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covers business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm wind rtcone the house we stick out like they should down to what it really means to you and me. and today the report on some upside is that make this well just a lil bit to get a taste of all we have coming up fee. one day and half of the bags and white so many cubans still grounded. hearing the legacy of war how women in oz defuse bombs dropped decades ago
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the deficit into a forest in tips and weigh less than one u street into it. now for my taste and still know exactly what it feels like when bono stolen from one day to another gentleman looked into and country suddenly least in theory the well to deal with at the top of my travel restrictions on cubans was never going to be back for the band and will kind of moment. i don't pay packet to be surprised at how the claims that the number of trips made abroad has risen by about the fact that officials of the cagey about how that figure breaks down we spoke to cubans who wanted to enjoy than its new freedom and found that there is still plenty of strings attached the median amount is too unbearable thirty degrees is the best time to work out robotics is affordable. on the outskirts of a downer the diocese more to a god who comes to the studio three times a week. so to all you
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didn't hear this and sylvia rodrigues. apart from the workout. the three women share and reheat. although always been taught to travel assisted in foreign countries and cultures. i can't even sleep at least ninety two. nancy. what did i want to see as much as possible. cubans are curious yes i want to leave for good because of political problems cuba. i need to get out and see other countries. with typical set up the place. he notices has two brand new passports issued to her and her boyfriend. twenty six year old studied tourism but hasn't found a job in the industry. when president road cars strewn ground and cubans the right to travel this year she started dreaming and now she's one manicure away from her first ever trip abroad. religions in the bahamas water and air ticket. when not only am i we have an only child of a deal to learn a lot about international tourism island
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in the home is one thing lah i can use that for my career here in cuba. i often see ana and mentality. visitors from different countries christensen sensitivities now it's a simple coincidence that the cia. no cubans can be tourists themselves at least if they can afford to. most do not been able to venture far even on their own island. going anywhere costs money and travel abroad requires documents passports visas tickets to dilute don't have connections abroad have little chance of going anywhere. i need is as her siblings will just get into downtown abandoned. am i will get an epidural went in it most humans would like to travel. i stayed up one hundred dollars for a passport so i don't know when i'll be over two years. if you don't get a work permit or have family abroad. stay
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cheerful and a passport is used to get the breakdown normal sandwich. judy is an invitation but she's still here. she'd love to take her daughter and granddaughter to the us for his son is married to an american. the couple would pay for the flight. yet received official permission before cuban citizens can leave the country they have to give the reason for their trip to officials who do sign on the application you'll see twenty one on line sixty four years old and i've never been abroad. my only real cuba. it only got another interview this month even if they turn me down again. well i suppose i'll never make it to the us to me. which gets you all with the florida straits ron and carol was a cuban vacation paradise. this may look like just another luxury hotel. but it's more invited
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arrow. cuba has built the biggest arena in the carribean the best restaurants boutiques and twelve hundred slips including works from abouts so far only ten are taken despite their supposed freedom trouble cubans are not yet allowed to travel by boat. these facilities just a two hour boat ride to miami are designed for well heeled americans. but due to the fifty three year old us trade embargo american voters can come yet. what was said that the day you will complain about it to be naturally we hope to see about some countries in the entire carribean region come here goal including those from the united states when they take the necessary steps of them more than welcome to club moved to know what the fall. human appears to be preparing for the end of the heated trade embargo raul castro was announced economic reforms and even conducted surveys of what cubans want most. travel
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topped the list. at the same time the number of foreign visitors to cuba has stagnated. that is banking on mass tourism from america to fill the island's new hotels local police to put what you are currently creating an enormous capacity for visitors to arguing. it pays off the island has many sides to it. not new but it could be put to use in a new way the island has enormous potential. well it's been all in all. it feels as if the gold rush is broken down on the carribean island political reforms are slowly changing the face of cuba farmers can now sell their own vegetables on the streets while others are buying up run down properties and restoring them to open fancy restaurants or hotels. most cubans have yet to profit from the change in spirit you
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have seen a chance they can see. most of them is going or hotspots can already be found in the travel guides. one of the most popular polygon is in the city is located in century old mansion in the city center. ramadan is the word used to describe privately owned restaurants and since the government legalized such private enterprises some cubans have even returned to the country a story to know and i'm a hopeless optimist. if i want to profit from each of his transformation i have to be here now with patrick and i sense that the economy in my native country was opening up and offers new opportunities from there. this development continues. i want to be a part of its offices from people looking for him the union is curl up in this house now he's making money here. this restaurant is open to tourists every night. it's
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true that with him into the embargo visitor numbers which jumped from three to ten million a year. cuba will certainly see further changes until that happens the people of nevada who can't afford a table in the new fall and honest we'll have to make do with this economic mess. more that i will stop swiped off the bones found in most of the wild. what makes sense that rex has exploded to thousands of many bones about the fact of these devices didn't go off. the thinking that the legacy one after they hit the ground forty one countries are affected worldwide. it brought vietnam cambodia and do not suffer the greatest density of unexpected costs a bomb the hidden war the americans topped two hundred and seventy million of them one blouse and nine. the size of a tennis ball. these phones look like many things to children. that's why so many mothers are involved in defusing them and i'll meet some of the greatest women in
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the wild. these women would be seen their families for the next three weeks. now they're pushing heavy equipment and preparing for a highly explosive mission their workplaces and my toe has been contaminated with bombs for four decades. their job is to find the unexploded munitions. a british aid organization recruited to women and treated them to be members of a bomb disposal unit. yep me. once i've assembled mine detector and start work. forget the spirit and soul and i'm doing this for the safety of my countrymen know what kind of want to find as many ponds as possible. i went to lie the final operational tests the detector kicks in at the right moment and that's the mind searches life insurance. my niece yes it's
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the twelve woman team. she shows is attached to me. a diffuse across iraq. the us dropped two hundred seventy million such devices over laos during the vietnam war around a third failed to explode. now they lie buried and could get to me at anytime. i hope that it's no coincidence that we're an all woman team and i'm convinced that we had better instincts than i ever acted on their strengths. i think this is a town that we do better. i have a phone call i was and i need. the women's search the bomb infested area along the marked lanes. it doesn't take long for the first detective sounds off. sawyer was cleared centimeter by
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centimeter. one wrong move. a sudden vibration and a bomb could explode. now it's the expertise of team leader my niece get extra quiet securing the device is her job. the only one. she allows her to take a quick look at the bar. there was very quiet about a place in the last one a student and the palm islands have to think of my son i've learned to identify the different types and stand and sit at home i explained to him how to explode and tell him leaning over again never to touch them home with emma will kneel before the camp in oven. this crater in the rice paddies a scar left over from the vietnam war. us forces complex for nine years. now forty years later unexploded devices stealthy came across the country in the fields and even in villages. bryce
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started on dawn has been dependent on the help of his young daughters for three years now. he hosted the two of cluster bomb. on a cold morning the twenty six euro stood at this exact spot like an open pit fighter his wife and children were in the house when suddenly it was a loud explosion and the bomb grade directly beneath the fire pit. look at all. in the middle splinters hit me everywhere i chanced my eyes and hands in it. it's very hard for me one hundred and two. everything is tainted with that at last where in the rice fields anymore to see what my family like everyone else live in ireland. it's now up to his wife's hometown and his father to see the entire family. every year hundreds of people are wounded and maimed by cluster bombs in
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amounts. dozens are killed often the victims are children who mistake to give the ball for a toy. bomb disposal expert mind the cia has learned to handle the danger. to change no one on her team has been injured the sound of the detector has become her constant companion. he takes a short break every hour. then for ten minutes the sound of laughter rings out over the minefield. he added. i am i haven't packed yet. of course it's hard work and it's dangerous counted at the time when we tell each other funny stories during their breaks and we laugh alot and try to forget about the problems tournaments then then then the model and in the am and i get it out yet. the people of laos with
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the legacy of the war as best they can. remnants of the conflict are everywhere garden fence or a pillar for a home. the debris of war is given rise to an entire industry. maven and his mother to a recycled aluminum parts of the bombs for civilian use. they get the wrong material from the local scrap dealer. they melted down and molded into scoops. they make a decent living from the production of their bombs and the family sells them at markets and exports them even to the us foolproof they keep it going on with that ip model parents told me that it once range bombs all over here billy decided to make use of all this crap. firstly caste students construct one. and now we make them for the whole world. right now the bomb disposal team heads
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to access many carries plastic explosives to the nines. the other team members actually the animals and worn looking. the area the key. when the cia places the plastic explosives on the cluster bombs. her colleague lisa few weeks the lack of momentum only nine trained to do something challenging. this is too new for me to help my country get rid of the old bones. i never want to see anything like that again. yet you'll find the that is iffy. many see as i'm home on a minefield. we also have to move back the countdown for the controlled explosion is on the net. a small triumphs but it'll take another
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century for laos to the story of the lethal legacy of war that pretty much defines been great to me that not so consistent with an idea that could help millions of people around the world. i can show you the most heinous thing that everyone know about it of course has invented the system to give people colossus that just one dollar his award winning concept will make millions of people see properly again. it's a truly global mind this box contains an entire oppositions workshop. my keen golfer who has acted with the equipment needed to make a pair of glasses. the device from bending the wire is the part of his intention within days. anyone can learn to make and take classes the aim is for local people in developing countries to produce the classes themselves. is it
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because it's really about the cost and can cost more than a dollar so that people are just a dollar a day to live on in accord with that in the penal so as to be robots. mrs pot boiler jenna growth through spring steel wire. when a contender without breaking the glass and stuff off my game and sat on it would break off that it is kaput. the lens grinder is the only part that needs electricity. but it can also be powered by a car battery many african villages have no electricity. for the past eighteen months. in the mood has been training teams. we take the optician skipped diligence. the project got off to a good start in uganda where the eclipse five hundred people with glasses in just two weeks. children who now have a chance to succeed in school and grownups whose livelihoods depend on a pair of glasses by the thought is was this woman she was fifty years old he was a seamstress but could
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no longer a threat or noodle so she didn't have any work anymore. but with my fist at the open sixty three five six seven people in the family and honor him. this so she was happy to get a pair of glasses for a dollar. so should you go back to work and by the content of the creek out back in often boxes of old glasses. this is how aid organizations have tried to help people with poor eyesight but it's almost impossible to find a match and retaining trains with new lenses is expensive. i'll quote is trying an alternative with his team has gotten ready made polycarbonate lenses. they range from minus six six directors. nor is it that the recent rise in articles one on and holding different lenses in front of the other until they find the one to caracas divisions the specified own is done that goes on to get to class and since decided to raise the price of it all started going off the cuff. finally
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the trains are customized with beach. monte now moot idea has received several awards. his goal is to help everyone on the planet and the ice on. the and if the arabs that i did let us know about it. it remains caught up in magical time of the difficult road to democracy is taking its toll on the economy as well despite all this political uncertainty that some effort to tiny green technology then at the scientists has teamed up with expats from dummy to find a way to group trains and the dozens. using treat it so it's strange but true and his pal class. long i them. my knee into inhospitable terrain the forest has sprung here are miraculously it is not due yet. two hours drive from cairo. today workers are
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planting and pine streets florence is a research collaboration between egyptian and german scientists. tourists visiting on one hand you have the advantage over places like germany but just know when to tear it into a growth on that i wasn't on the other hand we have some very fast growing species available locally. like eucalyptus. so altogether we have some very impressive growth is provided of course there's enough water. indeed if it doesn't often fall from the sky. so it needs to be pumped to get treats. i am content is one of the creative minds behind the project. the egyptian born forestry scientist who works at munich technical university. he does and teaches several times here to cancel the project the new leader in irrigation don't like about them all the trees
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were done with us giving him all the water comes from the nearby sewage treatment plants. using the chemical and biological processes. he cleans the wastewater from his hernia the local purification would cost to mammon displayed some nitrogen compounds like my street screaming in the water in fact they're the perfect fertilizer for trees. but sometimes sends me remain. we ended the day the earth. this concentration of heavy metals is extremely low because this is urban sewage and industrial center. and when to let some other areas has a mix of urban and industrial sewage which is harder to treat them in later canceled the addition of lhasa the water isn't clean enough to guarantee edible plants but it certainly sufficient for building or hire one. in addition the forest protection against stanford and generates johnson needed in rural areas and it stores climate damaging ceo to
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emissions. he did not have a functioning forestry authority. less than zero point one percent of the country kitchen with it the scientists hope to change he organized training sessions for each action forestry workers with them but the new expertise isn't always be implemented. this is the smith informed on but that he is one of my career was cut by workers here for your work. his unkind but they cut out wrong. the guys and bad example the undrafted in use could see mature. this management most of the management has to improve we offer training air for the workers so they know best to cut the tree unconnected says he has a lot of persuading to do in the capital. the people in charge in cai are only just beginning to realize the potential that lies in the desert which after all covers ninety seven percent of the country's area. land
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is becoming increasingly scarce in egypt. due to rapid population growth. to claim that population with water is becoming more and more challenging. the end it was a good idea. we're under a lot of pressure at the moment will bother me as well so some ethiopia wants to build another dam in the know me you will see in that. ed did get the money up for us that would mean less water arriving in egypt. what was that the folks out there in the air. what we need to find new ways to see or recycle water. these fires start excellent example of the types of guns and deal with recycled water the admin of the body of a fever the german government supports the german in teaching research project with the two hundred sixty thousand euro grant. also pays for a student exchange program. the foreign content
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to do kept afloat mainly through state financing unconnected can lead to cancer before it could be an economic powerhouse in its own right. if you would think oh i dunno. every worthwhile to continue a four station to make it economically viable it often with stones can otherwise we can achieve sustainability. the odyssey that's why we're also planning a malleable what are you. if that were improving the forestry management to achieve those goals. on that it's cute too. many christians need to be explored. click play to preserve the most suited to the environment. and what's the most effective irrigation system. but one thing is already clear. thanks to the intense sunlight and the many nutrients and waste water trees here grow four times faster than in germany a boy. the vauxhall. well
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there. the german students are in christ. look around everything here was desert it's astonishing that you can really create a population of trees in the desert. there are many regions similar social and climatic conditions. this really has the potential to be an exemplary project for other regions. two hundred forty hectares have been reclaimed from the desert and if need be just the beginning. in the upcoming year is more than five hundred thousand hectares of god. he's phenomenal forests. oh wait are you twenty four ten that was this week's edition of a low three thousand i have to give me some ideas of how with news of his villa for the price that you can find plenty of online economics of this is that thanks alot to come bye bye. rule. sth sth
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new. in one. it's. the we
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are. sherry. ace dead he stops. nice day. thousands of civilians and forced a careful teaching just as you walk in new moon in leo. but that. men are created all it had been there. we already know the direction of about
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billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country. woo hoo. ay ay ay ay in. the thus you can watch any seaworld you were ever you go to sleep in it she asks for your phone is traveling to access program schedules on demand video. i
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don't mind in peace. i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network you and new guru. today we take a look at this moose have infringed on the electric window is old viking classic hopefuls black widow. we introduced a new audi


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