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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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i inhaled. when one hundred and one the book. i do. eye see you. it says is this
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i'm so old. i see it. is he the beach. it's eaten the piece. she said. i know and now it is she is. mm mm yes they are. it's those stamps lol. he says it's him she came in. sisters
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the snow. it's at the this tee hee hee. sadie. each. two thousand and eight sq and a team wins this season. does no more than most previous winters and a feeling of want and still lingers in the air as usual. compounds in front of the pool mental cultivation in the palace museum is crowded with visitors from all of the world. has reviewed
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the aunt explained its grand place to hole. this is usually feel curious about this complex of buildings in which many of the emperor's if you don't i know that eighty three years ago in the u nineteen twenty five on the same thing in the same month. it was much colder and aging which at that time was still call the eight pm. on the morning of the day the gates to hold a mental cultivation was opened after being closed for all of you all too willing specialists accompanied by military police. this is old he was here. i i i i i i i i i grew ceasing and cataloguing the new subject from a mental cultivation. one house to use
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i'm an almost and counting themselves was the news. it was discovered supporters late. newmont with the chinese character full traditional and placed in a truck. i know i i. i know. he says. palace museum in taipei has opened to visitors as usual. among the blisters students from various middle and high schools in taiwan may make the atmosphere inside likely than it was on wednesday. the admission fee from those whose entire thing is one hundred and sixty new taiwan dollars. but stevens angels' top and the copeland about twenty one renminbi schools can take museum in boston we can arrange for the students and stopped in to the museum free time. in
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salon visits by students to the palace museum in taipei are accounted as the contestants will cause of any school that speaks to curricular program. the pond when two goals known the early days of museum the mission think the families was even cheaper than it is today . the no one has an idea. cheney on the dining hall we sink into the shooting them and she can now on. sean and gigi you'll build two. to donate to keep on seeing philly soul still build any kind of music on the bill. the boys on when soon be nothing about the objects in the museum today however. he's a young film director and some reputation and taiwan. and he knows them well. fold
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the palace museum in taipei has worked to promote itself on when to him. one of the people behind the publicity drive. one. i live. ch. you can find the palace museum in taipei advertising music tv animated films documentary films and feet to go. much of the spotless is a result of the inputs of a group of young people going up and taiwan and have a good idea for this one is too much the museum in the current era. the promotional film looking for surprises in the palace museum to school with a kind of town an ordinance that appeals to children the winner of
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the film. the seals time counting that was the most of the launch back in nineteen twenty five . lemieux this tiny buds metabolic scientific sunscreens contain crews were entitled to rhapsody on grades cuts. my niece who don't call when he was demoted and say to all but promised to cap an official custom poncho prefecture. scene two pixel don't pull into friends drinking wine in a boat in the rain. thompson dishes and scattered on the table and a button and then a page boy stand outside the canon. i used a tiny butterfly like him and each has different expression long. i knew the old crew the eye. you see
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no one's own soul. spokesman paul stein and alice museum in taipei in nineteen eighty two. he felt at the moment is a timeless going backwards. i shall attend the show while i'm there. and don't open that up for you. limpopo one td and the high of fourteen to stay up. and i can come and save your money may accrue to the question what services chance to overturn the high is simple question you do pop on in the two groups of one's own kind and were fascinating. see now mrs has as its new home and put you to push on to win two but has been tagged. should i each time the nt coach thinks like that but it's made of stone in the palace museum in taipei. the image of different materials. she is two things in common
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the role explicitly coasters and it belongs to serious camper so futile time. the i know. why was that. at. the i am. cheese mixed feelings of the many children is this museum. in nineteen ninety to listen to and from the mainland and the palace museum in taipei in taiwan they were the two in the media or as angels from the mainland can see by the team's tally the curator of the museum campus. during their visits. this is almost always time looking at these tiny objects. they need to be
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kept at it and it's not that your tickets. it got kitted up at a late supper. gt back ellis museum in taipei. more attention to which the painting and calligraphy opening on to claim the bronze day and porcelain small countries themselves such as the old standby. when emily on to click away thanks anthony cummings iv cummings ancient writing instruments and jewelry seemed to be regarded as the ancients placing amazingly however there are more than twenty five thousand such small objects to be seen in the museum. aye aye aye i do. it all. sth sth euro spc sleeping in the pleural route twenty first century building one hundred and fifty six gmt
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kang road and back. no one to may th. the museum's curator john lynch on sudan's government of the pencil palace museum in taipei this mole and anti culture to be referring to look at sen ensign by the commons. at the time they were not as valued as they are today. in fact they were categorized as miscellaneous items. it is are you. all of it the us they couldn't. to all my stuff. the mayor said. it's shiva she was so nice in the sand on to michelle that cotton than its share. on that gopal kearney. to that i can recall. see the chance to have a look that up. and i
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concur. and that the last lap all are to hop on the donation to the task. two new solutions may not look extremely is the bronzed email that you could know and the names of the subject of a kind of extraordinary events that surrounded a number of famous was thinking in calligraphy. the culture will extend the limits and loved by many people. these humans and three has produced three d animation film using digital technology. so we can better appreciate these exquisite prospects. thus
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the tony. the us. tht. i do i hate it. we will be switched on the eu sanctions and even children visiting the museum can find them easy to appreciate. i cannot help but wonder how much it costs money to devote to each of these tiny treasures. all
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along. liam. ch. cheers to you all a tree grows in the sunken area of guangdong province. for some sultry that i like all of his lungs and vocal strengths. hse a rolled ankle. these points up it's a cool and made into a snack is very popular among the local people. the love has many uses oil is extracted from the flesh and skin this post is coming by several hundred years. local postman had the common signs of the olives into tiny clump of its boats and human and animal figurines. one thing in the years seventeen fifty
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seven. some olive stones from guangdong province was carried into one of the workshops in the imperial palace in beijing. chains or junk in all my eyes and picked up some theologians can examine them closely. i'm a simple one gold tinsel john had been working in beijing full eight years. i don't read and one room. we went on to the imperial palace of the team contest the will or can eat some inside of the whole of mental cultivation. in the house museums maintenance office occupies the space and not a trace of the imperial workshops can be seen. wins
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over john works in the imperial palace two hundred years ago. craftsman from some time to scan will call someone loses an eye to eye a skilled workers sent by local governments to salute the imperial cool. in two thousand and six. coach o c and the director from taiwan may his documentary film entitled houses and in the schools in the years of prosperity. ocean ocean the rate of depression and style. the film depicts a sense of long gone. with no handy crops in the imperial was so simple doesn't encourage and making calls one way. the day the imperial manufacturing office was responsible for moments and forty two when talks which room and mike tells artisans from all over
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china. i went in the rigorous supervision. faced with demands and even the things they make any mistakes. some of them with two workshops at great risk to realize. ch ch leaves became the misty two hundred years ago so the end of the first place a grey seal period in the history of meteorology in china. can paint him. spring was dry and winter was icy cold. the mean temperature was seven degrees lower than it does today the artisans hands or john wood admits to win two more went through his hometown guangdong province. he'd been suffering from eye problems it assesses the rifle and ha the heavy workload and make his condition was. because of the school site. you know
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produced a co worker news and news with you the imperial quick shots and celery. he received from the imperial palace was not in things and wanted been receiving in one going. here and at least three tales of snow amounts one thing in the years since the increase in chains or john was working with special care on them all it's time to examine the cause of the lights coming from the window. and then began to apply his arms this time from that moment on his last speech and change i knew
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long woodland with him twenty six year old only his range was two. the number from the tasks. young interesting tinsel john's almost nothing in this type of dollars. he was two lines the race tins with guns monthly ninety two twelve tales of silver. it was the highest wage paid to the us and in the imperial workshops. can. when market in taiwan is located on
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the causeway on jim gould wrote in taipei. the weekend the market is crowded with customers seeking old tank out banks and other antiques most people are coming in the antique bronze and calls them onto some simply too expensive. and considerable experience and knowledge is needed to send a copy of the work of calligraphy or painting. from a junior and one. the small jetty jumping to have a selfless little as one to two hundred taiwan goals apiece and was often get them at bargain prices. i am the most popular item among ordinary collectors his parents for this reason the lunch crowd can always be seen in front of the showcases containing similar risk encourages the palace museum in taipei
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so that silly indicted tuesday on sandwiches. so two of diamonds own industry by tackling the way. adults and children alike find these small objects in its national palace museum in taipei very attractive. all of them boone's toys that belonged to various personal clients in the imperial palace in beijing. as such and they were parts of the daily life of the royal family. long gone. we were there. love you shh shh shh shh shh. the work at five o'clock in the morning and was impressed with the help of unix imperial prince change strictly according to
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the change of seasons. when even the king emperor peter call. besides the usual fold risk. he would wear a string of dates the aye aye aye. in the imperial tradition its demise of the emperor to school officials. when a string of you who need to use an easy call. each string was made up of one hundred and ninety sq m for a free twenty seven small beach. he was one logically. each string then had four large pieces according to the changes these stipulations full called audiences. common people civil officials below grade five and on the office is going great for could not swear a string of beads imperial called salt and simmer to an even more complicated process than the emperor in with the dress appropriately and it was time consuming. this is a gold ring with an inmate. mrs gold
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key ring with him like elves santana. gold plated silver here. these were people who use them daily basis in the palace during reaching the mistake. today the role hosting the palace museum in time. these extravagant meal it's made it to tokyo and in my two worlds. we used to can the heels of the imperial consulates. and and i am still into the sea can be seen wearing this type of mail to. among its mainland to come to the palace museum
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in taipei of various snuff bottles. this brought to china from europe by missionaries who presented them to him for county as gifts. the emperor like them and it's not often became popular among the ruling class. using snow but kind of tomato. so it became fashionable. these craftsmen began to make snuff bottles with different materials such as porcelain glass and enamel despite the popularity of stuff. for longtime the chain imperial cause men to the smoking tobacco. i don't jinx lumped with the interests of the team tuesday. the one st it was the unruly an ornamental steps. andrew chan moment and the really in one of his columns thing. i truly is placed next to the increasing no it's true we can be found
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everywhere in the imperial palace. this special on impulse into the bowl and stick with the melon shaped top that was used to scratch the skin to relieve him the newly set was on the most thing altogether. it was made of jenny's gold silver and blue. it was a symbol of good luck in space to be seen even in the imperial palace and often presented as gifts to quote ministers and foreign employees the lead the eye. i started looking for that but you can watch all of the proceeding of the puzzle or is a muffin and today the nominated candidate to be
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mined from the known that and the rich web connection and need a facade. this weekend has been nyc a whole without the zoom into the one whom i love this easy to get out of a key thing that happened when that kid. and my decision was o'donnell is the mike as he wrote that deal was a mighty kick in the new month but i did it ever is up to seal a good bill and if that is full of fat in just a wee bit odd given that the heat of the market saying that the museum field field you'll feel present it and decided that this episode eleven to come home. all in the somme the score in a number now been sent to them that much cheese that is utter crap on the bonds at a couple of god in others the voice that just isn't she said with a little more
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room. then here's a few visitors. there's every reason for him this is america in the middle of the muslims. they should do to help with human mother for debate he said as he wanted to be. when anna dedicating all but given the stated goal is to look in my crazy going on a warning to the mosque but if in one or stuff i need to know us they. and by extension we always do more with this teaser that achieving a full can of tuna gordo opal school was at the legion of august on many know that by just aren't that often lead to bet that as yet of this e g the back of the out of pull me out of the tub on the button yet we've done a puzzle would do this to happen but she teaching a sudden call from a double talk with our stamp of the money that a p a week to disciple people the chairman of the game was one of the book was a tentacle ne we chickened out and the beneficial to know of the seam sealed to you by zany comedy. more this in the mother of the silver was
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somebody to do was clean last but not the sole lead in. the jordy the lead in the us is recording you would be. owen the most inane somebody bill in the tibetan us the school to get the added that the incentive for them to but got two assists. mussina my ideal of the bottom of the pacific whose intimate that this is the binding to the press of addendum images will miss this fella would put a foot in it. and better than that the goal is to sit with him one of his. rob stable get it over to cut it with us again with the big deal in the dish to make an accredited it again with a promise to do this again not accept that a mechanic. the latest on this in a mock up of was at the cinemas to get to use it then the system emotional canola from the bible says to cope with the stiletto. for us was good to be assisted by fellow unelected honesty the devil at this time the queen charlotte use the tools to build up the rest of em the film to finding the most news i'm
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getting. but the bill we do most of them cannot believe there was a wonderful mother to the beach. the most of the most innovative battle with the tnt studio we get to size him up for the befuddled as to what the will to win five hundred with wooden didn't have a gimmicky pollution superman to move him up from school. those who do often with them to move it to him. if you know. so we no longer putting on a plane without them. lukas ago. when one of many of you on the goo because of a global alert because of a pool. only one who died in a coma yet. in this thing with a photo coma get to go because although
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the post democratic do this the government has covered it with zeal. the bottom of the cages and for the fugitive for long term opportunity. and i washed the kitchen was to go on a pc to a particular set of one of the cholesterol. as of the scale of government at the moment i knew it. you're a mac sidelines and use their homes. we saw. in the stands still. the taste of what we have and still beat. it is an exhibition on this deal. i mean it's obvious that it didn't use his com as his installations. downhill events and important docs time lost pet sounds. he always


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