign ministers said they laughed off as ever posted late last night. russian foreign ministers say cannot go for bonnie jean genie that and his weighty diplomatic skills to the stuttering new vehicle. iran's chief nuclear negotiator doubt that the trees here leading to the mosque if you pay tolls as is get people to show for his efforts. he's continued to insist is done the rounds right to convict you ring while the forty nine which around the negotiating table or fourth session of talks
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with the european union's chief taken to the catherine ashton. that is positive the towpath with the stumble now after dustin is a consulting with his favorites is from the six i'm discussing what was being chc!vez has been gone so far and we'll see what happens off. mexicans but this puts a smile that melts rule is that how things will happen next. amanda and the six major world powers with which is again facing the united states russia china france britain and germany. includes two agreement two weeks ago the tool then co ops to a lack of consensus among the western governments and in the uranium enrichment issue that remains the sticking point now the problem for the west is the level to which man is in
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reaching his lady and twenty percent close to nuclear weapons grade. if as the man has consistently maintained that new korearogram is for peaceful purposes of energy generation that needs argued for in a hospice and enrichment should be enough the peasants in geneva of the good news us secretary of state john kerry. i'm russian foreign ministers to gain the froth is possibly an indication that this time round thing it is now regarded as an option. these critical told on monday to continue through the weekend until pan is finally put to paper well since then of coles we've learned that it's not just don't carry and say chaos often found but said foley other is the go all that grouping the un to nando's of the pendant five including britain. having including china. and also to
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see that the committee including gemini is an additional one that the biggie the dynamo what's with the bronze with it and when did they would believe that the deal had been finalized. it looks now. we face an impressive presence in town that a deal has been agreed. what were away saying mum mum. as of the details of it and how they got around these problems. all the uranium enrichment return the winners and others have been some really tough negotiations over the past few days now which so many ministers to rhyming in town and turning really expect an agreement to come out from the stops. well what we what we had to find out tuesday and haven't gotten to the engine on buying the ring ins to have the tv ad the ability to enrich the rainy and the recognized as an ad national rights. it all goes back to nineteen eighty six known
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proliferation treaty which makes actually no mention of in a stolen the iranians argument was that it doesn't say times we say tacky and cole said. dots then leads on to the extent of the enrichment the ukrainians were making it to new weapons grade. there will also problems of. iraq had the wool to a nuclear reactor that too. couldn't bridge east mp tony and that could've been used in nuclear weapons. and of course full compromise in that direction ukrainians are saying we've got to look at what we get in return we will significantly lifting of sanctions. i paid over the next six months of talks because let's not forget this is an interim agreement that we're waiting here. in great anticipation on month to find out just what words what phrases they use to get around those
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problems and that what concessions being made on either side. the stuff to get it we did happily with it two weeks ago. when the international powers and amanda paid to be all and cool for an agreement suddenly from stood up and said it was unhappy about the deal. the whole thing collapsed. that remains a possibility but at the moment that just awaiting the details and this evil was six hours and around on the same song sheet mom thanks very much we can't really put a from geneva appreciate it. at supper slimy to best they can find the latest talks on tehran's nuclear power. well let's now turn tail and elaine in perspective and for that second top rope responding to belong to me and him to find footing and the russian foreign minister and the us at the kent stage i abide in geneva. within just a few hours of each other to help narrow the differences as the us state department said
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so what is the one think about the prospect for negotiations now that these diplomatic anyway for joining in. well you say cents reached another crucial moment in the special anc has mentioned that the foreign ministers of what powers the ride. adhesive that i mean teach me thy is seen here as the very cause it's time the media deal could be reached and the son of the negotiations so expect a sense of fear of heights and also at a specially assam and the full meets newspaper like sad news paper today. anna has been said that the thai chinese headlines like that only a step away from the final deal council and other peaceful means said his paper on my news paper are also common. it seems it had reached a very crucial moment and also adding these negotiations and it's at least add a week all make moments again. as the expectations are very high here and this money at
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you but i'm so bloody good team and has and has peaks and their u s team in the woods canteen and he sees that i saw some guy in the onions become another peaceful pecans at that said the nice that the swinging out there whatever team we loved was that the ghost and negotiation collar off their nation in the negotiation team me and the meantime he also meets at that. these are the sweeney will also bring a one three solid and that any union laptop that he will get the deal. and now astronomically tried to tune your investment is a once read mine. so what are the expectations from inside the country. yes. thus the question again what think it's like she's feeling in
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the enrichment is it once read minds so what are the expectations from inside the wine. seems that we are having connection problems with our reporter wanting and into mine and would try to get back to her later on in this program if we can. his son has closed the border crossing into afghanistan compatible protest against us don't strikes a pose board appointee active torque on in the khyber pass is one of the two main crossings used for nato supplies. officials say nearly seven percent of nato supplies are transported through caucus done thousands of people will begin in protest to stand on the main supply route in the city of peshawar. later on saturday. the protest was planned after the november first you don't strike which killed a pakistani time and she's just a day and had a pee stops was the pakistani government. on thursday and that i don't strike killed the six teachers and students at a religious school fan. i
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know. cctv news turning out to the latest developments from friday's oil pipeline explosion in china's eastern city of qingdao. at least forty seven people are now known to have died one hundred and thirty six are injured passing leaking oil hike on fire and explode it is the latest in a string of deadly accidents to hit china's petrochemical industry. i would put a handful filed this report from the scene. khan. one moment the world was turned upside down we heard a huge boom and a loss of colossus be unfolded from scott would barely skate. so by this agency that was one scene in disaster films the massive
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blast ripped open a me too low billions were reduced to rubble with many cars overturned a devastating force of the collapsed. this sort of exploded it was indeed an oil pipeline owned by china's biggest refiner sinopec. so i said liu. sen opec markers were trying to repair a leaking tap into an explosion happened. it's huge and has ordered an all out effort to save the change the vipers you well i'm still recovering from a near death experience getting settled the iraq war only smash and down like entering a store smoke was blocking our eyesight and you know weren't around i thought i would be killed right there this layout. we're going by car does seem to explode as the glass shattered. he jumped up and i was almost thrown out when it fell back
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down and broke bones in my feet my friends are in serious condition after suffering head injuries. this is stuff like this think this might sound as if those injured in his death makes posting this but it costs also caught and he are right outside the icu. on the steps to wait in line to that first moment out their beloved wives are coping and outside hospital to see his policy statements. emergency workers are working around the clock to re store electricity. much harder however will be restoring faith in the safety of the petrochemical industry they allow sinopec is denied really poised at the pipeline and bought an explosion was put into operation just the thought has it that the next official social media accounts that the pipeline is confirmed to be the one linking bombed out with the stadium don't mean it has been in use for twenty seven years. the media had been reporting exposure with
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added new pipeline built at a cost of one point three billion yuan. the kid fun gal was to see the athletes now terry had tension out to the philippines. the chairman said the death toll from super tax in high gear and had sorted over five thousand two hundred with over one thousand six hundred people still missing. master of disaster and risk reduction management council said on friday that a considerable increase in fatalities came after the allegation awful with a thousand more deaths related to the devastation of the store. and they still see its release by the philippine department of agriculture tyson height and has caused economic losses of over two hundred and forty million us dollars in crops livestock and farm infrastructure the department's as my swelling in coconut growing areas as well as the sugar plantations and males in central philippines when backlit by the time when one of one hundred and forty five thousand metric tonnes of iron nails my niece and two
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point five million coconut trees. what council destroyed it is actually fit men's team was banned by the bekaa society of time and had to buy it in tech lol in the area was tat bike i think i can. the team is currently discussing precise detail to the rescue where it with philippine officials. four hundred people. i still said to be missing intact well then. and the chinese team will focus on searching for survivors along coastal areas another thirty tiny as rescue workers and relief supplies it into a binding pact will then on saturday afternoon. ty is also spending and state of the art hospital ship to the philippines in response to one of the world's biggest hide things in the philippines. the fourteen thousand tonne piece arctic is now on its way into the lake others more details breaking the waves in the south china sea. china's hospital ship peace arch is fitted with three hundred hospital beds eight operating
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theaters and a hundred strong medical team. unaccustomed to the big waves at sea. many of the staff got seasick that they have to carry on with a series of intensive training before reaching their destination. it was just to finish her training session all this training is carried into the forest for whites are racist me deeply when they arrive the art carries over a thousand times the medicine and more than two thousand sets of medical equipment. the sequin uncle under maintenance checks every day. all were tailored to the practical means of the disaster area. art will join an international flotilla of naval ships now that will bring you water and medicine to victims of typhoon idea and a bus crew from china's red cross society is ready breached the worst hit area in the central philippines officials say continued rescue efforts will follow johnny night cctv. at least this and people have been killin more than ten thousand
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displaced after cycling palin meet grandpa in southern india on friday. phone helen hit me to nap and did stake in the southern state of entropy dashed early afternoon local time. what is the sweets after one hundred and fifty commoners for an hour. meanwhile sea conditions worsened along the coast at the site on coastal and simple give them the region have an awful brothel on torrential rains blocking a neat row. how was the low intensity side clone in comparison to last month's cycle final in india since seeing this i cloned in fourteen years. when i hit the coastline and that the dash and od says state and claimed at least forty three lines affected some twelve million people an awful display to watch the areas of farmland. fan in spain had promised to take additional steps to ensure that point fourteen but if i were in line with eu
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law. this comes after the european commission expressed concern over a national draft last week finance ministers from other countries at risk of breaking eu rules declared at a friday meeting in brussels that they would ensure compliance the commission last week reviewing a draft that it stands at the budget outlines of the chile spain melt on and finland. the government in breach of eu laws on deficits and debt reduction i know the kind regulations eurozone countries that must not exceed the sixty percent of gdp while deficit must not exceed three percent. well till now is gearing up to host the world's two biggest sporting event the twenty fourteen to involve world cup and the twenty sixteen olympics. huge crowds expected in the country and to cope with this influx the government has decided to private eye is the number of major airports the bidding process open on friday and there were some
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surprises at cctv skull cap brawl reports expectations for the option to privatized to deceive in the airport workers. but the results were even better than expected. i think that it is very strong demand and repressed demand the country has a vast territory. with the ink and hence the reason so i think that to the private players will find it very attractive market in terms of demand. as it also brazil offers of of relatively stable framework local construction company cec are and will cough that the operators of fury and unique airports that the group that eight eight hundred and fourteen medium dollars for the rights to operate the airport in to see two families too. but the big surprise was that the dough more than eight feet of dollars to run the new vision
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the un's international airport. mauled by a local construction company. oh that crashed and jun jie airport group which operates the singapore airport. great book in tow. the meat department will continue to rule the people penalty will be a moron when it drove across the country. analysts say that in addition the un's international airport attracted such interest because as the country's second easiest airport. it has potential to become a major hub for air travel interests you. but that people need much investment to increase its capacity from the current seventeen medium passenger sperry year to sixty meters by twenty thirty eight when the twenty five year concession period acts brazil's that travel industry all over the last decade. but the airport infrastructure even keep up with such expense of the state's didn't have money to invest and for many years
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this country's leftist government resistant to any suggestions off privatization you we realize that we have to bring in private capital to increase our capacity to invest in infrastructure the state alone would not be able to carry out all the investments we need. with friday's auction six busy than airports are now in private hands including brazil's largest stone paul international airport now being expanded by its new operate at airports company south africa. hopes he of the private capital will help or zeal to carry its airport infrastructure for the future all of the belt cctv somehow and finally add in the bulletin as moral and enjoying time as the leaves the killing the increasingly bs since last year security guys have been able to get certified. i was one third of china's millen and now women a growing number of students
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training to be bodyguards and china are two from taking grace brown reports on the challenges and opportunities for china's female body dots. send me a month's time the solvency of domains can be seen not held at gunpoint and tots with nights she's taken an unusual could be a part in china stops growing. here's the street. it ceased trading at the kids to secure c campus in a sec just outside the city. i wanted to do this since i was too long to get going on because it makes me stronger. and it's rewarding to protect them. according to the place is cool and it makes this less than the sons of china's richest people and now london along with a full chinese many in as the country's eighty three thousand secures the agency's up by for that business by decreasing be no party guides to shield them with more security. once that's taken up one c graduates young with a company email client nicely
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without raising the same suspicions that the hopping in fact she's also smacks of these two potential attack hits. often the same time as male and female bodyguards bangkok to be on tues the twenty four hours a day seven days a week. no other days. to me on the amount the facts. training like this became the best thing that doesn't mean it's your chance of passing than mccain. at six thousand eight hundred monde or bass thousand us dollars or three week cause it's a heavy investments in stocks and stitched and doesn't get it easy on them either. oh the wearer on the first day you were not allowed to lead our state this is because they're guarding clients don't think you know a good time so they have to. lights on high that the bodyguards in china especially when they open envelope and then see special supply that others think that
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luck and customize each on it my parents don't hear about this don't you think is cool nights with no wind can see how kaitlyn and i will keep know it will not turn out please. in case we get stuck that's from optics units each in china secures the business of growing up to the industry with the rise in twenty ten and chinese can be stopped beating increasing the unsaved them adapt the book and putting it to reach between turnovers the wider reach them for their important there's a huge debt with the resentment is growing in the well the protection of the mosque it's becoming more sophisticated states. today students are also demanding the best minds as it adds should then through tight spots since last year. moscow says like this can gain a security professional training certificate from the covenants allowing them
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to break the nation. he said and it will one day joining china's rich list the number but in qualifying to protect them is rising to grace brown cctv you knew youl all welcome to this hour snooze button teams to god in tokyo. you are sick you see john kerry and the foreign ministers of why other countries are about to join talks on iran's nuclear program in geneva the discussions between around in the five un security council permanent members plus germany and to their fourth day on set kerry arrived in the city on saturday morning following russian born mr saving the froth and a strange b


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